Destiny 2 ShadowkeepSource: Bungie

What you need to know

  • A teaser for the next Destiny 2 expansion was posted on the game's instagram.
  • The post was quickly deleted, but archived.
  • The expansion looks like it'll focus on Eris Morn and Europa.

You can't erase anything from the internet, as Bungie is finding out. The official Instagram account for Destiny posted a teaser for the game's next expansion, set to be released in the fall, but deleted it shortly after. And because this is the internet, it's archived for our viewing pleasure. It may not be showing up on the game's Instagram page anymore, but the original URL is still live (via Forbes).

There isn't much shown, but what's shown has us eager to learn more. Eris Morn looks to be struggling through the wind and snow on Jupiter's moon of Europa, though the planet isn't specifically named in the trailer. This tracks with earlier rumors that suggested the next expansion would take place on Jupiter's moon.

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The end of the short clip teases a full reveal for Tuesday, June 9 at 9am PT / 12pm ET. It doesn't appear to be related to Destiny's next season which is set to drop on the same day.

Let the speculation begin.

Moon's haunted


Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

The Darkness has arrived

Shadowkeep is the latest Destiny 2 expansion, bringing players a terrifying new adventure against the Hive and sees the arrival of a mysterious, fear-inducing threat.

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