Nokia’s photo editing app Creative Studio gets a minor update today

It was back in July when Nokia last patched their popular Creative Studio app for Lumia owners. At the time there was no changelog, which means whatever was fixed was probably very minor. Today’s update bumps the app to version doesn’t bring any new features, but at least it details what’s new.

According to Nokia, version addresses the following:

  • General stability improvements and storage related enhancements

We haven’t had too many issues related to stability, but the “storage related enhancements” sounds like the app previously wasn’t managing memory quite as well as it should have been.

If you haven’t used Creative Studio yet, you really should. Of all the photo editing apps out there, Lumia owners have one of the most interesting. Whether it is the selective “color pop”, the ability to add tilt-shift, apply a nice set of filters or just general cropping and tweaking, this app is a blast to use.

Pick up version of Creative Studio here in the Nokia Collection. Thanks, Froi F. and Joel, for the tip

QR: Creative Studio

Daniel Rubino

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  • C'mon, you use Pinterest? lol
  • No but we need apps so ppl can stop complaining.
  • ...or YOU could just stop complaining.
  • or they can just release the apps.
  • Not many people use Pinterest :P But I miss Flipboard.
  • Im not completely sure, but im sure pinterest is one of the largest app communities of all the major apps surely? :P
  • Indeed.
  • Windows phone won't get invited ever..i suppose!!
  • We never get invited to the cool kids party!
  • WP is for mature audience :)
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  • Flipboard was cool... looking forward to that.
  • Use Pinsation ;)
  • don't forget vine and path.  I really want Path.
  • Path is on its way, and I am willing to bet it will get announced very soon, or at the latest, when the Lumia phablet gets shown in October ;) and as for Vine... dude WP has one of the smoothest Vine apps. And I know cause I've compared the official one from my Evo LTE to the one of my Lumia 925. Look up 6Sec on the store.
  • I know we do, but still, when the official one show up it'll be good.  I use all the third party stuff, and I'm grateful for the devs, but I want first party apps too. there will always be a market for third party stuff.  Path has been dragging their feet, but at least they say 'it'll hapen soon' on twitter.
  • Who needs Vine when we have 6sec?
  • I do.
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  • LOGO Changed
  • It's also called "Nokia Creative Studio" instead of just "Creative Studio."
  • Picked the wrong time to make that change, I think. :)
  • Good one!
  • Not all of Nokia was bought ;) Well, unless the hardware division also makes the apps
  • Yes, icon has now violet background matching other nokia apps.. And name changed to 'Nokia Creative Studio'
  • Pinterest? Lol what the hell is that?
  • Some site for Suzy homemakers.
  • Aw. We need a blur tool improvement, add undo button :(
  • I agree. Not a deal breaker though. If it is there, it would be awesome
  • I just wanna know they did that blur shot in that screen shot!?!? I've never been able to get that close!!
  • Minor logo changes to
  • Yeah plus the added Nokia label so it begins with Nokia
  • My favorite photo editing app. Without this, my weekend trips would be less magical. Thanks for the update info wpcentral.
  • Nw CN use the share option after making changes in the pic.
  • Collage is now fixed and doesn't crash instead of giving save option.
  • I feel that using this app lately has made by photos much softer after i adjust the clarity slider to the "more clear" side. Could just be my handset, but man I love this app and its been rendered nearly useless by this.
  • I have to say that the Nokia Creative Studio is one of my favorite apps since buying my phone. Still new to the Windows Phone, but loving it so far. They can keep rolling out updates on this fancy tool. 
  • The icon changed
  • And what about Creative Studio for WP7.x?
    Is Nokia not supporting their WP 7.x apps anymore?
  • Each time I try to upload and edit a photo from my album, it keeps saying "unsupported file format" which is weird because they are screenshots taken from the phone itself. Does anyone else have this issue..?