Nokia Lumia 620 available for pre-order at Unlocked Mobiles UK

Online UK mobile phone retailer Unlocked Mobiles has the Lumia 620 available for pre-order, with the first batch of stock expected at the end of January. The Windows Phone 8 has officially launched in China, but will be hitting other markets over the holidays and into 2013. As a low-level handset, it might not pack advanced features, but running Windows Phone 8 and at an affordable price point - it's bound to be a popular choice.

Nokia's design chief unveiled the Lumia 620 back at LeWeb in Paris earlier this month. The device sports a 3.8" display (with Clear Black technology), 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4, much like the HTC 8S, has 512MB RAM, 8GB storage (with MicroSD card support), 5MP rear camera (with front-facing camera), NFC, and weighs in at 127g. 

As well as hardware specifications, consumers who choose the Lumia 620 also open up the gates to the Nokia Collection of OEM apps. Free maps, turn-by-turn navigation, music and more is available through the Windows Phone Store. Nokia has done a superb job introducing a low-level Windows Phone 8 device that's cheaper than the HTC 8S and is more powerful - let's not even begin on the lack of a front-facing camera on the 8S. The only downside is the Lumia 620 only packs a 1300mAh battery.

Phone Seven previously got their hands on the Lumia 620 and published a video walkthrough of the device.

The unlocked Windows Phone is going for £174.98 at Unlocked Mobiles, including VAT. As mentioned above, the specifications aren't anything to shout about, but at the price of just under £200, no one can deny that the company has created something special with Windows Phone 8 loaded. The 8GB storage and MicroSD support will also go a long way.

We expect other retailers to follow with similar pricing and estimated dates of availability.

Source: Unlocked Mobiles

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • You mean the 620?
  • Headline wrong, 620, not 610, correct in article
  • I can only give them £120.00 max
  • You either can't afford this phone or not aware about some of its feature which we generally can't expect below £200
    1) Adreno 305 GPU + 1GHz Dual core krait Snapdragon S4 CPU
    2) HAAC - 2 high amplitude microphones for best audio capture in smartphones
    3) NFC
    4) Front facing camera
    5) 21 Mbps HSDPA support
    6) Support for a 5GHz frequency channel over 802.11n WiFi
    7) Dolby headphone sound enhancement
    8) All the Nokia software goodies for WP8 like lenses, location based apps are supported
  • i agree. Thats a reasonable price.
  • This phone will sell like crazy.
  • £120 is way too little. It was 190 euros before taxes. meaning the price in UK will be around £200 on launch.
  • I guess you can buy one of the Asha phones.. All the best and enjoy it.
  • that battery not gona last more than 7 hours with moderate use.
  • I dunno if i should sell my lumia 800 and get this so both my surface and phone are win 8. The downsides i can see are less battery lesser camera and storage and gorilla glass. upsides are expandable memory, win 8, newness to tie me over till contract renewale date mid autum. Memory isnt an issue as i use skydrive. hummmmm
  • The site says it has a 24 month manufacturer's warranty. Do all Nokia phones have this?
  • In EU they for certainly have always had. 
  • I wonder if it's the same in the US. I've been wanting to buy an unlocked Nokia phone but not knowing if I'll have a warranty is a little nerve racking. It would be my first unlocked phone purchase.
  • Usually only the cheap-tough kind of phone has longer warranty.
  • Until apps can be installed onto the SD card these small gig devices are useless to me.
  • APPS CAN be installed on SD cards! I have a focus(8GB) and have like 14GB of data on it and i can still install new Apps on it without any problem and they install on the SD card.
  • average app is 10m, well with 8G of them you can have fun scrolling all day long until your battery worn off.
  • They could at least speak English in the video lol phone looks great
  • Beautiful phone!!