Simple and frustrating, two words to describe the Windows Phone game Ninja+

Ninja+ is an extremely simple Windows Phone game that can be frustratingly challenging and mildly addictive. You are tasked with helping a ninja warrior cross a series of platforms by stretching a stick to just the right length.

Available for low-memory Windows Phones, you shouldn't be shocked if your high scores stay in the single digits until you get a handle on judging distances and timing with building your bridges. While at times you may have the urge to pull your hair out with Ninja+, it's a fun game to have around when you need help passing the time.

The layout with Ninja+ could not get more simpler. There are no settings, no About screen, no Play button, no links to share, rate or contact the developer. It is just the gaming screen with directions to hold down on the screen to play.

The object of Ninja+ is to stretch a stick far enough to allow the ninja to travel to the next platform. Stretch the stick too short or too far and the ninja walk will off the edge and die.

To stretch the stick, just tap and hold the screen. The longer you hold the screen the longer the stick will stretch. As you might guess, the challenge rests with stretching the stick to just the right length. When you think the stick is at the correct length, release your hold on the screen, the stick will fall across the two platforms and your ninja will cross, hopefully safely, to the other platform.

You then get to repeat the process and see how far your ninja can travel. The game score is based on the number of platforms you successfully cross.

Overall, Ninja+ may be the most docile ninja game in the Windows Phone Store but that shouldn't reflect poorly on this game. Graphics are minimal but nicely drawn up. Game play is equally simple but not without challenge. There is also a slight addictive pull with Ninja+ to prove that you can judge the distance between platforms correctly.

If you are in search for a super-simple, challenging, pain-stakingly fun Windows Phone game, check out Ninja+. It is currently free for a limited time and is pulling in a 4.5 Star rating (which we agree with) in the Windows Phone Store.

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • This game is already on IOS and Android, with the name "stickman". I'll download, though. If my school network actually works.
  • Nice game
  • Yesss.. *brofist*
  • ❤ it
  • The most frustrating part is even though he is a ninja, he can't even cross a tiny sliver of a gap without falling down.
  • Yes, he's very non-ninja like... Ninja isnt ninja!
    I made it to 11 and had to stop for now.
  • A dude at school showed me this game yesterday on his Android phone and then I showed him Tentacles:ETM and made him jealous
  • Yes tentacles is really good game, actually great game...
  • I remember N+ from the 360 and psp is this the same game?
  • Since I do not associate frustrating with fun, based on the headline alone I'll pass.
  • Download size=4mb, aftr installation =102mb , what the hell!
  • The same developer has posted an identical game called The Hero. It is literally the same game. Also free btw.
  • A in-game tutorial would've been nice. I hardly figured out how the game meant to be played.