Next Xbox One preview pushing out soon to testers, new language and pre-order features in tow

Those enrolled in the preview program for the latest Xbox One experience will be seeing a new build pushing out around 6PM Pacific today, as confirmed by platform head, Mike Ybarra.

As ever there are a whole bunch of fixes and a whole lot of stuff that's still causing an issue. Top of the list though are new features for language independence and game pre-orders.

Language Independence - Based on overwhelming fan feedback, we've enabled Language Independence to give you even more choices over your Xbox experience and how you engage with your Xbox One. Language Independence gives you the freedom to choose any supported language on Xbox One, regardless of your location.Please try out this capability and give us your feedback. If you encounter any issues, change your language and location settings back to their previous values to see if the issue still exists. We look forward to your feedback.Game Pre-orders - When purchasing a game pre-order, funds may no longer be deducted from your account immediately (depending on when the game pre-order is purchased). Pre-order funds will now be deducted from your account 10 days or less prior to the game's release date.

Those in the program should hit up the preview forums right now to check out the full list of features, fixes and known issues.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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