No Man's Sky: Beyond update coming on August 14

What you need to know

  • No Man's Sky: Beyond is the next big update for No Man's Sky, the space exploration game from Hello Games.
  • Among other features, this update brings No Man's Sky Virtual Reality, letting players enjoy the game in VR.
  • The update also brings No Man's Sky: Online, which is a new multiplayer grouping encouraging players to be together.
  • No Man's Sky for Xbox One is currently $34 on Amazon.

No Man's Sky: Beyond is the next major content update for Hello Games' space exploration title. This update is huge, packing multiple improvements and features. For starters, it brings No Man's Sky: Online, which is a new multiplayer setting designed to encourage players to be together.

This update also brings VR to the game, letting players on PC with a VR headset play the game entirely in VR. It's not a seperate grouping or server, as you can even play with your friends who aren't in VR with no issue. Naturally, the VR mode does not work on Xbox One, as there is no VR gaming compatibility. Watch the trailer for No Man's Sky Beyond in the video below:

Hello Games have taken the feedback for No Man's Sky quite seriously over the last couple of years and have delivered several major updates, each one adding features such as base-building or multiplayer. This kind of support is commendable and the game keeps on getting bigger. No Man's Sky: Beyond is scheduled to arrive on August 14 for all platforms. You can get it on Steam right here.

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