Nokia expanding its Music service to new markets and hardware

Nokia music is expanding. The service is launching in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, following the recent release in Indonesia. That's not all as Nokia is also taking its music service to new hardware. We're not talking about phones or handheld devices, but vehicles. The company is pushing hard for market penetration, as well as setting out on new ventures.

Nokia Entertainments VP, Jyrki Rosenburg explained that the above countries are important markets, "and with Indonesia it’s quite a significant expansion in the south-east Asia Pacific region for us. We definitely feel that we have a strong time-to-market advantage here: an out-of-the-box click-to-play music service that’s free with no ads or registration." The launches include the premium Nokia Music+ service.

The reason for the expansion into Asia is to grab the market and establish itself in markets where rivals, including Pandora and iTunes, have yet to launch. 

"We have recognised the importance of music for consumers in these markets. South Africa is another example where we’ve been there for several years already, and some of the major players are not there. Places like China and India are very important for us, and we’ve made great progress there. And now we have the music service for our Asha range of devices in Russia too."

HERE Connected Driving

Drop the beat... in your car

Nokia already has an interest in vehicles with HERE Auto, working with car manufacturers to provide improved services and navigation experiences to drivers. Music is also a fairly important part of driving for many (especially on those long, tedious journeys) and so Nokia will be looking to add its mixes with the radio-like experience. Who wants to dig through playlists anyway?

"You want to click play and hope to get a mix that fits your personality, taste, profile and possibly your mood and the context you’re in, like the Monday-morning rush hour. We have made our service even more simple for cars – the tiles are bigger and there’s less choices to make – but when you give less choices, that’s when the requirement for personalisation increases. 90% of people just want to just click ‘play’ and get a great mix of music that they love."

If you're a fan of what Nokia is doing with automobiles, be sure to keep an eye out for more progress on its music service.

Source: Musically

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  • I know, right? All music and video services are ignoring us. I can't even pay for XBL gold and we've been in the EU for almost TEN YEARS (Slovenia). It beyond ridiculous.
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  • Tell me about it... :( It's exactly the same in Croatia. I was so happy when my country joined the EU, thinking all of these great services will finally become available soon... When I saw the headline I was so happy, again, thinking Nokia is moving to cover the whole of Europe. I mean, I'm happy for the people of Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam but still... :(
  • When they gonna launch music+ services in India. I don't mind to pay some price for quality. 32kbps sucks! :/
  • @dvasudreddy - I use Nokia Music app on my PC to download songs for free (Unlimited plan for 1 year free with my L920). You too can try that.
  • My music apps include Nokia music and as for me all I want to do is click and play!
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  • You can install nokia music in philippine region, but with a few hacks. Just change your language+region (United States for example)  on your settings and tap restart. After reboot, go to store and look for nokia music. You should see the install option at the bottom. After you have installed it, change your region to philippines and restart your phone. Works on my lumia 720.
  • I forgot to mention that you need also to change your timezone to any US states, like Arizona. Just go to settings --> date+time.
  • Unfortunately (and understably), still no Philippines. And we used to be Nokia country.... 
  • we still are
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