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Next release of Kinoma Play features its own home screens, RSS reader

If we had to pick one thing to be excited about in the coming year, the 1Ghz Snapdragon processors would be high on the list. And here we get a look at it hand-in-hand on a variant of the Toshiba TG01 with a future build of Kinoma Play, the uber-multimedia player of which we've been fans for a while.

What's really interesting with this new build is that it becomes a home screen within the Windows Mobile shell, with different pages you can pan through. (Yep, it's a lot like the iPhone's home screen. Can't say we blame 'em. And we like the idea of extra pages above and below.)

There's also a built-in app store, with downloaded apps sent straight to the Kinoma home screen. The already very functional podcatcher gets a refresh, and a full-on RSS reader will be added.

Yeah, this demo's done on a phone with some major processing power. (That's the version of the TGO1 that's destined for Japan's NTT docomo network.)  But we definitely like the direction that Kinoma play's going. No release date yet, so we'll be checking Kinoma's Web site.

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  • The UI is nice but I still prefer CorePlayer cause its more powerful than Kinoma will ever be.
  • Kinoma just ripped off CorePlayer 2.0's design before they even released it!
  • lol! THat's a good one. Ripping off something that isn't released. Maybe Corecodec should stop talking shit (like saying that CorePLayer mobile (on the iPhone)s developement cost them 100K $ and they aren't submiting it to the Appstore cause they "know" that Apple will reject it, or the promised QTV support that is never going to happen they are implementing DirectShow support after it was pointed to them on XDA that WMP and HTC Album makes calls do DrirectShow to access QTV drivers etc lol).. and promising stuff instead of dissing everybody.
  • After that video I want the TG01 more than ever.
  • While a WM site, it would be nice to have video links that played for that other phone platform would be nice - I can't rightly see what all the WM fuss is if I can't see the videos.
  • There are platforms other than Windows Mobile? :)