New video shows Windows 9 Notification Center on the desktop

The Windows 9 leaks keep coming. Today we have a video of the rumored Notification Center on Windows 9 in action. Yesterday we were treated to two videos showing how multiple desktops would be supported in Windows 9 and how users could disable Live tiles in the Start menu. A new video, again from German site, shows off a Notification Center running on the desktop in Windows 9.

The video shows how system and app alerts can be viewed in one central location - a Notification Center. You'll notice that as Skype conversation alerts pop up in the upper right hand corner they also appear in the Notification Center.

IS a place for all your notifications on the desktop something you'd be interesting in using on Windows 9?

We're still expecting a technical preview sometime in October. We'll let you know when it drops.

Source: Via: The Verge

Sam Sabri
  • The Windows Threshold is looking great so far!
  • Why dont they make notification center like Lumia? Drag it from top of the screen
  • Because when you do that in Win 8, it closes the current app open.
  • Cortana "remind me" in the start menu of this screen shot of W9:
  • Pointing mouse to the center of top screen and then the small draging button appear, or just simply drag with finger from out of top screen just like WP8.1
  • I have 0 knowledge but I would think with everything going to 1 windows, this is the desktop (keyboard / mouse) implementation then for a touch screen (RT or phone) it would pull from the top... with them doing double implementation of things like the start menu / screen i would think they would probably do a double implementation and touch optimized version of the notification center... at least i hope.
  • Or from the charms bar. Swipe from the right.
  • It's highly likely that the charms bar will no longer be present for desktop users. Desktop users are already well used to finding utility features in the taskbar so it makes complete sense to put the notification center and desktop switcher there.
  • The charms bar, however, had been used by many desktop users. When it will be gone, we will fight for it ! Cause the charms flag will flying high
  • I would prefer drag from left to right.
  • I wish the phone would utilize the left side like Zune. You could easily see the last opened items and newly installed or downloaded music. The new note on recently installed apps is nice, but with a long list and forgetting recent additions you need to open the store to find the history. Also, the old music and video hub showed all content played: Music, podcasts You Tube, personal video, etc. That was the whole purpose of the integration.
  • I mean in Windows Phone jejeje sorry...
  • Good point, the left swipe of the start screen still needs to be used!
  • If a left swipe on start screen is for notifications, how would I check them within an app? Most apps have pivots, like this WP central app, to show more content. Got to be accessible everywhere.
  • at the same way, when you're in a game for example, when you drag down a little bar appear and if you not touch it nothing happen
  • Swipe from the left in Win 8 brings out the last used app.
  • Or a multiple start screen! It should automatically change depending on your preferred location i.e. Work, school, meeting, travel, custom starts screen apps for only music listening, entertainment, kids corner, and app center should also work from there. Think of aviate on crapdroid. The wallpaper also have an option to change with the start screen and the colour accents. Swiping from the left should be look like that of windows 8 app switching but with thumbnails of your preferred start screen.
    Sorry for my English. Hehe. I have this idea already on WP uservoice. Just search multiple start screen to vote for it :) I'm referring to WP.
  • It's used dumbs when you swipe from the left it opens the recent opened app
  • I wish. But currently, users have to drag from the top to close/terminate metro applications. The option to drag down is already taken.
  • Actually you can flick downwards from the top to open it, since flooding an app requires DRAGGING down. For usage with a mouse, you can put an Action Center button onto the title bar of a metro app. Desktop apps don't need that additional button because it's accessible from the taskbar. Another option is to put it into the charms bar, but I don't know if the charms bar will still be present in Threshold. And in the video, metro apps run in a window, they don't have to be dragged down to be closed.
  • Yeah but in windows T the metro apps won't be full screened....they are gonna have the the option for a windowed screen.... So there is still an option open for that
  • No matter what Microsoft does or does not do there will always be complaints why they didn't do it this way or that way. Always.
  • Exactly. Even if MSFT knock Windows 9 out of the park...
    Personally, I'm happy with Windows and have been since Windows 7.
  • I think is a great implementation. Much better than OS X Yosemite's Notification Center call up button and gesture. Also given the negative response Windows 8 got for being mobile centric my impression is that Microsoft will keep it this way.
  • How about notification for touch version? This seems for mouse version. Though still nice addition including multi desktop and storage sense. Hope we can install app to SD card using storage sense setting :)
  • There might be an app for that. Or maybe Cortana will have all your notifications. I'm hoping :)
  • Maybe when using modern apps as a tablet. I think in desktop mode this as shown here is good.
  • How about adding it to the charms?
  • Because that would not be optimal for desktop. You forget that all the complaints about windows 8 were because the UI was tablet but desktop friendly.
  • This is for desktop, who know what tablet notification will be. Maybe two fingers to close apps and one finger for notifications
  • More like the other way round: One finger to close app, two to open the Action Center
  • I hope in touch version it will not be on the top. The top bezel is the most inconvenient place when you are holding your 12" surface. I don't know why there are people complaining about the charms bar... It is brilliant!
  • To me, "Windows 9" is too big name for this update, the should call it 8.2 or something.
  • You have seen all the changes? You have seen all changes on the modern side of it as well? This may very well be worthy of calling it Windows 9. However Microsoft's goal is to return faith in windows to desktop users. The windows 8 reputation has been utterly destroyed. Calling this 9 instead of 8.2 is more about marketing then anything else. Which I'd also why this is rumored to be a free upgrade. There is also a rumor that if windows 9 is successful then ms will stick to it for a long time to come (I.e. 9.1,9.2, etc).
  • I dont think they will use windows 9 either, maybe just windows from now on, no version numbers
  • The bubbles on the desktop are not on the wallpaper as they are coming over the notification center rather coming under it.
  • Microsoft should make live icon like recycle bin
  • I think Microsoft is changing its Windows Phone name to Windows because it is trying to merge Windows desktop version with the Windows Phone version.
    Windows Phone has lot of good features compare to the desktop version. But it is not so popular to people because people are not aware of it. It applies to India for sure. Microsoft needs to promote via TV advertisements.
    And if Windows desktop version and Windows Phone version get merge to each other then it will overtake all the current mobile OS and will become the no one. And last thing is Microsoft needs to push the developers to build their apps universal. So that desktop users could get the same experience like smart phone users.
  • Oh yes!!!
  • All the best Microsoft
  • Awesome
  • Is the september 30 revealing this threshold is true? I want it...i wait
  • Notification I've been waiting on :
    "Star Wars Battlefront III released"...
    I've been waiting on that announcement since before Vista was even publicly revealed. Time flies
  • Pretty excited for the new star wars battlefront. Battlefront 2 was one of my favorite games on the ps2.
  • Yes its definitely true
  • Will this be free?
  • I sure hope so for my surface pro
  • I have confidence that it'll be free for 8.1 users.
  • Which includes all 8.0 users, since 8.1 was free as well. But yeah, I'll be quite irked if I have to pay for my SP3 to be updated. I'd be fine with $19 or so (OSX style) but anything more would be a jerk move. Free is highly preferable.
  • 8.0 is not even supported anymore, why are you not 8.1?.
  • I dont....I think it will be just like going from Windows 7 to Windows 8....but, I agree, it SHOULD be free for at least Windows 8 users...
  • Why should it be free? Sounds like you think your are entitled to it.
  • Sounds like you want to pay... I mean, ultimately I don't care if we have to pay or not (and I get why Microsoft should charge us), but the price should be on par with OSX.
  • >Why should it be free? Sounds like you think your are entitled to it. In all acounts, Windows 8 is a failue. The sales numbers show this on a gobal scale. The changes in Windows "9" should of been part of Windows 8 from the start (Esp the start menu OPTION). As I am 95% sure this will not be free, but, due to the screw up on WIndows 8, I think it should be a free upgrade for at least Windows 8.X users... I am ok with a low cost upgrade, like going from 7 to 8 ($30-40) and to note, The start menu showed the other day, was demoed at //Build and it was going to be a free update for W8....
  • I guess Microsoft employees are now working for free and Microsoft doesn't have any operational expenses huh
  • Yeah, that's where "I get why Microsoft should charge us" fits in, so... The point is, they could make it a littler cheaper, that's all. I get they're a software company above all and they HAVE to charge us.
  • By all acounts WIndows-whatever is more like windows 8.2 than a full upgrade. The primary reason for this to be a full version upgrade, is that any name with both "WINDOWS" AND "8" in it is poison. The Mini-Start menu is similar to start 8, which was available shortly after the release Win 8 at a low cost. The other changes are Metro vs Desktop usibilty and UI changes. INcremental stuff, not a version jump. Technolgically, the integration of WindowsPhone and WindowsRT is the main inovation. This is a big deal but not to destop users. With windowes fr phone and tablets/small devices beiing priced at $0, MS would be hard pressed to charge much for an upgrade.
  • Excellent point. Windows 8 users will definitely get free in my opinion.
    Windows 7 and lower users will need to pay $40 or similar, like the original Win 8 offer.
    The big draw will be Cortana. There is a reason why Microsoft are advertising the heck out of this.
    "the PC just got more personal"
  • It was available at $15 worldwide, for almost a year IIRC. You just had to say it was an upgrade from W7 and that was it. Hopefully W9 will be priced the same... I won't hesitate to pay $15 again, but I won't pay $100 or more. Funnily enough, W8 was the first OS I've actually paid for and I've been using Windows since Windows 95 (and no, I've never pirated it either).
  • Nope
  • Well, they need to declare billion-dollar profits at the end of the quarter.
  • I. Want to vm the next one
  • I'll be installing it proper. I love living on the edge.
  • Agree, this won't be like the Windows 8 development preview, this one appears to be completely usable.
  • Interesting!
  • I agree with you bro. I am expecting the UI to similar with the settings charm UI. That way it would be better and look more modern.
  • The absolute lack of continuity in design makes me want to cry.
  • It's a pre pre pre pre pre release. The designers havent even touch this things it will definitely will look different when the final is released
  • Hope so. That was most people said during developer/consumer preview for 8 and nothing happened after :p
  • And this is why I said it. If they need someone to design it I could do it if they want :P.
  • If the rumored go live release date is Sept 30, I hope you can take (5) "pre" prefixes off of your post......
  • This is pre-release state, so keep your fingers crossed :)
  • As the others say it's a pre-release. First they make it working, then put lipstick on it.
    Han Solo writes in Skype that it hasn't notification for E-Mail, yet, so of course is still on the working. Actually they are unificating the design. Now, the banner upper right of the screen signs also for USB removal etc. Right now, on win 8, is like Win 7. One banner bottom-right... one banner upper-right.. Surely Win 9 is the one closer  to Modern UI.
  • I got notifications for mail. Just enable it on mail account option. Al least this is how I am getting around currently. Except if this mail thing notifications works differently on this build.
  • I hope they change how the taskbar look. Icons are so tiny and it looks like old. It remembers me old messenger notifications. Lets see...
  • The fact that they updated some icons (File Explorer, This PC, Desktop...) to office 2013 style icons almost guarantees that the final version will have everything nice and updated.
  • I would like to see more significant changes in terms of looks an some UX unification across devices, yet a bit conservative on desktop side. Currently Windows 8.X and Windows Phone 8.X share the design languages but quite different approach, only the Start Screen making them similar but everything else is entirely different.
    I hope there will be unification of design with quite different UX between phones and tablets, while desktops will have familiar UX with more nice mix of Modern/Metro UX.   To be fair it's pre-beta version of Windows and probably an quite old build, there's still hope for more refinements until next year. ;)
    For now we just have to wait for Tech Preview within this September or early October.
  • I'm not sure if I will like windows 9. I have a surface pro and love the modern UI. I hope they make an option to keep the metro UI in it. They also should add the notification center to the metro UI
  • There's probably going to be an option. At least in the video that shows the start menu, in the start menu config there's an option to keep the start screen
  • Definitely a must. I so badly hope for Modern style notifications, app folders, and a full screen or in desktop screen-wide start screen/menu!
  • There's going to be an option for that in the start menu properties. And those changes are meant to be more mouse friendly without sacrificing the modern design.
  • watch the end. Microsft knows they also need startscreen for hybrids like SP3 or people who want to keep using it like windows 8. Start menu is for people who didn't like Windwos 8 for having fullscreen start menu.  I don't know how you can base your common on this notification center video which only shows that, not other features. Microsoft just want to give people choice, so they complain a little less about windows 7 and before menu, and the new start screen. but I am sure MIcrosoft will provide soemthing for users, or at least hybrid ones, people with touch screen. because that start menu wouldn't be the best experience for touch users. they know it, just like you know it.
  • There will be an app for all notif. Or Cortana will catch them all. Don't worry.
  • I would love to see the notification center for Modern UI
  • The notification center MUST be accessible from the metro UI. I avoid the desktop as much as possible on my tablet.
  • The desktop will disappear with the merge of rt/wp so Microsoft must come with a modern solution for it as well (which Im sure will also be available to 'full' Windows operating in modern UI). Windows 9 appears to be making a clear split between modern and desktop, making sure that either 'mode' has access to all features from store apps to Cortana.
  • The desktop is likely to disappear on some sku's because it has very limited value on a 7" tablet or phone.  Of course there will be a notification crnter for the modern UI - its already in phone. Just be glad you wont have to bring it up on your tablet by opening the desktop and hitting a timy icon with your finger.
  • But it looks like android
  • No it doesn't! Android looks more like windows!
  • Fuck you
  • Hey, be easy.. But noti bar in android tablet looks similar with that. I love ms and windows but that's true
  • Need this on my RT now...
  • You will not be getting it. Apparently rt and WP are to merge into one OS that doesn't have a desktop. This will happen as soon as the modern file explorer and office are finished. I do wonder if they'll update RT tablets as well. Many consumers might feel its a downgrade to lose the desktop. I doubt MS would want the bad press surrounding such a switch. Buy hopefully us rt users can choose whether we want to upgrade to 'Windows 9 for tablets'.
  • Interactive Smart Tiles ?
  • I don't think I'll use the notifications much on Windows 9 as I don't use apps on Windows. But the rest of Windows 9 is looking increasingly good. Let us hope it's good enough to erase the bad image of Windows 8 at least.
  • I dont see why they couldn't put desktop notifications in it, except for some apps that have custom notifications like ESET or something...
  • If you can disable the Win8 notifications for the NC, then that'd be AWESOME!
  • Awesome.
  • Now to see the notifications center in the modern UI
  • The notification center will be a great addtion to the desktop and Metro UI. I'm really looking forward to use the Preview and see all the stuff for myself. ^^
  • Here's to hoping MS improves and adds more functionality to the current notification in WP, which most likely be the same for RT.
  • Still don't know why you would need this with the already notification section on the lower right corner
  • because it's not the same... the only a little close to a notification center it's action center which only shows system stuff, antivirus you have no enabled or error you can send to MS... not apps. if you talk about the bubbles that pop up like Skype, then it's useless because it's like the toast notifications, once they appear, they will disappear and you will not know unless you are on your computer. notification center it's to know what happened when you are not in your computer (or phone). just like windows phoe, it has live tiles and toast notifications but it's not enough to know who messages you, if it's important or not. of all the "8" messages live tile shows, if it's from 1 person, from 8 people, or it's spam. so it's not important or it's imporant to open it. it's not like people will buy windows 9 (or whatever is the name) for notification center, but it's useful to have, especially if you are using store apps which are like system tray bubble messages, temporal and if you heard something, you will not know what happened if you don't get your computer in the next few seconds, like a self-destructing message.     so yeah, not the same. especially when Windows hasn't really had this feature. in fact, it would be nice if the system tray bubbles disappear, like the usb thing in the video, it was exctarcted and it showed a "windows 8" notification.
  • Truly moving towards one windows
  • Finally,this is a features OSX has had for some time now.
  • In two years Apple will introduce a UI like Modern, it will be hailed as revolutionary, innovative and forward thinking. Windows will be labeled out of touch and old.
  • Here is the thing I don't seem to get. Why doesn't Microsoft integrate the live tiles into the desktop mode and not in the start menu as is the current plan. Why not replace the desktop icons with live tiles, place them where you want on the desktop and those with live tile support will do their thing and those that are simply icons as tiles will just do their static thing too.    That's what I've always wanted from Threshold.   P.S. I realize this belongs in another post but I'll leave it here because I still want people to think about this, Cheers!
  • I've read somewhere before taskbar will be improved as well having live tiles.
  • Recycle bin, the first live tile.
  • So in essence you want the win 7 Desktop gadgets back? Well basically you could just use the start screen; though it does not allow you to place the tiles anywhere but in groups top to bottom, it is already more or less what you described you want.
  • That basically sounds like Gadgets, which were removed from Vista/7 for being a security leak.
  • Exist people that don't like live tiles .. I don't understand how its possible .. But its true .. So they create this..
  • Stupid people don't like live tiles, that's the windows signature. I love em.
  • I don't care for live tiles, they actually do very little in Windows phone, pretty much the only one that is helpful is wpcentral letting me know the title of the latest few articles (and whether they are interesting enough to read) and weather, but the thing is this can easily be done in widgets as well. A about the only thing about live tiles is it looks cool, and aesthetics me an nothing to me.
  • Actually people, interactive live tiles is much more like old school gadgets. Keep your fingers crossed for at least they release it with final build of threshold.
  • They could even allow for standard software to have live tiles... I hope they'll mix standard software and apps a little more. I often find myself wanting to share something from the standard Internet Explorer using the charm bar but then I remember it doesn't work. I hope every software could have access to "share" and other stuff from the charm, and have a live tile, and access to notification center...
  • Great improvement for desktop. Can't wait to see what MS has to offer on the Metro side!
  • In a rough state it does what it has to do, hopefully we'll be able to answer from the notification itself. World be nice if phone notifications would pop up there too.
  • This! And vice versa. From PC to phone.
  • I wish I could answer texts and Whatsapp messages right from the notification center on Windows 9.
  • Never miss a notification again. ;)
  • Good for desktop version, not so good for metro UI imo, cant wait too see it all
  • Hope the Microsoft Empire does not catch up with one Han Solo..... Sure laugh it up furball. Notification: Solo shot first
  • Yeah good news, also really needs some redesign.. Microsoft UI is a little too much simple. It must be simple, but with some feel to it.. Google's material design kind of made it better.. We need more animations, smoothness, 3D feel but keeping it plain simple and colourful. + the loading animation should be circular dots like on Windows :)
  • You guys noticed you can clear individual notifications in that vid? :)
  • I'm having a bad feeling they are not going to polish all this to up as much as many people promise. All screenshots and videos look shit. I totally do not buy it that between a preview and a final there will be huge UI changes. Lets just prepare for a horrible looking windows 9.
  • There are plenty of months between now and spring 2015.
  • so you have a crystal ball and you can see the future... okkkkkkkkk. I want more people like you to comment, if all of you can see the future you are the best
  • I think you are a lagdroid user who has no experience of Windows Phone OS. It was built for smart people not for you or so.
  • You don't know shit. I use windows all my life and Windows Phone for two years and probably know more than you about it. I also know that previous preview versions didn't change that much UI-wise! So my fear is based on actual experience you prejudiced troll.
  • Can't wait for Windows threshold to be released!!
  • So far I rather like what I see (though the new start menu could use some more work).  I really hope we start to see some nifty cross over between Windows for desktop and Windows for phones/ARM devices... but the leaks are coming out slow and steady, so I am sure there is more to come!
  • What's the icon next to the search icon in the taskbar?
  • Workspaces /multiple desktops icon Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Virtual Desktops I'm pretty sure...
  • I don't want to use all my apps on desktop.. :(((
  • It's a closer welcome to the windows 7 die hard users. Lol
  • Ahhhh, just release it already!
  • How do sites like this post videos of these leaks without getting in trouble? Sorry, I don't know much about this stuff.
  • I think they are authorized leaks from Microsoft.
  • why would site like this get in trouble? the video is in youtube, if Microsoft wanted it down, they would ask for it. it's up, so it seems they don't mind, don't like it, but don't mind and les if it's bringing a positive sign for windows 9. also the preview is around the corner. the only one who can get in trouble is the leaker, not the sites that just embedded the youtube video.
  • Notifications center on Windows and Windows Phone should be updated. It should only show the last message of 1 conversation not every single one. It's quite annoying, other than that works awesome.
  • ...and for every person that agrees with you there will be someone who says it should show every msg. Ordering pizza for millions of people is hard.
  • You're totally right!! Then should add the option to select how notifications are shown in the center.
  • If you add options for everything, you will end up with mess with no cohesive form or function. Many bickering chefs stirring the pot will never result in a perfect soup.
  • It won't be the same soup. It would be all the ingredients and everyone makes their own. Like the start screen with the background option added. That's another option or ingredient and its not messy.
  • You can put an expand/collapse button on the right of the app title
  • This notification center looks good. Definitely really useful!
    I need the ability to have also my notifications from phone, tablet and all the devices I want... Same thing for an improved notification center for Windows phone 9
  • I hope the design team of Microsoft gets good ideas....... I won't be happy to see windows 9 looking like this.. It's a pre release yeah, but i have a feeling this design is what we are going to see in the RTM
  • Ok, I cant do this any more....Who has a leaked ISO of this build ? I need to dump it into a VM now to check out fully....Someone MUST have it... PM me in the fourms....Please..
  • I like this. Persistant notification. The current method of either you see it or its gone really sucks. I can definitely use this for all my apps. 
  • As a user, I hope I can persistantly dock this on the left or right side of the screen.
  • I await the day on my X1, my flagship WP(*losing the P soon) :( and my Surface all work together seamlessly. Keep up the integration MS.
  • I am liking it so far. If those leaks are true, we are witnessing a solid change into the future for Windows. No doubt all devices under one Windows will work seamlessly, and that will be a great advantage for the phone devices as well.
  • Can windows 8.1 updated to 9 *i think this foolish question ever (sorry for my bad english)
  • that looks filling.  more filling when windows 8 was announced.  w9 is the substance inside win 8
  • I love what it says under "Microsoft confidential" lol
  • What does this mean for tablets? Will it still be the same as windows 8 or will we have to use desktop? What about 2 in 1s and other convertibles? Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • And the multiple desktops and the Start menu with both old items and tiles (removable) and a lot of other things. It's shaping E X A C T L Y as it should have been since day one. Glad Microsoft is getting it.  
  • Why don't they group the app's notifications in a short space?
  • The pop-up notifications remind me of GNOME 3... Or Growl on OS X.
    I like 'em. I like the direction of the integration, more please MSFT.
  • icons ugly but cant fix  my main gripe is there is no auto collapse when more than one Notifcation come in .... it should show the last message recieved collapse the rest into hidden view ... but i like the idea :) i think imma do a mockup and post in the forums .. just glad to have the fuctionality they can improve it...
  • Hopefully your mockups aren't as bad as your English
  • lol Okay then, my english is perfectly fine when it needs to be :) but thanks for the meaningful comment its so on topic.
  • Looking forward to seeing your mockup. The notification center can become overloaded, so collapsing might be the way to address this.
  • lol  my mockup is done lol  there you go its also posted in a forum topic .... here along with another guys concept and some of my WP UI mockups
  • I had heard all current W7 and W8/8.1 could upgrade to threshold for free once it's official. Is that true? I may give it a shot on my 7 then. If not ill stay till 10 or 11 when ill have no choice but to upgrade.
  • Probably not 7 but 8 might have a gr8 chance
  • Idk I heard somewhere MS plans todo it like that. I have two 7s in the house and no plans for a new PC and we never buy the OS kits. In like 3-5 years we may upgrade again. Well It would be nice to get a free upgrade. I hope its true or I wont be using new windows on desktop till 10 lol. Nobody in this house is gonna dish out 350$+ when we got two perfectly good working W7 PCs
  • Deleted
  • Great idea. Love it
  • This is llooking good.
  • Ooh ok. So how to check the notification on the metro side?
  • I just hope the future brings more consistency from windows to windows phone. The experience should be similar in all devices
  • Oh yeah. Turn up Threshold!
  • They're going extremely flat with the design and it's hurting my eyes.
  • Windows 9 = Windows Phone 8.1 + Windows 8 + Windows 7
  • Excellent!
  • So windows 9 is windows 7 on crack. Finally listening to consumers I see.
  • SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY MICROSOFT. (Even though it's free to upgrade)
  • When in Metro, it should be a swipe down from the top and more similar to Action Center on WP 8.1 with the Quick Toggles.
  • i hope it becomes part of the metro envioroment/design instead of the desktop
  • Why notifications are not merging after 6 or 7 notification from same app... its like we have to tap on all messages one by one to remove from notification centre .... please add merge notification after sum of the notification .....
  • I think that like windows phone, when you tap the app name, all the notifications for that app disappear.
  • This is all good but I want to see a complete redesign, the desktop white background is somehow, the features are coming but the design must be good looking also.
  • I do hope that, much like on Windowsphone, we can select the notifications we want, per app!
  • I think its good to see that microsoft is starting to work on a more unified eperience between windows phone and windows 8-9. I do however wonder how many people will actually apreciate this function in the longterm. This feature does have a great short-term wow-factor. But it reminds me a bit of notifications in windows 8 and was also popular with outlook for the desktop. After a while I noticed articles and tools popping up to get rid of pop-up notifications by even knowing how to change registry keys to get rid of all the distractions of notifications. I think this hype will be a short lived success and the value of windows 9 on this feature quickly forgotten. I think a bigger impact would have been to do more with the live tiles, perhaps even invest more in interactive live tiles and move notifications to their respective program live tile. After all, we are getting the option to pin tiles to the start menu.
  • It used to annoy people but I'm sure most people are now conditioned to notification overload due to Android. *snicker* Personally, if notification can be synced between Windows and WP then it would be a killer feature for me.  I would love to be able to receive notification of apps from either desktop Windows or WP and then be able to clear them on one side and have them be wiped out on the other.  
  • Wondering if notication center in threshold also shows sms recieved on Phone. And if you clear it on on unit it disappears on all units?
  • If modern ui goes away so do i.
  • Looking good peeps, I hope the keep the choice for start menu I'd hate to lose the metro start.
    Looking forward to the update.
  • Looks much like KDE Plasma 5
    Everything from notifications to desktops, except for the start screen though. :p
  • You're quite right. Look I am not any Linux diehard, I rely on Microsoft Windows software and services since Windows 95 and own a Lumia 630 myself, but I have to say, what probably keeps me and many people around using Microsoft products is not the quality, it is rather the compatibility (both with hardware and software - Microsof Office, graphic drivers and OEM shipings being the common factors). Even now I am using Windows 8.1 and would prefer to be in a KDE desktop. And that is because since KDE4 release, KDE has been a far superior desktop environment to Windows. You look at this Threshold version of Windows desktop, in development as of 2014 and see that only now Windows desktop is catching up with the functionality present years ago in the K Desktop Environment - Workspaces, notification center, hybrid menu. Sure, Plasma desktop has had troubling times in the past, plagued with bugs and bad QA, but you can't really make a fair comparison between a multi-billion global company and a community effort, right? Besides, after a few releases, KDE has been proving quite reliable. My point is that, for many years, basically this past decade 2000-2010, I always felt Microsoft sleeping over its success and crushing dominance on the desktop, not worrying so much about developing anything new or demanded by its clients. Office has been basically the same since 2007 and Windows 7 was not that much different form XP, although there was much improvement under the hood. To me, Windows desktop is always so restrictive and devoid of essential functionalities and I feel that Microsoft had an obligation to provide a much better desktop experience. As times have evolved and they started to feel threathened, finally Microsoft is pushing itself forward and try to give its users the most they can out of the Windows desktop. I am glad about that finally happening. I have a suggestion though, instead or in addition to being able to pinning tiles to the start menu, I think it would be better to have the possibility of adding a kind of widget to the desktop where we could pin live tiles. This way, looking at the background would provide us app updates without requiring the flip to the Modern interface or cluttering the start menu. Good to see an option to choose Modern interface or Start menu though.
  • bleeee   I dont wait it !
  • I'm interested in seeing how the Notifications Center on Windows develops. Would be cool to see a tablet implementation mirror the phone in terms of including the Action Center. Heck, maybe move the Charms function to the Action Center too. And yes, being able to view SMS and respond to it from tablet and desktop would be amazing.
  • I hope that there will be a place also for seeing the notifications arrived in my Windows Phone from the PC.
  • I hope windows 9 can walk to lower specifications. such as Celeron M, atoms, and other low specifications. if it can truly extraordinary .. I am sure will become a trend and selling outside sales target. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for windowsphone
  • I want this. It's Windows 7 + 8.1. 8.1 isn't great IMO. As soon as they leak the OS or release a beta, I'm on it. WPC App via Nexus 5.
  • I'll upgrade from 7 if I can for free :3
  • So, if you want to keep modern UI, will the notification center be elsewhere? I don't want to have to go to my desktop all the time. I remember some mention of a livetile too...?
  • It can't get worse than wp 8.1 action center.
  • De ja vu...
  • I stopped using the start menu and went to the desktop exclusively because almost all my apps throw an error when I run them.
  • Windows 9 Technical Preview ( Threshold )
    Build : 9834 Link: New leaked video of Windows 9 with Startscreen , Notification and Cortana
  • Link dead!
  • I'm much more interested in seeing a video on how to disable all the new features of Windows 9 so that it behaves like Windows 8.
  • I Want the Windows 9 Notification Center to Sync all my Windows Phone Notifications/alerts too. Is it too much to ask , Microsoft ?
  • Windows actually has a notification center since xp or vista if i remember well. Its a good idea, but i don't think its that important on a system without phone.
  • Windows 9 is looking great. Can't wait to get hands on the preview.
  • All the news are welcomed, but can't they think of something new for desktop instead of just throwing it to taskbar? Maybe it's weird to complain about a notification feature in the notification area and a multi-desktop icon left on the actual desktop apps and programs.. But what more will they put in the bar?
  • Am I really the only person who noticed the "zSpartan" app in these leaked videos (Inside the start menu)? When a app starts with "z" it means its a beta app or not ready, Like Cortana was "zCortana" back in the leaked phone someone had. What could that be? Something to do with Halo? Or something else?