Nokia begins Windows Phone 7.8 update today and through February for all Lumias

We’ve all been holding our breaths the past few months waiting for older devices running Windows Phone 7.5 to get the modest update to 7.8. Great news for those of you with a Nokia Lumia handset like the 710 or 900 – starting today, the Windows Phone 7.8 update is rolling out to all of you.

It’s been a long time coming, but your Nokia Lumia 510, 610, 710, 800, and 900 have been a little bummed out about missing the double wide Live Tile action newer phones have been getting. Not anymore, you can now look forward to multiple tile sizes, lockscreens, and more theme colors.

When you get the notification on your device to upgrade is of course determined by a few factors, the biggest obstacle of course being the carriers:

“The Windows Phone 7.8 update is now rolling out for Nokia Lumia smartphones through February. Delivery of the update is operator dependent, meaning you will receive a notification in the coming weeks if you have an unlocked phone or if your operator has approved the update. If you don’t receive the update notification within the next three weeks, please contact your operator for more information.”

No word yet for other handsets from OEM’s like HTC or Samsung could it still be a couple hours or something different(although don’t get your hopes up HD7 users)? In the meantime, check our hands on with Windows Phone 7.8 on a Lumia 900 to see what you can expect and look forward to.

Source: Nokia Conversations

  • Just got the update on my Samsung Omnia 7 as well.
    Edit: I'm frm Portugal with an unlocked phone.
  • hey, in which region you are ?
  • I am from Turkey. Some of my friends got the update. They are in Istanbul. I am still waiting with a L800. Nothing happened. 
  • I'm also on an Omnia 7. Even the cable trick doesn't work...
  • I just plugged in the phone to the PC a little past 1800 GMT and got the update prompt.
    Zune software did a couple updates, after about 5-10 minutes I am running 7.8.
  • I also got the update yesterday on Omnia W. No tricks or anything just plugged the phone into Zune.
  • Really?...i didn't get update on my Omnia w yet...m from india
  • foi através do zune? Eu tb tenho um omnia7 desbloqueado e ainda nao detectou a actualização...
  • Video from Nokia
  • Any news from UK carriers? I am on Virgin Mobile with a lumia 610... Still waiting.
  • I'm on Virgin Mobile in the UK too. Been updating my unlocked Lumia 900 for the last 45 mins. Hope you get yours soon mate. I did a soft reset on my phone then launched zune on my pc and connected the device, immediately got the notification to update.
  • East Europe still waiting(Lithuania).
  • Yeah, no update here
  • As ir :)
  • Iš įdomumo pabandžiau ( ir veikia, Lumia 800 step 7 iš 10 atnaujinimą dabar diegia, pirktas iš omnitel. ;)
  • Latvia hasn't update neither... Microsort, please FIX IT!
  • I am receiving update for my HTC HD7! 
  • What carrier, what country??
  • Unlocked. Saudi Arabia
  • There's hope for all hd7 users :)
  • HD7 on O2 (but sim unlocked)... "no updates available"... yet
  • Got the update only after Checking updates in settings
  • Czech republic, Lumia 800 on T-Mobile,just got it :)
  • Guys, give it a little time... it is a global rollout after all, so it might not show up on your device immediately.
  • My L900 still isn't able to get the update. Anybody else having the same issue?
  • I'm on AT&T btw
  • Its coming in waves. Not everybody is going to get it at once. If you can't wait do the disconnect trick.
  • I tried that but it didn't work for me. You're supposed to let it check for a second or two then disconnect and in theory it will say there is an update available right?
  • Seattle, WA - I'm using an unlocked AT&T Lumia 900 running on T-Mobile.  Mine updated about half hour ago.
  • hey dave how did ya get it to work im in seattle also and on tmoble an i have not been able to get the update yet.  i even tryed the so called cable trick
  • Me too!
  • Got notification for update a few minutes past 12pm central. Lumia 900/AT&T Tupelo, MS
  • No love here for Samsung Focus in Picayune, MS
  • yea, no action on our 2 Focii either.
  • And I now have 7.8 on my 900, may switch out sim from 920 for a while so that I may enjoy my music and podcast through Zune, absolutely hate using Xbox music.
  • Can't wait for the cab links to show up on xda forums :)
  • Any HD7S users get the update yet?
  • ^ -- this!!!!
  • The rumor is true! I plugged my 710 and it is updating now (3pm, Brazilian Time)!
  • Not really a rumor if it came directly from Nokia ;)
  • Plugged in, Rogers on Lumia 900 here. Wouldn't detect update... Tried a bunch of times, no luck.
    Then tried the old "disconnect trick" with Zune, ITS WORKING!!!! Already done 2 updates, hopefully 3rd is 7.8.
    First Update (to):
    7.10.8779.8 Second Update (to):
    Third Update (to):
    Instructions here: and will be posting details as I progress!
  • That's awesome news for Rogers users. Thanks for sharing - looking fwd to updating my 900 when I get home
  • Third Update (to):
  • 8858.136 is the final build number??
  • Not sure yet, on the link I provided a screenshot on my page...
    It looks like 8858.136 is infact 7.8, however I'm still performing this upgrade and can't confirm if it is the last update.
  • According to MS update history page, yes, 8858.136 is 7.8.
    Thanks for the tip Stephen, installing first update on my Rogers L900 (unlocked and on SaskTel) using the disconnect trick.  Wasn't available otherwise.
  • i had flashed my lumia 800 with that version through navifirm, that means i dont need to update's the final version
  • No prob!
    Glad to hear it's working for ya :)
  • Instead of 2 seconds I did it at 5 and getting a update now Windows 8 x32 Att Uverse. let you guys know if the Samsung Focus gen 1 get it
  • Great Thanks for the tip, now Zune is doing it's magic can't wait to see the final transformation.
  • L900 updating now, fingers crossed - New York
    Updated with Zune - 33 Mins from Start to finish
  • Did it wipe phone or did apps etc remain
  • Would the Zune unplugging trick work?
  • It's possible. The results may vary depending on device and carrier.
  • It's working, I posted a comment above! Added a link for instructions for those who aren't firmiliar!
  • Just got it on my Sansung Omnia W :)
  • What carrier?
  • I m from India. It is carrier unlocked.
  • which operator, plz tell me, I'm from India too. and did you used any Nokia USB cable for it...??
  • Operator is Idea Cellular. I used original Samsung cable that came with handset.
  • too from update yet....did u get notification?
  • Bouygues Telecom, France, my Lumia 800 is getting updated.
  • From Mexico
    The zune unplug trick... still works???
  • What's this trick about?Can you give more informations please?
  • Its an old trick people used to upgrade from 7.1 to Zune mango update trick
  • Bing* :p
  • I can't get my Lumia 900 (AT&T) to work using the Zune trick... :(
  • Try 5 seconds instead of two and make sure your phone is in airplane mode
  • Both my 900 on ATT got update using trick.
  • What is your OS version after the update? I was only able to get the Nokia update... 7.10 (8783)
  • Fpostrow, you have to do the cable trick 2 times. 2nd time give 7.8
  • Works on mine, Socal AT&T 900.
  • I'll eat my hat on this one. Turns out it was true. The cabs are up at XDA so I'll be updating as soon as I get out of my meeting.
  • My Nokia 900 is getting the update right now.
  • I have a lumia 900 also, and I can't update mine yet. How are you updating yours?
  • Damn, and I'm still waiting for my Portico update
  • My phone is updating (Rogers 710 unlocked & on Fido) after I did the disconnect trick.
    It's going REALLY SLOWLY though.
  • hey i also have a lumia 710 (from Wind though), how long did you wait until u disconnected ur internet? 2 secs or 5? btw did u finish the update?
  • Now it's finished and working fine. I didn't wait very long before disconnecting at all. Maybe a second.
  • no update yet. i have lumia 800 RM-801 VAR IT CV GWHITE 
  • updating my telus lg optimus 7 as we speak
    (in canada btw)
  • same here!
  • What province? Im on Telus in Ontario with a Lumia 800 but nothing least on my phone.
  • still waiting L800 TELUS
  • Did you have to use the cable trick - or it just popped up for you?    I notice they have updated the Nokia 800 support page on the Telus sight but not the LG7 one.
  • My HTC Mozart is updating (I am the lucky one) in Czech Republic. Yes, I don´t need new phone for a while :D
  • Well that give's me hope for my HTC 7 Pro (HTC Arrive) ;-)
  • Meanwhile in South Texas, I've tried the Zune trick (waited 2,3,4,5secs, & immediately) about 20 times with no success, but I have the HTC Arrive on "Spit" on my face, so no surprise there.
  • how about those, who updated with navifirm to 7.8, did someone of you got the official update?
  • Am using it now on my Lumia 900 on Rogers. It is super nice to be able to resize the tiles.
  • Before you resize tiles you don't think it's a big deal...but then you start doing it and the device is completely different.
  • I'm surprised at what a difference it makes...
  • Htc Titan(Ultimate) Updated to 7.8! \o/ 
    Brazil - Vivo
  • Unlocked HTC Titan in Portugal. Received 3 updates, 3rd is the new start screen!
    Here's hoping they patched the wifi to stay on on standby...
  • Sério cara? Eu tava achando que não ia ser atualizado, é verdade MESMO???
    Meu Ultimate também é brasileiro e da Vivo...
  • Lumia 800 anyone? Still nothing
  • i have 800, still nothing...
  • did the zune unplug trick for lumia 800 us unlocked att.  it worked.. had to do a few updates before it..
  • I got it. Unlocked lumia 800, Finland
  • I can't wait to get home from work!!
  • Hd7 on wp7.8
  • what carrier? what country??
  • Got on my omnia w as well :D
  • No notification on AT&T in Austin, Texas
  • No update for omnia w in India :[
  • This was all planned from the beginning.. Now we know why they waited.. Because they are trying to smother the BB10 news. Lol!! Well played Microkia!
  • update available on phone, when i connect, no update!
  • im on my job & cant check for update im gonna cry now
  • 7.8 is installing now on my Rogers 710 on Fido in Canada. The cable trick was required for each of the three updates.
  • L800 Vodafone UK
    I had the first update went through fine. Not getting the next update.
    Using Windows Phone on OS X
  • Same thing here. 800 on Vodafone UK. One update...then nothing. No changes though... Rather odd
  • Also using a L800 with Vodafone UK. Got the first update, then nothing :(
    Tried using the disconnect trick, but had no luck trying after about 2 hours.
  • ATT Lumia 900 is updating with Zune disconnecting trick ^_^
  • Updating my girlfriends lumia 800 now. Unlocked UK. Had to use the old disconnection trick.
  • Does the Zune disconnection trick work on Windows 8? I'm not sure since Zune in Windows 8 can't share the PC's internet connection with the phone, wireless sync is broken and other stuff.
  • Been checking for update for past few hours with no luck, finally tried disconnection trick for about 5 minutes and it is updating now... Windows 8 Ent x64, L900 at&t MA
  • Why yes it does. Just did it myself. Put the phone in airplane mode, check for updates and pull the plug 3 seconds in. After it says you have updates, replug/reconnect and install.
  • "Windows 8 can't share the PC's internet connection with the phone, wireless sync is broken and other stuff."
    That's not true.
  • only got the nokia update atm still waiting for 7.8
  • That's what I got as well. Nokia update which leaves me with 7.10 (8783)
  • trying again did the trick.
  • Lumia 900 no carrier/factory unlocked unit - update ready - Philippines
    Updating Lumia 800 - Telcel México!!!!
  • Great, can't wait to get home for the update
  • Ok so what devices on what carriers r getting it?
  • amyone from phils here? will SMART comm. roll out the 7.8 update? :-/
  • im from philippines, but still no update, keep connecting my phone on zune the whole day, but nothing happens.
  • I already updated mine! Do the unplug thing, it really works! I'm from cavite. Wait for 7 seconds before unplugging. 
  • Unpluging and reconnect has worked, Update completed
    Thanks Nokia
    This is good but I like my friend's Lumia 920 will upgrade soon after the mwc'13 waiting if there is much better flagship phone than L920!!
  • Updating my Nokia Lumia 800 thanks to the cable trick. :-)
  • just got an update for my dvp :D now that is surprising!!!!!!!!!!!
    7.10.8779.8..which update is this? says improvements to app purchases in certain areas and cahnged default email sync times....anyone any idea on this one???? i am sure its not the 7.8 update...
  • That would be the Tango update or officially known as Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh.
  • yup got three updates uptil 7.8 :D...thanks though..
  • Lumia 900. No update. Baku.
  • Still not, can't wait for update...:D
  • UK gets in Feb sometime
  • I am with Three UK, and got the update on my Lumia 900 using the Zune disconnect trick.
  • I've done the disconnect trick, and my wifes L800 (o2 UK) is now on it's 3rd update (the 7.8 update as it did two other updates previously)
  • Just like Microsoft said, ALL Windows Phone 7.xs will get 7.8.
  • not all, i think my htc surround will not receive the update
  • What's the so called cable trick?
    It's working on my Lumia 900 locked ATT, but I had to repeat step 4 and 5 several times before it worked.  The timing seems to be variable and requires some luck.
  • My L800 is currently updating to 7.8 - Philippines
  • still nothing on my nokia lumia 710, im from philippines too.. tell me how did you do it??
  • I have lumia 800, globe locked. your lumia 800, is it unlocked??
  • Will skype run in background in WP 7.8?
  • Can't wait to get home and test cable trick. Champaign, Illinois.
  • What exactly is the Zune unplugging trick? When do I unplug my device?
  • Received the update notice on my Lumia 900 (AT&T). Plugged into my computer and Zune is updating. Lansing, Michigan.
  • Got the update on L710 India
  • Got the update L900 USA AT&T.
    I feel like I just got a 920.  ;)  
    Well sorta.
  • what does it say in settings, about, more info, OS version?
  • 7.10.8858.136
    No trick, it just ran all updates. In Louisiana.
  • I'm now in posession of a Nokia Lumia 900 Brick!
    Lost connection with your device please try again. Problem is it's stuck on the black (connect the phone to the computer) screen.
    Any ideas anyone?
    false alarm. all good now
  • Hi guys M from India n i have just received the 7.8 Upgrade on my Samsung Omnia W phone... 
  • im from india too , west bengal..i cant seem to get the update for my omnia w :(
  • Hey really? Did u get notification or tried some trick...i contacted Samsung n they told it will b available after one month
  • UK Orange / EE user here just did the update trick, switched internet after 4 secs and have received an update. Will let you know if it's the correct one.
  • No update here, what you using? I'm L900
  • L800 first update fixed some bugs? Had to use the disconnection trick again and currently downloading second update.
  • third update downloading using disconnection trick looks like the tile update!! whoooo.
  • Third update provides new tile scheme :-)
  • My Htc Radar c110e (Philippines) now updating too!
  • available in the philippines? but still nothing on my nokia lumia 710. paano mo nagawa yan bro?
  • I know it's just a new Start Screen, but I love it. It's working so well and the different tile sizes really do change the whole device.
  • It seems to be a big bang rollout. According to a Polish website the 7.8 is available for all devices.
        Trophy LG:
        E900 Nokia
        Lumia 610 & Lumia 610 NFC
        Lumia 710
        Lumia 800
        Lumia 900 Samsung:
        Omnia W
        Omnia 7
    So even the LG E900 is getting this update.
  • no arrriveeee?!!!
  • And the Surround!
  • what about the arrive??!!
  • Meanwhile in South Texas, I've tried the Zune trick about 20 times (waited 2secs, 4secs, 5secs, immediately) with no success, but I have the HTC Arrive on "Spit" on my face, so no surprise there.
  • you missed out the dvp...i just got the update..:)
  • No Focus, Focus 2, or Flash
  • still no update on lumia 800/CV IT
  • Got the update notify on 3 Sweden, Nokia Lumia 800!
    I have Mac and it really sux because if the battery is lower than 30% even if I charge it..
    F*ck OS X, im going Windows next time!
  • After exact 1 year after I bought it! Still love it like the first day!
  • any news about T-Mobile USA? done the cable trick and airplaine mode trick many many times , says softwate up2date.
  • Yea Same Here.
  • Guys I updated my lumia 800 to wp 7.8 unofficialy. At first my carrier was o2 but now its Norway SD variantid. Can someone tell me how to return to normal and get the official update?
  • i think you have to factory reset your phone? not really sure if rom resets back to factory.
  • you have to reinstall your old tango rom and check for the update
  • Success on my L610 using the cable technique!^^ first was a reinstallation of mango update, then the much awaited 7.8 update. I did the technique several times until i finally got the updates. I waited 7seconds before pulling the plug. I'm from the PHILIPPINES. thanks for those who shared and thanks Microsoft!
  • AT&T Lumia 900. I just check and said phone is up to date. So I used the Zune trick and it worked!
    First update is for some camera and other Windows Phone improvemnets according to update description. (7.10.8783.12)
    Second update is the actual Windows Phone 7.8 Update. You need to repeat the Zune trick for this update again. (7.10.8858.136)
    Here is instruction to follow:
    1- Turn off cellular data, and Wifi on your Lumia 900.
    2- Connect to Zune, check for updates. It won’t detect one.
    3- Change to a different tab other than update in the settings.
    4- Disconnect phone, then reconnect it.
    5- Now, get ready. You will need to hit the “Update” button and unplug the network cable from your computer exactly 2 seconds (or for some 5 seconds) after hitting this button. It will present an update is available!
    6- Reconnect internet, then hit Update!
    7- Now update!
    Enjoy your Windows Phone 7.8 device.
    Thanks Microsoft! :)
  • Really disconnecting magic work IN LITHUANIA TOO. LUMIA 800. HELL YEAH
  • I was dissapointed that the update wasn't available when I tried it originally, but I found your post and the process worked beautifully.  7.8 on Lumia 900 ATT.
  • Yes sir yes sir
  • Got the 7.8 update on my Quantum :3 (had to use cab sender method, though)
  • Updating my omnia w on HR VIP vodafone, it works with cable trick
  • Looking forward to the update! I have to say that I really do love my Lumia 900, and while nice, I haven't really been tempted by the 920. Granted, I know my personal usage pretty well, so the real perks of the 920 aren't major factors for me. Maybe when they get Lumia with their ov