Nokia Lumia 625 up for preorder in Russia; asking for 11990 rubles, please

The Nokia Lumia 625 is the next device set to be released by Nokia in the coming weeks. First announced two-weeks ago, the new Lumia is being angled as a more premium entry-level device. Its secret is of course the 4.7-inch ClearBlack display and the slightly bumped specs from its tiny brother, the Lumia 620. For instance, it rocks a 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU, which may just make the difference for speed versus the previous 1.0 GHz models.

For those in Russia who are interested in this sleek looking phone, you can plonk down 11990 rubles ($365) at the official N-Store (Nokia’s online store) for a pre-order. Official sale date is August 21st with deliveries expected the following day.

The Lumia 625 is certainly an interesting phone, though it still comes with a few limitations like 512MB of RAM and only 8GB of storage (microSD support is included though). Still, with the Other storage fix in GDR2 (which this has), the included LTE bands and that huge display, the Lumia 625 has piqued our interest.

Head to the N-Store (Russia) to get your pre-order setup:


Daniel Rubino

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  • Wow.... Nokia is just amazing.
    They are delivering faster and faster.
  • Rubles or roubles?
  • Either one is correct. In the US, it's the former that is used.
  • starting to lose track. I just hope they don't clone another 920 (N9?) design its being re-used too much.
  • Samsung is doing it too with the S3/S4 line. So is Apple with the iPhone 4/4S/5 and soon the 5S and 5C. Based on the huge success of Samsung's Galaxy line and Apple's iPhone line, people don't seem to mind the repetitive designs of these phones.
  • Wait, it has clearblack?
  • Russia is still in the 1960s.
  • Lol, what about north Korea? 50s?
  • I lived there for 2 years. Your comment is actually a compliment. Its really much worse anywhere outside the major cities.
  • Wrong.....they are doing pretty good.....
  • Moscow and Saint Petersburg certainly are not. They are very modern and rich metropilitans. You would be surprised.
    that said, rest of Russia, yes, probably right. 
  • I was SO looking forward to get it in October in normal store without worries and all the waitings that ebay + Post Of Russia can proudly offer to us...I don't want to live on this planet anymore
  • Thiers a dual SIM version from this device:)
  • That actually has not been confirmed and I don't trust Twitter that much.
  • U should...caus the tweet from Nokia Lebanon official account.and this version 625 will be available for middle east in the end of this year.
  • There has been plenty of wrong information from regional twitter posts before. They would have done much bigger deal out of it if it was true. You would see Nokia Conversations, press releases from Nokia and MS etc etc
    That would be first dual SIM Windows Phone and a huge deal. When Nokia introduced its first dual SIM phone couple of years ago, it sold 17 million of them on the next quarter alone.
  • Does WP8 even have the ability to handle a dual sim?
  • Damn, 350 dollars seems expensive...i think I'd rather have the 720...
  • I would rather have a 4.7 inch screen.. am waiting for this phone to come to india or US.
  • Lumia 625 is competing in the different category that is Galaxy Grand etc which are priced similarly and no doubt the price will get lower after 2-3 months.
  • There are always high prices on imported consumer goods here due to taxes and retailers, so many of us shop on eBay and Amazon even losing guarantee. You don't think 625 gonna cost $350 in US or India.
  • doubtful especially since they initially said the lumia 520/521 was going to cost around 150 euros world wide, which would have made it about 200 dollars in the US, but the 521 has gone down for as lowas 80 at one point, although its been at 130ish for the most part and the 520 is 99 at at&t. I'm hoping for 260 here in the US if it comes out. might be a nice
  • You are confused. You cannot get unlocked 520 for less than 170 dollars even in ebay.. 521 and locked 520 can be got cheaply as they carrier locked. if 625 is carrier locked in US then it will be cheaper.
  • I wonder if E. Snowden will buy a WP8 now :O
  • Did you hear that it snowden Red Square last night?
    ba, da boom. tip your waitresses, I'll be here all week...
  • In Soviet Russia, Lumia pre-orders YOU
  • Lol, in Russian slang "to order smb" = hire a killer to kill smb. Hope not to be pre-ordered...
  • Try to up date yourself,Russia isn't a soviet country now.)) You still having a wrong perceptions about Russia.
  • it's a joke from family guy about a car. look it up and lighten up! :)