New Surface 3 TV ad shows how it compares to the Surface Pro 3

A new TV commercial for the upcoming Surface 3 tablet spends some of its time comparing the device to the older and larger Surface Pro 3.

Indeed, it looks like the point of the new ad is to give people who might not want the larger and heavier 12-inch Surface Pro 3 a chance to check out the smaller and lighter 10.6-inch Surface 3. The ad also shows that it can run regular Windows applications, something which the previously released Surface RT and Surface 2 could not. In addition, it shows the use of the Surface Pen as an added bonus.

The ad is not particularly flashy and isn't quite as memorable compared to other commercials made for Surface products, but it does gets its point across about how the Surface 3 might appeal to consumers who don't want something as big as the Surface Pro 3. The new Surface 3 is still scheduled to go on sale on May 5 with the starting price of $499.

Source: Surface (YouTube)

John Callaham