No, Xbox is not getting the Windows 11 Android subsystem

Windows 11 Android App Store
Windows 11 Android App Store (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • The Microsoft Store listing for the Android subsystem added Xbox support.
  • This led to widespread speculation that Microsoft is bringing Android apps and maybe games to Xbox.
  • Microsoft isn't.

Recently, XDA noticed that the page for the Android subsystem on Windows 11, slated to bring Android apps to Windows, also lists Xbox support. This led to speculation (and a whole load of emails and DMs) that Microsoft is planning to bring Android apps and maybe games to Xbox consoles. I've seen the report pop up on tech sites across the web, however, I'd like to be the bearer of bad news. This isn't happening.

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed to me that what I suspected — there are "no plans" to bring the Windows 11 Android subsystem to Xbox at the moment. Could it potentially happen in the future? Frankly, I rather doubt it.

Android apps are often barely optimized for tablets, let alone full TV displays. And when it comes to games, I'm not sure Android support would suddenly lead to an avalanche of Android-based games hitting Xbox. Obviously, they would still need to be heavily reworked to incorporate Xbox Live APIs, the store system, Xbox Live achievements, and so on. If they weren't going to incorporate those APIs, why would Microsoft allow non-Xbox Live Android games onto their Xbox consoles, when the platform is entirely subsidized by software sales?

The reality is that this happens all the time with Windows apps on the store being incorrectly listed as having Xbox support. Many of these apps also list Windows Phone support, and we all know what happened to that platform.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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