Nokia Lumia 925 available in the Philippines starting August 16

Fancy a Nokia Lumia 925 and currently find yourself reading this from the Philippines? Then you’ll be super happy to learn that you’ll get the beautiful Lumia wrapped in aluminum around mid-August. Now you’re probably wondering how much this is going to cost. Read on to find out.

The Lumia 925 is one of our favorite Windows Phone devices ever. It’s sleek, modern, and really something you need to hold to appreciate. The extra sixth lens does add a slight bit of sharpness it seems. So all our friends in the Philippines get the device on August for 23,500 PHP (about $539 USD). Not a bad price and fairly competitive when you consider it retails for $528 on T-Mobile here in the United States. The Lumia 925 will also be the 16GB version.

Future customers can get the device through either Nokia Lumia Stores (full list here) or through Smart stores.

The Lumia 925 joins the Lumia 520, 620 ,720,  820, and 920 as available devices in the Lumia range. According to Nokia Philippines you can expect the Lumia 625 and 1020 in the coming months.

Thanks for the tip Jey Si!

Source: YugaTech, Twitter

  • Bring it to Canada damnit
  • As Daniel Rubino once said. Canada is just the white wall keeping the walkers from coming down here. 
  • Lol, true, I did say that...
  • Hi, does it mean that  if I buy 925 here in manila and move to canada it wont work?
  • What does that mean?
    I didn't think that walkers had anything to do with Canada and that they came from the south u.s.
  • There is one way you can buy it in Canada like I did. Try online, I bought an unlocked 925 from Expansys USA, price is like more than $700 tho with tax and everything.
  • I am excited for this! A Filipino Citizen here! 
  • Kamusta!?
  • I am fine! Whoa, Sam! Whoa! Laughing out loud because of that! Nokia Philippines Official Facebook account gave away one of this last week and the one who won probably is one of those who first laid there hands on this sexy phone.
  • One of my best friends in high school was from Silang, Cavite! Unfornuately, most of the tagalog i know would get me in trouble :)
  • Good to hear! Good to hear! I am from Gen.Trias, Cavite and I really am so happy about your post. I've been in each and every Nokia Store I know, bombarded their website with questions of how much this phone is going to be, when and where and all I hear is it will be updated afterwards. Now I know when is the exact date. Will be swapping my Nokia Lumia 720 for this, surely! And those words don't bother me, I am used to it. Hahaha.. 
  • Can you then just give me your lumia 720? Arghh so unhappy with android! Been hoping for long to finally get rid of the android im using!
  • Lol. Now wondering what those words are. I'm excited for 925. A Lumia 720 user here. I kinda miss Amoled screen. Hope to get this by November. My phone is just 3-month old, so still hesitant to change phone right away.
  • Bought mine (Nokia Lumia 720) three months ago as well but I really wanna use a phone where there's more than your eyes can see. Lol. I love my Nokia Lumia 720 though. 
  • I'm a Nokia Lumia 920 user here.. and I got excited too... and the price is cheaper. I rmmber Lumia 920 was sold at a price of 27500 pesos... and now its around 23K. I will buy this later and sell my lumia 920. this should be the product they initially launch and not the 920. just my thoughts.. :)
  • Wow! He knows how to speak... Tagalog.. Hahaha..lumia 925 is earlier than I expected to be brought here in the Philippines... Nice.. Just take my money Nokia..
  • Nice one Sam! :D
  • Even I was shocked when he responded 'Kamusta' to me. I was like "What The heck!" hahahah..
  • mabuti naman! windows phone rules!
  • Hey Sam, you might want to try out this app to test your Tagalog skills :D
  • Woohoo, Sam! Shout out from a proud Pinoy :)
  • Good to know that there are a lot Windows Phone fans here in the Philippines! I only see feature phones from Nokia and I wish they will push Lumia as much as they do for the Asha line up. Commercials for the Asha line up are all over the place but I don't see a lot for Lumia. 
  • I think the Lumia range received rather odd guerilla marketing from Nokia Philippines. I remember seeing those monitors that play trailers all day long outside the Glorietta 4 Cinemas bearing the Lumia banner. And, of course, the ice skating rink in MOA is surrounded by columns wrapped in Lumia ads. :)
  • I saw that too. I just wish they will also show some love for TVs too. Not a single moment I saw a Lumia commercial. I cannot consider Globe's commercial about their Postpaid line up a Lumia commercial because Huawei W1 was there as well.
  • They did one before for the Lumia 800 with Kris Aquino but Nokia Philippines needs to refresh our memories (or at least those other smartphones users to let them know of this kicka$$ and most innovative phone out there).
    By the way, congrats, I'd like to congratulate you sana sa Twitter on winning Lumia 925.... hmmmpppp....
  • Dude, I am not the one who won! Hahaha.. I am also one of those who were bitter because someone else won..  LOL
  • I'm a solid windows phone user. The time that I used Lumia 800, I never imagine switching back to android or blackberry. Though I used HTC Rhyme for 2 months when my 800 got snatched last January this year. But went back to Windows Phone right away last April with Lumia 720 :)
  • I came from a BlackBerry 9360 on the other hand. Originally planning to get a Nokia Lumia 610 but I was swayed by my friends. When I got bored by the lack of apps and games, I switched to Nokia Lumia 720 and will never switch to anything anymore. Never ever. Astounding phone for a very affordable price. Geez! I sound like a marketer. lol
  • I've already converted 3 people to WP. 2 L820 user and 1 L720. I hope my boss is next. She's just waiting for her old Nokia phone to die. She's loyal to Nokia so I'm sure she'll buy Lumia. ;)
  • I'll pass on this..tang n..1020 ang kailangan nmin d2..kung 64G to pwede p
  • haha sapat na 32gb sakin.
  • for those who's asking what 'kamusta ka' is in english... it's 'how are you'
    Hihihi, Filipino here... :)
  • Here here!
  • Onga pala, mga kabayan. Baka may kilala kayo sa, bka pwede kayong tumulong magpetition na gumawa na sila ng WP app. Last time I checked w/ them, pinag-iisipan pa daw nila hehe -Lumia920user/Noypi_intheLandDownUnder
  • i tweet them recently..they only said theyd keep us informed about it..bummer..
  • let me support that call sir... :)
  • Oh yeah! Mabuhay, Pilipinas!
  • Lumia 928?? Worldwide or only at verizon??
  • Only Verizon. At least until pigs fly. 
  • Salamat, Nokia! Kumusta kayong lahat? :)
  • Okay lang! lol.. Bought a Nokia Lumia 720 last May and I am now thinking of swapping it for a Nokia Lumia 925.  Nokia should focus here since they still own more than 50% of the mobile market in the Philippines.
  • Mabuti naman! Hello.. Hahaha... I just watched wolverine and it's awesome.. Lumias are in the movie!!! So I'm so proud as an audience.. Haha..
  • Me too! Hahaha.. I remember watching Man Of Steel with my friends and Wolverine too. One funny thing is in our group, I am the only one who uses a Windows Phone. All of them are using Androids and Apples. You know the feeling of seeing your brand being used my these celebrities? Do you watch Under The Dome? Dude, Windows Phones and Surfaces are all over the place. Hahaha..
  • Have u watched the US TV SERIES such as Vampire Diaries? well, they are using Lumia phones esp the cyan... heheh.. Vampires use Lumias.hehe
  • Remember those Nokia-in-theMatrix-movies days? Those days are back haha! By the way, Lumia 920 gamit, gusto ko bilhan asawa ko ng 925 kaso ok pa nman 820 nya. So,might have to wait for the 1020 to arrive here in the Land Down Under!
  • I'll just probably wait for the 1020. I just got my 920 last March.
  • Same here. Just got my second 920 last month. First was broken six months after bought online, but warranty is only valid in HK, since it originated there.
    Lesson: Learn to wait. And, for the 1020. Yeah!
  • Great phone feels solid I love holding it so much I traded in my girlfriend for it
  • Whoa, depending on the girl nice trade!
  • u did what?
  • Nice! But I'm happy with the 920's 32 GB storage ang built in wireless charging. The 925 looks sexy though. Get it now kabayans!
  • Lumia 1020 soon please. Thanks Nokia.
  • Woohooo.!!! Great news, indeed.!! Ayus.! :D
  • Their travel site says "it's more fun in the Philippines". I agree! Glad to know your getting some Nokia love too!
  • I actually tweeted Nokia Pilipinas yesterday since I'm really planning to get Lumia 925 (I'm retiring my beloved Samsung Focus due to lack of customer support from Samsung) and alas, I saw the release date and pricing info on their timeline.
  • But today Nokia Thailand bring it to Nokia Shop now. And I will get it one!
  • oh yes! astig!
  • astig!!! go nokia!!
  • Woa, !!!!
    As a half pinoy, grew up in the Philippines, back in 2000 all we have in the pinas was NOKIA!! 6210 was my last phone,now!! Everybody is using android and iPhone,but one i would like to say is PINAS is one of those countries in SEA that love to be trendy or PASIKAT!!! Just don't lay it on the jeepneys MANDURUKOT will kill you for this LUMIA
  • My 2-month old Lumia 800 got snatched last January.
  • Oh shit.. Ingat pre
  • WTH!
  • Yeah, I'm more careful now. :) I got traumatized by that though. I'm now scared of buying high-end phones because of that. As much as I want Lumia 925, that experience makes me think not to get one.
  • Dude that experienced shouldn't stop you from buying the 925.. Just turn it off when ur inside the JEEP,BUS,LRT,MRT,FX..put it out when u clubing!!
  • I understand that but using a high end phone such as 920 and 925 is kind of liberating for me. Not that I want to show off but using a Nokia Lumia is really fun. I experienced people looking at my phone with such fascinated looks. I am waiting for them to drop the bomb "What phone is that?" but I think they're shy to do so. lol.
  • I am really, really proud of the Windows Phone community. A very enthusiastic and supportive crowd. Not to mention that Nokia's dedication adds a little bit more spice to it. 
  • As an early adopter since 2010 im so glad NOKIA jumped on board IMAGINED WINDOWSPHONE WITHOUT NOKIA??? msft knew what they doing..
  • Do you go on NokiaPH's facebook page? I swear, when I go there, I cringe. I was beginning to think that intelligent Lumia owners aren't even on facebook!
  • Windows Phone Central is the most intelligent website to go to when you want Windows Phone news. Most of the commentators in Nokia PH Facebook page are asinine. 
  • Dude, I know exactly what you mean. Kaya lang, gusto ko pa rin dun to help out the new switchers to Windows Phone, eh. Sometimes may magpopost din kasi ng valid questions, and Nokia Philippines takes FOREVER to reply, so I try to answer those that I can. I know three other fans like me who try to help out, but, sabi mo nga, madami talagang mga repapips dun na out of this world magpost!
  • You got that! That is why I don't really check it out. I have WPCentral and Nokia's Twitter fanpage. I am good with those two sites.
  • Alright then! I'll start saving now and buy L925 by November. I'm excited! :)
  • In time for our 13th month pays! Hahahah.. Nokia rocks! 
  • Ey pare just to let u know a phablet lumia will come out this holiday season
  • And I will get that too! Planning to but I don't want to splurge too much. Hahaha. Life is not getting easier as we all know. Hahahaha.. 
  • Dude I feel u...
  • May tablet din yata dahil isang site nakakita ng tablet na manufacturer nokia running windows rt visiting their site. Nokia tablet ako for Christmas!
  • May lanyard ang 1020.  Pero astig talaga ng 925.
  • appears almost everyone is using a L720..can't blame using one and it's holding off an upgrade though...the L1020 is killing me...ill wait for it...
  • My only problem with my 720 is because of the "other storage" issue my storage shrinks and the phone reboots itself most of the time. I'm used to it though. Hope this gets fix by gdr2 update.
  • I share your pain. My "Other Storage" is already at 3GB, and I think that's practically the ceiling for a Lumia 720.
  • +720 hope GDR2 + AMBER will fix the problem.
  • <p>Does this thing also indicates that we will be also receiving the GDR2 update here?</p>
  • So when is it coming to South Africa?
  • OMG! I am sooo eggzzooiitted to get and feel this masterpiece in my hands! I would either give my Lumia 920 to my mom or sell it... ;p
  • Just give it to your mom. :) It's nice to have a fellow Lumia user in the family.
  • And a fellow Pinoy to drool over Nokia's pride. I thought I am the only one who uses a Windows Phone here in the Philippines until I get to know Windows Phone Central.. Hahahaha..
  • Nokia's here to stay and im pretty sure they willl rise from the Ashes and regain the number 1 spot! Nokia's just giving others(Samsung and Apple) a chance to know how it feels being number 1. Haha! ;p
  • I know that this would not happen in the near future but I am certain that Nokia will be their old self once again. Microsoft and Windows Phone is keeping up and they are really gaining momentum. This two companies, Nokia and Microsoft will surely rise. Slow but surely.
  • Kababayans. Baka gusto nyo magsulat para sa
  • Is there a vacancy? I want!
  • Add to my handle to know more. Thanks.
  • Sure! Thanks! Will be sending an E-mail then. 
  • wp with gmail add? wtf
  • Hehe. Really like my gmail handle. So there..
  • How? Sounds like fun... :)
  • I'm interested!
  • yoko nga hehehe ;)
  • Just got my 920 last May, I want the 925 but might wait for the 1020 to arrive :)
  • Lumia phones are cheap here in philippines at price point compared to androids. I bought my 520 at flat 7k which is fairly cheap even conpared to brands such as cherry mobile and o plus at a good spec and at same tine by brand. Now lumia 920 only cost 12-15 k here which is less than half of gs4. But with better camera.
  • Is this for real? Last time I checked, L920 still cost 26k.
  • At official stores, it's still around that price... But other local stores drop the prices...
  • if my visual memory serves me correct, premium logic in Trinoma sells L920 for 21K.. not so sure about this though.. :)
  • I think it's 17k in kimstore. Check this site
  • Got my 920 for 23k + 1k for warranty at the Glorietta Nokia store. They have different prices for cash and credit. Its better to pay cash so you save a,lot of money.
  • Punta kayu sa kimstore selling na ang 925 at 23k. Haha super mura baka after 1 month asa 19 k na lang yan malapit na namab maglabas ang nokia ng flagship sa september kaya pinauubos na nila ang stock ng mga ito.
  • Oh Yeah! Mabuhay ang mga Pinoy!
  • I'm itching to replace my 920. So happy!!
  • Wow i see samsung everywhere..i thought PH has been completely converted to sammy but glad to know there are still so many die hard fans like me...i can live without the apps as long as there is nokia logo on mah phone..hehe
  • l1020..bring it on!
  • I shouldn't have bought the 820 last March if I knew there will be a Lumia 925. I spent almost PhP20K on the NL820. This news broke my heart. :(
  • I've waited this long for the 1020, I can wait a little bit more.  Tempting talaga ang 925 pero sorry nalang, ang puso ko ay para sa 1020 lamang!!  I had an awful experience with Nokia cebu store but for the 1020, I'll try again!
  • Tempting, but I've already set my sights on that camtastic 1020!!!  Future-proof talaga! If you don't consider lytro/pelican.  Nokia, you got me at FORTY ONE MEGAPIXELS!!! Woohoo!!!
  • We want this in Nigeria
  • So the Event yesterday was for the L925! Anak nang tinapay! They Flood thier FB page with adds. for Asha501, but we don't get a single hint when we will have L925.. Thanks WpCentral! Got to win the Lottery for this, i'm itching to have my own Lumia.. sick of just touching those dummies on the concept store.. :D
  • up next,,, L1020... :))
  • Nice to see a lot of comments from my kababayans here at WPC... Glad to know there are others as well. ;)
  • We should start a Pinoy Forum here at WPC, if there isn't one already ;)
  • wala pa ata..make one..then invite us:)
  • ok, just created a thread - Proud to be Pinoy - in the forums under Introductions.  Don't know how to invite people tho, if that's even possible.
  • Nokia, please bring in the L1020 asap, thanks.. Lol
  • Ayos naman. Maganda ang phone nito.
  • I live in Chicago and called Nokia support recently re my new L928 (awesome phone, btw) and got a call center person from the Philippines.  I asked how the Lumia line is doing over there and was told that it's not doing very well.  It may be true but coming from a Nokia call center person??  Anyway, I hope it picks up.  Mabuhay po kayong lahat... Go Philippines! Go Nokia! Go Windows Phone!
  • Astig! been reading here in WPC for months and I thought there are few pinoys here.MABUHAY!!!! kala ko philippines is a sammy territory now but it's payback time for nokia!!..btw I always love Sam's articles but with the "kamusta" hands down to you now bro.
  • un oh ! hahahaha
  • Now if only they'd launch a phablet here already, my samsung note is in desperate need for a nokia lumia phablet replacement. =)
  • ang hirap pumili kung 925 or 1020. i like the form of the 925 but the camera of the 1020 is just awesome. kala ko mag isa lang ako naka wp sa pinas. may kasama pala ako. ;)
  • naku matagal pa ata 1020 baka mamuti na lahat ng buhok mo kakaantay lolz =)
  • .kala ko rin ako lang naka WP sa pinas..hehe..
  • FYI, I just created a "Proud to be Pinoy" thread in the Forums here under Introductions.  Feel free to say hello...
  • finally I can ditch my samsung ativ s for this phone! thank you nokia!
  • This news is so GOOD.! But I don't have the moolah to spend for it anyway. :(
    I just feel bad because I bought my Nokia Lumia 800 just last year November 3 for 21, 500 pesos now I've read that that sexy Lumia will only cost 23, 500!!! Ghaaaad! I almost throw my Lumia 800 bec. of regret. T___T
    Anyway, I still love my Lumia 800. Haha. :) Hello to all Filipinos here.! Marami-rami na din pala tayong Naka-Windows Phone. So far dito sa'min sa Bataan, 2 users pa lang ang nakasalubong ko sa daan isang Lumia 800 na Black saleslady sya saka Lumia 620 na Blue gamit nung tricycle driver na nasakyan ko. :)
  • i've seen a lot of windows phone users. in my office located in manila, the OS is quite popular. we love outlook and the office apps.
  • I'm so glad that Nokia is finally getting more aggressive in the Philippines again. I bought my Lumia 920 and surprisingly, I am using it more often than my iPhone 5!! I still believe that the 920's design is more beautiful compared to the other lumias. The one thing that Nokia needs to improve on here in the Philippines is after sales support. They don't even have spare chargers for their phones. I personally am someone who likes to have a charger at home and in the office so i don't carry wires with me. The wireless charger is so hard to find, i have been placing orders at about every Nokia store since May and there are still no stocks! I dont want to be buying a lame charger from cdr king, you know.. Lol! Baka sumabog lang phone ko..
  • waiting for the 1020. it wont be for too long. waaaaaa! :D
  • It's refreshing and fun to see that there's also a thriving Windows Phone community in the Philippines. It's exciting to see what the reception to the 925 is going to be when it gets here. Nay bisaya dira? :D
  • Other than myself, I've seen two other people using it: a lawyer and a retired banker. I normally don't look at other people's phones but I noticed what these two people are using because I know them personally :)
  • Wow. Cool. I wonder how the experience has been for them so far. I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on a phone like the 925. :)
  • Naa kaayo pre..hahahaha from cagayan de Oro..hapit na pista diri
  • Sa office namen 3 lang kame naka lumia. Kaya pag nakakakita ko ng lumia na gamit ng iba astig din..hehe..
  • bisaya ko!! hehe. Is there an official fan page for the Lumia users here in the Philippines..?
  • Wow so many lumia fans here.
    Can't wait to see lumia 925 in real life.
    By the way.please like nokiarevolution page on FB mga kababayan.!
  • Hahaha just found out na marami pala noypi dito.. I started using Lumia way back last year. Lumia 800 from UK. And got another 1 from Nokia connects for a month trial.. Now, got myself a Lumia 920.. Hoping to get a hands on Lumia 925 and 1020.. All the way from Cagayan de oro
  • hahha!! taga Cagayan sab ko.heheh suki na ako sa Nokia Store sa Centrio..heheh dun ako bumili ng 920 ko and kanina lang, i bought 925... :)
  • i will surely buy this phone!!!
  • Got mine here in Malaysia, Its really nice device...Im happy also that nokia going to bring that to the Philippines.:)
  • does lumia 925 32gb will also be availble in philippines?..
  • I'm a die-hard WP fan due to the elegance, fluidity & simplicity of the OS & Nokia for the camera. Bought my L820 in Singapore on February because it was not available in the Philippine Nokia Stores. Thinking of getting the L1020 but 1080p phones will be released next yeat. Don't wanna change phones that often. Life's not getting easier these days. ;-) WP ROCKS!!! I don't need official IG app since i have the paid 6tag & Instance app. Just waitin' for Path for WP then I'm 100% satisfied. :D
  • It will be a lot nicer if it will accommodate 32gb of storage considering it has no sd card slot available. It is not impossible I guess for nokia to do the same with L925 what it has done with L920. Or it will be a shame if the predecessor outdo its successor on that area.. it's just my opinion.. L925 is great nonetheless...