Report - Nokia Lumia 900 no longer selling in the top 3 on AT&T

The Lumia 900 Windows Phone has dropped out of the top three selling mobile devices on AT&T, according to data collected by Canaccord Genuity. The Nokia flagship smartphone has enjoyed a number of months in the top three positions for best-selling devices (we covered Amazon's list), but due to weakening sales it has since fallen prey to competition. 

Michael Walkley, analyst at Canaccord Genuity, had the following to say on the Lumia 900 absence.

"Our checks indicated weaker sales for the Nokia Lumia 900 at AT&T and ongoing minimal BlackBerry sales at all four U.S carriers."

This was to be expected, especially with Windows Phone 8 just around the corner, and Nokia easing up on the intense marketing campaigning. We're likely to see their Apollo hardware take the top spots once released, and knowing AT&T they'll only settle for the high-end Windows Phone.

With the announcements to be made tomorrow, not to mention HTC's event on September 19th, it's an exciting time for Windows Phone.

via: BGR, WMPU

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Why would it? It's being replaced tomorrow. Well, its replacement will be anounced anyway.
  • Its being replaced. A phone can't stay top forever.
  • True, although that was a short life for the 900. Oh well, that's how things are in the mobile world sometimes.
  • The best thing is that it was a top seller amongst a plethora of other devices and OSes, not to mention WP devices.
    A pretty decent showing for their first time back, on the second largest U.S. carrier in years.
  • that's How MS treats their customers, anybody else remembers how they treated those who purchased HTC HD2? Oh, well, they did it again to those who splashed the cash on Lumia 800/900! They won't do it again, will they? Will they? Well, will there be any MS in 24 months time? =)
  • The iPhone 4S is still there...
  • of course it is. It is trendy to have an iPhone now. That and it is a good phone, solid choice. I am not a fan of apple now like I was in the late 80's, 90's. The iPhone has been years on the market and have a following.
  • Yeah, and apples website and forums are still available to ifans.....see ya!
  • Your comment has "fail" all over.
  • Not surprising. People know Windows Phone 8 is coming soon!!!
  • Well, 'the top three' argument is relative, when you consider that the largest selling device on AT&T, the iPhone.........*makes up 2/3 of all the devices AT&T sells, in total, including dumb phones*.
    This means that roughly 70% of all the customers that you see walking in and out of AT&T stores, walk out with an iPhone.
  • 70% is not 2/3
  • Must be the number the iPhone calculator spits out...
  • Hence 'roughly'.
  • 70% is roughly 7/8...7/8 is almost 100%
    Dear God, EVERYONE owns an iPhone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nokia doesn't stand a chance!!!! AHH!!!
  • Yes but think of this how much more would they have sold if they had placed on T-MO and others rather than just placing the high end on one carrer hey Samsung does it right Nokia just take a page from them,
  • Carriers made the decision on what Nokia phone they carried, not Nokia themselves. See verizons comments on lte for starters.
  • Tomorrow things gonna change :)
  • Although the same could be said about the iPhone 4S. Unbeliavable how people continue to buy them at an incredible rate.
  • Duh. You'd be pretty dumb to buy a 900 now. The OS is dead.
  • Dead? Get off of here. Don't bother responding to my comment, because your ignorance doesn't deserve my time. Leave wpcentral now, and don't bother letting the door hit you on the way out.
  • I think he meant to say dying.
  • No, it's pretty much dead. No more new major apps, many developers have stated that they won't bother with WP7 and are focusing on WP8 so that they won't have to rewrite the programs to take advantage of WP8 features. Look at submission rates, also declined a ton. 
  • Why don't you do what MS would love you to do and throw your Lumia 900 to the nearest dustbin, get a new WP8 device and instead of upgrading its software smash it against the wall and get a new WP8.1 device etc.? I cannot upgrade IE on my laptop because I didn't follow their advice and stayed with Vista instead of splashing the cash on a new version of their buggy OS, then do it again I guess and again and again...
  • He's the biggest troll on here
  • It's dead, I don't know why you can't accept it.
    I'm a WP fan, but I'm not going to lie to myself and to others and recommend a phone with a dead OS. 
    I'm hoping for some nice stuff tomorrow and even own some Nokia shares. I really hope they release a WP version of that keyboard slider meego phone prototype that was leaked today. That would be pretty awesome. 
    I'm not too upset about my WP not being updated to WP8 since it's an old Dell Venue Pro that I got for really cheap last october and I've already moved on to a Galaxy Note, but I'm hoping someone can make a phone that can win me back. Android is laggy and crashy, but with dual and quad core processors its still faster and more featureful than WP7 phones even if not as smooth.
  • You have to be ready to come back before anyone can win you back; So until then, if ever, we can do without your negativity; Sounds like you were a pretender from the start and have no patient to let an OS come into its own. So as I told one of my ex girl friend, "it was good while it lasted" NOW BYE FELICIA!!!!
  • What are you going on about? I already said I'm hoping for some good WP8 phones so that I CAN come back. Gen 2 Windows Phones were extremely lame and pathetic and slow. The smoothness and stability was awesome but I wanted a nicer phone. WP8 supports HD screens, microSD cards, and multi core processors so it will fix nearly everything that I found lacking in gen 2 Windows Phones. I'm ready to buy a WP8 if Nokia or anyone else is ready to make one worth buying.
  • I do agree with you some...lets face it, its not the main focus OS anymore and our Lumia 900s cannot run yes its kinda dead in a sense.....lets just admit it...yes we know our Lumia 900s wont stop working and he didnt mean it like that but its not going anywhere in advancements. WP8 will last quite sometime and we can be sure that its future proof for a while.
  • The word while is probably highly appropriate in this context...
  • Y do you say that? Nokia still releases apps plus said they are still committed to that platform. You did see the successor to the 610 right? Im sure thousands of others were perfectly comfortable with what we have (even tho we all cab use more features) this is is still better than others. Its fast and does everything normal ppl do
  • The OS is dead? Mine and all my apps work just fine.
    To millions of people that don't need the lastest and greatest android device of the month their WP7 and 7.5 works just fine and isn't dead.
    Couldn't care less how great android or ios might be-I don't won't what 50,000,000,000 other people have. WP does everything I need it to..
    You just sound like another tech dork on the endless search for the lastest and greatest which...guess what-will never end..
  • Yeah It will be like WM someday but wp7.8 still can work with entry market in which ppl do not buy apps or care about them at all
  • I like how I read OTHER articles that say Iphone slowing on sales due to upcoming launch and how Nokia and other WP marketahare is slowing because ppl "are losing interest". I'm pretty sure it has everything to do with the release if wp8
  • Weeks ago they took down the marketing signage and only had 1 Lumia 900 on display to make room for the newly announced phones including what is coming tomorrow. Proof that alot of sales can be driven on the floor of your local store.
  • Well the better in comin tomorrow. Btw I can't understand why ppl consume soap-shaped GS3. maybe b/c of spec hype and "designed 4 human" stuffs... Most ppl do not need that much specs. I expect nckia to bring something more modern.
  • Have you ever used one? High resolution giant screen and very fast albeit laggy animations. WP8 will finally let WP compete again and hopefully beat out Android.
  • It already has with its less almost no laggy interface social integration, SkyDrive integration, fastness, and productivity
  • No, I'm sorry but WP7 can not compete with the latest and greatest Android phones. I'm hoping WP8 can because I loved the OS, but the hardware on WP7 is just lacking. Yes the interface is less laggy than Android but if you actually look at the TIME it takes for the latest high end android phones to do things, it's actually faster. Launching nearly every app is faster on Android, not to mention it lets you resume from where you were for more than 5 apps. 
    No one cares about skydrive integration and Android even has a skydrive app. People want lots of local storage.
    WP7 phones are NOT fast. They're using very old, outdated hardware that just can't compete. 
    Productivity is pretty much the same.
  • Think Android is lame, slow, dull, boring, lagging, old fashioned, stone age, uninteresting and DIFFERENT compared to WP7.5
    And also like that people can buy and use it if they like.
    But my Radar with WP7.5 works like a dream even if the new WP8 is coming...
    And with apps... Got the ones I need, think the OS is great by itself, so don't need many :-)
  • Android is based on VIRTUAL MACHINE (Dalvik) which is far slower than modern java VMs, hence it require high specs aka quad cores to accomplish wp's fluidness. Also, droid is never pristine(except nexus) to end users because of heavy customization by oems+carriers, slowing down the phone even more. That's why wp7 phones can come up with enough speed even with limited and old hardwares. Think wp8 will be more universal and has a chance to take some of android's share.
  • Funny story
  • This is the only way.. Wp8/nokia/msft will catch up.. Produce produce phones like before... Continue focusing on emerging markets,inda,china,Vietnam,Philippines,etc... Screw USA right now.. MSFT still making decent money from WP and a lot of money from royalties from android sales...FTW
  • love nokia's style. Here is hoping the world is blown away tomorrow
  • +1 :-D
  • +1 rip my old iPhone 4
  • I don't know their motive but AT&T no longer display the white and the cyan L900 in the stores. I have visited 7 different stores in Central Ohio (Columbus Metropolitan area) and each of the stores only displays the black Lumia 900 and when I enquired from a store associate why they don't have the white and the cyan, I was told they have all the colors at the back but they are only allowed to display the black version. It's kinda weird and that could probably slump the sale as the black L900 doesn't stand out in the sea of black android phones like the cyan and the white do.
  • They're decreasing their shelf space because they don't want a lot of returns in a day when WP8 phones are shown and people who just bought it realize it won't get an upgrade.
  • All the hype over the One X I can see why it bumped the Lumia off. They changed the price from $200 to $100 and it reappeared on there. I'd still rather have the Lumia, even though it's not getting WP8.
  • Not a surprised. My gf wanted to walk into the corporate ATT store to look at other Window Phones. The Premier carrier for Window Phones had a noniconic black Lumia 900, white Samsung Focus 4G and the HTC Titan II grouped together amongst a sea of Android phones with no indication that WP exist. IPhone has that special white area so it stands out and the HTC One X and Galaxy S III had posters all over the place along with the iPhone/iPad; not even a single Lumia 900 poster of that iconic cyan phone. So?
  • Funny that people buy iPhones at full price two weeks before new model will release and prices for old models will drop. It shows you just how freaking clueless iPhone users are.
  • I am shocked the HTC one X took this long to get up there
  • 2 of the 3 top selling phones are the same phone on 3 of the 4 carriers.  What does this tell MS and Nokia?  If you want to climb to #1 you sell high end phones, G3 and 4S/5 class and you sell the same phone on all the carriers.  Not too tough, right?  Getting this formula right seems near impossible for Nokia.
  • 5 months was a good run. Time to bring on the next-generation WP8 Nokias.
  • They still have it on TV ads. The shared data one
  • I call this data bogus. If you believed it then Apple would be the #1 smartphone maker when we know that to be Samsung. Additionally, we know WP marketshare to be around 5%, so it's hard to believe the #2 or #3 handset on AT&T only commands a total of 5% for all of the U.S. Anyway, here are the sales rankings of WP on AT&T (79 phones offered)
    28. Samsung Focus Flash (29. a week ago, 37. a month ago)
    31. Nokia Lumia 900 Black (38. a week ago, 29. a month ago)
    45. Samsung Focus 2 (54. a week ago, 48. a month ago)
    46. HTC Titan (66. a week ago, 68. a month ago)
    55. Nokia Lumia 900 White (45. a week ago, 59. a month ago)
    58. Nokia Lumia 900 Cyan (46. a week ago, 60. a month ago)
    64. Samsung Focus S (67. a week ago, 69. a month ago)
    71. HTC HD7S (72. a week ago, 76. a month ago)
    HTC Titan II is not offered
    Nokia Lumia 900 Pink is not offered T-Mobile (25 phones offered)
    16. Nokia Lumia 710 Black (23. a week ago, 17. a month ago)
    20. Nokia Lumia 710 White (24. a week ago, 9. a month ago)
    21. HTC Radar (25. a week ago, 18. a month ago) Verizon (60 phones offered)
    47. HTC Trophy (53. a week ago, 49. a month ago) Sprint (43 phones offered)
    None offered
  • Top anything is a relative term. If the sales people demo a phone and promote it the sales go up. Apple has spent substantial amounts of money on iPhone advertising and kept the device name the same for the duration other then minor version changes. Windows Phones would be wise to do the same if they want to build a stronger customer base... But what do I know. =)