Nokia explains the design and materials utilised in the Lumia 1020

Nokia has been pumping out information about its latest flagship Windows Phone that will be launching in multiple markets this year. The Lumia 1020 brings to the table the smartphone optics consumers have been calling for since the 808 PureView was released. But it's not just the camera that impressed us, we're also huge fans of the matt usage for the overall design instead of glossy.

Available in black, yellow and white, Nokia explains why the company went for a limited number of coloured variants, as well as the matt finishes and more. The yellow Lumia 1020 is the unique cookie in the jar, which will appeal to those who wish to have a more energetic representation of themselves, as opposed to the usual black and white design. This has been an important design choice for Nokia since the original Lumia 800 back in 2011.

Not leaving polycarbonate

It's interesting to see how many fans the Lumia 925 has accumulated for its unique metallic design, but this Windows Phone wasn't to hint at Nokia leaving behind a polycarbonate legacy. The Lumia 1020 further builds on the familiar shell we've come to know and love in the Lumia family of Windows Phones.

Touted as a "real Nokia signature," the single piece polycarbonate has numerous elements that make it nothing short of special when used for smartphones. The most notable highlight of the production process is that the colouring runs through the material and isn't simply an applied layer. This helps protect the design from scruff marks and dents.

Lumia 1020

Metal for camera and keys

While it's noted above that there's no metal utilised for the shell of the Lumia 1020, the camera detail is made out of aluminium, sporting a black matt finish (regardless of colour choice). The metal was chosen for durability and quality. As well as the camera detail, the keys for power, volume and camera control are also made from aluminium, providing a premium feel when the smartphone is in use.

If you're interested, head on over to the Nokia blog to read the full article.

Source: Nokia Conversations

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