New Nokia Lumia 2520 ad teases the iPad Air on lack of keyboard, battery

‘Did I buy the wrong tablet?’ asks an iPad Air user after he discovers Nokia Lumia 2520 in the new video posted on Nokia’s official YouTube channel.

The video features a young guy who’s just got a ‘new, slim, and sleek’ tablet for productivity on the go, and flaunts it around amongst his friends including one pretty girl. He soon discovers though, that he frequently has to go to his laptop since typing on the screen can be a pain and the battery life hurts.

Finally, the lady shows her Nokia Lumia 2520 which features a smart keyboard, fast charging battery, and built in Microsoft Office. A little embarrassed, he wonders if he bought the wrong tablet.

The cheeky ad positions Nokia Lumia 2520 as the ‘right tablet’ that allows you to travel light, but still perfect for work and play. I think it’s a wonderful ad with a creative screenplay. Did you notice that the music featured in the video is the ‘Brimful’ ringtone on Nokia Lumia? :-)

I use a Surface as my primary machine, and can vouch for the productivity boost that comes with Microsoft Office and the Keyboard Cover. How about you? Do you think it’s a neat ad that showcases the benefits of the 2520?

Thanks James for the tip!

Abhishek Baxi
  • Amazon is littered with keyboard addons for idevices so not convincing to me.
  • Lol keyboard for that shitty device? Lol where's my gun
  • Where is my bazooka!!!!
  • Lol you not paying attention are you, Nokia is giving the keyboard for free if you buy before Dec 2...does that help you out?!
  • Up to six weeks for delivery and has to be ordered from an ambiguous third party vender named Tic Toc Inc.  Sorry, but the "free" keyboard "deal" is actually a deal breaker.
  • That wasn't very funny. It is actually misleading. Nokia keyboard cost whooping 150 and is running RT. Not convincing at all.
    Waiting for tablet with same body (light & thin) but with full windows.
  • I prefer my Surface over Surface Pro because of the 10 hours battery life. Windows RT works well for all my needs.
  • @Abhisek:   Surface Pro 2 gets better battery life in non-video decode (which would be the more important test for productivity's sake) than the Surface 2. Not saying Surface 2 isn't ok, but that's an incorrect reason.   Thin, light? Design? Sure. But not battery. And I would jump so fast on a Surface 3 with Bay trail successor, although I bet I'll end up with a thin/light (and hopefully fanless!) Surface Pro 3.
  • Incorrect reason? Surface 2 has gotten better, but the difference is still there. And I need that extra juice. Also, I don't need any x86 app. Why shouldn't I go for the lighter RT?
  • Yer, my Surface RT v1 is more than fast enough for office work. Surface 2 must rock complete socks. I don't need x86 either. And you get the extra saftey of RT <not> being able to run any old app. RT is superb. I'm gobsmacked its not got more traction.
  • Same Here! RT is fantastic... and It is a tablet people.  I have a more powerful ultrabook when I really need windows pro.  I really think that RT is going to be the new desktop os in the future.  It is best fo the customer and even pros who want a simple windows OS with little securtiy and other things to worry about. I still have my super computers and such, but my surface  rt and my surface 2 tables have been the best tablet I have owned...  My iPad has been going and even thought I just bought a nexus 7, it has under performed for what I expected.. I  wanted a small tablet that was a throw away, but i still go to my surface.  I guess I should have picked up a dell venue 8... Well, my limit was 7 " screen...  I digress....   Windows RT is a perfectly fine OS mobile and in other places.  In time people will stop clammoring about it.  We only need the other OS for applications not written for ARM.  Any application I need that is not wrtten for ARM, I probably dont want on a mobile tablet...
  • Oh boy another media sucker. I have a Lenovo X1 Carbon and a MS surface. I dumped both for the Surface 2 running RT. With full mS Office you don't need full windows. <-- period.
  • True, I don't get why more people don't get that :)
    People just can't get their noggin' around RT, but its sweeeet. Love mine, and I am on the version 1.0 :)
  • In other words, you're waiting for a "full computer" in tablet form?  Ok.
  • ha ha, well made ad.
  • Guns don't kill people i do ! ;D
  • FBI knocking on your door, in 3..2..1 
  • :P
  • funny. i liked it.
  • Wallace and Gromit
  • Wow that was terrible. It takes too long to get to the point. And it really isn't funny at all. The Lumia 1020 ads are 10x better.
  • Don't you mean 41x better?
  • What you did there, it has been seen and thoroughly acknowledged. Kudos
  • My thoughts exactly.. Seems like a student made ad
  • I never understood the fixation for keyboards with tablets. The keyboards would (and are) have to be simply to small to make a comfortable one for a tablet.
  • try using a keyboard with your tablet for a day you will get it..
  • I have tried. I own a Surface Pro (first generation), and I think the keyboard is simply to small. IDK, maybe it's just me, but I'm used to a nice, spacy, and roomy keyboard. Something these tabletkeyboards does not provide.
  • That has not been my experience with my Surface Pro 2, the keyboard is fine. After using it, it would be hard to go with a tablet without a kickstand or keyboard.
  • Well, your tablet is a toy, this one is not.
  • Tablets = big glass screens that will scratch and spider, so it needs a cover, on screen keyboard means you loose 50-60% screen space and smudges all over it, hence, cover + keyboard = winner
  • Love the Type cover 2
  • That's why Microsoft made the Surface line-up screens the size they are. According to Panos, it's the minimal size for an awesome full sized keyboard experience. After using the Type Cover 2 with my Surface Pro 2, I say this holds true. It's ever so slightly smaller than a typical laptop keyboard, but only ever so slightly. You pick up on it within an hour. It's awesome, I literally can't imagine another tablet without a physical keyboard. Touch may be the future, but that doesn't mean the past is completely irrelevant, and for now, keyboards still go a incredibly long way to improving the overall experience.
  • I've seen better ads.
  • And I've seen worse, but that wasn't the question now, was it?
  • Buy a nice ZAGG keyboard cover for that iPad air and your back in buisness.  2520 is a nice devise but that bulky keyboard just kills it and not in a good way.
  • But then you'd still have only an iPad and not in a good way.
  • Empasis on your first word "buy." The Nokia currently comes with a keyboard included.
  • Where's that trackpad? Yeah, I thought so.
  • Some are defective from past (bad) experiences. Not a very nice device.
  • Still, you have a toy. Just another row of icons, invented back -90. To make that keyboard usefull, you need MS Office. iWork is just LITE version of MS Office. That being sayd, iPad is just fine for gaming. I have the new iPad by myself. But when I need a real workhorse, I need to put that toy aside and grab a real tool.
  • Just as the ad shows, an iPad is not a work device.  For any real document that needs writing a laptop wins everytime.  Of course an RT device with keyboard and mouse is basically a full Office laptop, hence the ad. As a toy to browse the Internet, watch some videos and play games, iPad wins hands down.  For something more useful, Windows 8 rules.
  • How does the iPad win hands down in any of those things (other than games)?
  • I have a Surface RT.  Web is slow in IE on it.  Safari is a smoother web experience.  I would expect Surface 2 to be smoother now of course. Games, iPad is better of course. Videos... well it's kind of a mix.  I mean Flash is great on RT as it enables me to watch things like Amazon Video.  But since there is a native app on the iPad for that, that is more power/user friendly.  RT of course lets you browse your network and stream videos which is great though. As I said, for something more useful, Windows 8 rules!
  • Does that mean you can play Happy Wheels on the surface??
  • eh, I'm not sure sure the Ipad is the clear winner on those consumption tasks, either.  The winrt tablets do just fine at browsing, video watching, etc.  The only advantage I see to ipad is the selection of games.  My wife still pulls hers out to play candy crush, etc.
  • I really wanted to tell u how wrong u r, but two people have already done that. :D IE is amazing on RT and W8. So browsing done. Watching videos..i don't understand how that's better or any different for that matter in either of the devices. Games, well..give it some time..but that's it..ipad is like a very very expensive video game..the only worthwhile feature in an iPad, IMO, is facetime, that's also cuz all my friends use facetime to vid chat, and its relatively better than Skype and others.
  • how on earth can watching video is better on iPad, with its 4:3 aspect ratio and damn reflective screen? (I have one myself)
  • I think no need keyboard
  • I think yes need keyboard to be productive!!
  • Didn't like the ad. Too drawn out and not enough of the Lumia 2520 in it. A ton of wasted air time.
  • On the other hand here in Sweden I can buy the ipad air but I don't even know a launch date for the Nokia.
    Can it be so hard to send some from Finland?
  • Unfortunately they are not made in Finland
  • I know, but if they can send some to Finland I guess it's not that much harder to send some to Sweden too.
    I guess the market is more or less the same and Nokia is still popular here but it's not given that it continues if they neglects their old customers.
  • Cute girl but it takes too long to gee to the point.
  • I think the ad is meant to highlight what other tablets lack as compared to the Lumia 2520.
  • Haha. I like this ad.
  • Most of the people who buy the iPad didn't do it for the type of stuff they're advertising the Surface and Lumia tablets for. I think this is where all the advertising fails. He mentioned the space ad, but if you actually watch it, THAT has nothing to do with using a keyboard either. Everyone's using their fingers in that ad.
  • For one I dont have a keyboard for my 2520 yet and ... also i cant find one anywhere because they havent released it yet and finally .... i dont qualify for the free keyboard promo which makes me the biggest loser for early adopters because I bought my tablet on the 21 November from Verizon store.... I called the promo hotline and they wont let me slide ...Nov22-Dec2 only qualify
  • You know I spoke with Nokia as well about this and they said I didn't qualify either. I (pre ordered) purchased it on Nov. 17. It's surprising to me because Nokia has always been good to me...seems like an Apple move on their part. I'll just be returning mine though. 
  • I never, ever preorder hardware for that reason. The great deals usually come out a couple of weeks after release. My mum got burned on the 920 release - missed out on free wireless charging plates by a day. She complained to Nokia and they gave her some store credit.
  • Such a long and stupid ad. Lumia 2520 wasn't even shown for more than 2 seconds. Looked more like an ad made by college students for their Marketing 101 class.
  • Uhhh. There are a shit load of keyboard options for the iPad. 
  • Free?
  • The Lumia's keyboard won't be free for much longer. ;)
  • Eventually they need to quit with the ads that make fun of the competition and spend their time showing what their own devices do. There's enough tablet owners out there and the majority of them are IPad/Android tablet users, so spending the entire commercial showing what the Windows tablet can do will be more effective at convincing existing tablet owners there's reason to switch. That commercial is 78 seconds and only 14 seconds of it show the Lumia 2520. I'm not an advertising genius, but when less than 20% of your advertisement shows the product you are promoting I don't think you're going to do a good job promoting it.
  • Its also the last thing to be shown, with big bold impact letters that sticks in your mind. Ultimately most tablets look and feel the same. People don't need to be reminded that its another black piece of glass, but if you poke fun at Apple its always fun and memorable
  • You clearly don't know anything about advertising. :D you tell people why its better, and people will flock to the internet to find out more. Making fun of an iPad gets it the much needed publicity for instance i tell my friend "hey..did u check out the new 2520 ad. Ripped iPad into pieces" and people watch..they know more..etc etc..u get it..right..??
  • Pretty lame ad. And I still think "Lumia 2520" is an awful name for a tablet. I remember some mention of the name "Harmonia." Why didn't they stick with that? I think a Harmonia line of tablets would be pretty sweet. I dislike the name iPad but it's concise at least.
  • Umm video is about Xbox one?
  • Why not mention the price? As in the 2520 WITH LTE and 32GB on board is much less than the equivalent iPad. This feels more like a Microsoft ad and less like a Nokia ad than anything.
  • Took way too long to get to the point
  • This was pretty funny :D
  • Yes it is
  • That's my ringtone.  I thought my phone was ringing in the other room!
  • Heh. That's exactly what happened with me, which is why I mention the ringtone thing in the post. :-)
  • The video doesnt show any Apple product. Haha the tablet is ALMOST the same as the ipad air
  • This was terrible imho
  • "Built in Microsoft Office" makes it sound... like it was built in a Microsoft office :P
  • Hyphens make all the difference, eh?
  • Terrible ad that took way to long to get to a meaningful point.  However, since I already purchased a 2520 for my high school age daughter (Christmas present), I know exactly what they are trying to convey.  I wanted to get her something that she could actually use for school work (our district has a bring-your-own-device policy) so the MS Office inclusion was an absolute must.  On the other hand, there are all of the apps that she could possibly need or desire that make this a highly useful device.  When Nokia decided to throw in the keyboard for free, it became a no-brainer. Through my corporate discount I was able to get a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro for $850 but that seemed like it was more than what she needed or could possibly use.  However, at $500 + $150 for the KB for the 2520, I was heavily leaning toward the Yoga 2 Pro.  However, the extra $150 savings swung me back to the 2520.
  • There is no good ad or bad ad. You attract people's attention that's good enough. Those silly people complain it didn't show this didn't show that. This is not a tutorial. You have only 10 seconds.
  • surface2 you're doing it right :)
  • I am very very interested in the 2520.  Less so after watching that cringey ad.  That was horrible. 
  • I still think they are going after the wrong thing. It's android they need to go after, not apple who is essentially on self destruct due to their prices and bleeding share to android.
  • Tablet functionality & usability is not about branding or a specific ecosystem. Being able to run stripped down versions of premium software does not help a user in this respect regardless of how powerful or efficient the hardware actually is. A tablet isn't an iPad, Galaxy, Android, Kindle or Nexus. It is a 'form factor'. It should give a convenient computing experience if it is used for email, web browsing, some gaming, & maybe playing some music & videos. It is like a mini computer. Since a computer is just a tool, like any other tool, it can be used correctly (or incorrectly) for a specific task. An application is usually run to achieve that. But what if we want to do two things at the same time? Three things? Four? This is called multitasking. We need to be able to view multiple applications that are running at the same time without flipping back & forth between individual screens. We need to be able to switch between apps in a meaningful way. If you can write up or show notes, open a bunch of tabs, choose the best links, then copy them into a spreadsheet, it’s a simple task, but on many tablets it is simply far too painful to achieve. Switching from a browser with a lot of tabs open to another app can make one app fall out of memory so all the tabs will refresh in the browser, or you can be kicked out of a spreadsheet, again and again. Listening to audio from a tabbed webpage should not be discontinued if you switch tabs or decide to browse other applications or option screens. It should be easily possible to jump back and forth between a browser with a bunch of tabs open & also be able to copy/paste multiple links or text without issue. Apps should not fall out of memory. This is what we were easily able to do on a computer. It is full multitasking. We suddenly realise we cannot do that on our 'tablet' after all, so we have to go to our 'real computer' to be able to achieve it!  We end up with a half-baked & extremely frustrating experience. Finger swiping between screens that are too small to be able to offer us any significant real estate to achieve basic functionality & capabilities just contributes to many of these extreme annoyances. The software used on a tablet includes it's operating system, which is specifically written, coded & modified as necessary to take advantage of it's hardware. Not the other way round. With 64 bit computers, it is possible to 'make use' of more than 4GB of memory (RAM). If anything, this should be convenient for multitasking, but on a tablet this is, as yet, not 100% possible. Android, for example,  as yet cannot even run on 64 bit hardware, (only iOS 7 or Windows 8.1 currently supports it). There is actually only one tablet operating system out there that offers true multitasking & has a version with the full capability to make use of more than 4GB of memory. In many ways with multitasking, we are only limited by the very form factor that brought convenience in the first place. So it can be best to start with a bigger screen. Android now has basic (split screen) multi-tasking, at least between apps that are coded to specifically to support it. For real multitasking though we need to have Windows RT or Windows 8.1 where even in the tablet form factor you can do everything. The only compromise is screen size & where you use the device. Train table, lap, in our hand, on the meal tray. Who cares, we can fit the keyboard where we can. We can plug into our big screen monitor & use it in the home or office & have everything on the one device & or in the cloud. We only have to maintain one computer that does everything, without compromise when it is simply adapted to its use scenario. We can't magically shrink it for our pocket due to its screen size or hold it to our ear or conveniently take photos like we do on our mobile phone, so in many cases two devices are all we really need, at least with our big screen & dock we already have in place in our office, wherever that may be. It is advanced technology that likely makes successful brands, or the vendors of the high performance pieces, such as the thin high resolution touch screens & getting things small enough & making them thinner. That's all advanced tech that wasn't available before. Flawed & misleading reviews are everywhere across the internet comparing tablet branding & ecosystems, marketing & brand conditioning us into feeling that we can’t have it all in one device, when it’s becoming more & more obvious now that we can, & it could happen sooner than we think. It's also silly to emotionally connect with a piece of electronics. It could be the downfall of humanity, people wanting to feel better about branded kit rather than having human interaction. Many tablets are simply fine, if limited, devices that may have created a market for themselves among people who enjoy consuming unlimited multimedia. Devices have been tweaked along the way, there is nothing wrong with that at all, but it's not why everyone should necessarily get on-board. 'Compare and contrast' is fine, but it only works when you can demonstrate objectivity. When it comes to Microsoft vs. Apple nobody can, therefore it makes sense to stick to the facts, highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a device in its own right, not in comparison to something else. For example, the iPad is not a 'superior device'. It's just a different device.
  • you can always add a bluetooth keyboard to the iPad, so just a keyboard is not a selling point.
  • Free? And what about the battery life?
  • That Lumia keyboard won't be free much longer. ;)
  • I cannot understand Microsoft/Nokia's continued insistence on marketing the 2520 and Surface as "get stuff done" devices (because that's why people buy tablets...yeah) featuring these fancy keyboard options that go for $100-150 and ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH THE PRODUCT THEY ARE SELLING. When has this ever been successful? Microsoft somehow smartened up to bundle the Kinect with Xbox One, but thinks its much maligned tablets should be just fine asking people taking a risk on an unknown product with an immauture ecosystem....and then coughing up $100+ more dollars to get the experience they see in the commercials? Dumb. Dumb. DUMB. Meanwhile, iPad has a kazillion options with full case/stand/keyboard combos going for $50 or less. 
  • The Lumia 2520's keyboard is currently free.
  • The keyboard experience on an ipad is quite a bit more limited than a keyboard for a win RT device i.e. navigating with the keyboard / trackpad / mouse, winRT works just like windows while ipad keyboards are for keying-in info only with only a few exceptions. That is besides the ipad keyboard cases add more bulk for what they do,  the major reason is this is that they don't (can't) attach to the ipad without a case. Not sure if the Nokia keyboard attachment is quite as slick as the Surface, though. I guess that adding extra battery and USB ports for the Nokia keyboard is just kind of rubbing it in. Bottom line, the ipad wasn't made for a keyboard, most windows tablets are, and it makes a huge difference. I do agree that they should come with the keyboard as a rule, and not just a limited time.
  • I love this tablet, but not the ad. The battery on the iPad Air is as great as the Surface 2's -- 10 hours, btw -- and it can last a lot! My Surface 2 lasts for 3 (or more) days without charging. Not to mention Nokia didn't really show any major software advantage over the iPad. Nokia could've done better... And it can!
  • The Lumina 2520's keyboard extends the battery life.
  • I know. And I'm not saying that this isn't a good feature - cuz it is; I'm saying that it doesn't make sense to make an ad about battery life issue on the iPad, since its battery life is, actually, on of the best features it has. I still have my iPad 2 and the battery it still awesome, though it can't compete with my Surface 2's battery, which is said to last as long as the iPad Air.
  • Wouldn't it make more since if Nokia focused more on fixing their failed device launches, and less on reminding people they have an option to buy an Ipad Air?
  • IPhone called: they made fun at us not having any HID Bluetooth profile, VPN, or notification center on our windows phones...
  • This post is about tablets ...
  • Still comparing like devices from same companies... BTW, I am an ex iPhone user and love my 920...
  • Love my Surface Pro 2, the power of Windows 8 Pro in a tablet form factor, combined with that bad ass keyboard, has truly changed my life. School is definitely a lot more efficient and more organized nowadays, especially since everything flawlessly syncs between my Lumia 1020 and my Pro thanks to SkyDrive and via One Note (I love One Note, by the way, it's a bad ass app).
  • Haha, laughing so hard got tears in my eyes. Some of you say this is a bad ad, it is not I assure you. This is exactly the situation my fellow colleagues will be in! as they lug both a laptop and iPad around, some also have invested in a very beefy portable charger for their ipads as well.
  • Great product. Terrible ad. And the music had me reaching for my phone, which uses that ringtone.
  • Will there be a Nokia devices with Windows 8 (non-RT)? I'll get one immediately.
  • +2520
  • +2820
  • Watch out, some Apple fanboys might be lurking around here, some serial killers!
  • I found the ad to be quite average. There are plenty of good ways to advertise your product,but making fun of the competitors is not it. It results in angering iPad users,instead of converting them. Looking at the top comments in the video, I think the public agrees with me. Don't get me wrong, I love windows and windows phone, but I dint think this was the correct thing to do.
  • I recently bought a Surface RT (old model) and so far I love it. I think the reviews on WinRT are misleading since they compare RT with x86. Off course there is compromise, but when you compare with iOS or Android then RT is way better. Off couse the main itch is the lack of apps, but the browser is capable enough to use the web versions of certain apps as long as it isn't Google's because they hate Microsoft's mobile devices and they don't want to support them.
  • Microsoft officially takes over, and the typically fantastic Nokia ads already start getting weak.
  • Terrible ad. The iPad has great battery life and can get a keyboard.