Nokia announces Temple Run 2, CamScanner, Goal Live Scores,, Rail Rush, SophieLensHD for Windows Phone

Nokia continues to unleash the mobile apps this morning in Abu Dhabi, as more titles for Windows Phone have been given the green light.

Those apps include...

  • Temple Run 2 – The popular endless runner game finally makes its way to Windows Phone 8
  • CamScanner – Found on iOS and Android, the app turns your camera into a document scanner, allowing you to manage your receipts, documents and more in the cloud
  • Goal Live Scores – Heralded as the “fastest real-time football scores application available today” and popular on Android, it finally makes its way to Windows Phone
  • – An app that “…allows people to discover other devices that are nearby and share photos & documents”, found on iOS, Android and Windows 8, the unique social app is coming to Windows Phone 8 soon
  • Rail Rush – An exciting game from developers MiniClip, the adventure has you accelerate through “insanely fast rails while tilting and swiping to avoid the obstacles”
  • SophieLensHD – Building off of their popular Windows Phone app SophieLens Pro, SophieLensHD goes further by delivering even more Nokia Camera API support

We’ll try to get hands on with these apps today on the show floor, so stay tuned to Windows Phone Central throughout the day!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • And the Lord said let there be apps!
  • + 2520. :) Now the only missing (not announced are Candy Crush and Subway Surfer...
  • Yes agreed.!!! But may these apps be available for 512mb devices,too....!!
  • Snapchat, all those webapps are popular brands, lots of car company apps, still plenty...
  • Yeah, but which one's are dealbreakers? If I take my daughters word, snapchat is a big one. I don't anyone will make a phone purchase decision based on the availability of a Target app or candy crush. However, the social media apps are pretty important to many people.
  • True..candy crush is awesome.i have to use my brother's droid shit to play both
  • Haha sometimes I enjoy Candy Crush, sometimes I don't. But just like you I have to use my sister's Android phone or tablet to play it haha.
  • Amen Brother.. Amen!!
  • +1
  • Microssiah and NokiLord shall abolish all the evils and bless our unworthy souls with apps. Praise the GODS of technologies!
  • Haha yes, so true
  • Is getting better and better every day.
  • After microsoft crazy updates and apps release. Now Nokia is joining the party and going crazy as well. Go MSFT+NOKIA, FTW
  • Been playing with SophieLensHD for about an hour or so, really nice revamp, especially the news UI, but make sure to grab the FREE filter packs while you can!
  • Is the SophieLensHD already available in the store??? I thought it was "Coming Soon" 
  • How do you get the free filter packs? It says "try" for me...
  • Click try and then press the shutter button and a prompt to "buy" will appear.  The price on the next screen will be "free".
  • Thanks!
  • I need me some Final Fantasy.
  • This so hard
  • Me too :'(
  • Its there, FFI at least
  • Am I the only one who doesn't care about temple run?
  • agreed but it is good to see official apps regardless.
  • Very good point.
  • Yes!
  • This is the internet; you're never the only one.
  • Love you Nokia :)
  • When Temple Run 2? :P
  • I have a camera API request. Apps like flashlights or just photo sharing ones need to stop opening the shutter. It makes me nervous... I don't know why but my phone takes more hits than anything else.
  • Will Rail Rush and Temple Run 2 be available on 512mb of ram??
  • rail rush is already available in the store...ya it works fine in my L620 :)
  • yep! Im playing it now on my 720 cheers! :)
  • Yes it is working on my L720!! cheers!! Playing it right now
  • Vine!
  • Is temple run2 for 512mb ram?
  • When will they release :)
  • As of right now, SophieLensHD and are already in the store!
  • So is rail rush
  • Was expecting Minion Rush really! Hard to play on my laggy ipodtouch4... :(
  • Rail Rush is already available. :-)
  • Where did you get it my friend???common....had it been available they wouldn't have announced it today.
  • Search for it in the Store :-)
  • Yeah its available, downloaded just now too, visinit14 it got to the store today right when Nokia had conference, I hope other apps comes today too like tr2
  • Just downloaded
  • Yeah..downloaded just now.hell its beautiful
  • Oh god oh god...we are big now!!hell,we are massive now!!!!
  • In the words of Flo Rida: "Come on let the good times roll".
  • According to Microsoft's blog, TEMPLE RUN 2 WILL finally BE AN XBOX GAME
  • Link plz?
  • go to MS blogs or Belfiores twitter. I tried adding the link but the Surface isn't cooperating
  • here is the link.. but it is not mentioned Xbox live anywhere
  • Just look at the game logo, mate. ;)
  • Dman, so excited about this! Cant wait for rail rush and temple run 2. Nokia rocks!
  • Rail Rush is available now, search for it in the Store :-)
  • And it doesn't have any achievements or Xbox integration... This sucks if this trend continues with games on Windows Phone.
  • Looks awesome!
  • People who think Nokia's hardware is great but did not buy it because not enough apps, well all I can say is, apps can be added later but your hardware can't.
  • Well said! +1120!
  • I bought my HTC 8x because I wanted something different than ios not really knowing about Nokia Lumias. Therefore some people didn't know that Nokia got most apps and HTC was left in the dust.
  • Temple Run 2 with no achievements? I'll still play it but not for long.
  • Temple Run 2 will be an Xbox title and so you'll have achievements ;)
  • Yay :-)
  • Camscanner, will have to go some to be better than Handyscan which, I been using since the beginning of WP7
  • What about Snapchat ?????
  • Cool looking forward to Temple Run 2. ^^
  • Rail Rush looks awesome! Will it come only to WP8 or also to Win 8 (RT)?
  • Any ideas when will they be actually available on store?
  • I cannot see temple run 2 in store? Is anyone facing this prob?
  • Everyone is facing the same problem because it wasn't released yet.
  • All of them is not right now available, maybe today or tomorrow maybe next weeks but lets hope for today or tommorpw
  • Probably we Will see everything in store. Calm down. :)
  • Thanks for reply
  • All I am missing is some gameloft games like minions etc
  • So how will Temple Run 2 stand against Temple Run OZ. I love OZ!
  • So, still nothing about Path? I suppose that social network isn't that popular, but still, we saw a very gorgeous-looking prototype awhile ago, I wonder what's happening with that... But, hey, there was a ton of new apps announced today, who cares about one of them missing! :)
  • Come on, give us candy crush
  • and rail rush are now available in the store.,
  • I'll be totally piss off if all those games can't run on 512MB lumia devices.
  • I did not able to see temple run2 in stores.....
  • It is not available in any store yet,it is expected by the end of this year. :)  
  • Plzz reply someone...
  • Rail rush isn't available in PH. :(
    Temple Run 2 not out yet.
  • it is! already playing it on my 720
  • Rail Rush? My phone's location is PH so Rail Rush isn't available yet.
  • Philippines? Yep Rail Rush already available, Lumia 720
  • Is it for Lumias only?
  • There's another article on page 1 that states Rail Rush is exclusive to Lumia's for 3 months.
    Correction...its now on page 2 already!
  • Steam mobile app is a must.. at least for me. ;)
  • And where the hell is Minion Rush?? I thought it was coming to WP until the end of the year...
  • here maps also updated today
    -version 3.5.481.8
    What's New?
    organize your favorites into groups, sync them acroos your phone and and have these collections at your fingertips
  • Wow!
  • Here maps got update and thanks to Nokia for the upcoming app
  • And the hits keep coming.
  • Thanks to nokia for rail rush there is no temple run 2 available in stores yet...hoping to be release today or tommorow.....