Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone survives MACH 5 wind tunnel test [Video]

Feel free to file this under "why the <insert favourite obscene word> would I need to know this?" or 'unbelievably pointless', but should you so happen to own a fighter jet and are able to take off from your driveway you will at least have some peace of mind that your Lumia 800 would survive MACH 5 speeds should it be thrown out of said jet in mid-flight.

NokNok decided to put the toughened Windows Phone to the test with a wind tunnel capable of blasting air at MACH 5. Unfortunately you would need to have a cushion for the handset to land on, or you could be a real 'badass' and swoop down in your fancy jet to catch it before the device ultimately crashes into the Earth. 

So, should anyone query your vast knowledge of smartphones for a handset that can withstand MACH 5 speeds and be a unique user experience, you'll know which direction to point them in.

Source: NokNok, YouTube

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Now see what happens if you put it in a glass of water.
  • Heh, yeah, or drop it 10,000 feet up in the middle of a torrential thunderstorm.
  • actaully, I did something close to that. Over the weekend I forgot to take my WP out of my pant and ended up in my washer. I found out 10 minutes into the wash...took it out and the flash kept flashing non-stop. I quickly pulled out the battey, blowed dry it. When I turned it on the next day alot of malfuntion...first it had all kind of problem starting up, then the screen was really off with lines running all over the place, touch screen only worked half of the time. As time passed it seem like it's fixing it self.  Screen color is way off and the camera still not working...everything else see to work my surprise.
  • The problem there is not so much the water itself, but the detergent and all the other stuff mixed in to the water which will, most likely, increase conductivity. Then there'll be some residue once the water has evaporated.
  • not sure if the detegent was in the water yet 10 min in, but if it hadn't, u would really want to buy a bunch of those anti-moisture pack and throw your phone in there for a couple days before powering it up (rice might work too)
    (probably way too late now lol)
  • I did put it in rice. I'm pretty sure it was dead when I pulled it out of the washer...soaked wet. Luckily it's still usable for the next few weeks....til nokia 900 debuts....seem like it's meant to be. :)
  • My C7 did that too... Flash blinking every few seconds... Call Speaker not working...
    Though It took nearly two weeks to self repair... 
  • If it could survive a fall from a jet its one thing, but wind?
  • I'm holding out for the next phone that can handle Mach 6.
  • Just awesomeness!
  • Lol crazy story's lol
  • my friend's Lumia 800 glass got shattered by a fall from below 5ft hight on concrete!! :(