Nokia Lumia 900 tops AT&T best seller list on Amazon Wireless

Although it's probably too early to tell how the AT&T Lumia 900 is doing (and the brunt of its popularity will undoubtedly come months from now), it's worthy to note that on Amazon Wireless, if you sort by best-sellers you get some interesting results.

For instance, by sorting under AT&T best-sellers, we can see the Lumia 900 (Black) is currently in the number #1 spot with the Cyan version holding on to number #3 (the venerable and popular Galaxy SII is in #2). That's not too bad a showing considering we're just talking about pre-orders for the phone and it has yet to get into anyone's hands, let alone reviews for the device.

Sorting without a carrier also yields some positive news with the Lumia 900 Black sitting at #6 and the Lumia 900 Cyan at #8 across all smartphones. The current number #1 position is held by the ridiculously named 'Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX 4G' which goes to show there's no lacking of bad and kitsch taste in the smartphone world.

What is perhaps most interesting, besides those solid rankings for a pre-order phone, is the fact that the Black Lumia is selling more than the Cyan. From general feedback and conversations with AT&T and Nokia, the Cyan version seemed to be the most anticipated. In fact, we're told that advertising would use the Cyan version of Nokia's phone over the Black to its more striking visual appeal.

Finally, while these pre-orders numbers are good news and it certainly reflects the buzz around the Lumia 900, as we mentioned earlier, the real test and interest will be weeks from now after the advertising blitz has kicked in, awareness goes up and the popular culture catches on. That's when we'll see whether Nokia and AT&Ts efforts have finally paid off.

Amazon Wireless began pre-orders on March 30th and were even offering it for a penny on a new contract.

Source: Amazon Wireless 1, 2; Thanks, J4rrod, for the tip

Daniel Rubino

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