Nokia "Coffee Bar Takedown" in South Africa [Video]

Episode two of the South Africa Nokia "The Amazing Everyday" is now available to view, which shows the handset maker taking over a coffee establishment (Truth Coffee Bar) in Cape Town. Customers receive orders (for free) with personalised Lumia touches. Really neat, and follows on from episode one nicely.

Source: YouTube, via: Unleashthephones

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Very cool
  • I hope to see some vids in a few weeks of Nokia Canada gets up to when the 800 launches. Hopefully some West Coast love.
  • I hope they make a load of advertising in America with deadmau5 or eminem lol someone everybody likes so that we can be the next big thing
  • I wanna hear people say I can't wait to see the next Nokia phone instead of iPhone
  • I can't wait to see what Nokia has to beat Titan and Galaxy focus S down. I'm on Titan now i just which it could be Nokia.
  • Awesome man!!! You have implemented a very graceful ideas. skin mole removal
  • whoa!!!  This is really really great...
  • Amazing!!! great way to wake people up and good ideam from Nokia. I wonder if there is any specific app for this in Lumina.