New Nokia Lumia 2520 ad teases the iPad Air on lack of keyboard, battery

‘Did I buy the wrong tablet?’ asks an iPad Air user after he discovers Nokia Lumia 2520 in the new video posted on Nokia’s official YouTube channel.

The video features a young guy who’s just got a ‘new, slim, and sleek’ tablet for productivity on the go, and flaunts it around amongst his friends including one pretty girl. He soon discovers though, that he frequently has to go to his laptop since typing on the screen can be a pain and the battery life hurts.

Finally, the lady shows her Nokia Lumia 2520 which features a smart keyboard, fast charging battery, and built in Microsoft Office. A little embarrassed, he wonders if he bought the wrong tablet.

The cheeky ad positions Nokia Lumia 2520 as the ‘right tablet’ that allows you to travel light, but still perfect for work and play. I think it’s a wonderful ad with a creative screenplay. Did you notice that the music featured in the video is the ‘Brimful’ ringtone on Nokia Lumia? :-)

I use a Surface as my primary machine, and can vouch for the productivity boost that comes with Microsoft Office and the Keyboard Cover. How about you? Do you think it’s a neat ad that showcases the benefits of the 2520?

Thanks James for the tip!

Abhishek Baxi