Nokia buys Smarterphone mobile OS

It wasn't enough for Nokia to just deny rumors that Microsoft would buy them, they had to go out and buy a company of their own.  Ferd Capital confirms that they have sold Smarterphone, a Norwegian company that makes a mobile operating system of the same name, to Nokia.  Smarterphone is designed for "feature phones," those devices that are more basic than smartphones, but want to appear to be more feature-rich than your run-of-the-mill flip phone. 

This is a rather unexpected turn of events, one which leaves many of us scratching our heads.  Since Nokia decided to adopt Windows Phone as their operating system of choice back in February, their former OS, Symbian was relegated to emerging markets and lower-end devices.  So why would Nokia need a lower-lower-end operating system?  Have they landed some sort of patents in deal?  Will having Smarterphone somehow help them bring WP7 into previously untapped markets? 

Your guess is as good as ours. 

Source: Ferd Capital; Via: CNET

Seth Brodeur