New Surface 3 driver will aid in mass deployments for enterprise customers

Microsoft now has a new driver for its just launched 10.8-inch Surface 3 tablet that will allow it to be deployed on a large scale similar to the business features found on the older Surface Pro 3.

The driver is not available via the normal Windows Update feature in Windows 8.1; it has to be manually downloaded via Microsoft's website. The company stated:

"The update – which is available now -- improves the mass deployment process, broadens the range of enterprise-level features, and helps bring the Surface 3 deployment experience in line with its more business-oriented sibling, Surface Pro 3. The update includes new and enhanced features including those expected in a larger-scale commercial environment such as enhanced PXE booting and support for asset tagging."

This update should help the Surface 3 be more enterprise and business friendly and could encourage more companies to purchase the tablet in the weeks and months to come.

Source: Microsoft; Via: Mary Jo Foley

John Callaham