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Sweden & Belgium get early orders online

Either online stores in Europe are taking advantage of the preorder craze or they know something we don’t about device availability, specifically for Nokia’s new Windows Phone 8 Lumia line.

Such is the case with online Swedish shop Phone House who has the Lumia 920 now listed on their site with a going price of 5799kr with tax and chargers. We’re told by reader elversson that Phone House is normally more pricey than other online retailers so if you have sticker shock, that may be the case (we’re also not sure if prices have been finalized or these are 'guestimates').

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Likewise, the Belgium-based SmartPhoneshop.be has both the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 now listed for €499 and €599, respectively.  In addition, you can do the email/SMS signup to be immediately notified when both devices are available for purchase.

Combined with Phones4U listing both devices and the increasing amount of online preorders, it looks like these new Lumias are destined for a late October release, though that is surely subject to change. Alternatively, you can preorder the Samsung ATIV S if you're in the Netherlands.

Thanks, vixez and elversson, for the links

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