New Xbox One firmware update gets it ready for the big Windows 10 UI experience

Microsoft is rolling out a small firmware update for the Xbox One to all owners of the console. The update includes some small fixes to the Xbox One's party chat feature, but its main mission is to prepare the console for its big update later this year, which will include a Windows 10-based user experience.

The version number for the firmware update is 6.2.13326.0. Microsoft says:

"The Xbox team is hard at work building and fine tuning the new Xbox One user experience that will be unveiled to the preview community this Fall. This update will help us to get your console ready to receive the new experience."

Members of the Xbox One Preview Program are expected to test the Windows 10 Xbox One update sometime in September, before it is released for all Xbox One owners in November.

Source Xbox (opens in new tab); Major Nelson (Twitter)

  • Exciting times :)
  • Very! I cannot wait to bring my Windows 10 apps to the console :D
  • I wonder what limitation of Win10 for Xbox has.  Is it supposed to run all universal apps?  Or just a limited subset of universal apps? How about running Office universal apps?  That would be very useful and interesting. I do not own an XBox right now.  But if it can be made more powerful with Windows 10, I am sure I will buy one.  I mean, not just for gaming, but acting as a PC.    
  • Or just buy a gaming pc
  • I recall Microsoft mentioning at Build that only certain apps, like games, music, and video, could run on the Xbox via Universal Apps. In fact, I vaguely recall them explicitly mentioning that Office would not be comming to the Xbox. Afterall, the XBox is meant for gaming and media consumption, not to be a PC replacement/alternative.
  • I think you're conflating two different things. They said two different things: All apps can be ported to Xbox, and that while the Xbox will run Windows 10, the apps will run for the respective screens, so "its not like you'll just be able to run Excel spreadsheets". Technically, they CAN run on the Xbox, but they make no sense.
  • But adding keyboard and mouse support could allow for some quick editing to a document
  • How about running office just for quick viewing... Powerpoint presentation scenarios.. Kinda..
  • They may not put office on there. But I wonder what their criteria of turning a developer down is if they wanted to put non gaming/media apps on there is.
    Map app, calendar, home automation, I'm pretty sure their open to most things that can work well on a tv.
    In the store games and media apps will obviously be front and centre though.
  • @TheMoonBeam wasn't the universal app platform designed so that the apps would be available across all types of devices and the dev doesn't have much say in which device it goes on?
  • A universal app can run on any of Microsoft's devices, I repeat, any. The dev, however, will be able to choose the respected distribution platforms.
  • @TheJackah - Although your right, there will still be a certification process. Just because a dev may want/allow it on Xbox as well, doesn't mean ms has to allow it. It will not be an open free for all platform.
    Hopefully the store will be good enough to also keep the crap/shovel wear at the bottom.
    Unless anyone else has heard that ms is throwing open the flood gates.
  • Regarding my original comment, that was a mis-wording on my part. What I meant was: "only certain apps like games, music, and videos will be allowed to run on the Xbox". My understanding is that, although Universal Apps are designed to run on all Windows 10 enabled devices, two things have to happen first: 1) the developer has to enable the app for the particular device type (i.e. Twitters Universal App which is only available on Windows 10 PC, and not Mobile right now). And 2) Microsoft has to provide approval/certification for an app to run on "specialized" devices (like the Xbox and Hololens).
  • I believe that it will allow all wua to run on xbox one. If I find the article I was reading about it I would post that for you.
  • Can someone please call the cops over here??? ^This dude just stolz my words/plan!!!! :D
  • Woohoo!!
  • Awesome, thinking about getting an Xbox One... We need something to replace the Wii as the Netflix device around here lol
  • As media devices go, the Xbox One is definitely my desired choice.
  • Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, PBSKids, Vudu, and if you plug  a chromecast in behind it, that too. (I have a firetv behind it for some Kodi magic). plus a Tv tuner stick which absolutely kicks major mule.
  • If and when 4k Netflix comes to the Xbox, I won't ever have to go into my TVs smart interface
  • The Xbox One only supports 1080p.
  • I believe that's only a software limitation. Another firmware update in the future will fix it.
  • Except that cant fix the lack of the hdcp updated spec.
  • I can't say I've had an issue with that on my X1. Back when I had cable I know I had an issue after a power outage and my cable box had an issue with it, but not the X1. Is this an issue a lot of people are experiencing? It doesn't seem to be anything directly related to 4k from what I've read in the past.
  • Forza 5 supports 4k
  • How? The Xbox can barely play games at 1080p?
  • Remember the 360 being superior to the ps3? Yet the games looked fine. Graphics are a small part of my choices when it comes to playing games.. A bunch of fan boy talk saying PC better, Xbox better, ps4 has 1080p omgerd. Grow up and enjoy the video games.
  • Its like comparing a Cessna and a Concord, but I agree with the sentiment.
  • Wrong, the Xbox can play games at 1080 just fine.  Many developers choose to use clock cycles for network performance though, so some run at slightly lower resolution to improve overall game performance.  This is nothing new, and has been done for a long time on many consoles and many PC games.  You choose a high res, but you really aren't getting it as the software is rendering lower.  You can't tell anyway.
  • @paparatman - actually the xbox one supports up to 4k output. In fact codec has already been updated to support x265 decoding from what I remember (happened few months ago). Change log mentioned specifically uhd media streaming services, don't quote me on that bit though it was a while ago.
  • Had a quick look for the change log but didn't find it.
    But Xbox one definitely supports 4k output.
    Ps4 supports 4k output but not for games.
    Pretty much amounts to the same as I wouldn't expect any 4k games on xbox unless its pacman.
  • I wouldn't mind running some nice XBLA style games at 4k :-)
  • for much higher video resolutions the consoles and TVs/ Monitors need to use displayport or MHL
  • ​HDMI is more than capable of delivering 4K content. The HDMI cable that ships with the Xbox One is a 4K-supported cable.
  • Wrong.
  • My Xbox is ready.
  • I can't wait for September which they would let us preview members know. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I hope the new PerfectTube universal comes to the Xbox one because the current YouTube app is an embarrassment to the community.
  • Yeah.. The loading thingy becomes worst.. Looks like an old youtube... And (luckily!) dont encounter any video ads for quite some time now.
  • Excited. Good times to be a Xboxer.
  • Can't wait for that Windows 10 dashboard and store update.
  • Know that would sound silly, but after the Windows 10 update could be use it as a regular PC? Anyone has any idea? Cause I want to buy an Xbox One but my dad isn't interested in spending on consoles but if it can act as part time pc, I just might be able to snag one.
  • You could tell him that, but it won't work. The version of Windows 10 on the Xbox won't include a desktop or anything like that. Unless you convince your dad to buy you an xbox to stream things, watch things, or play games.
  • May not have a desktop, but can run uwp apps, just like pc and mobile, that's the whole point in it.
    The question is what apps will it get, wont be office etc though.
  • Wish I was part of the preview program.
  • Post your GT so I can invite you!
  • SeanPJ if you want to also invite me - thx!
  • Me too. My gt is Zeejan ... Its been 7 days when peachy001 invited me.. No response from MS.. So please for the second timw i'll try
  • If additional invites are possible my gt is 'ehuna' - thanks!
  • OutFr0mUndr - if you have any left. Thanks!
  • Oh oh! Me too! GT: LaZoR Bear
  • I just want to be able to save media and files from the browser on Xbox One to the hard drive. Printer support would be nice too.
  • That and background audio for music.... Miss this from the 360 days.... P.s. Do you know if music streaming works in back comp?
  • I think they said that background audio was coming with W10 so fingers crossed. I know Spencer said it was a hugely requested item.
  • I hope that they fix the interface so you can actully locate things.... if I never had a Kinect I would be screwed! 
  • Conversely, if the new UI ruins gesture navigation via Kinect, I'm going to be furious.
  • WOW! Someone actually uses that. I use voice, but gesture is too much "work."
  • Yes, I use Kinect voice and gesture navigation almost exclusively. I use my Xbox every day, but most days I don't ever turn on a controller. My controller batteries last 5 weeks, on average. Overall, gesture navigation on Xbox One is pretty good, but, unfortunately, some apps have dropped support for it (most notably, Netflix and Hulu), forcing me to cancel my subscriptions. There are still plenty of gesture-friendly apps out there, though.
  • A Xbox price cut and Xbox redesign would also be nice along with Windows 10.
  • A price cut? It's already cut to $349/£299/€369
  • It's already pretty cheap relative to what the machine is. Sometimes it even gets down to $329 and you get 2-3 free games when the really good deals are around. How cheap do you want it to be?!?!?!
  • But its still around ₹35000 (bit less than $600) in India and that's way expensive. Needs a permanent price cut to around ₹30000 ($500).
  • Isn't that really due to import taxes and customs duties? You can't blame MS for India's rates. I just did a quick calculation on duties. I valued the Xbox at $500 bucks, plugged it into the Duty calc at the current rate of 65 INR per USD abd the price would be ~$692, roughly 45K INR. So it is already cheaper than what MS would sell it for without a discount. I'm not sure how much it actually costs MS so I used $500 for the initial value. So all in all, off of 500 bucks, India adds nearly 200 bucks as import fees.
  • I think with the addition of Cortana on xbox and new users not opting for kinect Microsoft should add speech to the microphone. Its such a handy feature with kinect.
  • Or they should actually try incentivizing people to buy Kinect rather than continue disincentivizing them like they have been.
  • When the Kinect costs so much money?.. Just buying to use Cortana isn't incentive enough.... Or support for the 360 webcam would be nice :)
  • Or reintroduce the bundles with Kinect. Not just have one standard black console with Kinect. Though I think if they threw in the Kinect to the Halo 5 bundle I would be $600 bucks. Compared to $650 if you bought em separately.
  • I couldn't live without kinect purely due to voice commands.
  • Same here. And the ability to sign me in just by seeing me! My brother and I share the console so it's helpful how it can easily identify us.
  • Speech recognition has a dedicated coprocessor on xone. I couldn't imagine my xone without Kinect:love voice commands and how fine they works and party games like JD or KSR are really funny. Cortana will be a huge addiction. Thinking about those genius that sold Kinect to Gamestop for 30€. Now Gs sells it at 110€ and a new one costs 149€ lol
  • No to the mic with pickup because causual convo will cause random apps to open and close, I was watching games on on my phone and just that made my Xbox keep trying to urn itself off
  • You must have a faulty Kinect then or your casual conversation/games included the clear, loud and precise words "Xbox, turn off". I watch tv/youtube/lets plays/podcasts where there's a lot of loud conversation and even when the people troll and say "Xbox turn off, yes" it doesn't do it. It knows your voice, my gf tried to turn of my Xbox by saying the command and it just didn't work. Kinect works great.
  • With mouse and keyboard coming, I don't see why devs cant make any app they want. Surfing the web with mouse and keyboard on xbox would be really nice.
  • Well...there is IE might be a possibility! Do you think IE will be rebranded to Edge?
  • Obviously it will be.
  • Mouse and keyboard is still a long time out by the sounds of it.
    But the chat pad is almost here, so that could easily replace mouse and keyboard for some stuff. Obviously not talking gaming.
  • I just got my update.  Anyone need an invite?
  • Yes, Nargg00
  • yes please, unbeatablev
  • If anyone needs an invite to the preview program you can add me as a friend and send me a message. GT is jyslaquezze.
  • READY!!!
  • As an preview member I can't wait for this update to roll out to my system. This new UI is going to make things so much better on the Xbox One.
  • I just pre-ordered the Elite controller yesterday at EBGames. The guy said will be out October. That keeps my excitement alive.
  • Anyone got any invite codes?? @Bbilley91. much appreciated, thanks!
  • Can't wait to try this out next month. I hope it makes things easier to find, especially in the game store.    If anyone wants in to the Preview Program, add me as a friend and then message me that you'd like an invite and I'll send it your way. My GT is dayman82