It looks like game publishers might start making a more concerted effort to advertise the Xbox One's backwards compatibility feature on retail packaging. That's the case for at least 2 games, anyway, as revealed by new retail packaging spotted by a NeoGaf user (via VentureBeat) for both Doom 3 and Fallout 3.

Not only are the games now packaged in updated Xbox One boxes, but the packaging clearly notes that the games are playable on both Xbox One and Xbox 360. While it's possible that customers could confuse the games for Xbox One titles, the Xbox One and Xbox 360 logos across the top of the label are a good way of communicating that these older games will work no matter what Xbox hardware you're using. Not only that, but it's likely this packaging might make more people who otherwise wouldn't be privy to backwards compatibility aware of one of the Xbox One's better features.

It's unclear if we'll see this packaging spread to more titles, or if it's simply a small marketing test from Microsoft and Bethesda. However, be sure to let us know if you've spotted the new packaging on these or any other games in a retail store near you!