Nokia Lumia 920's battery problems related to NFC?

Yesterday, we mentioned that several readers were having terrible battery life with their Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone. Some batteries barely lasted half a day while others steamed on with fantastic battery life.

We had a few suggestions to disable the NFC to improve battery performance. Yesterday, with NFC enabled, my Lumia 920's battery only lasted six hours before drying up.  The 920 also got warm throughout the morning. Today, after disabling the NFC the Lumia had 62% battery life remaining after ten hours and I didn't experience any warm spells.

Just out of curiosity, I enabled the NFC a few minutes ago and sure enough, the back of the Lumia 920 became warm and battery life started to fade. In the matter of ten minutes the battery meter went from 62% to 59%.

Granted this is a very un-scientific test but if you're having battery life issues with the Lumia 920, try disabling the NFC (touch+share setting) and see if things improve.

[Editor's Note: I've had similar issues on the HTC 8X, which may mean this is a Windows Phone 8 issue and not only Nokia. --Daniel]

You can share your Lumia 920 battery experiences below in the comments or in this WPCentral forums discussion.

George Ponder

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