New video shows off a Windows XP 2019 Edition concept

What you need to know

  • A new video shows off a concept of what Windows XP would look like if updated to fit into 2019.
  • The video is set to dramatic music and showcases features like virtual desktops in a Windows XP shell.

If you've ever wondered what a modern version of Windows XP would look like, you're in luck. A new video from Avdan shows off a concept of Windows XP 2019 Edition, mixing modern features like virtual desktops with the classic look of Windows XP. The video is set to some extremely dramatic music to build up the suspense of each feature being revealed.

The video shows off the classics such as Space Cadet Pinball, and modern features like dynamic wallpapers.

If you find yourself nostalgic for older Start Menus, you can download Start10 (opens in new tab) and get a completely functional version of the Windows 7 Start Menu on Windows 10.

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  • Now this looks awesome. I don't know why MS waste so much effort and time when they already had something cool. Why not just improve on it and make it better.
  • They probably wanted an operating system that looks like it's made for grown-ups.
  • That went well then with windows 10, because they failed on making it look like it is made for grown-ups,
  • I literally laughed out loud at that one. So true lmao
    I remember the jokes about it looking like a Playskool OS
  • Lol!!! Nice one.
  • If you like you computer to have a Playskool theme, go back to XP.
  • It's time to move on. XP was good for its time, but it was really showing its age by the time 7 was released. 10 uses almost no resources (my laptop from 2006 can run it no problem), it boots up faster than any other Windows version, the old start menu is the default, and you can install a theme if you really want it to look like XP.
  • why do people waste their time making videos like this? If you want windows xp that badly, dig an old computer out of your closet.
  • Few days of fame.. or trending lists.. whatever kids these days see as an achievement, or maybe just a programmer/designer trying to show off his skills in hopes of getting noticed, haven't you seen those "How (insert modern-day videogame) would look like if it was made with PSX graphics", as if anyone cares, but sadly they get clicks
  • Why don't you want anything like this? What would you think if classic OSes is back in 2019? Think before commenting please.
  • "features like virtual desktops in a Windows XP shell" You do know we had 'Virtual Desktops' in Windows XP - from Microsoft, right? PS Fun, but if you want Windows to look like this, make a custom shell or make a custom skin - there is no reason Windows 10 can't look identical to this. Ironically, it probably would take less time than the creator took to recreate the graphics for the video.
  • The version of Virtual Desktops shown off here looks more like the current version in Windows 10 imo, but that's a good point.
  • Oh, I had forgotten about that pinball game. It was really fun. The theme I'd like to be able to apply to Windows 10 is a Vista theme. Most people love to hate on Vista, but I thought it was absolutely beautiful! I loved the icons, and I loved the DreamScene desktop. To each their own. :-)
  • Cute but I find xp extremely difficult to navigate, functions and settings have become so much easier to manage now I get confused and lost in their dated menus... Hell, even some of windows 8 I can't wrap my head around anymore and I used to champion the heck out of it lol 😅
  • This is Stupid. XP is dead, let it die, it was cool for its day but it has no real use or appeal anymore
  • Stop. It's a legend!!! Legend OSes should back!!!
  • Xp & window 7.... It’s nice to have a fully thought out and complete operating system.... window 8 was more like a cheap prototype demo that you throw away before building a real operating system... and windows 10.... well ... that’s binary for windows “2”... like a little two year old crawling on ground... still unable to do anything better than big brother windows 7
  • You must be kidding. Windows ME was better than Windows 7, and obviously Windows 8 was too good for you to appreciate. I'm so glad Microsoft gave me a free upgrade to Windows 10 from that flawed Windows 7.
  • Dear god... Those who like so much these awful, old versions should be condemned to keep using them forever. We'll see how much they really like them.
  • Love the hilariously over the top music. This is a very nicely executed concept. Now how about tablet mode? Lol...
  • Avdan is a nice concept maker!
  • I feel like 2020 could almost likely be the year windows 10 actually regresses to XP. Somehow the tablet love and live tile love seem to show an inexplicable potential deprecation of 1000 cuts with time.
  • Oh hell no! This is for people who can't move on from Windows XP I guess.
    This concept is better than this one 🤔