Nokia Lumia 630’s specs revealed, running Windows Phone 8.1 and expected for mid-April in China

The Nokia Lumia 630 (aka ‘Moneypenny’) is expected to be the follow up to the Lumia 620, but with some beefier specs. The reason? It will be one of the first Windows Phone 8.1 devices, so it will be getting a lot of attention.

Information about the device has now come forwarded from Nuoji it, a user on Baidu who leaked the information yesterday. In addition, a new, lower resolution product shot showing the Lumia 630, Lumia 1320 and Lumia 1520 all placed together has also been found.

An image from what looks like a device manual confirms the size of the device, along with the specs. It was only a few days ago that Evleaks leaked out the first render of what the device will look like.

Lumia 630 specifications (unconfirmed, but likely)

  • 4.5 inches touch screen
  • 854x480 resolution
  • Virtual touch keys
  • Size: 129.5 x 66.7mm.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • Dual SIM (variant)

While not the most exciting phone, it should be a solid upgrade from the Lumia 620, especially since that phone has a very small display. Still, the Lumia 630 will make a splash very early on as the new 8.1 phone is expected to launch in China in mid-April

That’s right after Microsoft’s Build conference, where 8.1 will officially be unveiled. We wouldn’t be surprised if the Lumia 630 makes an appearance, as this would make a good 8.1 developer phone.

Source: Baidu,; Thanks, hengxiang32401, for the tip

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Mid April is not bad. Glad to hear of a new WP 8.1 device. Hope it kicks some Nokia X a**
  • Lol they are not competing
  • WP 8.1 may even be installable on the X.  The hardware is compatible, so why wouldn't they make it dual OS compatible?
  • Rubino said nothing was coming until June, I guess he was wrong.. again.
  • June ? OMG im going to USA on april 9th, i was hoping i could get a Lumia 1820 by then... :(
  • I thought the 1820 was just a rumour.
  • I'm waiting for the 4730. BOOM!
  • Design is absolute joke. Massive bezel, thick and heavy. Not to mention pathetic screen resolution and funny color.
    Can't wait for Microsoft to take over and stop this nonesense. This type of hardware is doing more damage than good. 620 was a decent compact phone. Why Nokia, why?
  • The phone is rumoured to be in the price range of Lumia 520 or lower. At this range, this could be the best phone to buy
  • Looks good but what happened to the front facing camera?
  • My guess is there won't be a follow up to the 520, so the 600 series is now the bottom, hence lack of ffc to make it cheaper.
  • 525 is already a follow up with upgrade
  • the flash might also be missing the last iimage (yellow phone) shows that, might have or might not have still not sure.........
  • Or maybe it will just have a similar camera layout to the Lumia 820
  • Yes i think asha 5xx will replace lumia. So 6xx ia now the lowest series
  • What? But 620 has front camera and flash...isn't 630 supposed to be an upgrade...apart from the double ram
  • Yeah, if it is not full featured then it can't be a developers good phone
  • Cool!
  • Looks like the same phone.
  • I second that. And do we know when we'll have our next flagship device? Been thinking of replacing my 920 for a 1020 but I don't know if I should wait for the flagship 8.1... (hate larger screens so no 15xx for me)
  • Hope to have an exchange offer with my sweet l620 in India...
  • Daniel, The clear photo is updated in source.
  • k, fixing, thanks
  • You also need to correct your explanation of the product shot.. "620" when it should be the "630" alongside the 1320, and 1520...
  • Daniel you should also mention that it will be a Quad Core processor if that last image can be believed. Because that's what it says in first bullet point.
  • Here's comes Goldfinger with the '3D Touch' features after this. Leak should take that long I hope
  • Why they positioned the nokialogo in the middle?? It nicer when they put it on the right side, such as 920..
  • What a lame complaint, as if something about the way one use the phone would change because of that. 
  • I prefer it in the center, but that's because I am OCD about symmetry :)
  • It still isn't unless the name is a palindrome.
  • Yeah, but that would have to be NOKI>|OИ which is a little hard to pronounce
  • I thought it being in the center makes most sense.
  • I just hope Nokia will launch a new high end phone running 8.1 and better than 1520! Samsung already have a ATIV successor. Bet its gonna run 8.1 too
  • Nokia Xl? :)
  • Nokia XI is android right?....right!!!
  • I'm sure theyll release a succesor to the 920... That will be much better than the 1520, as you'll actually be able to take it with you when you leave the house...
  • Moneyponey sounds like a James Bond villian.
  • Moneypenny was a secretary in the MI6 offices. Goldfinger was a bond villain.
  • Miss Moneypenny is a secretary in the Bond films
  • Her fantaszing about Bond in the 20th film is damn lovely. I want that pair of vr glasses
  • No front camera... also want to know what main camera is like
  • Maybe I'll buy the new 630 for my sister :)
  • perfect for those who want to upgrade from lumia 620.
  • No it's not. Losing ffc and screen resolution is not the sacrifice one would make... I wont. :(
  • dont you want better processor , ram ?
  • L620 present. I would prefer a Lumia 920...that it will cost far less.
  • but its got a huge (relatively) screen now.
  • Of course, but not sacrificing anything. Moreover they need a beefier spec'd around 4" counterpart. I'll pass.
    Now where is that damn 730 :)
  • Ugh, they should have really upped that screen resolution since its being marketed to China. A lot of the cheap Droid phones over there are running 720p and up screens. 854x480 is just not enough to cut it these days.
  • if only the screen size was retained ..... all the big screen fad is so lame . things like movies are meant to be watched on tvs and computers not on mobiles ... anyway forever 620 
  • Not everyone sits in front of TVs all days. Being on the go commuters who use transit and quick ways to burn off time is great for mobile users. One could say the same for games and that they should only be played on PCs and consoles only. Or books should only ready on paperback.
  • yeah but a smaller size screen varient would help .... you have the other series of phones that could have bigger screens the 6XX should have been kept for smaller screens .... use the 13XX and 15XX heck 18XX for big screens .... 6XX should have been for us small hand people
  • Exactly... 620 and 720 was almost the same with different screen size and small phones have it's target audience... 
  • My thoughts exactly. I only went WP because of the screen size of the 620. Looks like I'm stuck with it for some time longer. But I've gotta say... from the four smart phones I had over the years, the 620 is the first that doesnt feel much slower than at the beginning. 
  • That is Windows phone lag free for years..... Android starts to lag within 6 months ... Even high end ..
  • No FFC? And i want to see the 920's successor!!! Times are hard ... 1520, Icon or the Goldfinger?  
  • +930 or whatever they will call it :D
  • 1820 sounds just good to me ! Or maybe it will be called the International Icon ...
  • +1820 ;)
  • I want/need virtual touch keys. It should make larger screened phones more manageable in size. I'm interested in this phone if its coming to Verizon. I'm betting that its not though. I would buy the Icon however my contract is up in September. Looking forward to the first 8.1 WP on the V.
  • 854х480? Hn-n-ng
  • Huh? The extra scree height is for the on-screen buttons, if that's what you're referring to.
  • Should be 4 inch :(
  • Someone with your screen name shouldn't ask for smaller size.
  • ^THIS!
  • So after all Nokia brand is going to stay alive for now?
  • No. The deal to purchase the Device hasn't been finalized yet.
  • The deal hasn't closed yet. So it's probable that upon closing either the name is removed or that these are the last ones to come with it.
    Unless Microsoft buys a license after the deal to use the name. Maybe in the same deal that moves the Nokia X platform to their hands.
  • The deal will go through. We both know that. When it does, Microsoft does have 10 yr license for Nokia brand name. So they could decide not to remove that at all. It will still be Nokia Lumia 630, only that staff has paycheck from Microsoft and office in Redmond. They don't need to buy the license separately. Its part of the deal.
  • It's not a question of going through or not. It's a question of Microsoft NOT having the rights. According to the deal, that 10 year license is ONLY for phones under the S30 (dumbphones) and S40 (Asha) series. Microsoft can not use the Nokia brand neither on Lumia nor Nokia X devices. That's why I said they'd need another licensing deal.
  • Yes. The deal hasn't been finalized yet. It's business as usual until it does. This is also why there is an Android Nokia phone releasing soon.
  • Not fond of the size increase. The good thing about the 620 is its size. Increasing it will alienate many people.
  • This. I want a 4" phone with decent specs, not a wide range of big, bigger and huge phones. Some people like small. Remember the 8000 series phones?
  • So, the screen size is bigger than I expected (4,3)... Maybe:
    - Lumia 530: 4,3; - Lumia 630: 4,5; - Lumia 730: 4,5 (HD); - Lumia 830: 4,7 (HD); - Lumia 930: 5,0 (Full HD). <----- my next phone :D
  • Gui, estou esperando o sucessor do 920 também... Não consigo enjoar do meu 920 que tenho faz 1 ano hahahaha!
  • no one understands you ha ha ha 
  • Hmm Guilherme does. :D
  • I do. And 260 million people around the World do to :P
  • What!!!!?
  • I said: "I'm waiting for the 920's successor too... Even though I'm not sick of my 920 which I bought 1 year ago hahahaha!"
  • seeing the unusual O ending words i would say that is spanish am i right?
  • lol
  • No, abhishake620, you are really, really wrong. ^.^
  • Nop. You couldn't be more wrong. It's Portuguese. And in this case it's not even standard-Portuguese but Brazilian Portuguese. =P
  • If the 930 has microSD, and comes to AT&T, then I'll buy it. A replica of the 1520, but smaller, is all a want. And please don't mention the icon guys...
  • Micro SD and wireless charging...  the latter is unlikely though.
  • Sounds plausible :)
  • Lol!! Very good...
  • 5.2" - 5.5" would be perfect ! But hey that's just my opinion lol ! the 5" variant will probably be my next phone too!
  • Mid-April sounds really good in terms of the timeline! I was assuming a lot of the phones wouldn't be out until May and June. Looks like Microsoft/Nokia is making sure the phones get out sooner rather than later.  I'm really hoping that the MASSIVE improvement that 8.1 is going to be over 8.0 will entice the OEMs to create more devices and spend more time creating excellent devices. Maybe that will lure some of the other companies back that have stopped making Windows Phones.
  • I am eager for the day where WP reaches feature parity with WM. WP8.1 will get us closer, but still not there. It is truly sad.
  • Well getting out sooner or later... I hope that whatever device is gonna be announced at build can reach Singapore by June-July. Had to wait an awfully long time for the 920 to come out here. :( 
  • Sooo another recycled design...
  • It's wayy different...
  • It's Nokia so they'll say it's not recycled. Only Samsung recycles designs.
  • The on-screen keys don't look really... appealing to me... ugh...
  • Want to buy a dual sim phone for my dad and 630 has been what I'm looking for. But now the leaked specs is a bit not that attractive. 4.5 is a bit small and snapdragon 400 is no better than high speed s4. Why can't Nokia/Microsoft release a high end dual sim phone like galaxy note?
  • They probably will release more dual-sim windows phones, but a very high end dual-SIM...not sure.
  • 4.5" is "a bit small"??? You know that normal consumers will say the opposite, right? Lol
  • I have been using lumia 1520 since early december. The more I use it, the more I feel my one year old lumia 920 is too tiny for use. Big screen phones have been super popular in Asia, because people dare to give a try. I believe no later than end 2014 we will see more smart phones with 5'' or bigger screen than those below 5''. I can confidently say so because current data already shows more than 1/3 of smart phones shipped out have screens no less than 5'', and the number keeps increasing.
  • That's more because people don't really have a choice. Until the Z1 Compact, if you wanted a decent Android, you were forced to go above 5". Not everyone wants a big 5" phone or a 6" dinner tray in their pockets. Actually, few want. They just can't have it. Unless they bought an iPhone.
  • It's not about having no choice. OEMs increase screen sizes due to market demand. Sure not everyone wants a big phone, but that doesn't change the fact that more and more people like big phones, which is shown in the trends in Asia. Maybe Western consumers are not so keen on big screen phones, but Asia surely is the biggest market for large phones now. Many people don't want to carry a tablet around too, so big screen phones make a lot of sense. Also the fact that iPhone's market share keeps decreasing already shows that its tiny screen is not a good enough reason to attract consumers. Let's just wait and see what happens in one or two years time. Big screen is the trend, and it will continue to be the trend (it doesn't mean all phones will come with large screen, it simply means this category will be the most sought after screen size for phones), not due to OEMs push, but due to market demand.
  • That screen resolution sucks big time. I guess it'll all come down to price but there are a few very affordable 720p screen androids out there and with ff camera.
  • FFC missing...looks like flash also should be called 530 or 535..
  • In the below pic, the bezel is shown more thinner. But in the first pic. OMG, WTF bezel!!!!
  • Having zero bezel looks ugly, but since the buttons are on screen, the bezel should be smaller...
  • Dem bezels... hopefully those renders are not equal to the reality :)
  • 854x480? Isn't it usually 800x480 or 480x800?
  • New displays often use this. It's closer to a true 16:9 aspect ratio, better for movies and TV (same ratio as 1920*1080 and 1366*768).
  • Or, those extra 54 pixels could match the height of the on screen buttons... very likely.
  • Replace "Or" with "And", and I'm with you. Perfect for having onscreen buttons when not watching media, perfect aspect ratio when the buttons are gone while you're watching something. Would also prevent those pesky accidental presses on the seach and back buttons when you hand the phone to someone...
  • Extra pixels for the onscreen buttons?
  • I just wanted the same exact 620 but with 1gb ram and a bit bigger screen...was that so hard to make? D:
  • Seems like you got it?
  • It's missing ffc and flash :P
  • I'm dissappointed. I was hoping the lumia-600-line would stick to small display-sizes. I know a bunch of people (mostly women) who doesn't like displays bigger than 4inches (too chunky for their pockets, etc.). I don't understand that big-display-hype recently, I mean for my average sized hands a 4.5inch display is the maximum I can handle with one hand thus making everything above unhandy as a smartphone. I'm still waiting for more powerful Wp8 devices with a display size of less than 4inch.
  • I seriously doubt you we will ever see a high specs smartphone with a 4" screen, let alone even smaller. The only smartphone that comes close is the Sony Z1 compact, running android, obviously.
  • With more powerful I meant nothing like an high end Smartphone but something with a good dualcore, acceptable camera with flash and 1gb ram or more. Thats not too much in my eyes. I would've loved a 620 with 1gb ram, microSD Slot, NFC, Qi Cover and a camera like the 720 or just simple 8mp+flash.....everything packed with an 3.8 or 4inch screen.
  • If the Z1 Compact proves successful (I hope it does) then maybe we'll start seeing a new trend in mobile devices.
    Also Apple intends to keep at least one iPhone with the current 4". So only WP will be missing a phone like that: small and powerful.
  • I remember people defending on-screen keys because that would allow for much smaller bezel on the bottom. Yeah, right.
  • People forget technology has to be placed somewhere.
  • So wait. No physical touch buttons but still a big space at the bottom?
  • I want a Lumia 930 with high spec just like the Lumia Icon.... And more innovative things
  • With microSD! Then I'm set!
  • +3310
  • I'm waiting to hear about the Lumia 830 specs. More like I can't wait!
  • No FFC is a step back. Especially in this age of Instagram and such.
  • Exactly, stupid decision
  • Daniel, are we still looking at a June timeframe for current WP's to be updated?  
  • its july august .unless you opt for dev preview..
  • Why is the bottom bezel still huge?
  • 3 columns support please.
  • FFC missing is a huge drawback if that's the case. It's one of the things that differentiated the 620 from the 520 in everyday usability.
  • Don't forget the flash, that's why I went with the more expensive 620 over the 520 :D
  • How can it be a follow up of the 620 if it has a much bigger screen ? It can't be, lol.
  • I want a 920 successor, will buy immediatly. As well as Nokia X.
  • I hope we get to see the replacements for the 520 and 620 screen sizes, as there is a market for something around the iphone or smaller in size from talking to friends (even if I'm happy with 4.5" myself).  Especially with the wasted area on the older 620, a slightly smaller one could be quite attractive and sell more on its form factor rather than rely on being much lower in price.
  • If I paid 2k to attend build and they gave me this piece of shit I'd be furious.
  • You should be happy to get anything at all. You're paying to attend a conference about the future of development, not to get freebies.
  • I get what you're saying, but Microsoft has set themselves some pretty high bars with the //BUILD giveaways the last few years, so people are going to expect something decent.  I AM going to //BUILD and I hope that I get something better than this device although I won't be "furious" if this is what they give us. With things like giveaways, it's all about the expectations people have.  It's true that you don't pay to attend the conference just to get the giveaways, but people will expect nice things if they've gotten something nice year after year previously (or seen others getting something nice).  Microsoft is also competing with Google and everyone hears about the 5 devices Google gives all its developers at I/O every year (and the conference costs half as much as //BUILD), so Microsoft developers get jealous of that.
  • I know it's only a render but did they remove the camera button too? It's hard to tell.
  • I can't say I'm a fan of that product shot. It makes me concerned that we won't get other devices for the 8.1 launch from Nokia. My cousin upgrades in May, and the 1520 is too big for the general public, meaning there is nothing in the U.S. outside of Verizon for the masses. We need the 93x line to launch...BADLY.
  • 620 is 3,8" device, this is 4,5"!!! And SAME resolution?!?!?!? Well done Nokia, another big phone! There are also ppl who like smaller phones like the 620!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is NOT the successor of the 620, this is crap!!!!!
    I keep my 620 as long as another small and GOOD phone will be released or I quit MS!!! Damn it
  • A "successor" should be the same size / shape, but with better hardware. This is just another 4,5" phone. we have enough of them! So i can go and buy the 720,820,920,1020 if i want a big phone! But NO, i want a SMALLER phone because i like to write with ONE hand. And guess what, not EVERYBODY got big hands to handle a 5" screen easily!
    You are lame
  • Oh no... I wanted a 620 upgrade of just the ram and slightly bigger screen. Well. I hope the 730 turns out to be different.
  • Seems like a step back from the 620. No ffc and a large screen goes against what makes the 620 appealing. Hopefully Nokia have more coming up for those who want a smaller screen. Defo would love to see more WP with smaller screen but with 720p screen. The HTC HD2 seemed crazy with its 4.3 inch screen now it's something I'd like to see more of.
  • Looks like the era of sub 4 inch phones are truly over :(. The screen size is to big for my kid sister. We went saw the 625 at the local phones4u and it was too big. So its a cross between the 620 and the 525.
  • No Lumia 420? xD
  •   Why China only?  North America could use a model like this.
  • The bezel is strong with this one.
  • Come on. If its gonna be 4.5 inches, at least make it 720p. If the Moto g could have a high res display, why couldn't the 630 do it? This doesn't seem like an upgrade to me.
  • It's another overpriced (if it will be priced like Lumia 620) junk phone from Nokia. They're clearly not learning. 
  • boring update.. if all x30 updates are going to be this boring im very disappointed  
  • why
  • Seems.... 
  • I think Microsoft is focusing too much on making more phones, then actually working on updating WP OS and producing more apps. We have enough hardware, now we need more software support! They are going to lose a lot of customers if they won't provide stable app and OS updates flow. All this people who bought they Wp phones and areon 2 year contract are feeling like MS is not holding they part of the deal - promise to bring more apps and updates and stuff like that, and as soon as they contracts are over this clients will jump Android brand in a sec. Hell, even I'm considering trading my current 1020 with a cam grip for Android device, and I've been with WP for a pretty long time - but I do feel like MS is playing games now. 
  • I wouldnt want Lumia 5xx series to be gone :(
    The 52x series was a complete gamechanger even in India, where most buyers buy either 520 or 920. Rip Asha off and price Nokia X Series lower and should do. I dont want stupid Asha eating up the 52x or 53x model numbers away from Lumia. Those things suck. And the lack of flash in 630 shall spoil it like hell
    Not to forget, the VERY SLIGHTLY bigger resolution (just +54 to the 800) into a 4.5 up from 4 or 3.8 is just complete madness. They could do with atleast 540x960 which is better. Nokia, WHAT ARE U DOING! P.S.
    I would go with the 620 over my 525 anyday if not for the RAM problem.
    The lack of flash and FFC is just too irritating sometimes, but the gaming makes up for it.
  • You realise that if the 6xx replaces the 5xx, it means the 7xx replaces the 6xx. There's nothing wrong with what they are doing if instead of devices in the 5-10xx series it will be 6-10xx, which will still cover all price points.
  • Personally, i feel that the 5xx series should continue. The demise of it will feel awkward to me as I have a Lumia 525, part of the 5xx.  And even if they omit it, they should ATLEAST add a flash to the 6xx baseline. It was a mistake Nokia has done in the 520/1/5, to omit a flash and FFC, just to cut costs. They could have atleast added a flash. IDK about pricing in the US and UK, but in India here, the pricing here is right for every Lumia model, cause we get a L520 at 7500 INR, roughly $125. An Android under 10000 INR is sluggish and low on features, regardless of brand.
  • I would guess the bump in resolution is only so that they can fit the row of on-screen buttons at the bottom.  Otherwise, it's the same as a current 800 x 480 WP device.
  • That with a 4.5 inch screen will make the resolution horrible. It will look too pixelated.
    Such a resolution should actually stay ONLY on a 3.5-3.8 inch.
    4 - 4.3 - 540x960
    4.5 - 4.7 - 720p
    5 and above - 1080p Just my opinions on the right resolution with display inches.
  • Anyone else notice the on screen controls instead of capacitive?
  • Considering the specs this seems much more a successor to the 520 than to the 620.  
  • Lumia 520 is cool but next Lumia of low-end Lumia owner should be atleast with front facing camera and 1gig ram
  • I do agree with you +525
  • WHY 4,5" ??? WHY !!! WE NEED AT LEAST << ONE >> 3,8" / 4" WINDOWS PHONE !!!! DAMN YOU NOKIA !
  • WHY 4,5" ??? WHY !!! WE NEED AT LEAST << ONE >> 3,8" / 4" WINDOWS PHONE !!!! + that ridiculous resolution??? Rofl...
  • Hey Daniel what do you think about the 1020 replacement (1820?). Isn't that what gold finger is for?
  • It's sad they increace the screen size but maintain the same resolution. And where is the ff cam ?? That's one of the reason I pick 620 over 520.
  • 620 with little bit better battery and cam, little bit faster. And perfect!
  • I reckon a 1500 mAh battery and 1.3 MP FFC, along with a 1.5 GHz dual-core and maybe Adreno 225? The rest remain and this should replicate what L520 did for Nokia.
  • As revealed from the Preview, WP 8.1 will support 2 more resolution: qHD 540x960 (540p) and WQHD 1440x2560 (1440p; or 2K with some ignorant guy); FWVGA 480x854 wasn't seen on support list. With this information, I think 630 will have 540x960 screen, decent enough for a low-mid device.
  • Still waiting for Lumia 635 tho.
  • 525 is a shit phone with laggy gameplay and no upgrade from the 1 ghz processor.If this is just a 1 gb Ram variant of 620 then a waste of time.Else if they upgrade the processor then it'll be a great low cost phone.
  • I wouldn't call it shit, regardless I have it or not (I own L525)
    It IS laggy, but not to the extent of Android phones in that price.
    Please get me an Android phone for $100-125 which can play games, and have a butter smooth OS as good as a L525 (The OS throughout the Lumia line is smooth). This is a Lumia 630, it won't be a RAM upgrade to a 620. If it is, Nokia are starting to make mistakes, like doing only a RAM upgrade to 520 and dubbing it 525. A flash would help certainly.
  • Nokia should be ashamed. Such crappy specs and they'll probably price this at $200+. The motorola Moto G has a 720p screen, great buuld quality, a faster clocked processor and runs Android 4.4 with access to more apps than this can dream of...and costs only $179 - 199! Why is Nokia still shoving in such a low res screen in this device? Aren't they even interested in competing? Dear Nokia, The world is changing. Mediatek Octacore powered phones with 720p screens will be flooding the asian market in the next month or so, for little above $200. You are  making the same stupid mistake Blackberry made when they priced their 'budget' Q5 way too high. Loads of OEMs have seen the popularity of the Lumia 520 and plan to replicate it. This will flop hard if priced in a stupid manner  
  • Resolution does not mean everything. Cores do not mean anything.
    I have a 822 with a 4.5" 480x800 display, and it is very pleasant to read off of. Paper specifications mean little to me, especially when they are used improperly. The Sony Walkman WM-Z series players run on ICS with a 4.5" 480x800 display and look very sharp, much better than the crop of Chinese branded phones I have tried. This mentality is the reason why the Q5 failed. The only thing I do not like about the 822/920 is that their headphone out is not as good as the Nokia 808's. Interestingly enough, this was not in any tabulated specification list I have read ;)
  • I was hoping for a better display than 625 but since this will be a low end budget device ($150-199) I can accept this decision.