New video shows off a Windows XP 2019 Edition concept

What you need to know

  • A new video shows off a concept of what Windows XP would look like if updated to fit into 2019.
  • The video is set to dramatic music and showcases features like virtual desktops in a Windows XP shell.

If you've ever wondered what a modern version of Windows XP would look like, you're in luck. A new video from Avdan shows off a concept of Windows XP 2019 Edition, mixing modern features like virtual desktops with the classic look of Windows XP. The video is set to some extremely dramatic music to build up the suspense of each feature being revealed.

The video shows off the classics such as Space Cadet Pinball, and modern features like dynamic wallpapers.

If you find yourself nostalgic for older Start Menus, you can download Start10 and get a completely functional version of the Windows 7 Start Menu on Windows 10.

Sean Endicott
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