Nokia and National Geographic partner up to highlight the Lumia 1020, produce incredible results

What you’re about to see is pretty incredible when you think about it. These aren’t images from a DSRL, they’re from a smartphone. One that a lot of you are fairly familiar with. You either have it or you’ve seen us wax on about how awesome it. National Geographic’s Stephen Alvarez recently took the Nokia Lumia 1020 to the Southwestern United States. What happens when you give 41 million pixels to an award winning photographer from National Geographic? Incredible things.

Great video all from a Lumia 1020

Stephen Alvarez took the Lumia 1020 on a ten day trip that included stops in places like the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and the Colorado River. Stephen has been with Nat Geo since 1995 and has had more than a dozen stories with the magazine. The images are he produced with the 1020 are just incredible. Over at the Nokia Conversations blog post are a handful of comments and quotes from Stephen about his time with the 1020. They’re all great, but this one is my favorite:

"What the Nokia Lumia 1020 does astounds me – these results, from a smartphone, are stunning. I have used a lot off camera phones so when I set out on this assignment I had my doubts, my doubts are gone – nothing else compares.”

While the 1020 might not just replace his DSLR overnight when it comes to actual assignments with the National Geographic, the results he produces are stunning. In fact, a blog post two days ago by Stephen reveals that he was able to produce 22 inch prints from the Lumia 1020 that look like they came from a DSLR. If that isn’t the best endorsement for the Lumia 1020 yet, I don’t know what is.

Nokia and National Geographic have a section of the Nat Geo website dedicated to the partnership. You can go read about the trip, see the images, and enter to win a photography masterclass with Stephen in the Puerto Rico. Go check out the rest of the photos on Nat Geo to see them in high res. 

These photos will also appear in the 125th Anniversary Photography Edition of the National Geographic. That’s some pretty impressive advertising for Nokia and cements their place as the smartphone maker you go to if you value photography. 

Source: Nokia Conversations, National Geographic

Sam Sabri