Nokia Lumia Grudge Match Cameo

We have seen the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone make cameo appearances in movies, television shows and music videos. The latest cameo is in the movie trailer for the upcoming Warner Brothers title Grudge Match with, what appears to be, the Lumia 920 finding it's way into the lime light.

The movies feature Robert De Niro and Sly Stallone playing retired boxing rivals who come out of retirement for... well...a grudge match.

Along the 45 second mark of the trailer you see the Lumia Windows Phone make an appearance in two scenes of the trailer. The first appearance has the Lumia shooting video of DeNiro and Stallone scrapping it up and the next has everyone checking out the video online from the Lumia.

The movie looks interesting but it's nice to see that the Lumia is still finding it's way on the big screen.

Source: YouTube, Thanks, everyone, for the tips!