Nokia Panorama

We haven’t seen too many updates to Nokia’s Panorama app, which could stand to use a slight refresh if you ask us. Today, version has gone live in the Nokia Collection and while it doesn’t appear to touch the algorithm behind the app, it does finally add portrait-mode.

Nokia Panorama

Up until now, Lumia owners could only use the app in the landscape position, which makes sense when shooting a nice vista. However, the option to at least shoot in portrait would be nice, especially when the object you are photographing is very tall. We experienced this ourselves this weekend when we were snapping some pics of a huge power plant here in New York, causing us to miss the shot.

While Nokia Panorama is simple to use for stitching together many photos to form one giant one, we often find that the algorithms still don’t align images properly. We’ll just say “competing platforms” were able to nail it, leaving us a bit disappointed (see the image below).

Nokia Panorama Fail
Nokia Panorama fail: Errr, yeah...that's it

If you have a Lumia device, head to the Windows Phone Store to pick up the updated Panorama app right here (or swipe to the right in our app).

Do you use Nokia's Panorama app or do you have an alternative favorite? Let us know in comments.

Thanks, Mahmoud, m_umair_85 and Kittanan, for the tips

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