Nokia shows how the Lumia Icon beats Samsung's Galaxy S4 in drag race recording

Nokia US is going on the offensive with the Nokia Lumia Icon, coming soon to mobile operator Verizon. The Finnish company has released the above video, showing off the recording capabilities of the Windows Phone. The footage, captured on both the Lumia Icon and a Samsung Galaxy S4, illustrates how Nokia smartphones are able to both focus and capture scenes more effectively, leading to better results.

Featuring two loud engines revving up and ready to race, Nokia takes both the Lumia Icon and Galaxy S4 for a spin, recording the same scene. It's clear with the end result to see how Nokia's technology provides the consumer with the ability to focus on what's happening then and there when recording, eliminating overpowering ambience.

Pre-orders for the Lumia Icon are expected to kick off today with device availability next Thursday, February 20th. Will you be picking one up? We'll have our in-depth review of the Lumia Icon up soon.

Source: Youtube, via: TechRadar, WPCentral Forum

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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