Lumia 900

Even though officially Nokia is suppose to be mum on the issue, that hasn't stopped Nokia Portugal via their Facebook page from speaking about the 900 availability there.

In a comment on their wall they explicitly state that the Lumia 900 will be launching there at some point:

"Por fim, respondendo à questão do Daniel, sim, vamos também lançar o Nokia 900 em Portugal." / "Finally, answering the question Daniel, yes, we will also launch the Nokia 900 in Portugal. "

And no, they don't seem to be confusing it with the Lumia 800 which is what the original discussion was about. The Lumia 900 was announced as an AT&T "exclusive" but many believe that deal to only last from anywhere from 45 days to 3 months, with world-wide launches coming by mid 2012. Next month, Mobile World Congress is occurring in Barcelona and it may be a good time for Nokia to start announcing when that device will launch for the rest of the world. At any rate, we're seeing more and more of these smaller Nokia channels mentioning the device, which is a good sign.

Source: Facebook; Thanks, João and Francisco F, for the tips!