Richard Kerris

If you’re a developer on Windows Phone, there’s probably a good chance you’ve heard of Richard Kerris, the Global Head of Developer Relations at Nokia. He’s the guy that oversaw some of those great outreach programs to help woo devs to Windows Phones and if it’s one thing we can agree on, Nokia has been largely successful here.

Even though he was only with the job for a year and a half (he previously came from the Palm/HP fallout), Kerris is evidently ready to move on. According to All Things D, Kerris will be starting up a consulting company to help developers get their apps noticed and to solidify business plans for their success.

Kerris previously worked at Apple too and when you combine his multi-platform experience and familiarity, you can understand how he would see opportunity beyond just pitching Windows Phone. Still, like all loss of talent, it is a loss for the company though we’re sure Nokia will step up with a suitable replacement.

Kerris is leaving on good grounds with Nokia and will continue to consult with them.

Source: All Things D