Nokia Lumia 900 tops AT&T best seller list on Amazon Wireless

Although it's probably too early to tell how the AT&T Lumia 900 is doing (and the brunt of its popularity will undoubtedly come months from now), it's worthy to note that on Amazon Wireless, if you sort by best-sellers you get some interesting results.

For instance, by sorting under AT&T best-sellers, we can see the Lumia 900 (Black) is currently in the number #1 spot with the Cyan version holding on to number #3 (the venerable and popular Galaxy SII is in #2). That's not too bad a showing considering we're just talking about pre-orders for the phone and it has yet to get into anyone's hands, let alone reviews for the device.

Sorting without a carrier also yields some positive news with the Lumia 900 Black sitting at #6 and the Lumia 900 Cyan at #8 across all smartphones. The current number #1 position is held by the ridiculously named 'Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX 4G' which goes to show there's no lacking of bad and kitsch taste in the smartphone world.

What is perhaps most interesting, besides those solid rankings for a pre-order phone, is the fact that the Black Lumia is selling more than the Cyan. From general feedback and conversations with AT&T and Nokia, the Cyan version seemed to be the most anticipated. In fact, we're told that advertising would use the Cyan version of Nokia's phone over the Black to its more striking visual appeal.

Finally, while these pre-orders numbers are good news and it certainly reflects the buzz around the Lumia 900, as we mentioned earlier, the real test and interest will be weeks from now after the advertising blitz has kicked in, awareness goes up and the popular culture catches on. That's when we'll see whether Nokia and AT&Ts efforts have finally paid off.

Amazon Wireless began pre-orders on March 30th and were even offering it for a penny on a new contract.

Source: Amazon Wireless 1 (opens in new tab), 2 (opens in new tab); Thanks, J4rrod, for the tip

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • There are still alot of conservative people out there and for pre order it doesn't surprise me that black is the most popular.
  • What in the world is that supposed to mean?  I consider myself very conservative and it was a no-brainer for me to pre-order the cyan version.
  • Playing devil's advocate, perhaps Gary didn't mean conservative in a political sense and more in a personality sense, as in someone sticking to traditional colors. Maybe "traditional" is the word Gary was going for.
    If he meant conservative in a political sense, then that's just weird.
  • Yeah, I'm the exact opposite of conservative & I'm getting the black. Kind of a dumb assumption, lmao!
  • its not a dumb assumption. I get what he meant and its true for most. When it comes to phones I'm more conservative / traditional meaning I like a black phone. I did think hmm white would be nice but then again I'd probably just put a black case on it.
  • I'm holding out for a green 900.
  • Amazon is no longer offering the Lumia 900 for a penny. Sadly.
  • I own a Black Lumia 800 and though Cyan version looks better in the first look... Black feels better in daily usage. The fact that the screen black gels with the surrounding black body makes it AWESOME!!!
  • I really wished the 900 had the same look as the 800 but bigger but it dnt it kinda kills the fluidness of the device but I'm getn one any ways
  • I just talked to my account rep at AT&T and he said all the stores around here will be getting tons of units to sell. Also sadly they will not be open on Sunday (Easter). What a terrible release day... They should have done it a week ealier or later..
    In any event I will pick mine up (Cyan) on Monday - off contract.
  • I was pre-ordering the Lumia 900 in store and when the guy asked me which color I wanted, I said blue. He then let me take a look at both black and cyan and I was stunned. The cyan looked dull in person. 
  • I'm going with the cyan. Light brown would look nutes as well.
  • I think the Cyan is very appealing, and will look great in print/media advertisements....however day-to-day, I would rather have a "boring" black phone
  • I think the black looks more professional so this could mark an uptick in sales to business pros.
  • I ordered cyan. I think it will get old after a while, but I just couldn't get another black phone. If it does get old like I'm suspecting, I'll sell it and buy a white one off contract.
  • +1...I'm planning on buying a black gel case. Just in case I need/want a black phone.
  • Just ordered mine(cyan) from the local att store in Alvin,TX and all of the reps were carrying the black with one coming in later with cyan. He also mentioned he would be going to training on Wednesday. He said the windows phones were selling well and that the Nokia by far was the best out of all they carry. I was more surprised that he uninstalled Nokia drive for att version.
  • The Lumia 900 now costs $49 on Amazon...bummer!
  • Im also surprised that so many people chose black instead of Cyan. The way people were talking sounded like Cyan was gonna be the best selling color. But that doesnt matter as long as people are buying the Lumia 900 and supporting Windows Phone. Cant wait to get my Cyan 900!!
  • I find it hilarious that people insist that a black phone somehow looks more "professional".  I think that's just silly.  Professional by what standard?  Where is this magical, mythical "standard"?  I see every conceivable combination of device and case out there, whether the person is an officer in the military or an insurance salesperson or a member of a road crew.   While most OEMs kick out their products in black plastic, I see as much variety with them being dressed up by owners as anything else.  I defy anyone to comment negatively on me carrying a cyan Lumia 900 around.  In fact, I'm betting that it gets tremendous positive attention, allowing me to further promote the Windows Phone platform.  The device itself feels much more solid and durable in the hand than 99% of the devices I've handled, regardless of platform.
    "Professional looking", indeed.
  • "openly" being the operative word, in business it tends to be what they do not say. It also depends on your business and your position. I think the implied meaning when talking about a business uptick would be suits. I am trying to cast my mind around to anybody who had a showy phone that was manager in the suit category.
    Obvioulsy these comments are protected by the sweeping statements act of 2007.
  • Yes, and the color of the suit. No one will take you seriously if you showed up in a white or cyan suit. Black with a cyan accent would be acceptable, similar to a black suit with blue tie. Dark blue would also be an acceptable color for entire business phone. But hey, that's just my opinion and of course there is much more to a person than the color of his phone. It does project an image, however. Here in California almost no one wears suits anymore anyway.
  • I guess the Crips and the Surenos gangsters in California would love the cyan Lumia phones.
  • I'm using the cyan now and I love it. I always had a black phone so I wanted to get something different for color. Great device since this is my first windows phone. The screen could look better as far as clarity and when viewing pics take. I love the device though and have no real complaints. Its nice and fluid and I really enjoy it. You won't be disappointed!
  • Like I said on the forums. " Although I like the blue one, I got the black one cause black goes with everything, and I can change the color of the tiles. Having tiles other than blue on the blue one would look weird. Idk, that's just my opinion "
  • Here's hoping that this gets Verizon's attention and they start getting high end WP7 phones!
  • Does anyone know how much AT&T reps are getting in commission for selling the Lumia 900?  Earlier rumor was $10-$15 dollars.
  • Nokia / MS should really get into the insentives part of this device. I went into a loack store to order 2 devices (black & cyan) for me and my wife. When I was placing the order, the rep started off my by sying.. "are you sure you want to get this device. I hope you know they do not have enough apps and hardly anyone one know about this phone". He went on to say that AT&T was giving him the L900 to use, but there was no way he would part with his amazing phone and he pulled out a stupid Android device. At that point, I told him, I know what I am doing and I've used a Windows Phone before and Love it. As far as the App are concerned, I told him, in less than 1 year there are over 70,000 Apps in the market place. At that point, he asked me with a wry smile if I was working for Microsoft or Nokia. In return I asked him if worked for Google? 
    This is soo stupid. If I were a normal consumer entered the store to get a Windoes Phone, I would have easily been sold to get an Android device the way the guy was demonising the WP.
  • You can't expect much from person that is affraid of change. That bad part is, if you don't know anything about smart phones, the deuce bag will sell you what he likes and not what is best for you. The funny part of it is they don't know anything except "it doesn't have much apps" without knowing that Windows Phone has 70,000.
  • Really?  So you went ahead and gave the guy the sale?  There is no way he would have gotten the sale from me, especially if he condescended to me asking if I was sure I wanted the phone (that I specifically asked for, not to mention disparage it and the ecosystem, or if I worked for Microsoft or Nokia. 
    The more stories I hear about these types of experiences in AT&T stores really affirms my decision to order a device online.
  • If I get my way they are going to put out a navy one.
  • Following a few links on Amazon reveals more interesting data:  six of the top ten highest user rated phones on Amazon Wireless (and the top three spots) belong to Windows Phone devices.  Seems like this OS leaves a very favorable impression on the vast majority of people that give it a chance, but I always believed that would be the case after moving to Windows Phone from the iPhone.
  • Getting user satisfaction was never an issue for Windows Phone, but this is just one selling point. To succeed carrier rep support is vital, at least in North America. At this point, I really can't think of a way to get past this ... You got Android fans not willing to budge, the only thing that can give WP a decisive edge and let it change the game --at this point -- is to get a big carrier or two to go 100% Windows Phone.
  • Friggin Verizon!!! I feel left out of all this pre-order talk
  • You should switch!
  • I switched from Verizon and it has been better than I expected.... No dropped calls yet
  • Ordered through Amazon and their rep said it's scheduled to ship on the 9th and show up on the 11th. That's a bummer since ATT actually says ship on the 5th and arrive on the 6th. I hope Amazon is wrong and it ships sooner. Otherwise that's some bull.
  • Well you did save $100... Them's the breaks!
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