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No Man's Sky will get another shot at success on Xbox One

Arguably gaming's biggest controversy in the last few years was No Man's Sky, Hello Games' space exploration title, complete with spaceships and a procedurally-generated universe. Despite promises of heaps of content, No Man's Sky ultimately ended up releasing with very little. This led to a major negative reception across the gaming community.

Instead of cutting its losses, Hello Games instead committed to the game and stuck with it, adding new content and fixing bugs. Recently, the company announced the NEXT update which, among other things, should bring the title to the Xbox One this summer. Here's how bringing the game to a new platform will give No Man's Sky a second chance at a successful launch.

A fresh crowd

The biggest reason No Man's Sky may very do well on the Xbox One is because its player base did not experience the catastrophic failures of the game's original launch. The title only came out for the PC and PlayStation 4 in 2016, and Hello Games has had a tough time trying to keep people on board with the game as it rolled out patches.

Since the Xbox community was not affected, they're going to be a blank slate for No Man's Sky. The developer won't have to try and keep people playing while things are added, because the game at the Xbox launch will be the modern version that is rich in content. The Xbox fanbase will never deal with the glaringly flawed vanilla version.

A unique product

Another big advantage that No Man's Sky has with the Xbox console is that there are very few things on the console currently that offer a similar experience. Aside from Astroneer (which is still in Early Access) and Elite: Dangerous (which has mixed reception overall), the type of gameplay No Man's Sky has is absent. This means that Hello Games will essentially have a rival-free market when the game releases this summer.

Competition will likely arise eventually, but No Man's Sky can play the "early bird" and establish itself as the definitive space exploration game for Xbox One. This means that it will be, for the first time, the game on top of the hill instead of the one trying to claw its way up from the bottom.

What would help the game succeed?

Though the game's chances for success on Xbox One look good as of now, there are some things that may bolster the odds in its favor. Some form of Xbox exclusive content, whether it be outfits, weapons, or a ship, would give Xbox owners even more reason to buy the game. Another potential route Hello Games could go down is to make No Man's Sky available as part of the Xbox Game Pass program.

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Making it available via Game Pass would let skeptical players who are worried it will be like the original launch version try the game out at a low price of $10 (or even for free if people use Game Pass's 14-day free trial). Creating some form of free demo for the game would be a wise decision, as well.

Your thoughts

What do you think of No Man's Sky? Will you buy it when it comes out this summer? Let me know in the comments.

No Man's Sky is available right now on Steam for $59.99, and is currently available for Xbox preorder on Amazon for $10 cheaper. Judging by the listing on Amazon, it could be available on July 31, 2018, though that may just be a placeholder.

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  • 50$ is way to much too much to ask for a two year old game . Unless the NEXT update has a ton of fresh new content and not just basic stuff like the previous updates it's not worth the money
  • I can't say I agree. Two years of age doesn't really make it an aged game, in my opinion.
  • That might be true. But, and bear in mind I'm in the apparent minority that actually quite enjoyed No Man's Sky on PS4, it wasn't really worth $60, or even $50, two years ago.
  • I wholeheartedly agree the price wasn't justified then, but looking at everything they've added (for free) I would say it is now.
  • I already own the game and will probably buy it for the X1X, especially if there's special content or a collector's edition. To me, it's absolutely worth the $50 pricetag. Since launch, Hello Games has released 3 huge content updates for free and this upcoming update promises to be the biggest one yet. In this day and age of Season Passes and loot crates, $50 for a game that provides free content updates now and into the future, is a bargain.
  • I don't see how people applaud "free" content updates to an originally incomplete game. In the world of technology or even digital content, you should refrain from expecting future updates, even if free, when making a purchase. Your mind set MUST be is the $50 I am paying now worth what I am getting today. If the answer is no, then move on because it is a bad deal.
  • The game was never incomplete for me, NMS was absolutely worth the $60 I paid, before any of the updates. And the expectation for updates was set when Hello Games said right before launch, that not everything made it into the game at launch but more would soon follow. Since launch, they’ve added loads of content including a 30 hour story, base building, farming, vehicles, freighters, etc. So even if somene felt the game was not complete back then, it most certainly is now. And that doesn’t take into account the largest content update which they’ll be adding with NEXT.
  • There were missing features. For example, even if the multiplayer aspect wasn't hyped Sean Murray still said it would be possible to see another player.
    They got to be criticised for this but the thing is they added a lot more things that were not promised and they didn't had to put in the game. I think they deserve credit for providing this content.
    They are adding this content for free and they are not including microtransactions like other companies...
  • You do realize that alot of people who own a Xbox either have a PS4 and/or a pc. The new crowd on the Xbox would be minimal at best plus everyone knows about the game
  • And yet many don't and have not been able to play it. I applaud more options on Xbox and I own the game on PC.
  • Exactly. Having more options is never a bad thing.
  • I put off from playing it on PC as I heard bad things about the game, and i'm hoping the big update coming for the Xbox one, may push me to buy it, but i'll wait and see. I already have too many games on my wish list to buy and play. Also i'm hoping they will continue to support and update the game for another 2 years after the Xbox release.
  • I have grown to really enjoy it through the continual updates on PC.
  • "Though the game's chances for success on Xbox One look good as of now, there are some things that may bolster the odds in its favor. Some form of Xbox exclusive content, whether it be outfits, weapons, or a ship, would give Xbox owners even more reason to buy the game. Another potential route Hello Games could go down is to make No Man's Sky available as part of the Xbox Game Pass program." There are few things about this article.
    Why are you saying that exclusive content will boost sale? Why should a XB gamer care that no one else gets the thing he buys? If you said a PS/PC owner might be tempted to buy it for that content it makes a little more sense but even then I don't see people buying the game for a gun. Why are you talking about outfit? Does this game have outfits now? Also about game pass, it would be up to MS to offer them a deal because the money is going to MS. This is not a service. There are no microtransactions. The only way to make money is by selling the game. I also got to say, yes the game improved with lot of those free updates but I still think it's not or everyone. This is still mostly a single player game. People got to do their research before buying it. There are many videos about the game. Do the research if you don't want to end up disappointed.
  • "Why are you saying that exclusive content will boost sale? Why should a XB gamer care that no one else gets the thing he buys?" I mean, that's why exclusivity exists in the first place.
  • Well I would agree if the game is launched at the same time and people have the choice about which version to get. This was out for years on PS4 and we can easily find PS4 version of the game for really cheap.
    But again, you specifically mentioned XB gamers. So do you really think people will buy a game just because it has one more gun compared to the competition? If you're not a PS or PC gamer why should it even matter? Also please tell us what did you meant by outfits? Did they add outfits in this game?
  • Was just speculation...maybe your character could get a cool skin or something. I’m just spitballing possibilities.
  • I really hope they keep updating it and eventually are able to implement coop. This game would be so much more enjoyable to explore an entire galaxy with your friends.
  • Coop should be the new feature imo.
  • I enjoyed it on the ps4 and think it will be a nice addition to the Xbox. There aren't many games out like No Man's Sky.
  • I have heard it has improved a lot since release but, sorry, not interested. If it is a $10 game I might pick it up but if it is a full priced release there will be no way I even give it a chance.
  • That's fair. I can certainly understand being put off by the bad juju from 2 years ago.
  • but guys, i thought there was only like 10 people who had windows phone and even less than had xbox one.
  • So...I've put in a fair amount of time on NMS, and the question I get asked most often is "Is it a good game?" - it's a reasonable question and the one have the hardest time answering. "Yes?" is my usual reply. After 175 hours and counting of game time, I must have stuck to it for some reason, right? There are so many things about NMS that I love, and I *want* the game to keep going. But the lack of content, the daisy-world planets, the light story line and the somewhat underwhelming main quest (Atlas Rises) has made it more of a grind than anything else. And when you compare it to something like Skyrim...well then it really does feel unfinished. I guess I'll give it this update to see if it gets me excited again, but if not...
  • I hope they have One X enhancements in the works as well, that would be a another draw for xbox one gamers.