Nokia India sends out media invites for their 'BIG' day; Lumia 1320 and 1520 to launch

If you’ve been waiting to buy Nokia Lumia 1320 and Nokia Lumia 1520 in India this holiday season, don’t worry; Santa’s got your back. In media invites sent out today, Nokia India claims December 16, 2013 as the "BIG" day for them.

Nokia India

While the invite does not share any specific details, we expect Nokia India to launch the two phablets announced at the Nokia World 2013 in Abu Dhabi a couple of months back. The two phablets were the company’s first mobile devices to feature 6-inch displays, and hence the hint in the invite.

Don’t raise your hopes for Nokia Lumia 2520, Nokia’s maiden tablet, though. It’s not expected to come anytime soon to India. Incidentally, yesterday, Nokia Lumia 1520 was listed on Flipkart, India’s leading online retailer, as ‘Coming Soon’ with no price mentioned. Strangely though, the Nokia Lumia 1320 is missing.

We'll be there at the Nokia India’s press event, and will bring you the specifics on pricing, availability, and everything else.

  • A local tech site has mentioned that only one device will be launched on that day.. So it was lumia 1520 and we have to wait for 1320
  • Highly acceptable as the 1320 hasn't launched anywhere yet for sale. So no chance of it coming to India first!
  • Yeah, the Flipkart listing also has kept us wondering.
  • Any news if 1520 is gonna come to Canada?
  • Where will this event take place ?? Any specified location ?
  • Its in new delhi..
  • Can we have more info regarding place of launch!
  • What's the venue??? New Delhi?
  • Yup..
  • The launch event is in New Delhi.
  • Elop looks like he's about to launch in that picture
  • I've interned with Nokia, both devices will be showcased, with just one to be launched
  • <p>BIGGEST NEWS EVER!!</p> <p><a href=" <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><a href="
  • When I went to a Nokia Priority last weekend, I saw the store guy having the 1520. When I enquired about availability and price, he said that it will be launched around 15th and priced between INR 45,000 to INR 55,000.
  • My sources informed that L1520 will be priced around 43k-45k.. and the date is correct. Nokia Priority is getting the devices by 15th.
  • Around 45k for this beast would be an absolte steal!
  • I agree.. I hope that he is right.
  • 45k is an awesome price
  • The 1520 has not yet been launched in Manila but a local store is already selling it for 29K Pesos, the equivalent of 41K INR or U.S$665.
  • really?where is this store?
  • At 45K, it is DOA. Who in his right mind will buy this instead of a Note 3??  Make it 30K, they may sell a few units to normal people other than fanboys. 
  • 30K? Not sure if trolling or serious. The 1520 has the same processor as the Note 3, arguably a slightly better display, a better battery, wireless charging and a camera that can beat any of the crap that SamDung can put out. Not to mention that the 1520 actually feels like a premium device unlike the plastic infested Note 3. What exactly does the Note 3 offer that the 1520 doesn't? A stylus (LOL)?
  • Let's make a list.. shall we? - Wacom dual digitizer using EMR technology.-- you know the very best in the world. How would you know anyway?
    - 3GB of RAM.
    - What apps for that 6-inch screen? Nothing to make use of the large screen. Can you multitask like a multi-window in Note 3?
    - 4K recording
    - Removable battery
    - Barometer
    - Temperature and humidity sensor
    - 60 fps FHD recording
    - 120 fps slow motion HD video
    - H.265/HEVC codec support
    - FLAC support
    - 24-bit audio
    - USB-OTG
    - Ability to connect game controllers like PS3 controller. And, not to forget, it has apps. Do you even have youtube??
  • Oooohhh nice list. Let's make a list of things that the 1520 has that the Note 3 doesn't shall we? - Wireless Charging - 20 MP Camera - OIS - Assertive Display - Complete offline maps worldwide - 3400 mh battery - Nokia Camera with complete manual controls - RAW image support See? It goes both ways. Both devices deliver different experiences and it really depends on what a user is looking for in a phone. But I wouldn't expect you to understand that since your're clearly enjoying removing your battery all the time and playing with a PS3 controller on a 5.7 inch screen. Oh and YouTube? Enjoy your pure Google YouTube experience with a bucketload of ads and I'll be right here enjoying watching videos on MetroTube without any of that added garbage. And good luck with all your apps on Lagdroid, cause it certainly needs that 3GB of RAM ... lol
  • You are not entitled to talk about apps. WP users shouldn't talk about apps. Your marketplace is a zombie ghost town. Everybody knows that.  BTW, *native* youtube doesn't show me ads. It doesn't show me any ads on N4 nor on GN3. If you're ignorant, don't expect other people also to be like you. Go back to school, if you don't know something.  GN3 has a 3200 mAh battery. Not too shabby, ain't it?? BTW, it's "mAh", not mh. milli-amp-hour.  You have 2GB of RAM. I think that's overkill for you. you have nothing to do with that. you should be fine with 256MB of ram. there's nothing in WP to even use 256MB. Wasn't it the great Bill Gates who once said "640K is more memory than anyone will ever need". Well, he is absolutely right. There's is nothing in WP that needs more memory.  Bing! let's not talk about that. Only thing you can expect to find in that is SPAM and porn. Other than that, it's a complete failure. No wonder MS loses 1B every quarter for that. The name itself sucks.  Apart from offline option, there's nothing in Here maps against Google maps. Google map also have offline otion, just not as good as Here. But, the UI and design of Here is pathetic. It sucks big time. Once you look at how google map is designed, Here looks like a 3rd grade option. Should I talk about POI in Here maps? POI is so bad that, you better not talk about it.  Only one device delivers. The other is a complete POS. Only fanboys with irrtational views will get 1520. This is exactly the reason why Nokia had to sell itself to MS, whereas Samsung makes more money every Q than the price of Nokia. Samsung made more money last Q than what Nokia sold itself for.  BTW, if I ever need to shoot RAW, I will not do that on a puny 1/2.5-inch sensor. When I do, I do that on my FF A99.
  • It seems as though one of the only people around here with "irratrational" (it's irrational, by the way) views is a crazed, ego-maniac, none other than the individual who does not belong. Instead of conceding to certain points, you opted to glaze over the valid arguments with weak counterpoints. Which apps precisely do you believe that Windows Phone users are lacking? Quality apps? Surely, this cannot be. Quantity? Why of course. Fortunately, Android has hundreds of thousands of tombstoned applications that you will most likely find fascinating to use for yourself, right? Or perhaps we are missing the dozens of applications that you use daily, of which you several must be dealt with by force closing or restarting because of crashes and laggy, lackluster performance? No, you're right. We are missing those apps. YouTube is a sore subject for Windows Phone users. Google has forced Microsoft's hand by eliminating their developer license as a result of putting out an app that eclipsed the official Android and iOS apps by a long shot. Because Google had long insisted that there was no reason to develop for Windows Phone because there was not a significant user base worth developing for. Because Google refused to develop a quality app and not permit Microsoft to offer much more than a web-wrapper for YouTube, Microsoft published an app that Google ordered an immediate C&D on. One of the cited reasons that Google revoked Microsoft’s dev license is because Microsoft didn’t develop the app using only HTML5 (a feat Google has yet to accomplish in its official iOS or Android apps and gave up on long ago). But I’m sure you knew all of this, as educated as you claim to be. Furthermore, the Note 3 DOES have a larger battery at 3400mAh AND an UNQUESTIONABLY superior screen in terms of outdoor readability, color accuracy, and degree of viewing (compared to the blown out, oversaturated display of the Note 3). Your argument defending the Note 3’s inclusion of 3GB as a benefit and necessity as opposed to the ‘overkill’ 2GB for the 1520 actually helps the argument for Windows Phone. You put yourself into that one. On Bing, seriously? Is that even an argument? It seems like FUD to me. I’d like you to find me an objective report where real-world who are productive with their lives supporting that argument. Bing, by the way, powers Facebook Search, Siri’s search results (no longer Google), and Yahoo (yes, tens of millions of people still use Yahoo). As a long time Google fan, I hardly ever find myself returning to Google having gone over to Bing almost exclusively for search results. The results are equally as good, often better than Google’s, in my experience, particularly in terms of images and other multimedia (with Bing’s integrated video preview). Your argument against HERE is weak. Offline is a killer feature, although it is nice of you to downplay that so quickly. UI and design, I’ll concede that it is not as visually appealing as Google Maps. Whoa! Imagine that! But do you know what? Some people prefer to have a visually toned down navigation app. But I’m sure you’re aware that even Google Maps and HERE Maps/Drive don’t work for everyone either? What can those people do? I don’t know… perhaps download a different navigation software, such as the free, multiplatform Social GPS Waze, MapQuest, CoPilot GPS, GPS Voice Navigation, Scout GPS Maps, Maps+ (uses Google Maps POI libraries), Navigation, Garmin StreetPilot, Destination Manager, DriveOn, Wisepilot, among many others? So your argument against Windows Phone on the basis of a single GPS application is null. There are numerous alternatives, many free, and some that offer the same Google Maps POI libraries. Now, Nokia selling itself to Microsoft? That’s a hyperbolic statement if I’ve ever seen one. Take a minute to digest the real news before spewing FUD on the internet and going about ignorant ways. Nokia sold rights to its Devices division to Microsoft. No, Nokia is not owned by Microsoft. The Lumia trademark and associated patents will belong to Microsoft, however, the rest of Nokia operates, business as usual. Furthermore, this deal is beneficial to Nokia as a company because its core services division (i.e. HERE) will make huge royalties from Microsoft as a result and Nokia as a company will pay significantly less in royalties to Microsoft than they would sans-device-division merger, effectively making the Nokia-Microsoft relationship more profitable than it already is currently. As a general rule of thumb, the belief that quantity trumps quality is a sad one indeed – highly myopic and misled. Your final point downplaying of the RAW capability of the 1520 further demonstrates your inability to fight an effective argument. Just as you may not see the use of RAW on a small sensor camera-phone, many others may and do. I’m done here. Change, don’t change. It’s your prerogative. I don’t enjoy long winded replies, but you cannot come into an argument, bash your way through barbarically and not expect a proper reply, whether you like it or not. Windows Phone fans are a community of individuals who have open minds and like to base their opinion based off of experience and fact, not exhausted rhetoric and FUD. I suggest you do the same in your own life, so that you don’t find yourself here again in the future, trolling on the internet, defending a corporate entity (Google) whose OS’s billions in device royalties actually go to the very company you so baselessly have an undying animosity toward (Microsoft).
  • I guess Daniel didn't get my email about Lumia 1520 launch in Kuwait.
  • 1320 isn't even listed for India.. So a very low chance of it being coming.
  • Actually 1320 will be more successful here than 1520
  • Im so desperate to buy it..
  • Can we attend the event? If so, how?
  • Local tech gurus rarely compare lumias with android devices and iphones due to low hardware (which is always seen here -_- whether it matters or not) The story won't be the same now. Eagerly waiting...
  • I am waiting
  • What will be the prices in India for 1520 ?
  • Can wait to get my hands on this one, if it feels good aka the size i will certainly replace my ageing Lumia 800.
  • I was really hoping this would release as I am here in India and wanted to pick one up. Does anyone know if the India 1520 will work with T-Mobile in the US?
  • Where is my 1320