Nextgen Reader for Windows 8 now available in the Microsoft Store

Nextgen Reader for Windows 8 now available in the Microsoft Store

Windows Phone always leant itself to reading and apps designed around reading due to its foundation being built on those Metro design principles for typography and layout.

Nextgen Reader has been a popular favourite with us at wpcentral and with readers alike. We just had a note today from the developers to say they have rescued Windows 8 users by launching their app in the store.

We recently did a feature on some of the top apps to install when you got Windows 8, it was aimed in the most part at matching up familiar Windows Phone favourites and a few new ones. One app that wasn’t about then was Nextgen Reader, we’re sure many of you will be pleased to see it on Windows 8.

Nextgen reader on desktop screen - scales well

Works well on a larger screen too..

Here are some of the headline features of the app

  • Modern view: Gorgeous layout for best reading experience on your tablet/touch-screen device.
  • Classic view: Beautiful 3-column layout for non-touch/traditional PC’s.
  • Customize reading: Set default open method per feed: summary, webpage or mobilized.
  • Multiple tiles: Pin multiple tiles to start – directly launch modern view.
  • Security: Completely safe Oauth2 Authentication.
  • Mobilizer: Inbuilt Readability support.
  • Shortcuts: Full keyboard support in classic view (press “?” key).
  • Touch: Swipe to move between articles.
  • Incremental Sync: With ability to limit number of items to sync per feed.
  • Share charm: To mail, tweet, post articles on Facebook, etc.
  • Roaming: Login once and run on multiple Windows 8 PC’s.

We are also told that there is already a major update coming to the app in the next week. Pegged for a future update will be support for Live Tiles, Support for snapped view along with portrait orientation and more.. We’ll share more of that with you when we get the full low down. For now you can head over to the Windows Store and grab the app, which comes in at $3.99 US £2.79 (or check your local store price)

Marketplace Link (opens in new tab)

Like Google Reader apps? Let us know your favourites on Windows Phone and Windows 8, if you are heading over to try Nextgen Reader on Windows 8, pop back and let us know how you got on.

QR: Nextgen Reader

Robert Brand
  • Awesome. NextGen Reader is one of the apps I use daily on my phone.
  • Same here, also used the preview version of this desktop client. Works great!
    The color theme is a bit too close to the theme of slashdot.
  • Here too, and I'll definitely be doing the same in Win 8. It's really well designed. I've been deleting apps from Chrome when a good metro equivalent comes out. That means no more Feedly from today onwards. One thing I would like to see added is a 'night mode'.
  • Thank you! Night mode (more themes) and other features coming in updates.
  • now i feel tranditional desktop apps really look boring compared metro apps
  • yeah, I dislike using desktop apps now, Metro apps all the way!
  • I assume you mean Windows Store yes? Cause Microsoft stores are the physical stores where you can also buy Xbox 360s and laptops. 
  • I prefer Feed Me over nextgen reader for my lumia.
  • This is less of a question about the app itselft and more about the Windows Store. When I open the Windows Store and browse for new releases, I don't see the Nextgen app, I really don't see any new apps since last week. The list of new releases stays the same. Does anyone else have this issue?
  • I have noticed the same thing. I hear about these new app's from folks, but they do not show up in the new app section. 
  • yeah something is F-d up with the Store.  I restarted my Surface yesterday on a whim and when I got to the start screen the Store said I had updates.  The update checking is completely borked.
  • I've noticed this too. Just click the Marketplace link in the article or do a search for now.
  • I've noticed this too so for now I search '*' in the store and sort by newest. It seems to do the trick.
  • Why does it require signing into Google? This is stupid. Just let me import my on OPML file and leave me be.
  • Sorry the app doesn't work without Google Reader. Hope you create a temporary account and check out the app.
  • big screen apps command big screen prices apparently.
  • To be fair, there's an unlimitted ad-free trial. 
  • If you want Windows 8 and Surface to take off, you should happliy invest a couple dollars for an app that you'll get daily use out of. Part of the reason developers are big into the iPad is that they've found customers that will actually pay for their product. I used to have this attiude with my iPad for the first few months until I decided to get over it and pick some things up for a couple bucks. What else am I going to waste it on? Then again, if you don't think the product is worth the price they're charging, don't buy it and when enough people agree with you/follow suit, they company will either A) change their price B) close up shop or C) move to a thriving platform that has paying customers. (And I'm not calling you out; just trying to give a counterpoint)
  • <p>Completely agree with Mac. :)</p>
  • This may be a simple answer, but how the heck to you log out of the account on RT?  I had a co-worker showing this to me on my Surface using his account, now he can't log out of it.  I've searched the Jewel Bar, the drop down menus in app, and the bottom bar is pretty useless.
    Uninstalling and re-installing the application doesn't wipe the data.
    Having him revoke the device (pushing for a relogin) just comes back with "Synch failed - please try again later".
  • Looks like it's in the "About" section of the settings menu. 
  • Awesome - thanks Stormhit.
  • Yes, sign out from about page or delete credentials through control panel -> credentials manager.
  • Is it now w8central? ;[
  • I'm currently using Feed Reader as my RSS app. Looks very similar to this one and is cheaper.
    I might check this one out too though.
    News Bento is also pretty good, and free.
  • I was using Nextgen Reader for some time in WP but switched to NewsSpot once I tried it. I find it better than Nextgen definitely and moreover it's (was?) free with no intrusive ads.  I would gladly pay for it though. Its readability support is top notch. I'm hoping they bring  a Windows 8 app. Till then Nextgen Reader should work.