Nokia Champagne - New Windows Phone device name found running Tango OS

We've had good luck with the stats from the app "I'm a WP7!" which often reveal new device names--some are carrier re-brands, like the HTC Ultimate (aka Titan) while others are completely separate like the Nokia 710 and 800 series.

Now we caught a glimpse of a new one: the Nokia "Champagne"

This is the first we've heard of this device and it was first "seen" on October 25th. Other than that, not much is known but usually once we find a thread and we start pulling, more information comes forward. This could be the Lumia branded for another country or it could be a completely new device--either option is plausible, but obviously a bit of us is hoping for the latter.  Stay tuned...

Update: And it is running OS  7.10.8711 making this a Tango phone. (Tango-builds are thought to start at 8200 and higher)

Thanks, Scott, for the info!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Probably the Lumia 800, as in "Break out the champagne, it will be out on schedule!" LMAO
  • lol but it wont be -___-
  • Looks like it could be the rumored Lumia 800 with LTE support that slashgear, engadget, the verge and so on has reported today
  • Cheers everyone!
  • Is this really the device name that they're tracing here, or is it the user assigned name for the device? e.g. The one set up after connecting to the Zune Software for the first time.
  • Comes from the firmware. This info has been very accurate so far.If this was modified, we would see eveyrone's "personal" name in the manifest, which we have the full version of. Going further, we can get the OS info as noted above.
  • So this is not the DeviceName property that is returned from DeviceExtendedProperties? I don't know of any other way to query for the Device Name (aside from calling a native method) which can be changed by the user. 99% of user's don't change it (I know this from my own logging) but IDK, somebody in the 1% could have named their phone "Champagne" if they changed the default.
  • I love WP and I love wpc. What i don't love is ATT always getting both the icing and the cake. Not everyone is on ATT! How are those customers not on ATT suppose to get their hands on these great wp phones? Ok look at Android. They're on every carrier, same phone different variants like GS2. Now look at Wp, nothing like that! Its like one carrier will get the cheesy, another will get one, another just two, and ATT gets all. What is the answer to this BS. Are customers to keep switching carriers to get what they want? How is MS gonna beat Google playing this game this carrier gets one, that gets two, ATT gets all and the best? Keep this up and i may have to switch to android! Help us out Wpc! Spread rumors and complaints regarding this ****
  • ATT is trying to do the same thing Verizon did with Android - promote the **** out of it!! The problem is, ATT lacks in the "promoting" area of business. There's not a lot of advertising around. But I'm glad ATT wants to lead the pack with WP7. Verizon doesn't seem to be that interested in Windows... neither is Sprint for that matter.
  • i agree, its not like MS forced ATT to get all the phones and not give them to other carriers, so far most other north american companies have not been supporting wp7 very much, we should be glad ATT actually tries more than others
  • Too bad...Verizon is in bed with Android & they really don't care for other Os's anyway. That includes iPhone I think They sell a lot of iPhones because it sells itself. Do you see a lot of marketing of iPhone from Verizon? I don' there you have it. It's an arrogant carrier. Sprint...they don't know what the **** they are doing..less said the better.
  • It's not that ATT just gets all the fun; when you look at what Microsoft is trying to accomplish, ATT is really the only option. They need to work on global phone production. Verizon/Sprint will not allow them to do this because the rest of the world does not use CDMA. It's much easier for Microsoft to get mass product out to all their markets by making GSM with HSPA+ phones standard. Once the brand becomes much bigger you will start seeing the carrier branded clones in the US (like GS II variants).
  • I do see marketing of the iPhone from Verizon actually. Just yesterday one of the normal iPhone commercials ended with the Verizon logo. If an iPhone commercial doesn't mention simultaneous talk and data usage, it either is from or includes Verizon.
  • I third this. WTF T-Mobile? Where's are high end WP7.5 device??
  • Most phone manufacturers really have no choice. Verizon & Sprint use CDMA, which has been phased out in most of the western world. AT&T is a GSM carrier. GSM is the same standard used by most countries, therefore they can provide better devices faster than the other carriers. Completely different models have to be produced to make a phone CDMA-compliant.
  • Exactly and I blame the customers who are still on CDMA networks!We have a working market in Europe and I think a part of why it works is, because every carrier uses GSM.
  • The reason that ATT gets so many of the WP devices is that ATT wants them in their stable of devices. They are willing to pony up the dough! If you want your carrier to get WP devices you need to along with numbers of your feloow users of whatever carrier you are with the to tell your carrier we want you to get WP devices and we will buy them if you offer them. Otherwise your carrier will not be interested in jumping on WP in a big way Thats why Sprint and VZN have not jumped on board in a big way and ATT has. WithNokia on board now I suspect that carrier interest in the US and Canada will incraese. Its strating to get a great deal of traction in Europe and Asis so things are looking up.
  • Hopefully is the larger screen'd Nokia ACE.
  • Wasn't there a Lumia 900 rumoured to be bubbling under the surface?? Would be nice to see that come to life for the U.S. launch...
  • On something other than AT&T..........
  • LOL - I was actually going to add CDMA to my wishful thinking, but I know I'm off in the WP7 Leper colony... at least the Arrive is a great phone in its own right.
  • I'm at Sprint but as soon as I can, I'm headed to Windows Phone Mecca, aka AT&T.
  • Excellent name I deduce. What better name to christen your new flagship? Champagne.
  • Hopefully it's the Nokia Champagne for T-Mobile.
  • T-Mobile? Aw, hayell to the naw!
  • I much rather see the Titian come to T-MO so I can trade in my HD7
  • Could be the 801? Nokia's new naming convention could see an 800 with a slight upgrade (FFC? Band increase? NFC?).A larger screened phone would be nice - it seems a shame that Nokia Maps, possibly the best map app available, sits on a less than optimal screen!Make it a very hard choice between the Titan and 800 (or waiting, more, I guess?)
  • I have a couple hits from 8330 on one of my apps.EDIT: They came from a Mazaa.
  • man cant we run a petition to remove at least some sense of power from the carriers we are the users dagnabit :D we pay we should get what we want whats up with that man i want a titan on tmo but not a 2g titan i want a 4g titan or even a 3g titan idc as long as its a titan on my carrier ms and the oems let the retarded carriers sell their phones and thats whats creating a monopoly cuz who gets everything and who gets nothing thats a problem that needs to be fixed how can there be friendly competition when everything is practically thrown at the big guys anyways and the little guys are practically brain dead and dont get a piece of the pie....
  • vote with your wallet speak with your voice and your wallet if enough customers say we want me a cdma wp device and are willing to pay for ity Sprint and VZN will scratch your itch. VZN did have a team at Nokia World so NZN may very well be jumping on the Nokia WP bandwagon.