The Nokia Lumia Icon and 930 do not have Glance, here’s why

The Nokia Lumia 930 announced during Build is in many the perfect Lumia. There are just two features that are missing that may keep it from being the best Windows Phone on the market: no micro SD card and no Glance screen.

The lack of a micro SD card is perhaps not that bad, considering that the Lumia 930 ships with 32 GB of internal storage. Despite the grumbles in comments here about this missing feature, most regular people actually do quite fine with 32 GB. Glance though is a bit different. Much like the Lumia Icon on Verizon, the Lumia 930 will also not have Glance. It’s an odd omission, for sure.

Yesterday we sat down with Nokia though and were able to ask why that is. Here’s what we learned.

The problem with the Nokia Icon/930 and running Glance comes down to the display type. No, it’s not the AMOLED technology (the Lumia 928 proves otherwise) and it’s obviously not the 1080P resolution (the Lumia 1520 attests to that) but rather it’s the type of AMOLED screen used. More to the point, the screen used on the Lumia Icon/930 lacks ‘display memory’. Long story short, in order for Glance to work, it needs display memory to maintain the information presented by the program. Unfortunately, we’re not engineers, so how Glance actually works in detail and what it needs is beyond our pay grade.

So why not use an AMOLED display with display memory? That answer comes down to money, as we were told they are only too cost prohibitive for that particular combo. LG and Samsung are big AMOLED display manufacturers, and we’re guessing that the combo of 1080P, AMOLED and display memory components are not as mass produced as others, or there is something else keeping their prices too high for Nokia. Remember, Nokia doesn’t make their displays, even if they are involved with their engineering.  

It’s not that Nokia couldn’t afford it, but it sounds like the cost of the component would have either increased the price of the Lumia 930/Icon or severely eaten into the thin profit margin on per device sale.

It seems reasonable that Nokia could have opted for a 5-inch LCD display similar to the Lumia 1520, but we’re guessing they had a good reason for not doing that. Perhaps AMOLED was better for this device’s design, power consumption or another reason we’re not privy to. No one said it was easy designing a phone.

Regardless, Nokia is very aware that people are really missing that feature. We were told there have been a lot of internal conversations about this “feature gap” and how to avoid this in the future. It’s also not clear if Nokia can code around this one, but it sounds like they are trying to figure it out. Nokia has done some crazy things in the past, like the Lumia 1020, which lacks a second dedicated imaging chip (most techies assumed they would need one). So never say never, but at least for now, the Lumia Icon and Lumia 930 won’t have this feature.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • it sure has unglance to it
  • Am I the only person who still loves this phone? The 2 missing features are definitely useless and meaningless to me. I've never used glance before on my 920....don't really care about the feature a lot of WP users are dying for and secondly don't see the essence of SD cards. Before my 920 I had 820 with an SD card and I was never at peace with that phone simply due to duplicates and triplicates of all files/pictures/videos/audios on my phone. Later took the phone back to get my current 920 without sd card and never had that problem since. With lots of cloud services around, don't really see the essence of sd cards on a 32gb phone. So the 930 not having glance and sd card are even good news to me and another reason to get the 930. Don't know why glance and sd cards are soo special to you guys.....especially in 2014.
  • I could explain to you why these two features mean so much to many different people, but why do that when you could just simply read the threads below? What works for you doesn't necessarily mean it works for everyone.
  • You'd be wasting your time. Some people seem to think they can have 4GB plus games and full music albums in that magic cloud and access it on demand.
    Like a very wise man said 32GB is good enough for normal/regular people.
  • 4 GB? 100 Bing points gets you 100 GB of Onedrive. But yea, I'd be irked about the no SD. I'd probably get the coming Samsung instead. But, I have a grandfathered unlimited on Verizon so cloud is perfectly fine with me.
  • @Novron sure. 100 Bing points hive 100GB. Cool. I would love to get more space. Can you tell me how to get the Bing rewards in my region(India)? :-/ sorry for pulling you but MS is yet to be international in my opinion. And until they give equal services in all regions, SD card can help a lot of people.
  • We are burnt by the other storage issue. Anyhow the 930 seems compromised. Cortana vs glance we don't know the implications yet... Why be held back by hardware?
  • I really like this phone too... but the lack of SD support kills it and disappoints me. Glance I love but could live without.
    To your concerns about the duplicate files, that issue has supposedly been fixed and was never really a problem (for me anyway) when using drag/drop via file manager on the PC.
    Also, cloud services are great... if you have unlimited carrier data (hardly anyone does), always have 4G connectivity and don't have massive amounts of media (that would require an additional cost with cloud subscription, on top if data costs).
  • Exactly my sentiments. Can't live without my 60 gb music collection, and would hate to lose glance functionality. No SD card (or 128 internal memory), no deal. No glance I'd learn to live with. Duplicate songs has been a problem for me (Lumia 620), but reimporting the music to my SD card (drag and drop as you mention) fixed it both times. Honestly, I don't understand why Nokia/MS forces us to chose between power + camera quality vs. storage. I have plenty of money; why can't I have both?!?!?
  • Some people may really have a need for more than 32gb, but I just don't. As for Glance, well it sounds nice, but I don't see it as a deal breaker for me. I am loving my white Icon and neither of those features feels like something I'm missing out on. But to each his own...
  • What's this? A comment that is nice and doesn't contain elitist backhanded comments belittling others? Can I make you King of the Internets?
  • I'm the same. My 32GB 1020 is only about half full at the moment. I see no need for SD card slots and wish they would just offer 64GB or higher models for those that need more storage. Built in storage is faster. As for Glance, I would miss it, but it wouldnt be a deal breaker. Its a small thing, but its one of those nice features Nokia has that really sets it apart from everything else.
  • I have the Icon and I was thinking I would need more than 32Gb but I'm currently at about half full and I can't seem to find anything else that I need on it yet. I do miss the Glance screen sometimes but I missed the double tap even more. It's nice to know I'll be getting that back.
  • I love SD cards. I have a 32GB SD card in my phone, the ATIV S, and have it loaded with all the photos I have taken on all my old phones which is about 5000 pictures. Basically all those photos take up loads of space which is why I like to have SD cards in my phones.
  • Couldn't you just store your pictures on Onedrive and therefore not need the SD card storage, plus with Onedrive you could access those pictures anywhere. The only benefit I can see to an SD card would be if you have more than 32GB of apps, that's of course assuming you can run Apps from an SD card, which I'm not sure of.
  • How would you access those piks on onedrive if your someplace that does not have an internet connection? Also you will be using data accessing piks on onedrive, yes I know most ppl have unlimited data but that's not everyone, besides SD cards rock, no school like the old school.. Just saying..
  • It never came... 
  • totally agree.  32gig isnt a issue for me but id like more becasue i only have half my music on and a very few video files, Personally 64 would be fine or a sd slot.But its the same problem with iphone, exept the price is so high if your geting over 16g phone so often id only have 16, i do feel somewhat spoiled now lol.
  • Yeah, because people love waiting for their images to download from the cloud instead of instant access from microSD. What if you travel? What if you go camping? Go into a tunnel on a train? Then you don't have access to anything, unless you can find a WiFi hotspot. I could have a stack of microSD ready to roll - music, photos, videos. The "transfer speed" is up to 64GB per second (if I can swap cards that fast haha).
  • Where do I put my 65GB of music? Oh wait, I know, I should pay a service $10 a month to listen to the music I already paid for. Nope. And I realize that's not everyone, but many people have different wants and needs. Though I will say this: I'm not complaining about a piece of hardware that doesn't fit my needs. Its a good looking phone and more power to those that pick one up.
  • 7gig is weak, not enough and even if you got in on the promo's for a year, what happens then? Surprised by the lack of an SD card slot.
  • 100gig cloud storage and free data cost accdess during phones life span would be the way to go.
  • You people in usa etc have high speed internet. We Indians dont. Our internet is a crying shame, and the costs are top high for even 3g.
  • With 8.1 you can run apps off the SD card
  • Yeah ! And that's what i want to do on my phone, and that's why i was considering buying the 930.. Sadly, the sd card slot isn't there :(
  • Looks like the lack of SD card slot and glance is going to hit lumia 930 hard. They could gave increased the price and included these two much wanted features instead of doing what they did. They compromised a potentially great product and rendered it practically useless for a vast majority of people with different requirements.
    I personally would not have required sd card, but glance is what I was looking forward to.
    Lumia 930s loss .... Lumia 1020s gain!
  • Windows 8.1 is changing how SD cards work on the phone. Its called storage center. Joe belfiore showed it off.
  • I love the 930 too
  • No microSD is a deal-breaker. It's insane not to have one in a mobile, especially in 2014.
  • It creates usability problems for regular users. They rip SD cards out while the phone is on, likely corrupting the data on the card. They also don't understand why their storage is full when the purchased a massive card, because they can't install apps on it. Read speeds are often much slower than built in storage too. I'd rather have 32gb built in. Less headaches, less money and less to manage.
  • huh? And where's your studies showing that people take out SD cards while the phone is on? I expect the likelihood is that people install their SD cards and then don't touch them for the life of the phone. It's a waste of time to do a point by point analysis of your issues, many are simply a given or are about to change. The final thesis is that there is some sort of false dilemma. It's not that any of us are really calling for less than 32gb of internal memory as a trade off for the SD Card slot, we are fully aware that is the trade off in the entry level phones. We are looking for flagship phones with at least 32gb of internal memory AND a SD Card Slot.
  • I sell phones. I have to educate customers every sale, every day. When I ask them to remove the SD card from their old phone they ALL don't realize they need to take their battery out first. Look, you don't have to believe me, my evidence is anecdotal sure but I'm 100% certain that my experiences are more diverse than yours simply because I'm in more contact with various types of people day in and day out regarding the very subject of their cell phones.
  • It's funny you mention internal storage being better... if you crack open a HTC HD7 they have an internal (non-accessible) microSD slot holding all of the storage ;) Internal storage FTW haha
  • I remember that! A few old school phones had that. Those were the good old days.
  • That is not the norm with internal storage.
  • Yes, I believe that was the same for the HTC Arrive on Sprint. I had even read of people replacing the 16Gb card with a 32Gb card. I wasn't that brave but it worked for them.
  • Usually, my friends used SD card like never. I thought I'm the only freek in society, but... I noticed that ppl never use external memory, and I'm considering buying 16 GB for my Lumia, coz I'm always low on memory. That's only because I have installed a lot of maps atm. Today, costumers don't ask for memory, they asks: can I watch YouTube on it? Take selfi? Login in Facebook, twitter and instagram? And that's it, unfortunately.
  • Not quite... as the mobile cameras are becoming better, people are leaving their normal cameras at home. Try selling a camera without microSD / removable storage. So phones nowadays are filled with personal photos and videos. Oh and lots of music too! It's great being able to whip out the card to chuck it in a printer and print out some photos (yes, some people still do that), or put them on another PC, or just copy files to it, without all the synching madness.
  • not so insamne, just look at apple iphones.
  • Thinking that 32gb or less of storage is appropriate for a phone that'll cost over $400 out of contract is absurd at best. I have the 1520 and the 32gb is full with apps alone. I live in the HUMONGOUS metro area of LA and getting a signal to stream music is spotty at best. I also TRAVEL for a living. Try streaming a flight. I don't carry a dedicated music player (iPod) in addition to my phone. My phone IS ALSO my music player. Anything less than 64gb external is a deal breaker. A phone with no SD storage at all is a damn rip-off!
  • thank you!
  • "It works for me, so everyone must use it the same way!" C'mon son, I sell phones for a living and part of the sales process they teach is the qualifying stage. Its where we discover information about the customer to better suggest products and services. 95% of people just text, call and check email. Actually, a lot of these people don't even need a smartphone, they get one because their friends and family tease them for having an old phone. TL;DR: just because you use your phone a certain way doesn't mean everyone else does.
  • it is an ugly phone uninspired design with huge bezels and is very thick. the fact that there is no glance screen is ridiculous. Claiming they are too expensive to make is a sob story nobody wants to hear about. If they offer a product and people are happy with it why get rid of the features people loved so much and 1080p screens were popular when nokia introduced glance screen they knew what they were getting themselves into a hole. there are android phones that have similar features.
  • I don't think Glance sells phones. They'll be alright here.
  • For a person new new to Lumia / WP, you're absolutely right. For those of us that has learned to enjoy Glance, you're equally wrong. Personally I don't care to look at HD material on small screens, as little as I care to check the time on my Surface Pro (I stopped wearing wrist watches numerous years ago). Being able to take the phone half way out of my pocked and get time ++ is not something I'm willing to loose.
  • Yeah man and apparently the action center can be brought up with the phone still locked. Still its a nice feature, I have something similar with my Moto X and I think I kind of got used to having Glance like capabilities without turning the whole screen on... It will be missed by me. Still gonna get the 930 though I'm sick of android... only reason I went with the moto X was the pricing and because the WPhones available didn't have the latest hardware, I want something which will be future proof so I can stick with it for at least 2 years.
  • I love glance screen app because there is no notification lights in any Lumia device like my old nokia N8 so we must required this feature for quick notification show when take out from my pocket.That's the reason I don't want to go lumia 920 to i am waiting for next 5" 1080p Lumia.
  • i come from the iphone to the 930 and i think its a awsome phone, but i love the look of glasnce and it is something id use all the time, so im sure itll be on thier flagship next year, and because this phones half the price of my iphone i might just buy that one too.  Plse add a sd or 128gig i dont mind paying another 50 ponds, itll still be cheaper than the iphone lol.
  • Me,too.
  • To be honest, I would prefer Glance on a lower res screen than no Glance on a 1080p screen. The extra resolution just doesn't matter much at this size, but I use Glance constantly. I would prefer even more to just pay the extra $10 or even $30 if that was what it took. Also, I vastly prefer OLED to LCD. I'm going to stick with my 1020... I'm hoping they will eventually give us a true upgrade to it, with OLED, Glance, and SDCard. If I was on Verizon none of this would stop me from getting an Icon though... no comparison to other products on that network.
  • My thoughts exactly on every point.
  • This causes that Nokia won't get 700,- of my $ and I'll stick to my 920. Would love to buy a 930 though, but missing glance is a no go.
  • Same here wanted eagerly to update from my 820 to 930 but these two drawbacks have me uncertain, the memory i can manage but the Glance Screen is a must. Guess I have to get the 1520 or 1320
  • i thought the nokia icon had 2gig memory, whys that a issue?
  • Do you have screen burn in on your L1020? Because I have it on my 1020, and my 925 now. You can test it by making a phone call (call your voicemail), hit the home button and go to the home screen. Let the phone sit there for a minute. Tap on the call action bar at the top of the screen and look closely at the blank gray space. You should see an inverted 'reflection' of the boxes from your homescreen. Its done this for me everytime on 3 different 1020's and now my 925. That is why I'll always prefer LCD.
  • Nope, no sign of this on my 1020, using the test you described.  Just an absolutely gorgeous display with rich color.  Although my 1020 is only about 8 months old... I didn't get it when they first came out. I'll have to check on my brother's 820 (which is also OLED).  He's had that for nearly a year and a half.  But from observation (I just looked at it last weekend), the scvreen looks every bit as incredible as when it was new. I will also say that my wife dropped my 820 and it took a pretty sharp knock on the corner.  No damage visible to the phone, but over the next 10 hours after it happend the corner turned blue, which spread to the rest of the screen and then turned the whole screen black.  I've never seen an LCD do that, though I've also never dropped a phone that hard on a corner either.  So who knows. All I can say for sure is that OLEDs look amazing to me... I far prefer the punchy colors and deep inky blacks on phones than LCD (comparing to my 920 which looks quite good mind you, and my 520 which is decidedly lackluster as expected for the price point).  For my computer I think I would prefer LCD for the color accuracy, because that is where I do my photo editing and whatnot. As you can tell, I'm addicted to Lumias... I am compelled to try them all out... luckily the 1020's photo quality has completely spoiled me for pretty much any other phone until something comes along to match it... though I suspect I could make do ok with the 20 megapixel camers.  But the comination of the 1020's camera, camera grip accessory, lanyard, and AT&T's complete dropping of support for Qi means I am pretty much happy to stay where I am.
  • Great comment! I love my new Lumia. I was switching back and forth between an HTC One and my 1020 and it feels good to be back on WP. I have a couple group chats going with friends and the HTC drives me nuts because it takes 5-7 seconds to send an MMS! WP just works so well.
  • If all the features are given on a all the phones there wud be no differences left.... So thats the cut off features.... From 1520.... Bht I guess 1520 mini shud fulfill ur requests
  • This was the phone i was planning to buy. But no sd is a deal breaker. Hopefully, mini 1520 comes out in time.
  • I'd say, just put the 1520 screen on it and call it a day. Actually, just like a 5inch 1520 with Glance Screen, microSD card slot and addition to the Qi charging and that'll be THE flagship in my opinon for right now, hopefully Nokia considers this. 
  • I may not need glance screen but I really need double-tap to wake up!
  • I just don't know why Nokia didn't release a flagship device in the US
  • Because the Icon (930) was already released
  • Not everyone in the US has Verizon tho. And not everyone wants a Nike logo on their phone either
  • Did you complain when ATT was the only one with the 920?
  • yeh that logo does suck.
  • Now I know how it must have felt like when the Lumia 920 was announced for AT&T only.
  • Very good observation!
  • indeed, but after some time it's being sold unlocked all over online
  • The 930 which is international is also unlocked, pretty sure you'll be able to find it on line as well
  • But will the LTE be usable on US GSM networks?
  • We get neither in Canada, at least the carriers around me aren't sporting them yet. I know I can order an international model of the 930 but that's beside the point. I'd like to try one out before replacing my 920.
  • I'm sure Rogers or Telus will bring it out soon. I'd certainly mention it to them, though, if I were you.
  • Doubt it seeing as Verizon's icon has same lte bands as what's supported in Canada & from what i remember reading it has both pcs & aws hspa bands.
    the sgh-t899m is a prime example of a dual mode phone that was surprising to see in Canada but not on Verizon(yet their apn app is in Samsung zone)
  • I want wireless charging built in but at&t has a problem with it. Hopefully this phone sells well and at&t will reconsider.
  • Did AT&T recently change their minds about this? My 920 has Qi charging.
  • AT&T started this when the 1520 came out.
  • Nah 1020.
  • The 1020 has a Qi cover. The 1520 was going to have support for PMA that ATT has decided to push instead of Qi. As far as I know, they have never released a wireless charging sheel for the 1520. IMO ATT has no business picking sides in a wireless charging standards battle. ATT doesnt make hardware, they need to stay out of it.
  • I think when the 920 came out more than a year ago, AT&T hadn't firmly made up their mind to actively promote PMA.
  • I think problem started back when the pre + came out
  • The 1020 requires a wireless charging cover due to at&t favoring PMA or Qi
  • Are you saying this phone has wireless charging? If it does I could forgive it the lack of SD card if wireless charging is onboard. I am not a geek but 32Gb is NOT enough. Games and apps are getting much bigger, and when on holiday or at family events video adds to the loads. Cloud is not a price effective solution as cellular charges for 30GB video uploads are ridiculous. I love Glance and look forward to Nokia bringing it back.
  • Yep it has Qi wireless charging onboard
  • Until they release a resonant charger its not worth the effort
  • Here's to still hoping that Nokia will release something later this month. Here is why I think it's within the real of possibility (no, not because EVleaks talked about a 19 April event): Joe Belfiori said on stage that the first 8.1 devices woudl ship very late April or early May. If I am not mistaken, Nokia has said that both the 930 and 630/635 would only ship in June. So, some other phone would have to come out to the stores with 8.1. AND I am hoping its not just a Sammy. :)
  • Maybe a WP 8.1 variant of the HTC M8? One can only hope!
  • Sorry but the Lumia 630/635 comes in May. So..
  • To the US? Sure?
  • Tmobile "Monarch"
  • Ok, but "summer" doesn't sound like May to me. :) But who knows, we'll see.
  • Why doesn't Microsoft release certain things the US only gets... because sadly, you can't have everything in life.
  • Well if it helps I put my AT&T SIM into a icon and it worked for voice call, I think the data is just hspa+ though.
  • Corret. No ATT LTE bands.
  • Well that sucks. thanks for clearing that up, I was about to make the jump. LTE>HSPA+
  • Unlimited HSPA+ > Limited cap LTE.
  • Tell me more, tell me more.
  • What are you talking about here?
  • Only if you roam in Canada you will see lte support
  • I think that Nokia still doesn't enough clout to get one device released by every carrier in the US without branding in the front. HTC, LG only made the cut after Samsung did. Sony is in the same boat.
  • I hate the carrier branding so much. I wish they could put it on the back or something
  • international phone ftw!
  • Does anyone know if the Nokia monarch was the 635 or is it something else?
  • That's Steve Elop's stupid carrier exclusivity strategy. It limits the WP phone selection for either AT&T or Verizon. Only Verizon customers can buy Lumia Icon while the rest of country can't. Only AT&T customers can buy L1020 and L1520 while the rest of country can't. No wonder the Lumia phones except L520/L521 are not doing so well in US. L520 is selling well due to its extreme low price. Nokia probably sells it at a loss. What a loser strategy. But don't expect MS/Nokia to change any time soon. Steve Elop is coming over to MS. Lumia 930 is a great phone, but they just don't want you to have it. Go figure.
  • Its such BS. ATT doesn't work at my home or office so I'm stuck on Verizon. Nokia would sell alot more phones if we could get the phone we want. I went from 8X to 928 and would have the 1520 if Verizon offered it. But I guess Nokia doesn't want to sell me another phone.
  • No, sprint and T-Mobile simply rejects WP devices. Only the carriers who are truly interested in devices other than the iphone/android invest
  • I still cant believe phones in the US are carrier based.
    Here in The Netherlands, ALL phones are being sold by ALL carriers.
    Much easier :)
    More competition, lower prices on contract.
  • Basically the same in South Africa. We just seem to get everything too late.
  • The comment section will be worth reading *popcorn*
  • Right? Haha
  • It def has been
  • Weird, and kinda lame. I love glance on my 920.
  • Dealbreaker to me since I got used to glance :P
    hopefully the goldfinger will finally be the perfect Lumia!
  • Lol I can do without it. Its nice but it still feels like a double lock screen.
  • Maybe visually, but you don't have to "double" unlock it.
  • True. I guess I wish it was more integrated with the lock screen. Maybe the background could fade in when the phone wakes up from glance. All I'm saying there's a better way...
    I love glance but not a deal breaker.
  • Useful but gimmicky.
  • Hardly gimmicky. I find it useful all the time. I take my phone from my pocket quite often to see clock. That's information I need. I wouldn't want to do without it anymore. Also, I've had older (clam-shell) Nokia phones that had a clock on the outside. It's more like bringing an older feature back.
  • Whats so gimmicky about knowing the time without doing anything?
  • not gimmick,
    it is VERY useful.
  • its not gimicky, the single mostly done task i do to any phone is look at the clock, id love glance.  But with denim it wont mater itll just be hey cortana what time is it  
  • I was in the Verizon store ready to upgrade my 928 to the Icon and my glance screen came on and I don't think I can live without it. I want the 1520 but ATT doesn't work for me :/
  • I think Nokia should consider the fact that for many of us, no glance, no micro SD, and no flash are deal breakers. We don't want to hear excuses. Maybe we need a mean guy like Steve Jobs to "force" them to find a solution, and find a solution now.
  • For everyone one person where that is a deal breaker, there's another person where its not. I love my Icon and as this is my first WP I don't miss something I never had. Its like every other phone in that regard and I'm okay with that.
  • Sure, to some people it doesn't matter, but let's say Nokia came out with another version with all of these features included, and maybe $10-20 more expensive. Would people who don't need these features still get the cheaper one, even though there's a very small difference in price? I don't know the answer because these features are important for me, but unless some people have to save every penny, I would say they would get the slightly more expensive one, just because they have the option to use the features if they want. If that's true, then more people would buy it because it satisfies everyone. But it really depends on how much the cost will increase per unit by adding these features. I'm still not convinced why it was so necessary to leave out the flash from the 630/635 though.
  • This exactly. If there was a 64GB or 128GB variant, or one with an SD card.... Then I'll pay extra for it. There is never anything wrong with having choices. Choices empowers consumers.
  • "I would say they would get the slightly more expensive one, just because they have the option to use the features if they want. If that's true, then more people would buy it because it satisfies everyone." thank you! There are a lot of us that really are looking for a phone very close to the 930's specs and size, but given it lacks the SD Card slot and now Glance, there's a fair amount of people that are going to sit on their hands and wait for the phone that really matches their criteria.
  • Same here. I'm looking forward to replace my Lumia 920 but then since 930 lacks glance support I'll just hope my current phone last until Nokia/Microsoft release another worthy successor. Lumia 1520 will be the perfect phone for me if not for it's huge size and I expect Lumia 930 will be a 1520 but with a 5" display and pocket friendly. Sigh~
  • The Icon is my first WP and I miss notifications terribly and folks tell me I wouldn't if I had glance...
  • Or jack tompson lol
  • To be honest, I think double-tap to unlock is the more useful feature. Glance is cool, but a better version if it exists on Motorola's Moto X.
  • Double tap to unlock makes your phone very sensitive and unlock almost anytime as you carry your phone around in your pockets, glance doesn't do that it just display the time with notifications or any text without waking the phone,I think it is very useful feature. But,then every person for themselves, sigh :/
  • i have double tap and it has never opened by accident in my pocket
  • I also found that Glance wakes the screen faster. Let me explain, the screen is already powered up before you push the power button. Have a look at it, if you switch off glance there is a delay on displaying the lock screen.
  • At least we finally have a real reason why, anywho I love my 1520 .....att gimped so be it .....i have glance and an sdcard......ill use wires to charge :)
  • Someone made a video showing how to add Qi to the 1520. Only if they could add Verizon radio frequency to the 1520.
  • I saw that video and read a step by step on how to add wireless charging but it's a pain and not worth it.
  • I bought the international version of the L1520. I have 32GB in Red, NO ATT bullcrap, it's fully unlocked, and I have Qi charging. In the US, I don't get LTE (stuck on 4G), but that doesn't bother me so much since I am always on WiFi when I am doing data intensive tasks.
  • 32gb again. What do they not get? There is a reason Apple offers 64. MANY OF US WANT IT. SD card sometimes is nice, but it limits what and can't be put on it. Just offer 64 already, Nokia. With so much your way ahead of the times. And with others, your stuck in 1995.
  • IIRC, Nokia has also offered e.g. a 64GB 1020, no? So they could (and probably hope to) do the same here to milk the market a little bit more.
  • Yes, but only in certain countries (Spain I believe). No microSD on the 1020 was an insane decision.
  • IIRC,they also had in MS stores here in the US.
  • 64 would cost more. The cloud makes up for the other 32 GB especially since its so well integrated.
    However the memory on my 1020 is almost maxed out and that's BC I have so many games I don't play (an extra 32 would be nice)
  • 32 gig my cloud only gives me 7 gig with my 930 phone?
  • Yes Apple offers a 64 GB iPhone, still its the least sold one. Nokia did the right thing. Striking a good balance between cost and storage.
  • That's exactly why an SD slot is perfect, people who don't need it, won't use it, while if hidden in the sim tray, it wouldn't add anything to break the design. I'm sure many people with Galaxy s5s don't use memory cards, but it's infinitely useful to those who do.
  • So, the other manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Sony, etc, are all wrong in putting an SD card in their high end phones. I'd rather have 8GB of internal storage if I can add a 128 GB from an SD than 32 GB (which in reality is less than that). When you start seeing games which require 4GB plus like asphalt 8 then let me now how those 28ish internal storage is working for you.
  • I did not talk about SD cards. The fact they did not include a micro sd card slot is pretty sad.
  • the difference is apple charge stupid prises for their phones and even more stup[id prices for the extra storage, as a iphone user i always went for 16 g why cause i cant justify the high cost after that.  With nokia the extra cost for more storage would still put the phone in a very affordable place as its alot cheaper than the iphone.  And personally i prefer it myself.
  • I still don't know why I can't get a 64gb phone. What would be the actual price increase? $10,000 dollars?
  • Cost to Nokia under $10 cost to providers $20 cost to end user $100 ;)
  • thats apples price cost matey nokia would be nokia cost 10$ provider 20$ end user 45$ isf android it would be android 20$ provider 20 dollar enduser free lol
  • Thanks for clarifying but I'm extremely disappointed:'(
  • With no sd or no glance?
  • No Glance. This omission will make me want Verizon to get another flagship very soon to jump too. Also: 1) I can't believe Nokia engineers missed this when procuring parts 2) is it possible they thought they'd eventually just figure out a workaround but this time are stumped? This just doesn't add up after all the Glance touting and advertising. Someone must have outright screwed up.
  • They could augment us with free smart watches to show notifications :P
  • +929
  • They are getting the Samsung Ativ-SE next month
  • Nokia didn't miss it. They simply decided to go with the cheaper screen from their supplier. Bad move IMO. Talk about fragmentation. Nokia fragments their entire "flagship" offerings. These types of manifestations explain very clearly why they were in the financial trouble they found themselves in.
  • Finally, a detailed explanation. I don't like it, but I'm glad they finally gave us a detailed response.
  • I know right.
  • Actually this is just a BS explanation. I study electrical engineering and I can assure you this "Display memory" they are refering to is called the "frame buffer". The frame Buffer is a portion of RAM containg all Pixel-Information about the Displayed Picture (Frame). This is all stored on the devices RAM (unless the GPU does not have its own ram).
    My explanation to whx the did exclude the 930 from glance is actually quite simple. They used a display which is more prone to burn-ins, for lowering the cost of the device, all pretty understandable. So instead of having people complain about heavy burn-ins because of glance on their 930/Icon, they did decide to exclude the device from glance to prevent such thing. Nothing to cry about, the 930 is still badass.
  • What burn-in? Glance moves every minute on the screen to presumably avoid that. Is AMOLED that sensitive to that effect? I'm also not convinced that this was just "bullshit" because they could have easily explained it a different way and not get so specific. The person whom I spoke with is involved and was very well versed on the chipsets, imaging, sensors (and SensorCore as he spearheaded that project) and the displays--he wasn't an exec or PR person. He wasn't sugar coating anything.
  • Im not sugar coating anything either, Daniel. I am well aware that glance moves every 5 minutes to prevent that. Still there are AMOLED Displays out their which are more prone to burn-ins. Its all about testing. If they did decide to include a cheaper display just to lower the cost of the device and they found Glance is bad for this particular one, it is okay. 32 GB of Storage 2 GB of RAM 2450 mAh battery 20 mpx imaging sensor etc etc, those parts are not cheap. Its all about striking a balance. At the end this is a flagship and not a niche product people throw their money at. It has to be affordable.
  • My friend's Samsung Note (or Note 2, don't remember which version) got burn-in from him chatting with a person often and that person's nickname being in the same spot on the screen every time. Until he actually showed me I could hardly believe that a screen could get burn-in like that.
  • At the phone store in Australia the 1020 had severe burn in from not being set up properly or played with enough. It's kind of sad. It seems common though.
  • Thats exactly what I was trying to explain him. AMOLED pixels tend to lose their ability to glow, when in use. Thats the price you pay for a greater contrast and longer battery life. WP just looks better on an AMOLED screen.
  • Ips fo yo ass!!!
  • to me a flagship shouldnt hold back on cost, because its a flagship.  I understand mid and low ranged phones cuting back for cost, but when you consider the 930 is like 200 dollors cheaper that ther iphone, that 200 could have given us 128, sd slot glance and a biger batery and still been cheaper than iphones equivilant 128 g storage device.
  • Lies! Nokia just hates us! ;) /s
  • I'm responsible for buying all the screen memory. Sorry.
  • Damn you NIST
  • Sorry, it was a good deal at Costco.
  • Are you telling me the image data are constantly transferred from RAM to the panel while it is in glance mode? Holy geeeezzzzz! Your battery will die very fast this way! I believe the "display memory" is something on the panel, so it can hold the image without getting data from the main memory. Not sure about the burn-ins...
  • That's exactly what Display Memory is. Frame buffer is different.
  • This ( is the kind of tech they are talking about here.
  • Thank you.
  • I would argue otherwise, since your theoretical knowledge is still incomplete . You are ignoring a real technical hurdle which requires the display memory to stay powered on even while the rest of the device is in standby. This is essential so the processor and memory bus don't have to constantly wake up to move the pixels from system memory to the display memory and drain away the battery.
  • Good point. Thx for lighting me up. Forgot its integrated graphics we are talking about here. You are right phones do not have a separate framebuffer bus an rely on the main bus. Sry about that. Was to much into actual separate PC GPU. I apologize. Nokias explanation makes perfect sense then of course.
  • I like how you think you know more than the engineers at Nokia about a device they designed. Have you considered that Glance is active when the phone is almost entirely "off" and that components like the GPU, RAM, etc. are mostly in a sleep state? Nokia's explanation to Daniel makes perfect sense. Glace is mostly firmware level code that runs when the vast majority of the phone's hardware is not active. It's not hard to believe that the feature would be dependent on display memory of some kind.
  • It really isn't badass. It's a small increment over the 920. Oh, and the 920 has Glance.
  • The keyword here is Display Self-Refresh. So no, we're not talking about the regular frame buffer. The GPU is asleep, the interconnect is asleep. The display keeps the same image in a dedicated memory buffer that is as the name implies redrawn all the time.
  • Honestly, I would've paid extra for Glance, but I'm probably the minority...
    I still don't understand why they can't also allow a 64gb option, even if it's not made in huge quantities, but I don't know how Nokia does things.
  • Nokia does thing the way that doesn't get product in the consumer hands. They would sell alot more phones if they gave the people what they want. Exclusives are BS people on Verizon want the 1520 & people on ATT want the Icon so we stick with our old phones and Nokia sells less.
  • And T-Mobile people want all of those, especially since AT&T stole our 925.
  • "They would sell alot more phones if they gave the people what they want." ..."so we stick with our old phones and Nokia sells less." thank you!!
  • Same here, I would have happily paid $50-100 more for glance, as it's not really such a huge deal when you are already spending $600+ on a phone.
  • Well, $50-$100 would be a bit much just for glance. For that price, I would say at least glance, micro SD slot, and double storage.
  • Lumia Halo Edition.
  • lol thats why they made the choice.  youd not get all 3 under 100$ sozz thats like bargin basment costs.  maybe 150$
  • well then they should use the home buttons as notification lights. anything to alert us that we have a message waiting. I won't be buying it due to the glance and sd card omission.
  • I remember the days when Nokia had notification lights and camera buttons, even though the cameras back then were terrible. Of course, I'm only 20, so that's not really a long time ago for most people. My first phone was the fat Nokia xpressmusic slider on T-Mobile.
  • At least they gave us an explanation now.
  • Taken away our hope is better than leading us on with vague responses
  • No glance i don't want it.
  • same here 
  • Must agree. No glance, no go.
  • Hmmm i do miss glance on my icon, but not that big of deal.  ZOMG SD SUPPORT
  • I have glance on my 1020. I never heard about it until recently. If I lost it now, "meh". Some of you lose your minds over the stupidest things.
  • Taking away features never sits well with people, and rightly so.
  • Especially when the said feature is so loved by the user base.
  • +920
  • A certain degree of intelligence is needed to understand the concept that something could be irrelevant for some while fundamental for others....
  • ouch...
  • For me, a 41 megapixel camera is a stupid thing.
  • SD is necessary, foe scalability, I could care less about glance. But I would like all my music on one device without being handicapped by the cloud. PUT A DRIVE ON YOUR PHONES NOKIA!!!! If Samsung can do it, so can you!!!! Form follows Function!
  • +1
  • *couldn't care less
  • Thanks Nokia! Signed dgr_874's wallet.
  • Funny how a feature that didn't exist a few months ago is now essential.
  • That's how it goes with features. Remember when cameras were optional features?
  • It's what happens when you make something compelling and useful.
  • That's tech for you.
  • Maybe for the ones who "discovered" Nokia recently. Glance has been a feature for years.
  • Nobody in America had used a Nokia for years before 2012. ;)
  • "Glance" functionality existed for years on older Nokia phones, like the N9.
  • Funny, how do I have it since 2010?
  • No off screen notifications puts WP behind ios android hardware from the start
  • My old HD7 had off screen notifications. There was a little LED light that glowed or flashed in different colors for different things.
  • That's a sign of the brilliant innovation going on inside Nokia. When a feature becomes essential to future device sales so fast means the team that came up with it did a really great job.
  • "...most regular people actually do quite fine with 32 GB". Thanks, Daniel. I'm an "irregular" now.
  • For us Irregular people fiber is supposed to help or so i'm told. Im just not sure how to install it and make it work with XBOX Music. :)  
  • us irregulars are legion They've been pushing that line about 32 is fine and no SD is necessary for some time now. If I remember correctly there was a lot of talk about how there wasn't going to be a international version of the Icon, and here (or rather, over there) it is. some day Nokia is going to give us pretty much what a lot of us want, then the only real debate will be over the styling
  • Right. Not everyone uses cup holders in their cars so does that mean manufacturers shouldn't include them?
  • I love glance, can't imagine a phone without it tbh :)
  • Same
  • +920
  • Back to stone age i guess
  • Indeed.
  • Micro SD is a far better feature than glance
  • I agree with this.
  • I love Glance, love it... but I will never have a phone without an SD slot (unless it's internal memory is well over 64 GB).
  • with 32GB of internal storage, NO, Glance Screen Much More Important.
  • Thing is, Daniel, no one here (especially those commenting) are "regular people".
    Frankly, I think anyone who spends the money to stream songs they already own are suckers.
    Hardly a day goes by that I don't enjoy having all my favorite songs ready to go regardless of data limits or connectivity.
  • Nokia is not making devices strictly for niche audiences though. Put it this way: if they thought making it 64 GB would make them more money and sell more devices, they'd do it. They don't so there is something in the economics that doesn't add up. Carriers, a crucial component here, simply do not want multiple SKUs for a device as it creates stocking problems. Two SKUs (32 and 64 GB) plus color choices, exponentially increases stock on, let's admit, a phone/company that is not selling a lot of phones. If and when Nokia starts selling serious amounts of Lumias, they will start to offer more configurations and carriers will want more too. It's not so much what you want, it's how's they react to the realities of the market. I'm also not convinced that people carry more gigabytes of music than can be accommodated on a 32 GB device. Nokia isn't alone here. Most devices sold don't go above 32 GB. 
  • And this would be an excellent reason to include SD card support in Lumias. Remove the need for multiple SKUs, and instead let the consumer decide how much space they want on their phone. I agree with you on the internal memory argument, Daniel, but with the greatly enhanced SD card support in WP 8.1, proposing a phone without SD card support seems inexcusable.
  • Agree. I wonder if these phones (Icon/930) were simply designed too late in the WP8.1 development process that they didn't know whether apps would be able to be stored on SD cards or not. A 16GB phone with SD-card support seems like a more economically sound model to manufacture than a 32GB model without it.
  • See, here's the issue I have here: you guys don't design or engineer phones. Nor do you sell them. You act like adding in a micro SD card reader into a phone adds no costs to the device or that there's room on the inside for doing it. Once again: if Nokia thinks something will sell more phones, they will do it. I'm not convinced that the 930 for most users is not a more than adequate device. Neither are other smartphone OEMs.
  • if they found a way to stick a 41mp camera into  a phone that's thinner than a 920, i'm sure they could have put an SD car into this, but then again we are speculating on this
  • Too difficult! That's why sony, HTC, Samsung, etc, etc, etc are still trying to figure out how to slam an SD card slot in they're HIGH END smarphones. Oh, by the way, the Z1 compact which is HUGE also doesn't have an SD card slot.
    Get the irony?! :)
  • <p>I don&#39;t know the economics of it, but considering that the low-end devices get SD card readers instead of more memory, it stands to reason to assume that it&#39;s less expensive to manufacture a device with less memory and an SD card rather than one with more memory and no SD card. There might be a whole other reason for it though, related to sales, overall profits and market share rather than the individual cost or profit per device, of course.</p>
  • My answer seems to have disappeared, so I'll retype it here... somewhat the same at least. :) With the low-end Nokia devices having less storage and an SD card reader, it stands to reason to, at least as someone from the outside, assume that it's less expensive to build phones like that, rather than with more on-board storage and no SD card. And the theory that they can't find the space for it is not very likely for obvious reasons. We don't know all the variables that go into the design, but from a layman's perspective this doesn't seem to be about cost per unit, but profit per unit and the overall market situation. Put simpler, there is probably more profit to squeeze out per GB of on-board storage, and the higher-end models is where this profit can be had (people are willing to trade the lack of SD card for more features). Nothing wrong with that, but I seriously doubt that it has to do with storage costing less than SD card readers, when the line-up currently indicates the direct opposite. The on-board storage seems to be the equivalent of the SUVs and pick-ups for the auto market - they are disproportionately profitable in comparison to their market share and cost per unit. And as said, nothing wrong with that. But for many of us it's disappointing from a user perspective, especially when there are no models with more storage offered at all.
  • That's fine, Daniel. It's just that consumers who now see the benefit of SD card support in WP 8.1 will make the appropriate decision with their purchase. HTC saw this Samsung's Galaxy S line supporting SD cards, and now the HTC One M8 has SD card support. Live and learn for manufacturers, I guess. And if HTC and Samsung can include an SD card reader in their phones, then we know it's not an engineering hurdle. I just hope HTC uses the M8's design on Windows Phone. That would be my next WP purchase.
  • Nokia has made a lot of bad decisions in the past few years. Chalk this one out to be one of them.
  • This is NOT an engineering hurdle. Don't kid yourself. It's just a freakin SD card slot. Nokia used to jam these into their older phones like no tomorrow. Now they don't. It's simply a profit hurdle since they don't sell nearly the amount of phones as they did in their heyday.
  • Yeah because as it stands now Nokia's flagship phones are such a huge selling success. The 'flagships' have the smallest % of Lumia sales and the main reason for that is the continued compromises that apparently no tech journalist wants to criticize anymore because they are afraid they might fall out of favor with an OEM, apparently.
  • These "compromises" are part of Nokia's marketing. Already before they adopted WP they have decided that they won't release so called flagship devices aka phones that have it all. That's why they leave out microSD in the 9xx series, put in microSD in the 8xx series but leave out gorilla glas and so on. The idea behind this "marketing idea" is that people are unsure which device they want to get and then decide most of the time for the phone with the higher profit margin for Nokia (in that case the 8xx series).
  • No, we're just the ones that buy Windows Phones. So I would think that our opinions do matter, regardless of how determined your are to dismiss them.
  • BRUTAL!!! tanglewoodDEV, but to tell you the truth I absolutely agree. The people commenting and following this news is not the entirety of the flagship WP device market, but we are no doubt by definition the most committed and verbal. If anyone is going to take out their phone and show it to people and talk about it, it's gonna be us. If while I am showing off my pretty Red 920 I feel compelled to say, I really wish they included the SD Card slot that they include on the lowest model Lumia phones, is that not significant. If you're making a flagship phone, why not include features that are often expected of a flagship device. It really becomes very difficult to argue against including a feature that is found on the entry level Lumia phones. There's something very wrong with that calculation.
  • Why should Nokia decide how much I'm willing to pay for a phone?! Removing glance feature is just lame even if we agree that SD card is not too necessary. A new flagship phone is supposed to have more features not with less!
  • Right, the Lumia 1020 is definitely not a niche device, nor is the gargantuan 1520 *sarcasm*.
    No one is talking about a separate 64 GB model, we're talking about about SD card support (matter of fact, my WP could have only 8 GB internal storage if it supported SD) - which is hardly a niche feature. Just look at nearly every Samsung device - actually nearly every high end device without an apple on it... and Nokia's now apparently.
  • Here's hoping that Samsung and HTC release some killer hardware for Windows Phone. Even if it's just copies of their latest design on Android, I'd take it. Think about the beautiful HTC M8, with its SD card support, loaded up with WP 8.1. It's quite an amazing thought, in my book.
  • @tanglewoodDEV Umm...we're NOT talking about the Lumia 1020 OR Lumia 1520, we're talking about the Lumia 930. So how you compare a niche device to one that is not meant to me is beyond my understanding. Look, let's agree to disagree on this. Your arguments are not compelling me to switch my position on this issue. I'm going to let the free market decided these things, not people here in comments.
  • well it will be hard to judge the free market based on this, the phone will sell no doubt, the question is if they released this and also released the exact same model with an SD slot what would sell more?
  • They would definitely have different prices so in the vast majority of markets, the one with the lower price would sell more.
  • thank you borasar, yes, it is rather absurd to point to a decision by the "free market" if the manufacturer has not provided the model you are desiring. A lot of us are interested in a phone like the 930. It is really MY IDEAL PHONE, but with a couple of exceptions, the lack of a SD Card slot, and now Glance. While some are happy with 32 and no SD Card slot, there is just COMMENT AFTER COMMENT where people are bemoaning the lack of a SD Card slot, going so far as to say, no SD Card slot no buy. IF YOU DO NOT PROVIDE THE FEATURES EXPECTED OF A FLAGSHIP DEVICE, then don't expect the sales you would have if you did. I can buy a phone for $100 that has a SD Card slot, but the flagship model that I really would like to have that costs $600 doesn't have one??? WTF What type of compelling argument would do it? It is certainly not just tanglewoodDEV making the argument. People are pointing at the flagship models of the other OEM and saying, why Samsung and HTC but not Nokia?
  • I hope it would it make sense for the 1020 replacement, since it is a specialty device, and is engineered specifically for visual media, I assume that consumers of the 1020 replacement would find an external SD card quite useful... But I agree Daniel, many people don't have more than 16GB of stuff, (many iPhone friends have hardly anything on their phones, and Nokia is understandably trying to sell to them) I just wish that I didn't have to settle for a low end Lumia, or get a phablet Lumia to get an SD card! Other than that the 930 is damn near perfect (Glance screen isn't necessary, I have a watch :P)
  • While I can understand each persons position it is a fact that all of the people who are posting comments here are first of all customers. Mr. Rubino I am sure they are not trying to change your position, they are trying to get their point across as to what they want in a phone so someone will make it for them. Maybe Nokia (Microsoft) has too small a share of the free market to try and please everyone right now and they are trying to push out what they think most people want. As to if its the right thing we will only find out in time. Who is right matters little as to what sells the most is what matters most.
  • My argument may not be compelling to you, but yours isn't even on topic. We're talking about SD support, not internal storage, we're talking about the newest high end WP not niche devices - I would hardly call SD cards a niche feature. You said that Nokia doesn't make niche devices, I gave examples of two that are indeed niche devices.
    Frankly, you're coming off as a Nokia fan boy. As an avid WPC reader, I feel I would be better served with WPC contributors being advocates to WP users/fans, rather than being apologists. Also, continuing to belittle your customers and dismissing their opinions is disturbing - as if your opinions are all that matters. Just my thoughts, not trying to be an a**hole, so don't get upset by that.
    Back to the subject at hand, the free market has spoken somewhat with Samsung devices... that do have SD card support and sell extremely well. WPC reports on WP 8.1 supporting more file types & apps to be stored on SD cards don't dismiss it as useless, so I'm not sure what has changed. As a matter of fact the new feature was lauded, now we can't even use it on the 'best WP to date'.
  • "As a matter of fact the new feature was lauded, now we can't even use it on the 'best WP to date'." that's pretty compelling to me....
  • Ok, so lets wait with baited breath for the niche device that fulfills all our fantasies.
  • LOL
  • Well put. :). Its basic economics and looking at sales trends and going on proven data. Large companies such as Nokia will make data based decisions. I like that you are a realist Daniel.
  • It was very well put... if we were actually talking about internal storage.
  • +1
  • Sorry, but Sammy and others have been having 8, 16 ...GB internal memory. I am not sure what is wrong with US carriers, maybe the best dictators.
  • The 930 is the international Icon model and doesn't have an SD slot either, so I would say that the issue is more about Nokia than US carriers. As much as I hate my carrier overlords.
  • Even tough theres no sd card on 930, i really dont see any problem on that. True a lot of devices sold with 32gb or less and most of the users cant even fill that. As of music, i dont know how many music do they need to store that 32gb is not enough. I used separate music player (i never use my phone), love and i play music, but to have a handy player, 16gb is really enough for me. Right now, Its not like cassette tape or cd that it takes so hard to delete music and store a new one.
  • And that's the exact reason why Nokia should have put a damn SD card slot in the phone, there is absolutely no excuse to exclude that.
  • So no glance makes this a low end?
  • This dilemma opens up for a smaller high end! YEAH! :D
  • Absolutely.
  • I promise I am not being melodramatic in the slightest. This has sealed that I will NOT get the Icon. I'm glad I found out now, so I didn't buy it. Glance has been so useful for me, it's a deal breaker at this point to not have it. Had there not been this bs carrier exclusivity, and phones inexplicably missing this or that feature, I'd likely have owned at least an 822, 928, 1020, 1520, and the Icon. They're missing out on major money by releasing crippled devices piecemeal on various carriers.
  • i'm with you...
  • I was excited about this one too. But yup, no Glance, no SD card and carrier exclusivity... severely diminished my interest in it. I guess I'll stick with my Lumia 521 a while longer. The new Samsung ATIV SE looks very interesting though.
  • and the free market speaks
  • I'm gonna agree with you on the carrier exclusivity. Probably be cheaper for Nokia if they didn't have that, since they'd only have to release ONE PHONE from each line of Lumias to all the carriers, minus dear old Sprint of course. Samsung doesn't have to come out with 4 different variants of Galaxies to cater each carrier. Neither does Apple with iPhone.
  • No Glance on the Icon was disappointed, but no SD support support sealed it for me.
    I was thinking about switching to AT&T to get the 930 if it had an SD slot, of as it turns out, it doesn't and the 930 isn't even available on AT&T... so I guess I won't be buying an new Nokia at all anytime soon. Sadly, the Samsung Ativ SE is becoming more & more appealing to me.
    By the way, the Lumia 822 has an SD slot and Glance.
  • meh..getting a Lumia 1520
  • Excellent choice. I received mine yesterday and no regrets.
  • Glad I'm not the only one. Getting one this weekend myself.
  • Amazing choice :) it is by far the best phone I have ever owned. It has successfully quenched my unending thirst for every new phone that comes out. (for now anyway lol)
  • The Lumia 1520 was such a major leap into the future where it will take a long time before any better model is announced/released, so it's certainly the flagship worth waiting for.
  • Would love a 1520... But wished it has Qi and unlocked so I can use it on TMOUS.
  • If Verizon had the 1520 that would make me so happy
  • Get the rm-938 from Newegg - it works perfectly with T Mobile and AT&T and also has Qi wireless charging and 32gb of storage.
  • Are you sure? I thought it did not have TMobile (US) LTE supported bands.
  • Are you sure? I thought it did not have TMobile (US) LTE supported bands.
  • So will this be the practice going forward of flagship Nokia phones running without Glance?
  • I'm pretty sure my article articulates the opposite position.
  • Is double tap to wake still available on the 929/930?
  • Yes.
  • no
  • Thanks, SwimSwim but I think I'll go with Dan's answer unless there's some other evidence suggesting otherwise. :P
    That's a shame.
    Thanks Dan!
  • Says YES in the display specs...
  • The official specifications page states it has "Screen double tap". Maybe it requires the Nokia Cyan update first?
  • I'll follow up on that. The Icon does not have this feature, so yes, it may be related to Lumia Cyan.
  • Will it be possible or is it hindered by the same factors as glance
  • Lel
  • But it was supposed to come with WP 8.1 - not just for Lumias. No?
  • I am hoping that, in a month or so, we'll have a new photo-centric halo phone over at AT&T (with Glance) that blows this out of the H2O anyway.
  • They always totally fuck up something. Always.
  • I think that's a bit harsh and overlooks the complexities of making a smartphone. It's much easier to be...a customer complaining, is my guess.
  • Even easier being a Sony, HTC, Samsung, oppo, etc, etc, etc, and have a damn SD card on a high end phone. Even a bloody Z1 compact has SD card. Your loyalty should lie with your readers and when Nokia screws up you shouldn't be apologizing for them. What other big manufacturer (besides apple which even then has a 64 GB version) has a high end phone without SD card??
  • My readers and people in comments...they're not the same thing. People who comment are a small percentage of this site, and statistically speaking, you're more likely a niche user if you leave a comment. Regardless, no my loyalty is not with your or anyone else here. I don't even know you. This is my own opinion after talking with many people in the industry. This has nothing to do with childish notions of "teams" or "loyalty". You don't like my opinion or my reasoning? No sweat off my brow...
  • Wow. Another low blow to the commenting community. Really has gone down to this. "I have spoken to leading people in the industry and they know more about what you want than you yourself the minority commenters". Why didn't you put it that way in the first place? Now I can see your logic.
  • ouch! but I am certainly with you. I don't really care in the end what the industry says or Daniel says, I know what I'd like. I see enough times that quite a few people have very similar desires as I do. I think it is a fallacy to state that people who comment are more likely a "niche user." That does not necessarily follow. It does follow that anyone who commonly reads on the site has a lot of interest in Windows Phones devices. It does follow that anyone who comments on the site may be particularly passionate about Windows Phones devices. Those two premises does not necessarily mean that we will buy a niche product. At the end of the day it really is kind of insulting. I want to buy a phone who's characteristics are such that it would represent a very sizable chunk of those people interested in a flagship phone. That's a five inch display at 1080, 32 gb of internal memory, and an SD Card slot. It would be very nice if it also had Qi charging and Glance. The styling, camera button, on screen vs. capacitive buttons are all secondary at this moment. I have every expectation that such a phone represents the ideal phone for quite a few of us. Arguing that a simple thing as the inclusion of an SD Card slot represents a niche demand is pretty cheesy, especially given its' inclusion on other brands flagships and Nokia's own entry level Lumia. We can point to a lot of errors in the tech field. Nokia is no longer the company it was a decade ago. Microsoft itself has been by-in-large backpedaling on Windows 8 for a year now. That had to eat crow over some of the features of the Xbox One prior to launch. SO EXPERTS CAN @$#$@% OFF. I want to buy what I want to buy. If you cannot bring it to market, don't expect a purchase.
  • @Mirainshe My logic is the free market. If Nokia thought they could sell more phones by simply adding a micro SD card to each one, then they would. Often enough, phone specs are decided in part by what the customer wants and in this case, that's often the carrier, not us. Personally speaking? I want a micro SD card, especially with 8.1 since I can install apps to it. It's why I use the 1520. But I don't let my own wants cloud my understanding of what are the current trends in smartphone sales. That's the key difference here is that some of you can't see beyond your own desires. You're confusing what you want with what the market has dictated. Those are two separate issues and I certainly don't begrudge you for wanting a SD card or more memory. Note how I haven't tried to convince to not want this or any other feature--that's not my business. But what you want does not necessarily represent the values of the current market. In my opinion, you're making this personal when it is not.
  • It would probably be less bothersome if we just stopped commenting altogether, huh? We have the childish ideas that we want great products, why can't we see that it's just not possible, dammit! :D
  • thank you Mike
  • Are you having a bad day? Have a Snickers. You'll feel better. WPC App for Android - Note 3
  • Wow I never expected you to be writing this. You forget a basic fact, that general consumers always turn up to people with tech knowledge on which smartphones to buy. If you ask me I had asked nearly 80 people to buy Lumia 920. This I would ask them to buy HTC One M8 or S5 instead!! purely DUE TO LACK OF MEMORY CARD!!!
  • Statistically speaking, commenters on a fan site represent the larger audience.
    Too bad that I actually paid for this app on my phone, but you can have my dollar.
    Your disdain for commenters here, your seemingly enjoyment of trolling the comment section, your 'I'm right you're wrong because I said so', your apparent apologist attitude versus advocacy for your readers, your lofted opinion of yourself, your constant douchebagisms, your wallet chain, that asshole scarf, etc... have driven me from this site.
    You're an asshole, I have no other way of putting.
    You have lost a reader. I know you could care less because that's who you are, but I'm deleting this app and won't be visiting this site again.
  • Not disdain, differing opinion. It's that simple. I don't agree with some of you on this topic and I've said that. None of you are banned, none of you have had your comments deleted because you disagree with me. If you can't have a civil discussion on the matter, then I can't say that I'm sad to see you go. I mean just look at your comment. Let's be clear here: I am my own person. I'm not here to agree with all of you in comments. If you want to disagree with me on this or any other topic, then go right ahead. But let's not act like we're always on the same team here.
  • The problem is perhaps your plain arrogance and prima donna attitude. I think diplomacy is always in order when handling heated debates. There's no need to offend people commenting by basically saying "look I'm a leading world renowned tech celebrity. The be it and end all of Windows Phone knowledge and wisdom. If Nokia didn't add this or that it's because the larger more relevant market doesn't demand it. You think y'all minority commenters are relevant?" You could try and be less self aware and take ego out of it. You are clearly wrong in assuming people don't value SD cards. The new HTC One added one not because it's a luxury,but because it's demanded by the market. You are also wrong in assuming that Nokia knows everything. If they could supply market needs effectively,they would be Apple or Samsung. The fact that most of the features and functions on WP8.1 were historically heavily requested features even on this site's comments and forum pages indicates your ignorance of market dynamics. Why do you think Nokia's Lumia sales are nothing compared to Android handsets from LG and Samsung? Functionality. Cloud storage is effectively useless in all emerging markets. Useless. If there's no 64GB version then it's a stupid decision by Nokia. Taking pictures,videos and downloading high quality games on 22GB of usable storage is a massive joke when you consider the hell WP users have endured with storage issues. Lumia 930 is a media powerful device with leading imaging and audio capabilities. Recording a two minute 1080p clip on such a device will be upwards of 500MB. If you can't see the flawed logic there then there really is nothing to say
  • Nice!
  • I got your back, Dan!
  • No, it isn't harsh at all! Missing SD / low storage has prevented me from buying the 925. Yellowish button backlight always stops me from getting another top range Lumia; it's just such an ugly contrast if you have clear white fonts on the screen, yet, your buttons have a yellow tint. I could continue with why "little" things keep me away from getting a Lumia but then, I could write a book about it too. And as I have learnt not only in online communities but also in private life and at work, those little things make a break a deal! In 2014, we shouldn't have to worry about insufficent memory anymore. If a company things that 16 or 32GB of on board storage is enough, I can accept that but if you're not planning on releasing variants withy more storage, put in an SD card slot! This isn't a challenge for phone makers! After all, SIM cards are getting smaller and smaller and batteries are glued in these days (meaning: less removable / movable parts, ergo: more space and options to add SD card slots). Taking away options is never a good thing!
  • The 1520 and 925 have crisp (though slightly dim) backlight on the softkeys; nothing yellowish about them.
  • We know you love Nokia, but be objective and lay criticism where its deserved. There is just no excuse for no Glance and no MicroSD on a flagship device that costs $600+, just no excuse.
  • thank you
  • Yes it is easier. Because it is harder to cough up your own $800 to buy a product that is not satisfactory
  • yup, spend that much and you really want to get what you really desire
  • I agree I never made any smartphone by myself but I bought a serious ammount of the sinc first Palm Treo until today and as a customer, I can't find a single Lumia I would like to have. Especially in recent time when Nokia tries to be tablet manufacturer and two last mobile phones selled here in Czech are definitely not mobile at all (1320, 1520). When Nokia comes with "almost-mobile" phone I would possibly buy, it has always something I cannot live with. Missing SDcard slot, musplaced USB connector, 512MB RAM... But as you say, Nokia has it's good reasons, actual market share says they're doing it right (sarcasm, of course).
  • Even easier to be an apologist with hypothetical excuses.
  • I've been buying smartphones since before they were called smartphones. The perfect device remains elusive and probably always will. All you can do is go with something better than what you currently have.
  • Agreed all the way.
  • I wouldn't put it as harshly, but yeah, they always gimp their stuff one way or another be it hardware (lack of microsd support) or software (the ~4 year delay in getting independent volume controls). Silver lining is I don't feel a need to upgrade the 920 to the next phone. Maybe HTC and  Samsung will surprise us (or Windows Phone 9). They kept advertising the Lumia 1020 as this uber camera phone. Yeah thats great, but it creates two files per shot and no microsd all those vacation shots are great until, you run out of space.
  • "Silver lining is I don't feel a need to upgrade the 920 to the next phone." and the free market speaks
  • Indeed they do, sad.
  • Glance is a dealbreaker for me...:-\ Hope thay correct it on a 935 or something :)
  • Same here, I hope this gets resolved before my 920 stops being totally good enough. If the 1030 has glance and Qi wireless charging I'll be super happy.
  • After 8 month of usage never had problem with storage, and always had 20gb+ free on my 928. But I would like to get 930 and have glance on it. Was hoping Nokia will figure out something for Icon (+930 now). I guess it will never have it
  • I guess that means I'm officially in no hurry to get one! :'(  
  • I think there is a big big problem from Nokia and Microsoft...they should step into the game release something that is consistent and not remove things like glance to newer devices and oldest devices have it wtf Nokia... I want so happy that I was going to upgrade to Lumia 930 but not coming to USA and plus it doesn't have features my Lumia 920 has wtf...make up your mind Nokia and Microsoft
  • It was the same with wireless charging for 925. I agree it doesn't look good to add and remove features left and right. Sounds like they didn't have much choice this time though. Imagine the next Iphone without a fingerprint home button. :)
  • yeah, there should be feature consistency
  • I think it is save to assume the main reason why the 930 is not in the US is because Nokia signed a deal with the devil [i.e. a carrier, Verizon] that makes the Icon their exclusive for who knows how long. That is probably also the reason for a late June release of the 930, Nokia was probably contractually barred from releasing it sooner, as there is no reason for the 930 not to be ready now, since the ICON is already out for quite a while and was announce last year.
  • Whatever. The 1020 remains king in my opinion.
  • Yes, if only I didn't have a PenTile allergy, I really want that camera.
  • 1520 best Nokia out
  • Huh, while disappointing, I think I I understand what Nokia means, and why this wouldn't work. Hopefully they'll male it happen in the future. Because while I can understand why Nokia was unable to pull it off, it's no less disappointing.
  • Bummed. Either way T-Mobile thinks all its WP customers are poor and want budget devices with no flash/FFC/HD screens, etc. Unlocked will be my way to go. For now... Still waiting. My body and wallet WERE ready. That is no longer the case. I have a headache Nokia - No wanna make sexy time with you for phone.
  • hilarious
  • :( Daniel, on the 930 specs page it says that it has double tap. The Icon currently does not. Will the 930?
  • Am i the onlyone remembering leaks saying it would come as feature in  8.1? In the OS itself, not the Lumia extras.
  • Nokia seems to be going the opposite way. From the great LCD screen on the 920 with glance they're now on AMOLED which has too many inconsistencies with power consumption and colour reproduction and now it doesn't even have glance.
  • Rene Ritchie had a great discussion a while back on a Crackberry podcast about screen technology, and the pros and cons of IPS, LCD, and Amoled. With listening too if I can find which episode it is. Long story short, if I memory serves, Amoled uses less power because it can power individual pixels rather than the full screen, like a LCD display, may be part of the reason for using amoled.
  • AMOLED uses about twice as much power display whites. However it uses next to no power displaying blacks. So any app that is predominantly white, like Facebook, will suck battery on an AMOLED screen. Just too many things to worry about and clearly not worth the trouble.
  • Totally agree, also don't forget the huge latency
  • I guarantee you Daniel was cringing just before he hit "post" on this update. The nerve of a company not giving everyone everything for nothing!
  • Well, I do get everything for nothing, in that I can have all the features by paying nothing and keeping my 920. The problem is that the only upgrades are downgrades now.
  • It is not for nothing. Last I checked, most of us are working adults who pay for our phones. I would rather pay a little extra and get the features I have come to love and expect.
  • thank you Daniel... when is getting a high end phone "for nothing"? what a pathetic idea....
  • I know it costs more. That's why Apple charges more for the 64gb models and would expect the same out of Nokia. A large screen costs more, but they didn't shy away from that. And many of us are stuck with ATT and Verizon, making the cloud almost worthless. Many of us want and/or need 64.
  • If WP ever gains traction we will get more choices. As it is now we are lucky anyone still makes them at all.
  • Haha. I like that attitude. :)
  • This. I'm getting tired of the "But Apple does...". Nokia ain't Apple. Not even close. They do NOT have the market clout to do what Apple does, it's that damn simple.
  • Market clout is irrelevant to what can and cannot be done with WP8.
  • But Nokia puts SD card slots on their phones. It is sad when you can get a lower end device with Glance and expandable storage, and the 'flagship' misses the boat on both counts.
  • and again Daniel, thank you. It really is very hard to counter that argument. It is just intuitively WRONG that I can get a SD Card slot on a $100 phone but can't on the flagship phone I want for $600.
  • Ok, let me preface this by saying I wish all phones had expandable storage and more onboard storage. With that said let's look at some other factors with SD card slots. To have one means you need to have either a hole on the side to insert the card or a removable backplate so you can stick the card inside somewhere. If they went the first route everyone would be crying "ugly" so let's look at the second option. Now you have a removable backplate. Most users would also assume removable battery, so now you've added more cost to the device. Additionally, any sensitive optics that are in there now need additional protection from the user getting dirt in there, cocaine, semen, or whatever else. See how this becomes a little more difficult? I guess what I'm saying is there are always trade-offs, unfortunately.
  • Remember that the cost is not in the part alone. Manufacturing assembly lines are highly tuned processes -- introducing another part (or in this case potentially multiple parts) would likely require the assembly lines to be taken offline, re-tooled, and then spun up again. The opportunity-cost of increasing product variations is not linear.
  • So by your theory the 630 cost should be sky high ;)
  • They should've just called it the 929 and reserved the 930 name for a device that deserves it.
  • +1
  • +1  
  • +1 WPC App for Android - Note 3
  • +920
  • +920
  • Between hd movies, music, raw photo files and apps 32gb does not cut it. If wp8.1 will allow app2sd... Well what is the point is they don't include the bally sd? Doesn't add up. But i agree that it must be a financial matter. Or insanity. Either way the lack of sd scars a nigh on perfect phone. I will wait for a 1020 successor and hope they address this...
  • I agree. Before WP 8.1, lacking SD card support was excusable. But now with WP 8.1, SD card support is essential. But hey, maybe Microsoft added these features to 8.1 just for laughs, right? I mean, who would use it? Am I right, Nokia?
  • that's funny yea, it seems like quite the contradiction doesn't it. Microsoft never screws up... Nor does Nokia...
    Nokia's dive into near irrelevance and their hail mary pass to Microsoft was just a brilliantly planned ploy from the beginning. We have to trust our social betters that their paternalism overrides our wishes. Uncle MS/Nokia knows better than I do what I want.....
  • It's insanity. Microsoft should just make it a mandatory requirement if you want to license the OS. I am disappointed that even a highly regarded OEM like Nokia can screw up so badly when it comes to simple MicroSd support.
  • Noooo! This is one of the great features I love! I'm jealous of my dads 1020 for this, and I absolutely love the 930! Hopefully they might be able to implement it at a later stage.
  • The required tech is quite easy to explain, Glance requires the screen to have a display 'cache' which allows for both low level access as well as it being a low power option. It would probably be possible to have Glance without but battery life would seriously suffer for it as the OS needs to be awake all the time.
  • Thanks for the info. How does this account for my (nearly) 2-year old 920 having glance? I mean, if they could make this work with a regular older LCD screen and not kill my battery, how could they not do it with a nice, new amoled? (honest question)
  • The icon is the same phone exact same specs isn't it
  • Basically yes, but there are some smaller engineering changes.
  • So we can conclude that is the same phone with different name?
  • No, not 100%. As far as I know the L930 also has the extra dedicated low power BT chip.
  • Actually I won't be surprised if this was an intentional move by Nokia. They won't build the perfect product in order to sell more and keep their other models in the market.
  • It's sad to hypothesize, but sometimes the truth is more sobering than you'd like it to be. Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest either.
  • Except it's actually preventing people from being excited and buying multiple devices. A lot of Android people I know buy every single new device, always trading up. You can always make a phone better than the last "perfect" one. Even if they made the Icon 32gb, SD support, glance...they could still release something in the fall. Newer chip, something. As it is, too many people are upgrading in spite of new devices, not because of them.
  • thank you menghai! I absolutely agree with you. Not releasing the phone that a number us in the aggregate are looking for does nothing but dampen demand. There will be advances in technology, or perhaps the removal of the capacitive buttons will create even more display size on the same size phone. Styling issues, god only knows... It's an absurd argument to say, don't give people what they want.
  • There is no perfect phone. Even other brands. Does anyone know that phone exist?
  • "most people will be fine with 32GB of storage" BULLCRAP!! So, what's the point of having apps to SD if the new high end Lumia doesn't have SD??? What a load of BS! Maybe you should go check how much free space you need for games like asphalt8, etc, etc, etc. In only 3 games 10 GB are gone. Install a few more games, plus regular apps, photos, videos and a few full music albums are you're uninstalling games like I had to. Maybe you guys think everybody can afford 5 smarphones like to have things scattered around.
  • Show me the data that says people use more than that for data on their phones. If you believe in the free market, and I'm guessing you don't, then the market would dictate what people want for features and what they are will to pay. If 64 GB devices or devices "must have" expandable storage to be succesful, then the smartphone market would make that the norm. It has not. Tell me why.
  • *waiting for his answer...*
  • *Crickets* WPC App for Android - Note 3
  • Ok, Dan. Lets speak about the market: explain why every single 2014 Android flagship now has microSD expansion (the HTC M7 didn't the M8 added) but what is supposed to be Windows Phone's "flagship", the "best of Lumia and Microsoft", the phone that showcases all 8.1 has to offer...doesn't include a microSD slot.
    It simply does not make sense. Not only that, apparently the market demands microSDs otherwise Android manufacturers wouldn't be going around putting it in or keeping it on their flagships. (notice I'm not talking about specific numbers of internal memory but in the ability to add an SD card. The 930 could come with 16GB it would serve many long as it also came with the ability to expand that).
  • good job DJCBS
  • Well Daniel if you're really so hell bent on talking free market and what people want then I think it's clear that at least in the US, people don't want Windows Phone to begin with; let alone a 64GB Windows Phone. So lets drop this market argument.
  • Sorry dude that is incredibly ridiculous and ignorant of you. You do realise that the majority of people here use WP handsets and most of them use Lumias. The issue of storage is a big problem. Right now a simple survey of your own website would have told you the demand for SD card compatibility is a BIG issue in general. You just say "most people don't mind" with no figures to back that up. But simple reasoning will tell you micro-SD cards are STILL,a big issue in the smartphone business. Give me two serious Android flagships which don't support them. Even one. Also,it is very ignorant of you to downplay the relevance of this feature and overplay the desire for Glance. Most people will trade glance for micro-SD. Are you not aware of the problems of internet connectivity around the world. You go to Victoria Falls with your Lumia 930 in Zimbabwe for holiday and once there you discover internet is $35 per 1 GB. Make it worse if you are roaming it's nearly quadruple that. But with all the games you have installed and all the videos you have taken before,you only have online storage left. That's prohibitive. Now you can't take pictures or videos. Making the 930's best qualities of zero use. Also,some of the places there have no network. So really you need to revise your reasoning
  • thank you Mirainashe
  • The norm is to have 16-32GB internal plus an SD card. It is a cheap and easy way to expand storage, and a very popular option. Sure, we can get by with 32GB (plus cloud and network storage), but it is a compromise. On my 920 I can easily hold the bulk of my documents, plus the pics and videos I take, the occasional game or two, and a few useful apps, but there is a whole lot that I don't put on there that I would love to put on there. I would love to put my whole music collection on there (~20GB), but I can't. I would love to put my work documents folder on my phone (~25GB) but I can't. I would love to put my most common PC utilities on my phone and loose my PC repair flash drive (~40GB)... but I can't. Isnt the whole point of a flagship device to avoid saying "I can't" so often?
  • again Daniel, good job... Isnt the whole point of a flagship device to avoid saying "I can't" so often?
  • Marco Gomes1 did not say that "64gb devices or devices 'must have' expandable storage to be successful, that is a mischaracterization of his argument. He stated that a "high end" Lumia should have a feature that allows for the use of the new feature of apps to SD card slot in WP 8.1. That is a very reasonable question.
  • you already mentioned you yourself use a Lumia 1520 (yes, WITH glance AND microSD). Who cares about your excuses? I ONLY bought the 1520 with my new contract because the Icon has no microSD. Go figure.
  • +1
  • A flagship phone with on screen buttons......asking too much?
  • I was actually disappointed with the on screen buttons. I thought it would act like Android, but when I saw when the person was watching a video, the buttons didn't go away, like Android...
  • Those buttons look obnoxious and those massive bezels are still there. What was the point?
  • Just look forward to gold finger all i can say hopefully that Nokia phones more promising
  • Wow.  My next phone is completely up in the air now. Very bad news, for me at least. 
  • Lol that lone feature just tipped the scales for you huh?
  • Absolutely it does.  For some it won't matter, and that's fine.  Everyone is different.  If it doesn't matter to you, great.  I certainly won't call you out for your opinion. I'll also say, Nokia's continued inability to produce a no-compromise flagship device is dissapointing.  Every high end phone in their line has a compromise of some sort.  Size, lack of a feature, etc.  Again, just my opinion.
  • +1
    That is probably the main reason why Nokia flagship devices sell so poorly, compared to the mid or low end ones.
    Nobody wants to buy an expensive compromised flagship phone.
  • Not sure why Nokia are so keen to shoot themselves in the foot. Is this sabotage or something? No SD for me is the biggest problem. Some people are saying well iPhone doesn't have it either. Well that's exactly why I don't bother with iPhones. Problem with this US-centric approach that Nokia and MS are so keen to take is it neglects the rest of the markets outside USA. They have less than 5% market share in America but they base their whole strategy around American ideals and ergonomics. Online storage is not a feasible option in pretty much most of the profitable markets for WP. Ask people in India or Romania if $50/year online storage is their idea of convenience. The whole world is not South Korea where fast unlimited internet is as common as oxygen. In most parts of the world internet connectivity is erratic and very expensive. Also even in the US there are places where there is no reliable connection,so if you rely on One Drive for storage and you really need to be taking pictures and your internal storage is low,then you are screwed. I use an L620 and two minute 720p videos average around 200 MB. I'm willing to bet 1080p videos on a 930 or Icon for two minutes will eat up at least 500 MB. One wedding day or vacation day you'd have gone through the whole storage esp if you like installing the best games. Poor decision. The 930 is going to be a massive flop and both Nokia and MS should know why. Even loss making companies like Sony are pulling all the stops as well as HTC. They are trying to make their phones as attractive as possible for the consumers,and immediately releasing the phones for sale. Nokia though is taking away features from it's best phones and I'm sure the next "flagship" will have no wireless charging,no sd,16 GB internal,1 GB RAM,no glance,no double tap to add to the "forever" schedule for updates and handset distribution
  • With the current cost per Gb being lower now than this time 1 year ago, 64Gb ought to be the bare minimum on any modern smartphone. Nokia/MS may have shot themselves firmly in the foot.
  • It's not about what the storage costs, it's about the markup they can charge for it.
  • It's not like the world will end if we don't have glance, but the feature is more important than upgraded specs. The phone would have to be much more of a spec bump before I'd give up glance for it.
  • Oh, come on. Glance is a nice extra but by no means a deal breaker. I'd much rather have a 1080p Amoled without glance but with those deep blacks, than a washed out LCD with glance.
  • +920
  • The 1520 screen is not "washed out" yes not pitch black ..... But very close
  • I think the Metro UI was born for AMOLED. The way the tiles are floating on the black screen, you can't tell the display and the phone apart it's like they are one, as if the tiles were painted on the phone. Timeless design. It's just not the same on an LCD, especially in a dark room.
  • Then you see the shitty colors and the the screen lagging behind itself during a swipe and think meh....
  • Shitty colors? Give me a break! I never understood that whining about AMOLED. As if LCD was exaclty like reality. You walk down the street and there is bright light glowing through the corners of what you see...
    But if you are really worried about the colors, Nokia has a calbiration app.
  • Meh...I don't really care for glance. Not having an SD card slot sucks but not necessarily necessary so it's not a "deal breaker" for me. I'll end up with this phone :)
  • If you are the type of person who would not buy this phone because of the lack of the glance feature then you are probably the kind of person who finds fault with everything and simply likes to moan.
  • +920❕
  • -920
    Only a moron would settle for a compromised phone experience when you are paying $600+ for it. At that price I want no compromises.
  • Every real word gadget/smartphone is a compromise, stop dreaming kid
  • stop being victim, being a bully for once in awhile, it's nice.
  • +920
  • Yes Mr Microsoft.
  • I like glance but the screen changes while I drive become distracting at times. Its to bad the 1020 has no micro SD card. Kinda wish it did for photos.
  • No MicroSD is my biggest issue with my 1020 too; because of this I will never ever buy another flagship phone without a MicroSD support, period; no matter how amazing the other features are.
  • Meh. I'm waiting for the 1020 successor. That will surely be the top dog in the smartphone world.
  • Hopefully Nokia/Microsoft does not screw it up with crap like no glance and no MicroSD card support; and by the end of 2014 no USB3 support will be a deal breaker too.
  • 32 g's is good for me and the glance screen...i can probably do without since 2011 with my first WP.
  • Haha same for me. Have a HTC 8x, so no glance and 'only' 16gb. 32gb would be a nice upgrade and glance doesn't bother me
  • No Glance = No purchase. Why would I update from my 920 to a phone that they take features away from? Nokia need to pull their finger out, if they and Microsoft don't have any new hardware and have all OS features available in my region that I'm happy with by the end of year I'm going to have to seriously consider Android. I'm sick of being a year behind for every ne feature that comes out!
  • Wp8.1 would close the gap between android and WP further and the 930 is a big upgrade for any other wp8 device. It is a shame it has no glance but is it that important on a phone? I'm fine without it :P
  • And for now I am fine with my920... One size does not fit all; different individuals have different priorities.
  • It might not be a vitally important function, but it is the sort of thing that you want to have when you are spending that much for a flagship device.
  • Android doesn't have glance either.
  • So now Microsoft wants to copy android and get more retarded,oh come on.
  • I have a HTC 8x so no SD card slot and no glance. The 930 would be a very nice upgrade with his 32gb and I don't mind it doesn't have glance since I never could use it. Looks like a cool feature but not a deal breaker imo
  • I think that I was missing on ATT for not having the 930, but now that I know it does not have SD card, then I don't feel the same. My next windows phone must have. SD card or I will keep my 920.
  • I couldn't care less for Glance. What I can't accept is the lack of a microSD on a flagship in 2014.
    There's no way around that. If it doesn't have it, it's not worth the amount of money they ask for it. Nokia failed here big time (several times. From the incapacity to finish a real 930 to the ineptitude to see that the 930 may me a good WP but it's not an acceptable flagship for 2014. And putting in gimmicks like the Dolby Sound doesn't make up for it as way more people would need a microSD than Dolby Sound on videos they will not the able to record unless they want to burn through the memory quickly.
  • +1; completely agree on the microSD point
  • +1
  • I have to agree that I find the microSD more important than the Glance feature. I have no idea why Nokia has excluded it from the 930, and I find it quite odd for them to ignore the community once again on this wanted feature.
  • Couldn't agree more. Give us MicroSD in a flagship, Nokia!
  • yup, totally agree SD Card slot or no buy
  • I cannot buy that silly excuse, when even the cheap 620 has glance.
    I've been waiting for over a year for a good 820 replacement with 32GB memory, PureView, 4-5'' AMOLED screen and built-in QI. And I was really excited to pay $600+VAT for the 930.
    And now it's gone.
  • Only because of glance? Okay...
  • Well it is stupid the low budget phones have it, except the 52x's.
  • For some people it matters. Everytime I go to use my Galaxy I still run on WiFi, I try to use glance and double tap. If Android had glance, it would be one more reason to consider that platform. One of the main things people comment about on my 822 is glance.
  • Unfortunately yes. Since I have QI chargers in every room at home and a charging stand on my desk at work, I'm really fond of my phone displaying notifications by day and the clock at night.
    My excitement is gone due to the lack of basic feature that I became addicted to.
    The 930 is now yet another model that is missing something I've got accustomed to, which keeps me from switching.
  • Exactly, glance is huge once you're used to having it. The 930 doesn't offer anything over the 920 that would make up for the loss of glance (and I'd love to have the 20mp camera and faster processor).
  • When you pay $600+ for a supposedly 'flagship' phone you don't want to compromise on key features like glance or no MicroSD slot; and people wonder why the sales of flagship WP devices are so low; this is exactly why, Nokia seems incapable of producing a flagship phone without major compromises.
  • thank you John
  • My sentiments exactly, John!
  • We on Verizon can't choose 1020 1520, so we are stuck with the one flagship phone you release
  • It feels like buying Lexus without leather seat covers, something you get when you buy a cheaper say...Toyota Camry. It's not a big deal for some, but it is for others.
  • Yep, nailed it. I was elated to have the Icon finally released on my carrier. Glance and SD card, would've walked in and paid cash. As it is, I'm keeping my 822 until there is a suitable replacement. Jumping forward more than one step at a time is acceptable, Nokia and Microsoft.
  • While it aren't key features, you make a good point. In Dutch there is a saying of that but I don't know a good translation. It says something like: here you got something, there you have to left something. So in this case better overall specs but the lack of SD card slot and glance
  • and the free market speaks
  • The 520/620 are not AMOLED or even 1080p. Did you even read the article?
  • And that's why they cost only $100 and not $600. But what's your point exactly?
  • You were saying:
    "I cannot buy that silly excuse, when even the cheap 620 has glance."
    I was reacting to "even the cheap 620". It made it sound like you were saying it is an inexplicable oversight to leave it out of the 930... it's not. It's the price of having a 1080p AMOLED screen.
  • +920
  • I feel having no SD and/or low internal storage is worse than having no Glance, even though I love Glace. So yeah, sorry I disagreed with you Daniel.
  • I have a 920. My next Nokia, whatever that may be, will have Q1 charging and glance.
  • Also Daniel, as the Icon didn't have double tap at its launch (you said), I'm guessing this won't either? Stupid, considering the 520 has it...
  • The specs on say it has double tap to wake.
  • Unacceptable lame excuse for not having Glance. On the other hand SD card support is understood though. Who needs it? Cloud storage and services like BitTorrent make SD cards obsolete. Because of cloud storage and phone storage has grown from 16GB to unlimited. Stop playing Nokia and make Glance available for all devices,
  • yes, because they would want to remove a feature from a high-end phone just because. I like this excuse because it at least makes an inkling of sense other than the previous ubergeneric "hardware requirements" explanation. Only when we get ubitiqous and nigh-unlimited high-speed data and/or Wi-Fi everywhere will SD cards become obsolete. It makes a lot more sense for some.  
  • MicroSD is obsolete? LOL; maybe for idiots that are willing to pay $100+ for unlimited data per month. Cloud services will never replace local storage, and people trying to convince others that they already have sound just stupid.
    And even if you have cheap unlimited data [yeah right] you would still have to pay $50+ per year just for 100gb of storage, whereas you can have 128gb on a single MicroSD card and eventually up to 2TB and you don't have to worry about any subscription charges.
  • Cloud already did. So who is the idiot? SD cards were for my Grandfather 20 years ago. It is not anyone fault that you are software iterated. SD cards? Come on dude please..... I'm on 16GB NL 925 mark my words my storage is unlimited.
  • "Cloud Storage already did"??? Since when???? Try doing some cloud computing on a fucking plane? Good Lord....
  • 100+ for unlimited? Ouch that sucks.
  • So true!
  • Idiots? Name calling isn't necessary people. Apple didn't include SD and they are doing just fine by mobile standards. Generic assertions clearly don't apply generically. I agree though that features present in a current flagship phone should be available in next Gen flagship OR better. Neither of these will deter me from giving up my sometimes unwieldy 1520 for a 930 or competing equivalent 5", but it is a good point none the less.
  • " On the other hand SD card support is understood though. Who needs it?" Oh, i don't now, maybe people that live in areas were the wireless internet is not reliable?
  • Why do you use your 16gb, if local storage is obsolete? Install games on cloud, apps on cloud...???? Here is a feature in wp8.1 which can make use of expanded memory of external cards... You maynot be hardcore user on that, but others are... And shelling out a fortune without that is not very sensible unless one is so rich that he wants to find ways to spend money
  • At this point no glance is pretty much a potential device killer for me. I tried to use my 1020 without it on once, almost killed me.  And no Micro-SD is definitely a killer.  The question is why not?  
  • I guess that's what they call "first world problems" :)
  • Yeah that's true. But it really did blow me away how much I use that little seemingly insignificant feature. Seriously though, even without glance, if it had a Micro-SD I'm have a hard time justifying not grabbing this device. 32gb is just simply not enough for my music and vids.
  • huh?? we are talking about a pretty expensive phone here, to state that a concern about the features of said pretty expensive phone is "first world problems" is pretty nonsensical.
  • Jace made the comment, that not having glance "almost killed" him. That's what I was reacting to.
  • ok I see. There's a certain category of rhetorical moves that are less significant for me, and jace's use of "killer" for me is not too significant. I just translate "killer" to a "critical issue." It is not really a misstatement of fact or hyperbole about fact or policy, it's hyperbole about an emotional state or desire. I still think that overall, any conversation about a $600 phone is a potential "first world" issue.
  • Well, considering the size and shape of the Lumia 930, it seems to be the direct successor of the Lumia 920. So I think we can expect a thinner and less bulky Lumia 930 (Lumia 935?), which would replace the Lumia 925, and surely that will have Glance support.
  • Just another reason why the 1520 is STILL the best Windows Phone 8 device on the market.
  • If only it was 1" smaller.  
  • 1.5 inches smaller :P
  • Or if it had a stylus to take enough advantage of its form factor to outweigh the awkward size.
  • ^this
  • The 1520 is not a phone. That's a laptop you hold against your ear. :D People with those 6" devices making calls look like they are from an 80's music video with a boombox.
  • Those silly 80s people, why didn't they just get a Bluetooth headset for their boomboxes?
  • And some of those MC Hammer pants so they can pocket the 1520 :)
  • The lack of SD on WP flagships are starting to look like deal breakers now considering that apps can be installed on the SD card from 8.1+
  • quite the contradiction isn't it
  • It sucks that it's not there but I'm sure we'll survive. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • According to people here (who consider themselves the vast majority of wp users) no, you won't survive this
  • I'm torn. Always seems like a major release is missing wireless power or now this.
  • So what was the point in this model. I think Nokia have just brought it out for 8.1. No sd card. No glance. Its allllllll pance if you ask me. Think its all starting to run on empty. Maybe time to jump ship when my contract ends in august
  • For me Glance and wireless charging a must and at this point so is micro SD. I love my 920, but i'm having to uninstall games way to often :( I think i'm going to hang onto the 920 until the next Nokia (at that point Microsoft) device comes out. Hopefully it will have all of those requirements.
  • and the free market speaks, or it would be buying if there was the appropriate product to buy...
  • Well this sucks going to have to stick with my Nokia Lumia 925 I hope when they transfer to Ms Microsoft makes phones that support glance!
  • I am sorry, but cost issues is a stupid reason to nerf your flagship device. I would have paid $50-100 more easily in order to have glance and a MicroSD card slot. I am quite sure for $100 more per evice it could have been done. As it stands there is just no reason to get a 930, it's just too cripled and by June even the other specs would be old for a flagship device.  
  • Then its decided, no 930/Icon for me. Then again I wasn't in the market to begin with.
  • It's not so much glance that I need, it's double tap to wake up what I really use heavily.
  • It's supposed to have that.
  • I'm sorry I just don't think its a good idea to make a new phone without a feature that everyone loves. Why would you make a phone that omits a new feature? The more I think about it the more I don't understand. I get that it is a monetary issue but it seems like they were lacking some foresight here. Doesn't matter either way though because this phone is chuncky imo.
  • Plus now you can have two "regular" people with windows phone. One with glance and one without. It might be obvious to one person why they don't have a SD card slot and their friend does, but they will not understand why they do not have a software feature.
  • I wish you hadn't told me that. I have had the 920 and currently the 925 (best phone ever) and was all set to get the 930. Don't mind that it only has 32g, my 925 has the same storage and still 9g from filling my quota, PLUS THERE IS ONDRIVE PEOPLE but the glance screen is now a must. I lived without it on my 920, and probably, if i never knew about the 930 not having it, i would have got use to it, i think. But knowing that it doesn't have it, well that's a deal breaker. The 930 is probably a mentally awesome phone, and something as trivial as glance screen not being on the phone should not stop me from owning this awsomeness but i love glance screen and i want my next mobile to have it. Just need to wait and see what the 935 has to offer!
  • OneDrive does not alleviate needing a memory card. Offline music - OneDrive can't help
    Apps + Games - OneDrive can't help
  • Dang, big time deal breaker.
  • In all seriousness, why is Glance and MicroSD support such a big deal? Australia is terrible for internet - but, that doesn't stop me from keeping all my documents, some files and photos on OneDrive, and well, the 1520 has 32GB of storage, of which I never run out of. MicroSD support, whilst I understand people would like it, is definitely not a big deal. If you are coming from Android then I suppose you would miss the feature, but it isn't a big deal for me.  Glance, for me, is good. Not great, good. It looks nice and having the option to peek is good for saving battery. however, it's never been a 'must-have' for me. I found even with Peek on, battery drainage doubled to about 6-7% an hour on my 1520. Turning it off gets me a day and a quarter of heavy usage - and if turning off Glance and other small features gets me 4-5 hours extra battery life, i'm all for it. I know a lot of people want these features, but they really are just a 'nice to have'. There's a lot more interesting features that come with Windows Phone that are worth exploring.
  • I hear you. It's like people who feel 32gb is not enough want to have all their media files with them all the time. You seriously want to tell me you can't get to a laptop or Wifi (cloud) before you run out of space?
  • Battery life hasn't been an issue most of the time, because with wireless charging on my desks and car and bedside, I never really drain much of it. And with wireless charging, glance is extra useful since you can just look at it instead of constantly having to wake it up every time you want notifications or the time. Glance and wireless charging greatly complement each other.
  • it just seems like a reason to whine about something that isn't on this handset... If I hadn't bought a 1520, i'd be licking my lips at the 930. It's a BEAUTIFUL device. Form factor, power, beauty. What more do you honestly want from a Windows Phone? Yeah, wireless charging and Glance works well, I definitely agree. When I had Glance on for a few weeks after testing out the Glance Background app, I had it set to Always On, and I could just look over at my phone from my desk to see if I had any messages while it charged. Helpful, but not the be all and end all. Don't let one feature stop you from getting a really good smartphone. As I said before, i'd have jumped on this if I didn't go for a 1520. It's a 5' powerhouse.
  • I wouldn't let glance stop me from upgrading to something that outweighed the loss of that feature. But the 930 just evolutionarily raises all the specs while removing a key feature. For me, the spec bump isn't worth the loss of glance. If I'd spend more time turning the screen on for notifications than I would spend waiting for the slower processor of my 920, what's the point?
  • I just want double tap to wake. Break it away from glance and have it be its own software. I liked glance, but its not as important to me as double tap is.
  • It has that.
  • For me without Glance the phone loses it's beauty and feel 1/2 dead. You need to wake the device to see notifications. Hmmm I guess I just got to used to it that now I can't live without it. Just got a 1020 and don't feel like moving away for a Glanceless ugly device. (Yeah, the absence of the glance makes it ugly for me).
  • the lack of SD and glance makes it non-flagship mobile phone :/
    too bad! i'd buy it otherwise for sure!
  • Why would Nokia not make a phone with a MicroSD card given all of the cool new features Microsoft is including in WP 8.1? That's preposterous. You may say that 32gb is enough, but my music library is exactly 32gb, so I offload my music library to SD cards even on my surface pro. And dont get me started on cloud storage, as all of your files are still a download away.
  • Plus the ever growing size of games (some require over 4GB) and apps. Besides, lets see how much of those 32GB are really available. I'm guessing at least 4GB are gone straight away for the OS, maybe more, plus the carriers crapware, etc.
  • Because cell companies make ungodly amounts of money when you go over your data plan, every MB counts!
  • our desires as commenters at this august site are too trivial and niche to be accepted.
  • Damn, and I have Cortana playing peekaboo on Glance. Oh, well, can't have it all. And in my case, not even the 930 (U.S.).
    The storage is no big deal. I have to rotate my music out anyway. No one makes an SD card big enough for my library.
  • If you never used Glance, it is not a big deal. But if you use it and love it, like I do on my 928, it would be a big deal. Does the 930 also not have double tap to wake?
  • I agree. I've had my Icon for two weeks and love it, but not having Glance is my biggest issue. I at least need double tap to wake or the power button will be worn out. Does anybody know if that will come to Icon? I read elsewhere that the 930 will have double tap...
  • It's supposed to have double tap to wake.
  • Then we need a notification led or flash the camera led. Lack of screen less notifications sucks.
  • There are millions of users out in the smartphone world that live without micro SD, Glance, and a bunch of other stuff and they do just fine. These phones are designed for the general consumer, not a techie that is all about specs and features. The average smartphone user will have a great experience with the 930, and Nokia will sell them regard less. I appreciate it for what it is, and I know the 930 is not for me, I really like the 635 for my usage. To all those people that do not like it, take your ball and go home then. Daniel thank you for the explanation, I appreciate the work you do for the community. Makes complete sense to me in terms of a business decision
  • So add 10 cent LED to flash for notifications... Android and apple wins.
  • The average smartphone user doesn't spend over 600 us dollars on a phone. Those who do spend that insane amount of money on a smartphone have some expectations. If Nokia doesn't meet those expectations there are plenty of other manufacturers who will, you know, like Samsung who sells more S4 in a quarter than ALL Nokia Lumia 1520 + 1020 + 925 ever sold.
  • Excellent points
  • thank you Marco
  • Samsung doesn't have glance either. No choice but to stay with my 920 forever I guess, but at least that's cheaper than upgrading. And the most exciting new stuff is the software anyway, and we're getting that.
  • "There are millions of users out in the smartphone world that live without micro SD, Glance, and a bunch of other stuff and they do just fine" Until they experience the awesomeness of Glance Screen.
    They'll Beg for it !!!
  • My 920 has display memory? Oooooohhhhhhh...:)
  • Well, I think I'll have to choose between Lumina 1520 and Lumina 930. While one is too big, other lacks micro sd support nag glance. In the 1520, the glance screen is very useful with the flip cover.
  • I love glance on my 920. I was looking forward to some iteration of the 930 for att to be my next phone. But now I might have to wait or give up one of my favorite features.
  • But the Lumia 1020 is AMOLED...
    Did they just make a mistake with the 1020 and used display memory screens and realized it wasn't cost-effective later on? And if that's the case why did they choose AMOLED in the first place?
    They're really on and off with their display tech nowadays, I don't get it. The 1020 doesn't look good with an AMOLED display anyway.
  • The 1020 does not have an 1080p screen. The article explains that it is the price of 1080p+AMOLED+screen cache that is the issue.
  • 1020 is low resolution 768p PenTile. That's a much cheaper screen than this one.
  • When Glance first started on GDR2, The nokia's excuse was Just The same for Lumia 620/720: memory, they dont have. But on Black Update, they began to have this mysterious memory...
  • Good lord, I had no idea WP users felt so entitled. I have a 16GB L925, it was the best option available and I love it, I wouldn't even THINK about turning my nose up to it because of the lower memory. As far as glance, I don't even like it. The fact that so many are turned off to this phone because it doesn't have a gimmicky feature (let's be honest here) makes me sick and embarrassed to identify with you all.
  • As I am in meetings much of the day yet am responsible for real time scheduling and tech support for over 50 people, glance is a critical feature...FOR ME. It is a feature that keeps me on WP at my own expense, over the free Android I could be using at my employer's expense.
  • Then go get and Android, you'll figure things out
  • Or stay with the 822 indefinitely.  Great job getting people to upgrade, Nokia.  #freemarketspeaks
  • What the hell do you do with your phone where you think 16gb of storage is sufficient FOR ANYTHING???? Geez... What makes you think 32+ gb of external memory is gimmicky? Phones have had it for the last 4-5 years. That's not a gimmick, that's a given! If you don't need it, don't use it. Don't dare make ab insipid assumption that since YOU don't use it or need it, that it's not necessary.
  • sure.... If I was whining about a $100 phone, I'd have a tendency to agree. We are talking about the current iteration of the WP flagship device. Many of the concerns raised here are valid concerns about a rather expensive device. Your qualification that the 925 was the "best option available" is also telling.
  • How is it feeling entitled to skip an upgrade when you don't feel a new phone's benefits make it desirable? Don't be so high and mighty with your questionable opinions just because you haven't figured out why those features are attractive to other people.
  • Crazy thought, just putting it out there. What would sales be like for a 32gb, glance capable, SD capable, 5" 1080 Lumia available on all carriers? Something you could build excitement and market share with? Something you could improve upon in 6 months?
  • yup, you and I are looking for the same phone more or less. A lot of us are....
  • And choosing to buy NOTHING instead of the phones these companies put lots of money into.  Phones they have to give steep discounts to move off the shelves.  #freemarketspeaks
  • True, no matter what the industry is providing at the time or what industry pundits or media people say, if what is on sale does not meet our needs, then there's that more chance that we won't buy. At the end of the day I don't care about Daniel's implication that many of us desiring a SD Card slot is just the wishes of a small minority, I think he's wrong.   I don't necessarily read here or at a site like Paul Thurrott's sites for the analysis, I read it because they have access to NEWS.   There's aspects of Thurrot's analysis that I think he gets all wrong, and he is hideous in his response to criticism at times.   In like fashion I think Daniel's rhetorical style in responding to critique is problematic. We are talking about a flagship device lacking a feature that is found in many competing flagship devices and is even found in the entry models of Nokia's own Lumia line.   What is unreasonable about such a feature request?    
  • The 1520 is the best WP on the market period!
  • By far! It has the best specs, the best design (with 920, 925), SD card (go figure) and all the features. If only it was smaller...
  • The size will be too big for some, even for me, but I've gotten use to it. Will not go back to anything smaller than 5". The bigger has its benefits and potential.
  • Or if it was on Verizon.  Could've had a 1520 sale Nokia (and Verizon), but guess not.  #freemarketspeaks
  • What's wrong with Nokia?
    They take away the led flash from the 630, they take away glance from the 930...
    What's the point, selling the device 10$ cheaper?
    MS has delivered, but Nokia has failed big time. WP needs better phones now that the OS is on par with Android and IOS !!!
    HTC, it's your turn ! Oh, and why not use a notification led, that's standard for a premium phone!
  • I don't use glance that is available for my current phone, and 32gb is plenty of space to do what I need done. My only concern is carrier availability.
  • What about double tap to wake? I can possibly live without glance, but not both.
  • I have a 928. I have recently turned off my glance screen and don't miss it. It really is not necessary and after the gimmick appeal showing it to friends ended, it got turned off. I also didn't like the sacrifice of battery life. My wife has the icon and as much as I like my 928, I can't stop messing with the icon and as soon as I can will be replacing my phone with it.
  • Glance is what I like best about my 928. Easily my favorite feature since it was activated.
  • Sorry, I'm not buying it... to me LG and Samsung (and probably Google) have something to do with this... "Let's just raise the price on screen memories, so Nokia stops doing that Glance thing..."
  • I can't do without Glance once I got used to it on my 920.
  • I may be in a little bit of a minority but I really like Glance. It works fantastic as a nightstand clock when paired with the upright wireless charging stand. It just comes on. It even dims at 11PM - 7 AM (my settings). I used to use the Night Stand Clock app but I had to activate every time I put it on the stand...
  • I don't think you are a minority at all, it's a great feature especially with the Black update. I just wish they would let you skip past the lock screen when using glance since it's a little redundant now.
  • So at least there is something not perfect with an Icon. I'll keep my 925..
  • Hopefully they won't be so cheap and will use a glance-compatible screen when they release the 1020's successor. Glance isn't something they should have introduced us to if they wanted to sell us "upgrades" that don't have it. It's just too good a feature.
  • WP Central as usual on MS and Nokia payrolls. Unfortunately Daniel for all your credibility you could try and be a little more respectful to your daily readers. 90% of the comments have been about how people are disappointed with the lack of SD card support and no glance. Then you come on here and say "sd card support is not a big deal". I don't know who you referring to as those that don't mind about it but they are surely in the minority as per your website. If you have interviewed other people then let us know the results of your poll. Otherwise be a little more respectful
  • I don't we will have a poll. "Let the free market decide" WPC App for Android - Note 3
  • I enjoy my glance especially,with the 1520 pull it out my pocket just a lol to peep the time and notifications without tapping or pressing buttons and its Nice to see my lol girl as my background as well, nice when charging or in 1520 case using one hand on the fly, it yards living without qi but amazing battery life helps that out 32gb 1520 is pretty future proof for at least about a year and a half before it feels dated
  • Is a deal breaker for me
  • All things considering I'll probably buy 1520 and wait for 8.1 update. I was holding out for this update and some good phones to release. Since the hardware features of 930 and 1520 are pretty similar with 1520 winning on SD card and glance screen and also being already available in the market today (rather than waiting till june or much later in India) I'll buy it. I was excited about dolby recording in 930 but later found out that it'll come to 1520 also. So I'll not be missing out on anything in 930. I'd preferred 5" screen over 6" one but I'm not too bothered by it.
  • Glance is a feature fully useful for me.. I thought a smartphone works with people seems in this case people need to work with the smartphone... Definitely sad that such a simple tool can not be included in such an expensive piece of machinery...
  • BS. when my phone is plugged in, they can just show whatever da hell they want. I get that when on battery this "memory" may help. But why not bring the feature when plugged in.
  • Those 2 missing features essentially makes this device the same as the ATIV SE, just more toy like.
  • I'm still bemused by the number of people who clamor for an SD slot and Glance. Both are very nice features however they certainty do not take away from the core features and functionality of the phone. If those two features alone are enough to steer people away from the Lumia Icon/930 its my opinion that they are throwing the baby out with the bath water.
  • But the core features and functionality are in my current 822. No reason for me to upgrade. Had it have had glance, I would have. This is how they are missing out on money and market share.
  • It's not like we're going to Android or something. It's just that when we already have a 920, the upgraded specs don't outweigh the loss of glance. It just depends on how much you like that feature.
  • 930 is great, but I do love the glance on my 920! Well, I love everything about my 920, but if i were to buy a phone right now it would definitely be the 1520.
  • So here's a question for those mourning, what if Nokia never brings glance to another device, and since no other WP OEM has released this feature, will you stop using WP?
  • HTC will probably provide some kind of glance screen for they next WP phones. or Samsung, Or Huawei, or Sony ... then we'll just say FU Nokia :p
  • No non-WP phones have glance, so no, I'd just keep using a 920 for as long as possible. Eventually, the new features of the new phones would make an upgrade worth it even if we had to lose glance. But the 930 isn't that good. It's a nice upgrade, just not as nice as Glance.
  • The flagship on Verizon is permanently gimped.
  • I use glance alot.
  • Until you can store games or stream your music collection for free from cloud storage there is no cloud solution that negates the need for an SD expansion slot.
  • I use my glance screen all the time! And lack of of micro sd card is also a feature I miss so much since my N8.
  • Bah, yet another middle-of-the-road top-end phone from Nokia. Come on and give me a proper replacement for my Ativ S which is lacking support severely!
  • That sucks, not so much the SD card, the glance screen ill miss :( bugger, was hoping to get one of these, ill probably wait for the next model now.
  • What use is cloud without WiFi, signal or even power!?! Fuck cloud storage. I want my own physical storage!
  • I really like articles like this that delve into the particulars about technologies. I didn't know that much was put into a phone screen of all things. Nice article
  • This is why Samsung will always be on top. They listen to what the public want. Stop being like apple and give us back our micro sd card!
  • We were planning to buy the 930 SIM-Free however Glance is a big deal for us at our company and we love showing it off therefore until they come up with a optimal option battery wise we'll have to give it a miss and to be honest the 925 and 1520 we have are perfectly fine for now and like to wait for something with more of a WOW factor now, maybe dust/water resistant/proof version :-)
  • These lack of features in todays' flagship phone is why I think the 925 at less than half the price is still a relevant phone today. That's if you can live with 16 GB memory space with TMO's version.
  • If this had a snapdragon 801 or better, a little more ram, and glance screen, id update from my 920. As it stands, this is still not a very big upgrade from my current 920. Come on Nokia!!! You can do better than this.
  • I recently bought the xperia z1c, but seeing the 930 made me regret it instantly. I was almost prepared to sell it in order to get the 930 untill I heard that it had no sd card support. Simply pathetic. I couldnt care less about Glance or whatever, just the sd card slot. Its like nokia doenst want my money. You guys couldve made the perfect phone! To the writer. Instead of Glance, im really curious why they left out the sd card slot in the slot (especially with the new sd card features coming in 8.1!). Would love to hear their explanation.
  • I keep trying Glance but haven't fell in love yet. I find it easier just to double tap.
  • Not sure if I'm more irked by the lack of SD card storage, the meagre 32Gb of internal store storage or the lack of Glance... If anyone can make Glance work with the particular type of AMOLED, I hope Nokia can.
  • I think Nokia made a huge mistake. I do not believe that SD card is not important if: you like music AND you don't have unlimited data plan. Also playing music from card does not require quality connection. And I can also play videos stored on SD card. Having a card make device more universal. Cloud is great but 64GB card is better. Besides.. Who has free 64 GB cloud space? In regards to the Glance.. It is also a features that make Noki phones very distinct from the rest. I personally use it constantly. I stopped looking at my watch since Glance became available. If my phone is not in standby I put it in standby just to see time. Don't forget WP DOES NOT have LARGE time display (time tile). Glance substitute that in certain way. When i drive my phone shows me time better than my car. I use Glance all day, in regards to 1080 HD screen that prevents glance... IT is a 5-in telephone , not a 60-in plasma TV set.. That's my point. I was really thinking about getting L930, but most likely will get L1520.
  • Don't waste your time on those people. They believe only in Cloud but not SD card where files are just at the finger tips. They are just standing up for the wrong things.
  • Ruined 630 (
  • Each there's something missing ... SD Card is vert important to me cuz i take and store a lot of vidéo in my phone ( including movies ).
    Glance , i love it and i find it very useful , I also prefer IPS LCD screens to OLED screens , guess I'll have to wait for a 935/940 to finally change my 920, else I'll go on with the 1520 ...
  • Different kinds of AMOLED? I think my head is spinning... :S Such a shame that the new flagships are missing what have become key features of the Lumia brand though. I appreciate Nokia has some tough choices to make and I trust them to bring the best they can at the best price they can. I do like the look of the Lumia Icon/930, but will be waiting (and hoping) for a shrunken 1520 for a while longer. Plus, glance and double-tap have become really important features for me, it's crazy how such small touches have completely transformed the way I interact with my phone. I keep trying to double-tap to wake my other devices now! Hopefully they'll figure it out for a future update... It is a real shame they couldn't just shrink the 1520, or at least release on in cyan. ;)
  • If only they added otg in their fw then we could use a micro usb memory card reader
  • Lumia Icon/930 is really disappointing. I would have expected a better flagship launch with 8.1. And 5" is a little large for a flagship. Not to mention missing glance. We didn't know much about the 930 because its just an Icon. Lame.
  • I don't see the draw of some of these features like glance and even wireless charging. Glance drains battery from having the camera check too often. I check the time and notifications by pressing a button to get the lock screen. And wireless charging is not as efficient.
  • This looks less and less like a flagship phone.
    No SD card killed it though.
    No I don't live in the US, so no I don't use the "cloud". Data is expensive. WPC App for Android - Note 3
  • "There are just two features that are missing that may keep it from being the best Windows Phone on the market: no micro SD card and no Glance screen." That's like saying there are just two features keeping a certain car model from being trunk and no paint.
  • LB representing! funny.... yea, WP Central writers have been dismissing concerns about memory for quite some time.
  • Fine by me!
  • I could live without it.
  • Finny how when we all got glass, personally it took me some time to get used to this feature, I actually got ticked off by it. My screen would come on everytime I moved my hand around while working on a computer and my cell near me. At one point I actually shut the feature off as by my delusions o felt like my battery consumption went up because of it. Its on all the time now, and its nice, but can't say I use it much, still do that watch glad thing people used to do when we all wore these things. Perhaps if we get smart watches from Nokia and MS glad on a phone would be redundant, but then some of you complain SM are useless. God logic is complicated.
  • Why dont you guys make a straight answer? For people who wants sd slot, how many space did you use right now on your phone? How many left?
  • That's kind of an absurd question because we deal with the situation as it is. It's lame to ask what is happening now if I am telling you I want more memory space.
  • i use it as full as possible, all the time deleting some apps and games to try out new ones... and No, i have not stored any of my music and video files on my phone memory and all photos and videos taken are saved in my memory card which is also almost full now with so many times uploading my videos taken to my PC and deleting them from my phone and sd memory... Yes i have not kept my memory full coz...i have to delete too many... please dont bring cloud storage coz thats not a viable option in my place with average internet speed at 512kbps which you might never have experienced.. here personally its erratic.... so thats about it
  • The 928...925 and 1020 all prove otherwise actually (as regards AMOLED).
  • That's a different panel. They are low resolution, not 1080p.
  • I don't even use glance. It kills my battery
  • I'm getting the 930 if it ever comes for the U.S. Also willing to switch companies if I have to
  • I like the phone, but to call it flagship and miss features previous phones have just doesn't make sense to me. I upgrade to gain more features not to lose some.
  • Come on Nokia!
    The Droid Maxx and Droid Ultra both have a 1080p 5" AMOLED screen with their own version of Glance on board. The screens are readily available for purchase AND made in bulk. This is a bold face lie and a letdown! The thing that I love about my 920 is that on paper it is actually a relatively mediocre phone, but in real world use it is very nice. It is heavy, but so well balanced and ergonomic that the heft is not an issue. It is bulky with large bezels, but so well designed that it is still a pleasure to look at and stows well in pockets and bags. It was a duel core when quad core processors were a big deal, but it runs circles around most quad core phones of its day in most tasks. When I bought it there was no BT4 support, no radio support, and no glance screen support... but as the OS caught up with the hardware these have all been welcome additions that I now use on a daily basis. It did lack an SD card slot, but as WP had horrible support for SD cards at the time I did not hold it against it at the time (though it would have been nice to have). It was the phone that couldn't, which grew into a truly iconic and capable device. But now we have the Icon which completely lacks its namesake. I personally hate the look of the 930, but even for those who happen like it, you can't honestly say that it looks like a Lumia product. The physical design holds more in common with a mid-range HTC device than a Lumia... except the HTC looks better. WP is gaining some really nice SD card support, and yet the flagship device does not have an SD card slot. Glance notifications are an invaluable business feature, and now that WP8.1 has proper business support Glance disappears? And at the same time Android devices are ripping the feature off because it is such an awesome feature! And the really depressing thought is that the ATT variant (which will be the only option available to T-Mo, StraightTalk, and other such networks that use ATT compatible networks) will not have wireless charging, which will gimp the phone even further! Then there is a Cyan firmware update... which turns out to be a set of gimmickey software rather than adding useful features to the phones. Amber and Black added some fun and useful features; certainly more features than the MS updates brought to the table for existing devices. And this time around we get a slight camera tweak and a few useless apps? Where is the fun in that? Personally I am looking forward to a 1520, and I will probably get an international version, forsaking LTE for the sake of wireless charging (and hopefully a stress-free transition from ATT to T-Mo or StraightTalk). But big 6" phones in the US are niche products, and I am the exception to the rule because I want my phone to replace my laptop entirely if possible. Not having a no-compromise 4.5-5" device in the US is bad in a market where Nokia already has a hard time and stiff competition. Where the 920 was all about getting the most features out of mid-range hardware, the 930 seems to be about having specs at the sacrifice of features. This is not the direction we want to go.
  • Amen to that. I have never seen a Galaxy S loosing a Feature in its evolution its the opposite, it gains features. Removing certain features from your flagship is just really laughable. No display memory in this display? Go get another or add display memory on your own. If you release Features people tend to love and live with, you should keep this in mind as a Company. With amber and Black Nokia did a huge play out of Glance but now on their 2014 flagship Glance is not a big deal anymore? Are you serious Nokia? Wont get the 930 for sure. I pay 600€+ I want no compromises. Lowering cost is ok but not when important features have to be removed Also 1.2 mpx ffc cam where all other flagships have at leat 2 mpx build in, at least. I do not understand this company.
  • Guess my 1020 still rocks. Glance is a good feature because given Windows Phones do not have a notification LED, glance is the next best option to know that something came in. I'm using a flipcase, so Glance will be activated the moment I flip open the cover. Very convenient to see what's new.
  • Lack of SD actually is that bad.
  • I'm starting to get sick of Nokia.... These random acts of omission is getting pretty old....
  • To take my money, all that Nokia had to do was take the 920 design and throw a 1080p screen on it. The 920 is the most ergonomic, best designed phone I've ever owned.
  • No Glance = No Buy.
    Lumia = Glance Screen = Lumia,
    No Glance Screen = Lumpia.
  • +928
  • +1020
  • I prefer that the user has a choice. If the battery usage requires a warning, I am fine with that. Then the user can choose knowing the potential risks and consequences.
  • Glance: you don't know what ya got, till its gone
  • sounds a little fishy... or maybe it was just explained poorly.
    amoled emits light. that's what the LED in AMOLED stands for. to emit light it needs power. the device needs to know what pixels to send the power to.
    e-ink doesn't have the same limitation, because e-ink doesn't emit light. maybe its actually two separate displays in one screen, an e-ink display and an amoled display? that sounds a little excessive, though...
    If I had to guess, I'd say that the guy who told you guys this was a sales/manager type person who didn't really know the specifics himself.
  • yeah, just good ol BS.
  • Actually the the argument with display memory is a little bit off. I wonder what manufacturer still builds 1080p displays without memory build in when even cheap displays like on the 520 have that? Apart from that they could easily add their own display memory manually. Its the 620 all over again. No glance?hardware Limitations. The black update seemed to magically add this harware to the 620 as it now features glance and double tap to wake. Funny.
  • No hiend lumia phones support sd, why?? I'll pass all till they change their mind.
  • I can understand the technical limitation that is preventing glance. Seriously though! Why not put a notification LED on the phone? If i see a little light blinking (multi-color preferred), I'll at least know I should tap the power/screen button to find out what notifications I have. I don't need glance, I need indication that I missed something while the phone wasn't in my sight. Why has this not been done yet ?
  • Glance is a useless feature anyway.50gb onedrive storage is more than enough for me.
  • useless? it tells you , you have notifications !!!!
  • Glance is a nifty feature. But it isn't what sells a phone for me.
  • 32 Gb is enough for me, trust me I might blab about more space but I have never filled 16Gb. Glance feature is must and Nokia should have included it. There are not many choices in 5 inch screen size, actually this is the only one. What a bummer!
  • I had the Icon for a day and took it back. Glance was 60% of the reason. What a huge mistake. You can't take features away and call it a flag ship. Was the1520 the last great Nokia?
  • I hope not, let's hope they listen to feedback and get the 1020's successor right.
  • That's not correct both my old Nokia phones had the SD cards which were hot swappable
  • Deal breakers.
  • Wait, so I'm a bit confused. Does this mean we don't even get "peek" glance mode? So no glace whatsoever?
  • This model have a conception to be cheap and easy to made, for that why I'm not buy this model. 920 it's a solid phone like 1020. Sometime they try to save a money when in the offer already got a lot of the models without big profits from the selling.
  • On Nokia Ääni -blog they said that 930 have Glance o.O
    (See comments:
  • Daniel I definitely agree with you on the storage space thing. The fact of the matter is, 32gb has shown to be MORE than enough for most people. I understand the frustration of people who need more space, but you're in the minority. I certainly don't even come close to using all 32gb. Some of Nokia's devices have an SD slot and some don't. Choose accordingly, they can't possibly make every customer tied to every carrier happy, and i'm sure they know that. With Glance, this is something i'm very upset about. I love Glace, but again, the average consumer simple will not notice this. Nokia will not lose a meaningful amount of sales to make this omission a mistake. It would be great if they could add it back, but I really really do miss it. But hey, i'm a perfect example of someone who's dying to have it back, but still got the Icon. It wasn't a deal breaker but it's very upsetting. If I could at least get 'double tap to wake' back, that would be nice, and I think that should be possible because it seems the display memory explanation only refers to information actually being displayed on the screen. Double tap to wake should still be possible, but we'll see. fingers crossed. Oh and Daniel, thanks for getting the detailed explanation for us. Nobody else on the planet got this info, but you did. that should say something, at least we have an answer, thank you
  • In Nokia Ääni -blog they said that 930 have Glance o.O
    (See the comments:
  • I'm struggling with 32gb on my 1020, wish I'd waited for the 64gb version. I have 5gb left and constantly have to decide what to remove. I can't even store my music on it. Cloud storage doesn't work as the hi-res images don't auto upload. Plus I only have 10 miserly GB on Onedrive.
    Cloud storage fans miss the fact that a lot of the world doesn't have adequate 3g, my connection varies from 28mbs to ... nothing, and then there are roaming charges when abroad. I miss the sd card on my N8, I paid £550 for this phone, all my recent previous phones had SD support, they were also all a damn sight cheaper.
  • Fed up of taking the effort to type a comment for it to not appear.
    Basically, 32gb not enough on my 1020. Cloud storage not as good as SD. Many countries have limited 3g, full res images need a computer connection, what about roaming charges when abroad. SD is just far more flexible. Only have a miserly 10gb on Onedrive, despite being an early adopter.
  • Too bad it's not available to half of the third largest mobile market in the world, and has no plans to be. Otherwise, I'd care about this feature....or the distinct lack thereof.
  • For me no external storage, no removable battery and a stupid nano sim (instead of micro sim) are deal breakers. I am NOT going to replace my sim card again.
  • What I would miss with Lumia 930 is the pop colors: red, yellow, cyan. No microSD card and no Glance feat are not deal breakers for me. I'm using a L920 and I've not used up its less than 32GB storage total. Still have about 10GB of space. But why Nokia needs to dump its more iconic colors for its phones is what I really don't get.
  • No Glance is a show stopper for me. I still hope they bring a 730 soon with a screen around 4,5'' which supports glance and maybe has on board wireless loading. That would be awesome. Glance is the absolute killer feature to me. Why? Because even my old Nokia C7-00 has that feature and I am very used to it. Nokia, you cannot sell phones as "High-End" devices if they not even support all features of you own low end devices. Processing power and RAM is not all people are looking for!
  • Dealbreaker for me.
  • Funny, Nokia engineers are dumb with that explanation. A newer model phone with less features! Someone needs to get kicked in the a**. Why wouldn't there ne glance, what differentiates this phone as a Nokia brand from others, why target the worldwide market with this phone with assumption that we all have unlimited data?! Every flagship Samsung Android comes with full features plus 50GB Dropbox account! And 32GB is no big at all, download a few good games, get some important powerful apps, 2GB music, loads of photos in RAW and 5MP format and your memory is full! I'll rather be compelled to love the big screen Lumia 1520 rather than this thick bezel phone with less features. I really would have loved the white for the aluminum coating on the edge but no glance, no SD card put me off already! My Lumia 920 just seems better
  • 930 is a BIG BIG FAIL IN countries like INDIA. We want memory card.
  • Still unacceptable.
  • I think Nokia engineers are just dumb with this lame excuse, who says we can't afford it?! Someone needs to get kicked in the a** if I were Elop. You present a flagship phone with less features, are you kidding me! Glance and double tap are two of many distinct features Nokia has over others, and SD card slot decision should be left to the user; you make a phone for the international market and you expect them to have unlimited data like the US?! Download a few powerful games, some good apps with tons of user data, 5GB music n videos, tons of photos in RAW and 5MP format and your phone memory is full! Maybe it's a strategy to sell more of the 1520 cos this excuse is lame! Think of Apple, there're variants in 16G, 32G or 64G for users to select at competitive prices....all Samsung flagship phones come with all their features plus more....that's what makes it the latest flagship. I don't want a phone with less features than my the 20MP camera and quad core processor (sics). Microsoft should just accelerate the acquisition of Nokia and teach them how to make better decisions..I strongly believe Satya Nadella is a great listener and innovative enough to turn everything around!
  • Am I the only one who doesn't use wireless charging or worry about SD card support. I own the Icon after owning the 928 and I'm happy with everything. Although the no glance support is a surprise to me. Screen memory? Very interesting.
  • Since when did glance become more important than SD cards? Who cares about glance. It may be a handy feature for my Lumia 920 but I couldn't care less. Glance eats battery anyway. I have activated it only when on charger to see the time. But for this device I wouldn't care pressing that button to see the time. To bad of the double tap tough, but still. This phone is pretty much perfect. Design with metal is much better and it's way less bunky and slim. Probably lighter too. The camera is perfect and all features and Proscessor are top notch!
  • I'd call myself an audiophile, with about 360gb of music stored at home on a synology nas. I use music drop to change my phone music occasionally and never have a problem with the 32gb on my 920. When I'm travelling i can access the nas with the synology apps remotely and can listen to the whole collection (also photos, videos, documents). So when i have internet access, i can get to everything, but i don't need to have it all with me all the time. I personally can't understand the need to have everything with you all the time.
  • "I personally can't understand the need to have everything with you all the time."
    - no unlimited data
    - slow connection speed
    - more convenient as it is right there instead waiting for the file to download.
  • I don't get why a $600 phone has to be compromised with a 6-month old chip, low non-expandable storage, and no glance or double tap. Samsung is catching-up with a peek glance, double tap comes to all Android flagships, and Nokia drops it... Plus a fat, uninspired design... Really a half-hearted attempt by a company about to change ownership... Sad. I would love to have a stunning phone as the last Nokia, and now I guess even Goldfinger won't be convincing. Sticking to my still more advanced 920...
  • Mt L920, from November 2012, has 32GB. In my opinion, they should have at least bumped this new "flagship" phone to 64GB just for the sake of progress. Staying at 32 seems like a bit of a cop out.
  • No Glance support kills it for me. I've come to use it a lot in my Lumia 920 (even knowing it reduces battery time). I'll wait for the impending "Microsoft" branded phones to upgrade.
  • I chose 1520 over 930 no sd card for heavy use of storage
  • This is so typical Nokia. They always have to miss something. Unlike HTC, everything is there. Please HTC One M8 in WP8.1 version.
  • Glance with the glance beta app allowing b/w pixelated photos on the glance screen is a killer combo. I am so glad I opted for the 1520!!
  • I'm glad im not the only one that thinks the lack of sd support is bizarre - to say the least. Paying £500 for a compromised experience - distasteful. I feel Nokia had to trundle something out so they rehashed an existing model (wasn't the lack if sd a Verizon request or something) and the 630/35 that is an irrelevant phone as the 525 and 625 already exist - in many cases bettering the specs for LESS MONEY(depending on where you live). Wp8.1 - i am excited. 930 & 639/35 - just confused. What were they thinking. And the "market" argument was put to rest - above, and in a more precise fashion than i could articulate. Good job people. It just seems lazy on MS and nokia's part. They had to bring something so do the least. I mean seriously, the 6 series phones don't even fit into the broader range of phones. So odd. I myself will await a 1020 successor and hope someone from Nokia is reading wpc. I never expected to see so many people disappointed with Nokia. Even though blogs are putting positive spins on everything the truth will be in sales. The lower end Nokia phones sell and there are better/cheaper devices out there today that will get 8.1. And then there is the Nokia x... Bring on goldfinger and, just like the namesake, don't cheap out or compromise. Make it really stand out as a flagship device for 2014. Not there yet.
  • Nokia 925 - still the best phone out there... :)
  • At this point I'm keeping my Lumia 925 because there is no one compelling reason why I should upgrade. I actually gain more if I don't upgrade. (Glance).
    Also, the argument that no want will have 32Gb Music on their phone is ridiculous. I shoot a lot of video and photos with my phone. A 20 Megapixel photo sucks up storage space. A couple of minutes video can easily go up to 1Gb on its own. No SD card support on a flagship mobile SUCKS.
  • I currently have a 925 in OZ, and I feel like getting this phone would actually be a downgrade, apart from a larger screen and storage, why would I??
    If it would give me Cortana... Well... That would be a different story!
    Still cut up over not getting Cortana guys... Sorry :'(
  • Just wait till 8.1 in July and you'll have Cortana on your 925!
  • I design software for a living (although not the phone OS kind) so I totally get the "feature gap vs technical limitation" part.
    Sadly, not everyone will and people who really like the glance will be turned off by the lack of it. Also, kudos to WPCental team for this sort of investigative journalism and finding out the "why" behind this, instead of blindly bashing the missing feature like some tech sites do.
  • They're blindly defending the missing features actually.
  • Now thats one more reason to have a memory card slot.... How???... here is how.... they could have cut the built in memory by half and put that money for the screen with "display memory" thus making the glance screen work.... "Normal" guys could live with 16GB... "special" guys could put in as much as 128GB and all would had a glance screen and all the storage they needed... sigh..... Why Nokia??? Whhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyy????
  • You talk way too much sense.  Down with this sort of thing.
  • Well I refuse to buy a phone with an SD slot or removable battery there just excuses to not include a enough storage/mAh but lack of glance is a deal beaker for me that the biggest thing I miss with my Nexus 5 every time I look at the phone I think the battery died till I hit the lock button.
  • I have the 929, Icon, and I have to say I prefer my "old" 928. I miss Glance. The phone is slow to charge, whereas the 928 charged quickly. The screen has backlight bleeding issues, which the 928 never exhibited. And small, but still annoying, is that after just a month the paint on the aluminum sides is starting to wear off. As for performance, I don't notice any difference in speed. The camera is slower to snap a pic than the 928, and I don't notice any difference in quality. It's actually harder to get a good shot with the Icon because of the capture delay. It's a good phone, but I wish I'd not given my 928 away.
  • Double tap is the main reason I like my lumia 520. I was planning to upgrade to the 930, but I won't do it without double tap.
  • - 930 Its really so annoying for a new product to be downgraded even in a simple faeture (which obvisouly happens to be higly appreciated by users) I'm not going to buy it  without glance screen.  Sorry Nokia. Apply youself.
  • I would suggest WPC to contact a poll about the absence of glance on 930.. Is this a dealbreaker? YES +1  
  • Nokia's New best feature is not available for this device No glance So no plan to buy this.
  • I have never had Glance so I will not miss it. I have 32MB in my current phone. Plenty for now. Not so sure though when January 2016 rolls around I am ready to upgrade again. Will definately look for Glance when I upgrade in July, and will prolly stick with 32MB and hope for a microSD.  
  • I thought i was going to use the glance screen a lot, but I really don't. A notification light however could have been useful.
  • Uuuupss,...glance deal breaker for me. I have 925 & I thought I would upgrade. Not any longer, will have to wait for the next set of devices.
  • I can't believe I'm saying this but the fact that it doesn't have glance screen really makes me want to hold off till the next flagship phone, it's a pity cuz I use glance screen on a minute-basis... Also I'm definitely one of those that needs the microsd support, my phone always, and I mean always runs out of memory
  • Ok, so im confused.... This is a new phone correct? The Nokia Lumia 630 and 635 are NEW right? So... so why are they called "630/635"? There is already phones with names such as 1020, 1520, etc. So why is the number lower? How does Nokia Name/Number their phones? lol
  • Are you familiar with german cars, Graphics cards, CPUs? If not then well here is my attempt at explaining. The number indicates a bunch of different things lets take the 1520 the 15 indicates the series. A series is a group of devices that have certain features. the 2 indicates generation and the zero is the model.   So the 1520 is a flagship device with a large screen and it is from generation 2.   Another example the 925 it series 9 generation 2 model 5. The 925 is a mid-sized flagship. Finally the 630 and 635 are in the 6 (600) series generation 3, model 0 and 5 respectively. They are both small screened budget devices.   They can change and be inconsistent but that is the general idea.
  • My Lumia 920 has a LCD screen and Glance...   
  • I agree. No SD card is indeed a deal breaker for most. I'm owner of Lumia 925 with 16GB and no SD support. Now I repent of going for it dispite knowing the absence. After installing few apps and games ( asphalt8, oneshot, acrobat, skymap, camera360, fantasia painter, birthday calender), my available space is just 8 GB. Now imagin I have to manage it for all my music colection (over 60GB), photos and HD videos, new apps and ofcourse for all those future firmware update which definitely gona be larger. I don't wana depend and waste my data plan for cloud. It uses huge amount of data for photos,music and costs me for both-data plan and OneDrive (more storage). So also its slow and extremely unreliable during travelling/camping unless wifi is available. If I had SD card, things would have been so much better. They should atleast think about giving in USB OTG so can keep backing up photos from time to time. For now I always have to first connect, back up all my photos/videos to Pc and empty phone storage each time when I return from a trip/camping. It's so annoying to keep watching your space everyday. Hope I made my point clear. Previously with N8, I never used to bother about the storage. I used to carry most of my music collection with me and still could shoot thousands of photos and videos. Now it feels like I'm totaly in a different world.
  • No oppinion on the SD card as all of my 180GB sits on onedrive. But the Glance feature is something i really use on a super frequent basis, starting with the night time clock while sitting on the dt910 to the frequent checks when i just pull the phone outta the pocket to check time and notifications. I wouldn't have mind paying little more to have a true flagship phone. If they wanted to cut corners, they should have made 830 for that.
  • I really wanted this phone with Glance Screen. And although it may sound foolish, that's a real deal-breaker for me. Don't know if the 1520 is too big for me...
  • The lack of a Glance screen which is something my old Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray used to have 5 years ago and which we waited for in WP8 is definitely something that'll make me reconsider my decision to upgrade from the 920 to the 930. If you're going to have a new phone then you can't remove a feature that is so basic as a glance screen notification. If it's the screen type that's an issue then use the older one because most users are not going to watch high-def blu ray dvd-quality movies on their phone. The screens are pretty good as they are. So now if you buy a Lumia 930 you have to physically turn on the phone and check the lock screen notifications, which is a pain. Not cool; perhaps I'll wait for the 935.
  • I agree
  • So, I went to a NOKIA event last week at //build/ and got to play with the 930.  It has an amazing screen reaction to sunlight.  Just downright astonishing -- completely blew the Galaxy, iPhone and my 920 away.  I'm wondering if they had to make a choice between this implementing this feature and implementing Glance.
  • It is a very fine balancing act to provide the most for each product. There is precedent in the 900 series for there not to be a micro SD card slot so it isn't really a surprise. If you want an SD card you can go for an 820 or 1520 there might be others but none jump to mind. I personally have not had glance or much experience with the Lumia implementation so I guess it is disappointing but I can't say I will miss the feature. The explanation probably tells half the story in part of the memory issue and one of the burn in issue. I am more disappointed in the lack of torch and camera button on the new 600 series phones. The truth is phone flashes are little more than torches that should never to be used for actual photos. I will end on this, Nokia's new value products are leading the way in expandable memory standards with support for up to 128GB. Really a fantastic decision!
  • Deal breaker for me, my L920 is still gorwing strong and I have simply not seen a phone worth upgradiong for yet.
  • U still refuse to reply why is there hardware limitation for L520 when L720 have same screen "IPS LCD-480x800" (Clearblack doesnt have anything with GLANCE) and same hardware characteristic and still have GLANCE!!!!! If u start doing this with one more application i will be forced to leave nokia lumia and get some android phone!!!! Not to mension  hudge amount of ppl buying  this phone after my good reviews, so, at the end, you owe me money for selling your product!!!!! And after all i get this "hardware limitation"" thing. Stupid!!!! Gimme GLANCE and i will decide will i put it on use or not! App requires phone identity owner identity music library media playback data services movement and directional sensor web browser component HD720P (720x1280) WVGA (480x800) WXGA (768x1280)   Tell me what L520 doesnt have???!!!
  • I know what framebuffer is (it si a portion of RAM). If u thinking about video memory (timebuffer can use part of video memory L520=L720! With framebuffer electron beam can move left-right; top-bottom across entire screen!!! Like i said 720 have same amount of display memory like 520 ( and same amount of ram)... so that doesn't count like a hardware limit! I already read that article, but hellooooo<<< display memory wtf ??!?!?!?!? But what ever... it is more easier to say "something something limit"....And i know it is depending from type of a dispaly to, but L720=L520!!! So after all i dont get it !!!!!! And i refuse to believe that NOKIA reduced framebuffer on 520 coz it is the same platform like 620-720!
  • like i said am 99% certain L520=L720! But still i think it is restriction 'coz low-end phone not 'coz of hardware limitation ( i allready limmited my self with front camera and blic, i dont need another cut!), and there are limitations with app's supporting WP (lot of them are not free and still there are lot of missing...) and besides that you restrict us for something that should be standard on every WP!
  • I haven't had chance to read all the comments but it seems to me that I'm on of the few here to actually miss Glance more than microSD slot. :) For me 32GB is more than enough but lack of Glance is really big reason to skip this phone. My phone is not always in my pocket or near my hand. It sits on the shelf or nearby while I work. Sometimes I have missed calls and other notifications and I can clearly see on my Lumia 920 when that happens. Without Notification LED on my Android phone or without Glance on my Lumia 920 I'm forced to check every once in a while am I missing anything.
  • Just a question: With they lack of glance, do we lose double-tap-to-wake, too??
  • So the Lumia 930 does not have any kind of visual notification ability ? I have to press the home button every 30 seconds like I see at the iPhone users ? goes my thought of switching from LG G2 to Lumia 930. Maybe next year, when they will hopefully losing some of the stupidity and realize how useless a "notification/action center" is without any visual notification ability. On their 2014 flaghship phone !
  • I got the Lumia 520 a short while back to try WP fell in love with it and set my sights on the 930, initial leaks said it would have a MicroSD, now im completley dissapointed. i have my OneDrive and an unlimited company "office 365" cloud space but work in construction locations "deserts & remote locales)  with no coverage whatsoever and a slow satellite uplink fed to a wifi. Cloud will NOT cut it for me. So yes, SD is a must for any flagship device, HTC noted it down and added it to their M8 i dont see why nokia loves to drag its feet, I just may end up getting another android device or wait for the 830  
  • Personally, I can live without the sd card option. I have less than 10 gigs of data on my SD card currently and don't expect to have more than 10 gigs of apps, system, others etc. So 32 gigs should be good enough for me. However, lack of glance is a big downer. I don't really understand much of Nokia's argument except for the cost bit. However, I still don't think it would have been a spoiler to increase the price slightly for a feature that is quite unique to windows phone. Don't do this next time Nokia. Even the mid range Lumias have it so I just cannot understand why the 'flagship' phone can't 'afford' it. Personally, I might buy the 1520 after 930 is launched in India as I feel it will get a price cut around that time. I feel it still has enough processing power to run 8.1 and future updates likely to come in the next couple of years. 
  • No glance no change waiting for next 5" 1080p
  • Is there any update on whether Nokia will be able to add Glance to the Icon / 930 like the article intimates at the end?
  • And that lack of a dedicated imaging chip is likely why the camera is slow to process anything.
  • No sd card _O_ probably  dark forces at work  (US Carriers)... still one of the coolest phones nokia made so far... looks , camera , battery , display , memory and price. Still would have loved a 3000 battery and card support : P... well micro sd it's geting old, they should just make something new, like a micro ssd memory to stick in you phone , with better file systems,  data encription support and more reliable.  
  • I get the frustration with the lack of SD but you people sound ridiculous saying glance is a deal breaker. Is it really so difficult to hit the power button when you want to check your phone? The lock screen is enough. I used glance for like a week before I turned it off. All it does is drain battery. It's not like you can see the glance screen when it's across the room or in your pocket; you still have to pull it out or get close to check it. Holy first world problems, get over it.