The Nix Mini Color Sensor is 15% off today

(Image credit: Stack Commerce)

When it comes to creating truly great designs, few things are more important than choosing the right color, regardless of whether you’re trying to paint your entire home or simply want to create an engaging webpage.

The Nix Mini Color Sensor V2 allows you to instantly match any surface to an existing color in a massive library, and it’s currently 15% off at just $84.

This pocket-sized sensor makes it easier than ever to find and match the perfect color for any project.

You’ll be able to easily identify any color with a simple scan, instantly match your scan to more than 100,000 brand name paint colors or to sRGB HEX and CMYK colors, browse color matches from leading paint brands like Benjamin Moore and Dulux, and much more.

The sensor’s portable design also makes it easy to take it with you on the go, and you’ll be able to save and organize your favorite colors in the Nix Digital app that comes with a wide range of editing tools.

Find the perfect color for your next design project with the Nix Mini Color Sensor V2 for just $84—15% off its usual price for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

WC Staff