Nokia 800 in Airtel poster

This is interesting since we only just ran the story that Nokia will be coming to India in Q1 2012 (opens in new tab). We've come across an advertisement poster for Airtel that clearly features the Nokia 800/Sea Ray. Cool tagline too, "Welcome to the future of smartphones". Unfortunately, we're seeing the old logo and less squares, but it's something.

Source: SymbianTweet (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • That is a beautiful device.
  • That poster is wrong in so many ways, it doesn't even look like Windows Phone, wasn't that one of the first concept shots Microsoft had shown???
  • It is a clearly a massive photoshop fail. Nokia is even cut off.The guy at airtel clearly just took the old screenshot and photoshoped (maybe even MS paint) it ontop of an N9.Look at the black on the bottom too.
  • It's not even Mango
  • I believe you, but out of curiosity, what gives it away?
  • The black Xbox tile was used when they originally unveiled the OS. It was green by launch.This is just horribly unprofessional.
  • Also it says "Phone" instead of the mobile network name, "Text" instead of "Messaging", icons for texts and e-mail are wrong, and "People" tile is in pre-Mango style (without overlapping pictures).
  • Well, the xbox Live Tile does not even look right to be Mango. Who knows though?Regardless, I want to see the HIGH END Nokia phones please......
  • Mistakes aside, Nokia world can't come fast enough. I hope the Ace is good and the price isn't crazy high, I'm looking to get a new phone after the problems I'm having with my LG Optimus 7.
  • I cannot bring myself to believe that this is real. Does MS even allow people to use the old WP symbol now?
  • I m getting the new Nokia phone once they come out. Without contract :P