Nokia’s Global Head of Developer Relations leaving to start consulting company

If you’re a developer on Windows Phone, there’s probably a good chance you’ve heard of Richard Kerris, the Global Head of Developer Relations at Nokia. He’s the guy that oversaw some of those great outreach programs to help woo devs to Windows Phones and if it’s one thing we can agree on, Nokia has been largely successful here.

Even though he was only with the job for a year and a half (he previously came from the Palm/HP fallout), Kerris is evidently ready to move on. According to All Things D, Kerris will be starting up a consulting company to help developers get their apps noticed and to solidify business plans for their success.

Kerris previously worked at Apple too and when you combine his multi-platform experience and familiarity, you can understand how he would see opportunity beyond just pitching Windows Phone. Still, like all loss of talent, it is a loss for the company though we’re sure Nokia will step up with a suitable replacement.

Kerris is leaving on good grounds with Nokia and will continue to consult with them.

Source: All Things D

Daniel Rubino

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  • He will be missed.
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  • too bad
  • I'm not surprised, he posted a Vine video yesterday on Twitter...
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  • Seriously? Like a child wanting a cookie
  • Dude, you got cookies?
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  • Dude. You're hilarious! Haha. Love it. It reminds me of the meeting on South Park where the kids were promised punch and pie. I think from now on when someone inserts their whiny Instagram cries into an unrelated post, I'm simply responding with: COOKIES!!
  • At this point I hope instagram dies a fiery death
  • But we're still getting cookies, right?
  • Yes, there will be cookies
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  • Oatmeal with toffee chips or I'm going back to Android.
  • Too bad. Last summer he said: “People will be climbing over themselves” for the new Nokia products (meaning Spring 2013). This was based on seeing the prototypes at Nokia. Hopefully this is still the case ;)
  • damn it feels like a death in the family everytime we lose vital people to windows phone.
  • Bad news
  • It's unfortunate to see him go, but I wish him luck. He was always a good person to have around in the webOS days too.
  • +1
  • NOKIA!
  • I just hope this isn't anothe Brandon Watson with Nokia.  Remember when he left the WP team for Amazon?  Developer relations at MS with the WP Team aren't stellar by any stretch of the definition.
  • I could be wrong, but I think Brandon Watson was a little more hands on and active than Kerris. Especially when it came to Indie devs. Not to say that losing Kerris is a small thing. I'm sure he'll be missed. Someone new will have to step in and hopefully will be able to do a great job. But Watson was so proactive and approachable for the little guy. That was a bigger loss.
  • Obviously the guy can do whatever he wants, but it always irks me when these guys jump ship after a brief tenure. It's like that high up in management all you need is a title on your resume. No need for long term experience, or evidence that your strategies were even effective. It does sound like he's had a fair bit of experience. Nevertheless, having been on the job only a year and a half he was just settling into a groove before he started looking at doing his own thing. It's not like these opportunities materialize over night. If I were management I'd be upset about this. Granted Nokia has been doing a good job, whether it's thanks to Kerris or the people working under him we have no real way of knowing. Often times these guys merely set the tone, it's the people down in the trenches doing the work without the widespread recognition.
  • As long as the guy stays consulting with Nokia, he still going to do stuff for them and others. One of the reasons with MSFT Dev kit, if your going to make one for droid or apple, make one for us. Hell going from 20K to 150K Apps, while blackberry only has 70K apps. Is dang good in how much time MSFT has done it in. Even if we don't have Instagram, which i could give a crap, less, I showed my friend photobeamer and he about crapped himself, what we thought, why don't they do that with Power point, Great way for a seller to have his whole power point on his phone.