Nokia Lumia 920 also available in the Philippines at local store

Consumers who reside in the Philippines are still waiting for Nokia to launch the Lumia 920. We recently covered the manufacturer opening up reservations for stores in the country, but no pricing has been made available or a date of release. We've now learnt that the Windows Phone is available to order at a local mobile phone store. CMK Cellphones has the Lumia 920 listed for 25,750 PhP ($630).

Nokia Revolution managed to contact the store and verify which colours are available. The Lumia 920 is stocked in red, white and yellow. It's reported that consumers are required to place down a 10% deposit for reserving a unit. The price is aggressive which makes this a good deal, but we cannot vouch for the retailer so as with any purchase we urge caution.

Check out the Lumia 920 at CMK Cellphones for more information.

Source: CMK Cellphones, via: Nokia Revolution

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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