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Nokia Lumia 1020 shows demand by selling out at Indian retailer before official launch

The Lumia 1020 by Nokia continues to launch around the world and soon India will be able to get its hand on the Windows Phone in stores. Until Nokia officially launches the product in the region, consumers have been able to place pre-orders at participating retailers, including Snapdeal. The retailer has now sold out of the Lumia 1020 in yellow, black and white.

Why is this worth noting? India has been a stronghold for the Lumia 520, an affordable Windows Phone. Reports have been published recently that pointed at Microsoft and partners struggling to push high-end hardware, in favour of cheaper devices. Since India appears to have warmed to the expensive Lumia 1020, we can safely assume this is not the case. That's the good news.

Lumia 1020 India

The not-so-good news is that we could be witnessing lack of supply with only a handful of units available. Other retailers, including Flipkart and Saholic have the Windows Phone listed as coming soon. Expect to see more availability, but early signs are positive for now.

Source: Snapdeal (opens in new tab), via: PhonesTabs; thanks, Sumit, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Very good news!
  • I'm hoping it's not the supply issue.
  • Just wish I would read the same news in America but most people here are so brain washed by Apple. Its iPhone this iPhone that here.
  • I agree, but if WP continues to gain popularity in European Countries, eventually the popularity will spread to the US. I personally think Microsoft could help themselves out a whole lot by working around the clock getting windows phone blue completed early; they should've released a complete line of surface products: phone, 8" surface along with the current 2 & Pro units. They also just need to pay the top app developers to get the most wanted apps on WP. Lastly, they need to send sales teams out to enterprise to demo the usefulness of WP over the competition. The surface line of devices should be pushed as the elite lineup.
  • WP are great, I don't believe you have used Wp at all since that's the way you view WP. You know who is bad, the sales reps in this country, those are the ones messing with sales and popularity .
  • Its the same in most countrys to be honist. I know someone who works in Phones4u in the UK and he said they never push Windows Phone or Android Phones apart from the Galaxy range because its better for them if the customer asks questions about the devices as they own one of them.
    I am a Windows phone fan and love my Lumia 925 and I hope Microsoft can carry on getting more and more people onto the OS as imo its the best OS on the market at the moment.
  • you got it right   sales reps
    AT&T stiffed me on up-dates to my original Focus sales reps sales reps sales reps sales reps sales reps sales reps sales reps sales reps coupled with the TERRIBLE ATTENTION to up-dates ( known to be available ) by AT&T. Now AT&T is doing the same for my 920. Been to 8 different stores in last two years and got the feeling from sales reps that I had to demand WP or they were going to bad mouth it into oblivion and I should only consider IOS/ANDROID. What a crock when the top guy for AT&T lied about their heroing the Lumia 920 when he appeared ON STAGE at launch. I bought into the WP 8 based on the promise of prompt rollout of up-dates and now promised support by de la Vega, guess he needs to spell last name as VAGUEA.
  • I am currently and have been a windows phone user since its introduction; I've owned, the following windows phones:
    HTC Trophy - Verizon for Work
    Nokia 822 - Currently for work
    Distribute the following to employees: HTC 8X (fire chief, city attorney), Nokia 928 (city manager), Nokia 822 (various other employees)
    Personal: Nokia 900, HTC 8X(wife & I currently), Focus (original), Focus Flash (my mother), Focus S (youngest son), LG Quantum (eldest son....currently used because he loves the keyboard)
    While I love Nokia phones and the support they bring to the table, I think MS could make an awsome phone if they bring the surface design queues to a surface phone. I also don't miss any apps from previous cells I've owned (Android or Apple iphone 3GS, 4, or 5), but I am realistic in pointing out some of the work MS still has to do as far as features and apps go to convince people to migrate from other platforms. If you would convict me for that, then you have traits of fanboyism and probably aren't a person who should be trying to convice others to move to WP. I will stay with WP for the long haul and think its a great device, that is unfairly scrutenized by media outlets and shunned by cellular salespeople.
  • It's not brainwashing. Windows Phones are bad. They just don't do the things people need them to do. I am on my second device, so I am not a hater. I saw enough promise in my Arrive that I ditched Sprint to grab a 920 on AT&T at launch. But the fact is, in almost every way other than screen resolution (which I can hardly tell the difference about) and Kid's Corner, 8 has been a disappointment. No wireless syncing; worse browsing experience; major battery life problems; no Zune; and (specific to the 920) an awful camera. I figured that these losses, added to the vast swath of missing features that make WP horrible to use , would be rectified in reasonable time by updates. But I've had this device for almost a year and have haven't received a single update for it. iOS 7, which has only been out for a few days, has already been patched, by way of contrast. WP is a great start, but it doesn't even feel like a 1.0 product yet...more like a beta. WPs won't sell until the OS at least has a modicum of parity with the operating systems against which it is competing. Blue had better be a *massive* update.
  • I love WP. Love my 920 camera. My browsing experience is perfect. Does everything and then some that I need it to. Plus people that I know don't like the new ios7 and are planning on leaving iPhone now. So to each there own.
  • I have NO problem with quality on pics, get all updates (don't live in the US, so maybe you are bad at taking photos ;-)
  • Weird. Didn't experience any of that on my 920. Worked like a charm.
  • I smell a troll
  • HAHAHAHHAHAHAH,.,..... NIce joke. :D ;)
  • Nor one to reply to such posts but when you claim the 920 camera is awful, I have to call BS on your whole post.
  • Objective tests confirm my statements to be true (e.g., It does produce bright shots in dim light, but in "normal" conditions pictures look like they've been shot through a thin film of Vaseline. There are three 920s in my family that all behave the same way, so it ain't just me. Of course, none of us have Amber yet... My wife has an 8x, and in good lighting I get great shots with hers every time. Bu the way, I don't think it is, in fact, the camera, because video looks really, really good. So the camera *can* focus. But the fact of the matter is, if I'm outside taking pictures of my kids playing, my old Arrive does a better job than *any* of the 920s in my life. And no way am I a troll. I am a user who, as such, is intimately aware of what is right and what is wrong about WP. If you don't think WP is utterly, utterly lacking, compared even to iOS (which itself is waaay behind Android) then you're totally naive. The list of shortcomings in WP is long indeed.
  • Wish there's a way I can share photos I've taken with my 920. Most photos I've taken so far have been outstanding. So I'm not sure what you're talking about.
  • I'm talking about the fact that the photos suck.  They do.  On all Lumia 920s.  At least before amber.  Yours, too.
  • Maybe you suck.
  • Huh? My experience with WP has been positive since day one. Though there are certain things missing, wp keeps getting better and more improved. I don't know what you're looking for in wp but for me it does everything I need it to do with ease.
  • "wp keeps getting better and more improved" No, it doesn't. That's the problem. It's basically no better than it was two years ago when "Mango" came out. All the same basic flaws remain, and many cool features (wireless syncing, for one) have been *removed*. It is in many ways not getting *better* but getting *worse.*
  • I have no clue what you're talking. My family's WPs experience have been nothing but positive.
  • Yes ATT delays or even with holds updates that are available, but the native phone experience is great, screen resolution is fine, kids corner works as advertised, battery like on the 920 was rectified with an update. Honestly, you seem to want higher specs, notification center, and many gimmick features that the Galaxy phones are offering; if this is the case, then maybe you should switch platforms. I don't need 500K - 1m apps because no one will ever install that many on devices or play that many. Windows phone offers a unique UI, plenty of apps, nice camera, office, native social experience, cloud service, and much more. If you want excess features that are resource hogs and cause freezing, then go to Android; If you want tired out dated stale icon on 2-4 different screen or drawers, the just move on to Apple, Android, or any of the other unsuccessful knockoffs that are seeking to beat apple at their own game an lost. Android make move more units because they produce more variants, but they will never supersede Apple. Windows phone is in a uniquely different and is seeking to carve out a place among a see of look-a-likes.
  • Oh c'mon.  AT&T has held up GDR2, which adds basically nothing.  None of my problems with WP are addressed on my wife's 8X, which has it.  It's not that the updates are getting held up, it's that there are no updates.
  • There is an update, Amber! I just want Amber!
  • I live in NYC, and attend Baruch college. As of late, I've been seeing more (though not many) Windows Phone devices in the hands of students and subway passengers. Awkwardly, I see more high-end devices (1020; 920) than the more affordable 521. The holiday season will hopefully boost sales and mind share.
  • I think that the negativity towards Microsoft in general by the tech bloggers is causing much of the problems in the US. I'm sure it plays into consumers minds when thinking about whether or not to pick up a WP that according to the media Microsoft can't get anything right. Meanwhile its nothing but positive blogs in regards to Apple and Android who can apparently do nothing wrong.
  • Haven't you noticed a big change in American attitudes since 9/11? They've become zombies, share a collective mind, they're not as welcoming, they only follow the cowbell, and most of the time, they believe in the liar. This is why its hard to penetrate the US. Remember the ongoing issue with carrier reps misrepresenting WP or not even at all?
  • Same here in Switzerland ... But its changing. I'm seeing much more Androids now, and also more WP. Not that many, but certainly more. Also I've read that Android is catching up in Switzerland, threatening to dethrone Apple soon. I know I know ... Android ... But still thats good news as it means people are readier to try something else than iStandard.
    BTW and very offtopic now: most WP users I see are female. I'm not alone! :-)
  • Don't believe these sold outs.
  • This is the type of problem that can be solved by Microsoft taking control of the device manufacturing arm of Nokia. No short supply. Now whether the demand in India will remain once Nokia ceases to be the brand remains to be seen.
  • Short supply is a well known marketing move since like.. forever. If anything, MS should learn a couple of things from Nokia about supply chain management. Nokia was known as best about this ( better than apple, don't know the current situation).
  • I don't think this is an intentional shortage. Nokia would actually sell more if they had the capital to make more.
  • Short supply as a successful marketing maneuver works only when there is a demand for your product to begin with.
  • It would be useful to know how many were actually available. If starting inventory was 1000 of each color vs 10000 or kinda makes a big difference.
  • Some additional numbers would be great! It would be nice to see if the 1020 is truly just a niche device. I hate it when it's placed behind Nokia's ..... Lumia 1020.
  • Niche is not negative, it's gives it kind of an exclusive vibe, I mean, iPhones are so mainstream they look old.
  • I would prefer Flagship over Niche. But that's how this site is.
  • No one cares about exclusives when numbers are needed to make a company thrive.
  • Interesting because pre-orders were sold out here in the US but yet I walked into the AT&T store the Saturday at launch with no line and walked out with one. I wonder how many pre-order phones were available really.
  • What's sold out though? The same thing happened in China with the 920 and it was low stock numbers. The good thing of course is there is a demand but I'm just curious about actual pre orders numbers. Hope this phone takes off. I really wish Nokia was able to globally release under one date and not this sporadic stuff because of stupid exclusivity that ATT gets. With the Note III being released in 100+ markets yesterday or Tuesday gives the 1525 no chance to get it gears running on a stupid ass ATT exclusive.
  • clarify for me something if you dont mind, why does att exclusivity prevent global launch? i thought att exclusive was specific to america, and that nokia could launch the phone anywhere else they choose. if what your saying is correct than ATT are A**holes
  • ATT exclusively is only for US. Most likely like someone above said Nokia didn't have the working capital to do all the markets at the same time.
  • Ah okay. Thanks for the clarification
  • After the acquisition and removal of nokia branding it will be yet to be seen how Indians react as they generally are brand loyal.... And nokia is their favorite choice... NT Microsoft ... So if they remove the nokia branding... Many people cud turn away at least in india
  • they can announce the new phone like a movie :D  "FROM THE MAKERS OF THE LUMIA 1020!"
  • Hahaha that cud really work...
  • ;)
  • That's already been done actually but not with the L1020.
  • Already some are saying , They have to get a Nokia before its sold to Microsoft.  
  • Which is ridiculous in itself. Its gonna be the same people making the products they make. I personally am glad for the buyout.
  • Coz not everyone check for the people that work in... They stay brand loyal... Many are associated with nokia for its excellent support and service... While many are afraid of ms... So that will create a rift for ms haters if the brand nokia is removed coz thats the same brand who was king of phones for 14 yrs... And people are aware of them... Many of them still will not know windows phone... But they recognise a nokia Lumia... And brand loyalty can become a major factor
  • And the people are the same... But the leadership and enterprise will change and every enterprise has different way of working... It cud enhance nokia's it cud destroy it... Time will only reveal whats gonna happen
  • I think we should at least do that and see what Microsoft is gonna do.
  • Yes we can only wait and watch 8.1 should reveal everything so lets wait until 2014 eoy
  • not all read mobile Tech sites, to know wants going & who is going to microsoft with the deal. And if they dont price the device proper, den again sales will go down, Look at the Surface Pro - 64GB with Touch Cover for Rs. 85,215 ($1380) dats from online store.
  • This is untrue .. I can bet that this is a short-supply issue or very very very few devices available for pre-orders !
  • I agree with you. I have a 1020 now, had the 920 & 900 before that. There are so many basic features missing that makes me want to got the iPhone 5S. Its not even the phone. The 1020 is physically way ahead but the basic software features is what I miss. Alerts to missed calls, texts. etc. Notification center. Better control of volume instead of all purpose volume. Brightness settings is low ,med,high. How about a slider instead? I enjoy the basic clock app i iOS, its a clock, stop watch,timer and world clock. we have to have 4 different apps to get that. I think ms should look at everything iOS 7 can do and find its own unique way to bring it in to windows. If I could somehow put IOS 7 on this AWESOME Lumia 1020, I think I would. Not cause it looks good by any means, but for the features/options in the OS itself. I'm basically anti-apple now so I can't go back but there are things that IOS 7 can do that we just can't and they all seem to be stuff that ALL smartphones should do.
  • Get out of here... iOS7 on Lumia? Pervert!
  • i dont think he means it the way your thinkin viktorG he is basically saying bring more software functionality since the hardware is fully capable. microsoft can implement the same things to work faster and more smooth on windows phone if they actually make the effort to do so. i admit windows phone needs improving but im happy with mine.
  • Yes thats correct if ms has to battle their rivals and come up it needs to be best and shud excel in its os. If its competing ios7 and kitkat... Its shud have all the features that they provide and in the wp way... On top of that they should have their some own innovation... They have acquired nokia.. They should be benifited with all the patents and design and and use once a king ie nokia's experience... And make wp8.1 the best is in the market.. Giving the features users required in its own unique way... This is the only way how ms can start beating ios... Otherwise hell. Ya... It wud not come up...
  • Perversion is a matter of perspective. :)
  • Awesome! That should help to develop more apps since India has one of the best developers :) 
  • Good news!!!
    I have a question,
    Im still rocking my 7.8
    Under GROUPS I just found out 2 days ago that you can only send 10 text messages out of 20 contacts,if u go under groups,at the bottom it will say text everyone but it only allows me to send 10 txt, im on att, and I twitted ,nokia,WINDOWSPHONE,msft att none of them have the answer??
  • Me too. HTC surround. Just waitin for my 1020.
  • I got mine day two of Rogers pre-order. I was 4th in line. Not as busy as I would have guessed. But, you never know, there is still much time.
  • Windows Phone... RULES!!!
  •  I hope it's the former and not the latter. People want memories that they can share with family and friends.