While the Nokia Lumia 1020’s design is one of their most solid yet, with a smooth, matte polycarbonate shell, there’s still the off chance you may drop and ding up your 41MP camera phone. Luckily for you there may be a way out, assuming you have some technical savvy.

On eBay, a seller has posted for sale the Lumia 1020 body/shell for replacement. The item goes for a fair-priced $30 and is available in black, white and yellow, meaning in theory you could swap out one color for the next (though no matching SIM door is included). The seller is based out of China and has a 99.5% reputation on the auction site.

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Of course, swapping out the Lumia 1020 shell for a new one could be a bit of a side project, so make sure you have the tools and know-how first. Though as numerous Lumia 920 owners have shown, including our own Seth Brodeur, it’s not too difficult.

Source: eBay; Thanks, Skunkwurx, for the tip!