Nokia Lumia 800 Available in South Africa 7th Feb

This is a small update for those of you from South Africa that have been following the previous Nokia Lumia posts.

Previously we received a tip that the Nokia Lumia 800 would be available in South Africa sometime during the first quarter of 2012. Now Nokia has announced it officially and given a fixed date via their Facebook page. So how long do we need to wait? Well, not long at all. The Nokia Lumia 800 will be launching in South Africa on the 7th of February 2012!

I don't know how Nokia/Microsoft managed to make this possible, as South Africa is more often than not way behind the rest of the world (in terms of phone releases). But I know a lot of South Africans will be extremely excited to be able to get their hands on a Windows Phone 7, especially the Lumia 800. The official launch party is taking place on the 25'th of this month, and we will be there to report back!

Source: Nokia SA's Facebook page; Thanks, Japie, for the tip!

WC Staff