Nokia announces Lumia 920, 820 availability and pricing for Europe and beyond

Nokia announces pricing for both new Lumias

Nokia has unveiled today availability and pricing for both of its new Windows Phones in a handful of markets. The Lumia 820, as well as the Lumia 920, will be heading to countries throughout Europe and beyond. We've long awaited confirmation on where the new hardware will be heading, not to mention how much it'll cost consumers to invest in.

Many websites have already started to accept pre-orders with prices hovering around the €499 and €599 marks for the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 respectively. This has now been confirmed to be accurate with Nokia Germany announcing hardware pricing, but the company has the Lumia 920 at a slightly higher €649.

Nokia Italy publsihed a the same price tag as the pre-orders for the Lumia 920, undercutting Germany by €100 (€599). Should this not be in error, we could see some cheaper options for Nokia's latest Windows Phones. In Germany, O2 DE and mobilcom-debitel will be stocking the Lumia 820, while Vodafone and Telekom will sport both the Lumia 920 and its younger brother. Both are expected in November 2012.

Those who reside in Italy will be able to purchase said handsets from H3G, Telecom Italia, Vodafone and Wind in November this year. Nokia has also revealed minimal detail for Australia, according to a report by WPDownUnder. Availability information is not yet available, but the Lumia 920 will reportedly be stocked by Telstra to use its 4G network, while Vodafone and Optus will both have the Lumia 820 for business customers. More details to follow. notes that Nokia Russia has gone a step further and has begun accepting pre-orders for both the Lumia 920 (white, black, red and yellow) and the Lumia 820 (white, black and red) with price tags of 24,990 ($800) and 19,990 ($640) respectively.

Unfortunately pricing and availability is yet to be unveiled for other markets, but we're sure more information will be released soon. We can imagine other European markets will follow suit with Germany's pricing and release dates.

Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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  • BUT NO US??? COME ON!!! :-(
  • Do we know the supported bands?  Will the announced model work here on AT&T?  What about T-Mobile?
  • At the announcement, the 920 was running LTE on AT&T, so...
  • Well, that takes care of AT&T.
    But all of Nokia's recent Symbian and Meego devices have had pentaband radios that meant they worked pretty much everywhere, including T-Mobile USA.  That would be awesome!
  • I remember the Verizon said they will sell 920
  • I remember the Verizon said they will sell 920
  • It is one of the few true LTE world phones (also known as Pentaband) so it will work on LTE across the globe. In terms of 3G it covers all of the US 3G bands also.
    This is one of the few smart phone companies consider radio coverage their speciality. Phones are where they came from (rather than from a computing background). In my experience having used lots of other manufacturers' phones being re-introduced to Nokia reminds me just how great they are at this often under looked but very necessary quality.
    It is the best signal and voice quality phone provider on the market and the signal is truly heroic in some of the worst places where my other phones would just not have the capability.
  • I hate to tell you but the US isn't the most important country in the world. Europe and Asia have a much larger mobile device market.
  • Its not THE most important, I agree. But I have to think it is an important market and it would be nice to have pricing soon for these devices
  • Considering Nokia is choosing WP to try to reclaim the US market, it's pretty important to them. But considering the pricing and release date must be chosen locked with a carrier, they are probably still talking it over with ATT and hopefully Verizon too.
  • Actually, not to be a jerk, but the U.S. is a country while Europe and Asia are continents. I would argue that the U.S. is a bigger market than any individual European or Asian country forgo China, but that country would be the only one I could see being debatable. So much anger against the United States...I live in the U.S. and I have a pretty large distaste for my country. Not all of us are so gung-ho that "America is better than you".
  • Why do people always bring up my country is better than your country.  Stop it, we are not little kids.  Nokia probably announced it sooner because of contracts with carriers and other things, plus the market they control is larger in Europe.  Case and point all the microsoft news is gonna be situated at the same time, probably gonna roll out the same time MS starts to advertise windows 8, surface, and then push the phones.  BLITZKREIG!
  • Wow.  I learned something new today: Europe and Asia are countries now!
  • 920 in Germany missing on the biggest and best network, T-mobile, is really lame. Hopefully Vodafone version will get LTE support.
  • Even if T-mobile has the L920, it will be SIM-locked. My wife's L800 is, which is so annoying because they want €90 to unlock it before 2 years.  We travel a lot and have numerous SIM cards for different countries. So, I'm buying mine SIM free this time around, just going to wait for a while till it comes down a little in price.
  • SIM locked, really. Then they sell different versions because we have Lumia800 as company phones and none of the 100+ devices currently rolled out is SIM locked. Anyway, i want LTE on my next phone and while t-mobile won't carry the 920 for now i have to go to Vodafone.
  • The phone is a pentaband phone - a true world phone so technically you won't need extra SIM cards.
  • its not. they said Vodafone and Telekom get both the 920 and 820. now i'm not german, but i'm pretty sure Telekom is T-Mobile (right?)
  • Actually the WPCentral article is wrong.  According to Nokia Germany's actual announcement, Telekom (T-mobile) will ONLY be carrying the 820.
  • Yes and Vodafone and Verizon r about the same
  • Yes Vodafone owns 45% of Verizon wireless but they are not the same, they operate on entirely different technologies CDMA for Verizon and GSM for Vodaphone. I was able to use my Vodafone handset from UK in South Africa(Vodacom) but a I came to the US and realized that my phone from Vodafone UK is totally incompatible with Verizon wireless network.
  • I hope it will come to AT&T (920) on October 21 or earlier for $200 or les.
  • I'd firmly bet that it will be $199.99 with a 2 year...This is based on pricing for high end Android or the base iPhone devices pricing, it would fit right in line. Maybe $149.99 but, I am thinking that wont happen for a while after release.
    I hope to hear from Verizon soon, as sites have claimed they will get it....
  • The 32GB iPhone 5 is selling for $299.  I really hope Nokia doesn't think it can compete at that price point.
  • $299 is the 32GB iPhone 5 subsidized price. The unsubsidized price is more like $749.
  • Nokia wouldn't do that price so high that's stupid they don't screw people out of money like apple does
  • Blame the buyer not the seller. Without demand there would be no supply.
  • Yes, blame the buyer, but without demand there is still supply...that's called a Clearance Item!
  • They might take the middle road of $249. This way they are an attractive $50 below, while still making the extra money.
  • *less
  • Maybe it'll come out for $99 like the Lumia 900...
  • I'd say 99$ for 820 and 199$ for 920 at ATT.
  • $99 (subsidized) for the 820 is a little high.  Almost anyone would spend the extra $100 and get a 920.
    If Nokia wants to price it aggressively (like the did the 710), then I can see the 820 starting off at $50 (subsidized), and then dropping to $0 after a little while.  The 920 should be priced similar to a subsidized iPhone at $200, if not a little lower.
    Nokia phones will be high quality and lust-worthy, but don't forget the HTC 8X and 8S and the Samsung Ativ S are coming as well.  I can see the Samsung Ativ going for $200 like the SGS3 and the HTC phones going for slightly less than their Nokia counterparts.  At least with the subsidized prices.
    Unsubsidized I'm hoping that the mid-range phones get priced as aggressively as the 710 was, and not like the overpriced HTC Radar.
  • Nokia's good at pricing their phones.
  • No price for Portugal PT yet, maybe the price will come out in mid Oct, hope for 515€ unlock on Expasys.PT, it's the price of the 8X on Expansys.PT, so maybe 920 come at this price tag, and maybe lower on the carriers.
    Just hopping.
  • Pogo stick?
  • Space hopper?
  • I hope the us gets it before November.
  • +1
  • Me too
  • PHILIPPINES will surely love these Lumia... GLOBE, get that damn Phone!
  • I do hope we get Xbox Live soon as well. We're missing out on a lot of great games out there! :(
  • lame..
  • If the US price equivalent is on par with the iPhone, we can expect the unsubsidized 920 to hit the market at $559.
  • Get them out the door already!
  • This is not enough carriers. I can't believe that many major carriers are not getting this phone. Microsoft should pay these carriers to carry it. How is the Lumia 920 supposed to sell well if the carrier support is crippled? Just look at Canada for example. Only Rogers will be getting the 920! Wtf is that? It took Rogers a month to put it on the shelf when it came out. And mist stores had the plastic model. They're just gonna crap it out again here in Canada. At least bell and TELUS will be getting the HTC 8X. Hopefully HTC will advertise this phone.
  • I believe they will, and I believe it will sell very well.
  • Has Rogers even announced that they will carry the 920?
  • My question exactly. I have not seen this announcement.
  • I know a girl that works there and said Rogers will definitely carry this sweeeetness
  • Sooo... still no word on New Zealand, nor for if we will finally get Xbox music/Zune pass. How long has the zune music marketplace been around? We even have spotify here now
  • If it makes you feel any better, we've had Xbox music/Zune pass in Australia since Feb/March :P :P
  • I know and I bet that telecom will massively inflate the price anyway. All they care about is their crappy iPhones and androids! Also if we do get Zune pass all the networks need to pick up their game and give us at least 1GB Data for $20!
  • 649€ - 599€= 50€, not 100€ save for the 920 in italy.
  • I've already preordered a white Lumia 920 in Russia!
    the price is so good! meanwhile the iPhone 5 32Gb is about to cost $1000 here officially
    Sure I can travel to Italy to get it but I'll lost guarantee maintenance and anyway it'll stand me a price higher than $1000 with transport/visa/hotel. 
    now it's time to wait and save money ;D
  • I've just come back from a holiday in Russia - I was amazed that all the carriers had such a wide selection of phones and had all 4 Lumia phones :)
  • US release dates... Come on...
  • C'mon, Japan... Announce something already.
  • Seriously. Though DoCoMo is being cagey with their naming for their Nokia phone. Let's hope for the 920 and better mapping tech. :) Nokia maps might be a huge step backwards in Japan
  • Good luck outselling HTC with these prices.
  • Sim free or die. I waited 4 months to unlock my at&t lumia 900, I will not do that again.
  • How did you unlock your ATT&T L900. Please let me know, I've still not been able to unlock mine.
  • Anyone know UK prices?
  • I just bought my 900 on Amazon. So i guess they will have a good price for the 920 as well. Uhhh... can hardly wait to get my yellow submarine ;-)
  • +1
  • Why are phones so expensive? Samsung's phone is 500, the same thing as a pmp is 200, their bigger tablet is 400. Samsung has no ecosystem so they are not making money off android app sales.
  • Are they on-contract prices? In Australia the SIII around AU$750 (SII around $500). So it puts it in exactly the same price bracket as the 920.
  • Pmp and tablets are not on contract. S3 is about that price. Point being, those three things have nearly the same innards, minus a sim and cell for the pmp, the tablet bigger screen and battery but still, prices are all over.
  • Ah right, yeah... but they don't have the same innards, as phones have GPS, gyroscopes, proximity sensors, multiple antennas etc.
  • I think they are so expensive due to them being approximately 4 devices(phone, mp3, computer(HP mini) & GPS) in 1 that fits into a persons pockets less skinny jeans;-). Buy all 4 devices separately and price is about right.
  • Again, I'm comparing it to the 199 pmps of Samsung and even Apple, they have cameras. They have GPS. Design might be different, might be older. Maybe that's it? Last push for dollars with old hardware.
  • Old hardware? TF you talking bout? The S4 isn't old
  • A pmp is a personal media player. Like the galaxy player 5.0. Why is that so much cheaper than the cell phone with identical specs?
  • The specs are not identical.  First off, the phone HAS A PHONE INSIDE, while the PMP does not.  
  • A sim card and radio are not that expensive. Those might be subsidized as well.
  • I don't care about prices, I want to know which carriers in the UK are taking them on....!
  • Everything Everywhere the parent company of Orange and T-mobile in the uk
  • I know about them, but what about the major operators like O2, 3 and Voda.....
  • Unless you meant 'other' major carriers I think EE/Orange/tmobile could legitimately be called THE MAJOR operator. Far from the best, most competitive or whatever... but certainly major. I suspect the LTE/4g 920/820 contracts could be tied exclusively to them (?), which is somewhat unfortunate. Im an Orange customer and my contract expiration date is im super keen to see who gets them. I dont have any loyalty to Orange whatsoever, so im keeping my ears to the ground with this too.
  • No surprises really... I expected the 920 to be the same as the 900 which is AU$699
  • So AT&T, TMOBILE, AND VERIZON look to be the ones for us sorry sprint u broke ass cell company lol
  • hmmmm... maybe prices are quite reasonable enough for it's capability and for the innovation.    
    can't wait to experience that "VersaTile UI" by wp8.
    comment from a soon to be "former android user".  ooops! just sayin...
  • seriously no T-mobile in Germany for the 920 ??? ....... one more reason to wait for the padfone 2 announcement
  • So as a grandfathered Verizon customer, IF the L920 comes I should brace myself for a likely $599 price to buy it if I want to keep my plan?
    I'm not Jewish, but ... oy vey ...
  • I wouldn't worry about the phone being that much. Overseas carriers don't subsidize the phone's price as much as they do in the US. If the phone is carrier subsidized, then it's reasonable to expect it to cost around $149.99 to $199.99.
  • I'm probably going to get it contract free but im considering if not to get it on Vodafone here in Greece =) I just have to buy it!
  • So expensive! T_T
  • What's the 820 price
  • WOW, imagine the money you could make here in the U.S. if you had preorder sales setup for the Lumia 920! WTH is wrong with AT&T? Don't they want the early cashflow?
  • What about T-Mobile US?
  • Such a tease. The wait is getting unbearable. Please just announce date and price so we can start working how to get the new phones.
  • $150 for 920
    $99 820
    amazon $99 for 920
    $49 for 820
  • If you are going to guess, label it as a guess.
    And I will say it's a bad guess.  No way the price difference between the subsidized price of a 820 and 920 will only be $50.  My guess is that the difference will be $100-$150 initially, and then the 820 will drop in price to widen the gap to $200 (820 being free, and the 920 at $200 subsidized).
  • i just hope that O2 UK are getting the 920...
    would be nice for some information on the UK, but all providers here are currently bitch fighting each other over 4G bandwidth alocation, so they don't give a shit about customers
    my contract is up in january and if neither the 920 or HTC zenith come to O2, i'm off elsewhere (suppose the 820 might be acceptable if it's using the same screen as the 920) but i want something that won't annoy the hell outta me like my fairly flimsy HD7, which got the best reviews at the time i chose it...and it's the screen that annoyed me most, fingerprints activate the media controls on the screen, and it turns the screen on whenever it feels like it (usually when headphones are plugged in, but not limited to it)
  • In the same boat....
    If O2 don't back WP8 by having 920, I'm on too.... Just a shame EE (Orange) in my area is gash, and probably won't get 4G til 2015.... Here's hoping Three might take it on for unlimited internet, as 500MB is shite!
  • I. Am. Salivating.
  • site does not accept orders and does not sell, it's just a blog with news, please delete this information!
  • Here in Sweden you can pre-order your 920 now. I did it yesterday...a red one. :D Some off them start shipping out til the 16th and some others get theirs the week after to the 22th or 23th.