Samson Q9USource: Samson

What you need to know

  • The Q9U is a new XLR microphone announced at CES 2020.
  • Samson also included USB connectivity for ease of use.
  • Set to go on sale in Q2 2020.

Samson is a well-respected name in audio and is starting off the year with a bang with the announcement at CES 2020 of the Q9U. This new microphone is targeted at folks such as streamers and podcasters and combines high-end hardware with ease of use.

Samson Q9USource: Samson

Set to launch in Q2 2020 for $200, the Q9U features an XLR output to connect it to any standard preamp, mixer, or audio interface, but also a USB connection for ease of use, perhaps on the road with a laptop. It includes a USB-C connection and a 24bit/96kHz analog to digital converter to make your digital recordings sound their best.

Also of note on the Q9U is the internal shock mount, which makes it a great desk-mounted microphone as well as on a boom arm, with built-in protection against bumps. You'll also get a built-in windshield and pop filter as well as a zero-latency headphone output to monitor how you sound.

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The Q9U has a cardioid pickup pattern and Samson says its got excellent sound isolation and minimization of background noise, which let's face it, everyone buying a good microphone will be pleased to hear.

I've had a Samson G-Track Pro for a couple of years and it's been a very strong microphone if a little unwieldy thanks to its size. I've got high hopes for the Q9U when it launches later this year.

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