Nextgen Reader bumped to version 4 with improved support for Windows Phone 8

The popular Windows Phone RSS reader Nextgen Reader has been update to version 4. We last looked at the Windows Phone app when it was bumped to 3.1, as well as the release of Nextgen Reader for Windows tablets and desktops. This latest version is a big one. It's good to see such an offering receive more developing investment to push further on the platform. 

So what's included in version 4? A few noticeable improvements include high resolution display support, which will please those who are making use of more advanced Windows Phone hardware. Speaking of Windows Phone 8, multiple sized Live Tiles are configurable. As well as that, the Nextgen Reader app is now sporting a new icon, closer resembling the Windows 8 app.

Here's a full run down on what one can expect after installing the update:

  • Support for HD and higher resolutions.
  • Brand new icon (similar to Windows 8 app).
  • Brand new "paper theme" for great reading experience.
  • Fast app resume from start screen.
  • Support for multiple small, medium and wide live tiles.
  • Support for Lock-screen notifications.
  • Always read complete stories using "full article mode" (powered by Readability).
  • Customize article list views.
  • New gestures for changing articles.
  • New metro style share menu.
  • New: 'Show image captions' in articles view.
  • New: Pin 'subscriptions list' to start from app bar menu.
  • Faster image caching by 2-3x times.
  • Improved YouTube support with IE10.
  • Fixed: Image resizing in article view.

That's quite an update indeed. One highlight we know Windows Phone 8 owners will enjoy is the added integration with the lockscreen, which will see a counter displayed alongside missed calls, new SMS and more. Several design improvements, bug fixes and enhancements have also been included in the released update.

You can download NextGen from the Windows Phone Store for $1.99 with an unlimited free trial available.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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