Friday fun: the Nokia Lumia 1020 is still king for concert videos

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to see one of my favorite bands Rise Against. Not only did I have tickets, but also, I splurged for the pricey balcony seats to have an excellent view. For this show, I wanted to watch them unobstructed and just take it in, as opposed to the floor (you will see why).

Which phone to take to the show? Although the Lumia 1520 is still my top phone now, the Lumia 1020's 41 MP camera cannot be denied, especially for video. You see, with the PureView cameras, not only can you record excellent video, but also with your finger on the display, you can zoom in and out like a real video camera. Try that on the iPhone.

Curious as to the result? Here is a sample video.


From my experience, a device like the Lumia 1020 does very well for shooting video at a concert. Sure, the image quality when zoomed gets pixelated (the low-light does not help), but it is still impressive for a phone. Skip to around 1:40 in the video and you can see the camera zoomed in on the lead singer Tim McIlrath, capturing what is a pretty amazing moment for many fans of Rise Against.

Same with the decent sound, which on the Lumia 1020 is due to the three high-amplitude audio capture (HAAC) microphones. Those microphones are why despite how loud it was at the Boston House of Blues you could still make out the audio without any distortion. You can read about Nokia's HAAC microphone technology here in their PDF whitepaper.

Speaking of audio, the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 930/ Icon are even better. The reasons are two-fold. For one, both phones have four HAAC microphones (instead of three) with better placement (some are on the back so that they directly face your subject). The other is the optional ability to record in Dolby Digital 5.1. You can see an example of the Lumia 1520's recording from an Offspring concert earlier this year. Indeed, from my experience, the Lumia 1520/Lumia 930 get superior sounds from the concert.

What about photos? Unfortunately, unless you are shooting the subject right under a stage light, the slowness of the Lumia Camera app makes getting a good picture at a concert a difficult task. In fact, I had much better luck using the iPhone 6, with its super-fast camera for grabbing some excellent photos.

See 'Comparing the iPhone 6 to the top Windows Phones, including Lumia 1020, HTC One and Lumia 1520'

However, if you can get a good photo with a Lumia 1020 or Lumia 1520 you can do more with it since there are many more megapixels, so it could be a tradeoff. Regardless, Microsoft needs to make these cameras faster and easier to use if they want mass adoption by the general public, something that Lumia Denim may finally address this fall.

What has been your experience with your Lumia at a concert? Any tips to share?

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Nice, my brother is getting one, me: Nokia Lumia 720 and proud
  • Yeah, the speed of the camera is the one thing letting it down for live photos. I was actually taking photos myself last night. That being said I found some third party apps fared better than the default applications (1shot did quite well).
  • Just wait for the Denim update.
  • Yeah, I'm looking forward to it, as cyan did help in some regards (although I feel like living images is a bit ho hum, I was expecting my camera roll to come to life). Also, it's worth mentioning that I think my 920 performed better for concerts, that phones low light performance is absolutely phenomenal, got good separation of light and dark and very little noise, I'm really surprised as, honestly, I feel like the 1520 is a step backwards. But then again I shoot a lot of low light, and the 1520 it's amazing in daylight (and also video, video is top notch)
  • That's the problem, we always have to wait for an update.
  • Watch out for the 1020 not getting speed improvements lol
  • Wow Danny boy likes to go brutal!, actually surprised :D
  • You know it! :) Also love Bad Religion, Propagandhi, VOD, and a few others in the punk/hardcore scene. I should post the live footage I have of the Subhumans (UK), lol.
  • Daniel, next time get GA tickets and mosh with me. :D
  • Rise Against is awesome, Give it all I one of my favorites. But there's nothing more brutal than Slayer \m/
  • Have you tried Cannibal Corpse, Amon Amarth, Suffocation, Dimmu Borgir and similar? That's brutal my friend. Punk on the other hand was never a "brutal" music, and today punk like this one on Rise Against is too commercial. Not a P from the Punk Era of Sex Pistols, Exploited,etc. :) Today punk is too soft :)
  • Agree, 'punk' today isn't at all punk.
  • You're right, I can't think of any new bands that play true punk music. I can think of a lot that play melodic punk (like Rise Against), Pop-Punk, or hardcore/post hardcore.
  • There are bands even more brutal than the ones you listed. Punk isnt brutal but in my opinion it's more fun to mosh to. A better term for punk rather than brutal would be hardcore, and Rise Against is one of the least hardcore punk bands out there. The first album I ever bought in my life was Appeal To Reason and that sparked my wide range of musical taste.
  • well, i know that there are more brutal bands than the ones i listed, but i listed some of the bands that have world wide popularity... and i was too lazy to list more, lol :)
  • +620 for give it all..heard that song in flatout 2 and became a fan of Rise Against
  • Wow, the floor of the concert is so much more wild. Wouldn't want to be in there.
  • Am I missing something, or are there only men, lots of them, on the floor?
  • That's pretty typical for these shows. There are usually some women on the outskirts (front side or rear) but the mass of humanity in the middle is usually dudes. And Nicholas, that's actually pretty tame even for Rise Against. I look at that video and think I could be down there, where usually I see those pits and think I'd get my neck broken down there.
  • And the Rubino goes up in my book for the Bad Religion and Rise Against. +1020 sir.
  • Awesome music! I won't miss RiseAgainst next time they are in Germany.
    I have used the 930 some days ago to film an Italian ska punk band Talco. Phone did an even better job standing in front of the speakers. High End Lumias are really the best choice for punk concerts, not only because of the sound, also because they don't bend when you ;) But hopefully the cam will get faster. Watching the first reviews of lumia830 with denim it doesn't seem to be any second faster at all.
  • great audio!
  • Listen to any post-hardcore like Fugazi?
  • Nothing weird
  • I miss my 1020 but love my 1520
  • X2!
  • I just changed to a 1520 from my 1020 as my daily driver this week. While I am still torn on the size and the camera, the hardware improvements seem to be making it worthwhile.
  • I have both. And I go back and forth. I cant make up my mind. They both are great and have their own strength and weaknesses. Love, love the camera on the 1020, Qi (have to have the shell) and its a good size. But then I use the 1520 and love that size when I have it. The screen and the camera is still great! Only thing missing on 1520 is Qi. I really miss that and not going to buy the 1520.3 anytime soon. If the 1020 had micro SD I would be all set. If the Att had Qi on 1520, I would be all set. I am on my 1020 now. Be back going to swap Sims. Grrr. Decisions!!
  • So envious, great band. I wanted to see My Chemical Romance, logged on to find they had split up.
  • It's been more than a year. I'm surprised a lot of people still haven't heard about that yet.
  • I looked last year, probably 1 month after they had split.
  • Love the camera on all Lumia phones but they are still a tad bit to slow. But hopefully that's about to change with the new update coming this fall. I wish there was a preview version for Denim.
  • But that "faster camera" is only for the newest phones isn't it?
  • Yeah the 930, Lumia Icon, 1520, 720 & 830 I think are just some of the phones getting that 4k video update.
  • The 720 isn't getting it though.
  • He might have ment the 730, and even that isn't getting it, heh.
  • I thought they were going to do something smarter with how they process photos so you could shoot faster, which would be a separate feature from the 24 fps shooting. There's quite a bit of room between what we have now and 24 FPS. You don't need a Snapdragon 800 for something like 4 shots per second on a normal camera, for example. The 1020's a special case with it's huge resolution, so I don't know if it will ever be fast. But there's no need for my 920 to be slower than my ancient iPhone.
  • +920 we too need some benefits after updating to Nokia Denim not just for a name sake update.
  • I want a 1020 successor. Then Microsoft has my money.
  • Dan, I also took videos on my 1020 of the pearl jam concert in Milton Keynes... Results for a mobile phone were astonishing!
  • I have pearl jam vids too!! I've used my 920.shooting in the dark created grind videos but the audio is amazing!
  • Man, there were some drunk mofo's in that audience.
  • Now seriously missing my 1020. The shot-to-shot time was so annoying. No doubt Nokia made it possible for a S400 to support 41 Mipx camera but still, I was a bit disappointed, Sold it for 930. The camera is not THAT much powerful but I am happy I made the switch. It's future proof and besides I can sell it for a 1020 as well :p
  • Nokia 808 had a much slower CPU, still has faster processing time than the 1020.  WP still has a long ways to go until it is as mature as Symbian was. P.S: Has better audio recording quality too >.<
  • The 808 had a special image processing chip. That made it faster than the 1020. Stop spreading misinformation.
  • What am I missing, you agreed with everything he said and then suggested he was spreading misinformation?  I have a 1020 and it is absurdly slow at processing and many many shots are lost as a result. 
  • That is why I could not stand the 1020 >.<
    I hope the 1030 is a beefier 808 with a Lumia like design. Surely you must have at least a few awesome photos to brag about ;)
  • I find manual controls-- 1/50 shutter and 400 ISO does pretty good job for concert/arena shots (with varying tweaks).
  • I have many pics from varied show venues. My go-to settings are 1/30 shutter and infinite manual focus (setting focus manually takes the lag away from snapping a pic for the most part). Adjust shutter up/down in increments as needed.
  • Recently took video of bad suns, Joywave, phantogram, and walk the moon on concert with my 1520 and while it records beautifully even zoomed in during the day(light) recording in a darker or at night time makes the video quality come down a lot. Still, great recording all together.
  • I've shot a lot of video of band in all kinds of environments and the 1020 always amazes me. The local groups that know me can always pick me out of a sea of black androids and white iPhones with my Yellow 1020. I do use the camera grip though for a lot of reasons and a mono-pod for up and over the crowd shots. Dan, did you take your 1020 naked or with the camera grip?
  • This is the exact reason I love my 1020. I go to a lot of shows, mostly EDM, and it does an amazing job from the balcony V.I.P. area. It is the only phone or camera I have ever owned that sounds perfect standing in front of speakers. If anyone wants to see the videos I have a youtube channel I post them too.
  • Superior Dolby audio capture > SLIGHTLY better HD video quality every time. I say this because you probably couldn't even tell the difference in video quality between the 1020 once it's been uploaded & compressed for streaming websites. Long live the King Slayer /1520
  • I can't say for sure but it seems youtube and vimeo don't alter the video, my videos are ready to view quickly after upload. Now facebook compresses the hell out of them.
  • Is there a 1030 in the works?
  • We all dream there is, but no!
  • They better be working on one and release it very soon.  Lumia 1020 will start showing its age when Denim arrives.  It doesn't support most of the Denim camera features which require the Snapdragon Quad-core processors.  It is very unfortunate that Steve Elop & company can't provide a high-end flagship at AT&T like L930 for those Lumia 920 owners whose two-year contract are due this fall and ready to upgrade.  Then there is no Lumia 1030 in sight either.  People are anxiously waiting and dying to upgrade to SD 800 processor successor.  It is real sad.  We want to help increasing the WP market share in US, but they won't let us.
  • Its age is already showing, let's be honest, it was showing when the phone was released.  Still the best in class camera but this phone is woefully underpowered and way too many shots get missed while the camera app is opening, saving, etc.  They need a higher end processor and double the RAM.  I end up using my work supplied iphone half the time to take pictures just so I won't miss the shot while the the camera app is resuming or saving.  Nobody can touch the camera but the processor is just not powerful enough.  Even scrolling through apps is laggy and jittery since the latest OS release. 
  • I'm a Rise Against fan as well.  "Appeal to Reason" was my favorite RA record.  Out of curiosity, did you adjust your bass settings?  Not sure if they're adjustable on the 1020, but there are a few audio options on the 1520.  I'm going to see the Avett Brothers (they are my favorite band, but they're more folk rock with a hint of punk) in Asheville later this month and want to get the best quality audio / video. 
  • Don't know if this has been mentioned anywhere, but the 1020 is available on for $339! Off contract.
    So tempted to upgrade my 920, but I'm sure there's something better on the horizon.
  • I also have Pearl Jam vids with my Lumia 920. They are a bit graindy but overall great with amazing audio.
  • Satellite - Rise Against!
  • Yeah! Rise against rocks! I saw them at UCSD and their show was amazing
  • Went to see my old heroes Helmet last week together with a few friends as well as my 930. Nice results
  • This is the one spec that is oftenly dismissed and surprizingly crappy even in semi-professional gear more often than I'd like to admit: microfone and sound capturing tech. It's one thing that surprized me quite a lot on my 1020 too. I have no basis for comparison really... don't know how the sound capture is for popular Android and iOS smartphones, but I can say that I never had a portable device that could capture sound in harsh conditions like my Lumia 1020 can. There are some situations that I'm absolutely shure that several cameras would completely blow out and distort the input which the 1020 can deal with incredibly well... a Nokia ad that demonstrated this feature while recording a garage band sold the device to me actually. Late last year, I worked as on-stage camera in a local Elvis in Concert show.... took bits of video during backstage rehearsal which came out pretty decent. Just wish I had more time to capture more content... unfortunately, during the show I was strapped to a 25+Kg camera on stage behind the huge LED panels... not much I could do. :P Here you go:
  • The HTC One will record sound like the Lumia will. I believe HTC actually licenses the microphones/technology from Nokia.
  • Yep I saw your tweet and knew some fantastic video was to follow. 1020 is still beastin'!
  • Haven't seen them for a few years but they put on a great show. This month there are 3 good shows coming to my city - Gob, Lagwagon and Less than Jake. Next month, Death From Above 1979 - which I JUST picked up on vinyl! Video looked good though, I'm still very impressed by that camera.
  • Curious about this comment: "You see, with the PureView cameras, not only can you record excellent video, but also with your finger on the display, you can zoom in and out like a real video camera. Try that on the iPhone." What do you mean? Can't the iPhone pinch to zoom while recording video?
  • Never used an iPhone to shoot video, but on my Lumia Icon you can zoom with one finger, no pinching needed. Makes it easier when holding with one hand.
  • I have an iPhone 6 plus and it can zoom when in video. IPhone 5 could not in the native app.
  • I think he meant quality is cap if you zoom on an iPhone.
  • I know right, I saw my favourite band Faithless live this year and I was right at the front. The video quality was superb
  • Didn't know helmet was still around. They're from around my home town. Used to see them in the 90s.
  • Wow, totally forgot about that band.. Yes, that grunge sound was a hit in the 90's!
  • I love Rise Against and even thought "Endgame" was their best album (, yes even better than SSOTCC... not a lot of fans seemed to agree on that one...) but "Black Market" has left me underwhelmed except for a few standouts like "Tragedy + Time". Never seen them live though. Bet they can make even the blander songs come alive. :)
  • Really can't stand the music, but the video and sound quality is nice :-)
  • The 808 is better.. Longer video recording on a single charge Replacable battery SD card slot smoother zooming Less noise in low light   OIS is the only thing, and it is important.. but if i had to pick one heading to a concert i would always grab the 808, 64GB SD card, and 2-3 extra batteries.
  • Why don't you just take a 6000mah reserve battery and run a micro usb cable to the phone?
    More to the point, why on earth would you need 64GB of storage for a concert?! (Pro tip: You'll have a better time putting the camera down and actually experiencing through your own eyes rather than through a phone screen!)
  • The point was that the 808 (considered very old) has done this for a very long time. All the while more comprehensively than anything modern, sans OIS. I know because I have an 808 myself.
  • Too bad the 1020 probably isn't going to benefit from the Denim speed enhancements. Also too bad I gave up my 1020 for a 1520.. But with that said, I have been more than satisfied with the pics and video/audio recordings.
  • No, I disagree.  My 1520 may have a weaker camera, but the audio quality is far better; and that's the more important thing at a concert.
  • I'm always surprised by the audio from my 1020 (and 920 before) concerts. With the camera grip it is even better. Wondering if anyone has noticed any differences for better or worse when using the audio bass filter in video settings. I've always left it default but will try to remember to try it out this weekend.
  • R I S E: Rubino Is Something Else.
  • There is a caveat that I discovered on Wednesday night when I tried to record a concert video on my 1520... for best quality, don't record with the case on your phone (see Amazon item B00HE4SQE2 for my case). The audio was still better than most other phones, but the clear case I have seems to have significantly dampened the sound on the recording. It sounded like listening to a concert with your head wrapped in a blanket. =(
  • Good point!
  • I'm really interested in this kind of phone. I'm still ok with my 920 but i need to get something new soon. But I think i'll hold out and see if they announce a new phone with more MP.
  • you don't need more megapixels; a much more important aspect in photography is the sensor size.  Megapixels are overrated and 41 is more than enough. I'd hold out patiently for W10 and the 1030 or whatever they name the 1020 successor.  I would have chosen the 1020 without hesitation for its great camera, but it's older processor and 720p display simply doesn't cut it. What we really want to hear some time soon is the next flagship, a 1020 successor with incredible camera, SD expandability, an full HD-or-higher display, more RAM (high clock) and the latest snapdragon processor allowing it to snap photos a lot faster than the 1020 does but with the same or greater quality.  If Nokia are working with Canon then we can expect Canon optics in it, this would deliver a killer device and I highly suggest being patient and waiting.
  • Not when it comes to digital zooming in photos or video. And if you read my post, I already implied that I was most likely going to wait. And sensor size being whatever it is, the 1020 takes amazing photos. Some of the pics I've seen rival dslr quality.
  • Don't often take videos, but I can report that trying to take a good picture at a concert, or of fireworks, with my 1020 is a real pain. I've gotten used to the cameras general slowness for most picture taking, because the end result is fantastic. But concerts, fireworks, that sort of thing, is when I get envious of my girlfriends 5S as she rattles off several great photos in the time it takes me to take a bad one. 
  • you can still use the WP camera app on your 1020, it's a lot faster shooting than nokia cam... Sadly it'll still be slower than the 5S or even my 1520 because the phone has older processor, RAM etc.
  • I love my 1020... I wish I could find out what keeps making in go unresponsive every few days. the only way to get it back on is to do a soft reset, volume down and power. I can find all kinds of similar problems in forums but never any solutions or fixes.
    I love the pictures I can take with it and the video is quite good too. I have only owned windows phones, I love them
  • Yup, it seems to be one of the problems with this phone. I have the same issue.
  • The 1020 is still superior to every God dang phone out there. It kicks ass when it comes to video and pictures. It's actually amazing when you think about it.
  • Yep.
  • Some questions: - Is it better to record concerts with or without the bass filter? - Does the nokia official case deteriorate the sound quality? - Does the 5.1 make a difference on sound quality or it is just for surround effect?   Thanks!  
  • use the filter! maybe it sounds a little far, but still excelent quality. 
  • turn up early for a concert when all the guest artists are playing, use that time to film 3 clips each with the bass filter set to different levels and then go outside the theater and play the clips back to decide which is your favourite.
  • The sound of my 1520 is much better than from the 1020/925/920.
    I had listen the videos with Nubert loudspeakers, an Onkyo amplifier and Sennheiser Momentum Over Ear + Sennheiser HD650 headphones with a headphone amplifier.
  • Hi I want to ask a quick question, how can I install the update 1 on cyan update. I want to have that live folders
  • You'll have better luck in the forums.
  • I whole heartedly agree Daniel! I always bring my 1020 to shows vs using my 1520.
  • Needs to be faster between shots
  • How fast is the default camera app with 1020?  Everybody only mentions the slowness with Nokia Camera app.
  • Quite slow as well.
  • So now you didn't use your HTC One for Windows, Daniel. Isn't it as fast as the iPhone camera?
  • Just my old man rant: I really like my 1020 and like watching live music, but really find it annoying when people hold up their cameras to film concerts these days. It seems to me they're so used to watching stuff on screens they'd rather record a real authentic experience and watch it later than to really experience it while it's going on. I recently went to see OFF! and they were amazing, the best hardcore show I've seen since the eighties. But there were all these people recording it on their cell phones held over their head. I'd much rather have my memories of really experiencing seeing Black Flag play in 1986 than a video of the show. Believe me, in 28 years so will you. To the author, thank you for filming from the balcony, where I assume you weren't blocking too many people's view.
  • don't worry, its just the hipster inside you, the one that is too selfrighteous to notice beyond its limited scope trying desperately to get out xD or maybe you're one of those who have photographic memory, there are tons of reasons why it's good to record a video concert, but you only seem to be bothered with reasons why not to, with a little insight you'd see the benefits, but as I can see from what your "strong" ideals are, I won't list them uselessly xD peace
  • (49 year old minivan-driving, tattooless, beardless father of two) != hipster. What does xD mean anyways, I'm not hep to this jive you speak. You can film whatever you want, but please don't block the view of those behind you. I understand that the price of technology has fallen and made it possible for more people to record EVERYTHING, but you go to a show these days and almost half the audience is recording the show, rather than experiencing the moment.
  • "To the author, thank you for filming from the balcony, where I assume you weren't blocking too many people's view."
    Hah, indeed, it was a roped off section so I was not imposing on anyone's view ;)
  • Is it worth buying a 1020 now?
  • No
  • Lol ok
  • I don't wanna brag but, I wanna brag.. nothing beats my 2 year old Nokia 808 Pureview, I don't know if the compression method from youtube varies, the pureview superpixel technology is very noticable in the 808 when compared with the 1020 eventhough more light comes from the 1020, the level of detail from the 808 is jawdropping, OIS would have been perfect though, sorry to differ about your "privileged" seats, but again, nothing beats being in the mosh pit. one word of advice, always use fixed focus when in concerts, hyperfocal is enough, there is no point in auto since you're probably never going to record something at close range...  
  • +1 on this, if I am going to a concert or anything that requires video but not a DSLR or Mirrorless I always bring my 1020.
  • I've 1020 and 1520, but I think 1020 will stop further improve performance even next updates cuz lack of the hardware supports ya.
    In the end of the day, after denim updates... The phone will outdated.
  • Hope the new 1030 may have excellent hardware.
  • I don't no why people are comparing 1020. Its dead in water now. Microsoft seen to that. Pity because it was my favourite even though its a bit slow compared to 930 and 1520. Hopefully its successor will be out in time for Xmas. Or 1525. Either one will do. But if there is none. WP is dead in the water.
  • I'm getting real bored of you doom and gloom folk coming in here saying WP  will be dead in the water. It's not dead.  I see more and more WP everyday in the streets.  Apps are coming in faster and faster. Even if we get no new flagship device by Xmas (unlikely to happen) the platform will not just die instantly.  Not while the OS itself is gaining traction faster than it has - ever before - Maybe in the high end market no new flagship would be a huge mistake, but in the entry level market (which is where most of the growth is at) there are TONS of new devices coming out every month! 
  • Well actually it does matter if they have a new device out. Its called capturing customers. No new customer is going to purchase products from summer 2014 when they can have newer better products from Samsung . Sony. Etc from last the previous couple of months. . I love Lumia. I want it to suceed. So don't start. I've purchased 3 Lumia 800. 5 Lumia 920s. . 1 925. 2x 930. And 3 Lumia 1020s white. Black. Yellow. So its not doom and gloom its concern. They have to get new device out. End off
  • Well actually it does matter if they have a new device out. Its called capturing customers. No new customer is going to purchase products from summer 2014 when they can have newer better products from Samsung . Sony. Etc from last the previous couple of months. . I love Lumia. I want it to suceed. So don't start. I've purchased 3 Lumia 800. 5 Lumia 920s. . 1 925. 2x 930. And 3 Lumia 1020s white. Black. Yellow. So its not doom and gloom its concern. They have to get new device out. As for apps there is still a few key apps they must have. End off.
  • Don't worry WP will not die because it will be funded by patent fees from Samdung and others.  I hope MS goes after every Android maker included the cheap ones in China.
  • Balcony Seats on a Rise Against Concert? Photos on a concert with my Lumia 920 allways good.
  • Waiting for 1030 which will have a faster processor and hope a better battery
  • Sorry, but the 1020 only has two HAAC microphones, not three as stated in the article. The 920 has 3 though. Anyway, I have a 1020 too and it's a real gem for recording concerts. Though I learned not to trust the autofocus because if it gets too dark the camera just loses focus instantly. That's where setting manual focus to infinity really helped.
  • How to set focus manually during video?
  • Can't wait for 4k video on my icon!
  • I agree. I saw Outkast last night at ACLFest and had my handy dandy 1020. Got some great video!
  • What's the point of going to a concert and take videos and record sound? A few pics, yes. But I'd rather dance and feel the music at the concert
  • I don't think what he did throughout the concert was to do/capture pics and movies.  I think when you have a Lumia 1020 its imperative that you use it because it always makes you camera trigger happy.
  • I have a Lumia 928, I will have the HTC One M8 by next week super excited. I just saw the price of the 1020 drop so I will definitely be getting this phone for my camera real soon!
  • This monster is like a T-REX of Camera phones.  F! the Spinosauraus because T-REX beats it everytime.  I still want one but I just bought a Lumia 925 about 6 months ago.  I do hope MS releases an updated 1020 >>> 1030 with the latest snapdragon processor 4GB RAM 128GB storage, SD Card, BIG battery, wireless charging, Dolby Sound, new Camera software, algorithym, 5 inch wide angled front camera..  No need to change the lens technology for now just make it wicked fast and long lasting.  Next Pureview camera should have infra red night vision capabilities.  Water resistance so you can take videos and pictures under H20.
  • You have to use the best shot feature in the camera. I used it at a concert and had awesome pics when I got home. As always, the videos were phenomenal.
  • Sounds like noise to me but damn good quality video.
  • All you hear on youtube now is that the iphone now has the best camera out of all phones now that the iphone 6 is out.
  • Please help!    I have a problem with my 1020: a terrible noise (fan noise?) while I am recording with the camera. Since I have had a N8 that I just use very extensively to record my classes etc, (so much that I had a plug problem to download my materials) I decided to move to the 1020 expecting at least the same quality on noise while recording videos. So I did this experiment to demonstrate the problem where I compare the 1020, N8 and an Asha:
    What can I do to have the same background silence (none) with my 1020 as I had with my N8? Thank you for all the help! I have tried nokia discussions & no reply & help!
  • That's really impressive. The video is great but the sound blows me away -- I've never ever been able to get concert recordings to be anything but terrible. I saw all of the bands you mentioned (Offspring, BR, Rise Against, Pennywise) a few weeks ago but I'm embarrassed to post my videos because the sound was so bad.
  • I have a Lumia 1020 and was wondering how long does the battery last while recording video